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  • Re: Show Off Your Replays

    Nice run, I love your crazy wheel movement, there is as much action in the cockpit as it is on the track.

    cjl9 said:

    Good stuff! And a few above you are suspect, too.

    I would say more than a few.

  • Re: Show Off Your Replays

    Peugeot in Finland is so difficult to drive, it just wants to take a burst into a random direction after landing a bigger bump if your wheels are even a tidy bit sideways/suspension is not correct/front differential is too loose.

    Found decent settings and was able to control the car somehow. Few noticeable mistakes (in the beginning and in the latter part of the track) leaves plenty of room for improvement. Never the less, a pretty fast run.

  • Re: Show Off Your Replays

    More Peugeot in Finnish high speed and bumby roads.

    This car is just insane, fast as hell, but needs a gentle touch to make it work.

  • Re: Show Off Your Replays

    Softer works with Polo aswell. Same result, much more "non physical" to drive.

    Few bigger mistakes, especially in the end, but with only 3 attacks I managed to shave over a second off.

    5.10.xxx is clearly in reach with a better run.

  • Re: Show Off Your Replays

     Testing much more softer springs and shock absorbers.

    Gotta admit that it's much more relaxing to drive, even the car feels a bit more slackier.

    Second at the time :)