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This event began 1/30/2021 and repeats every week for 9 occurrences

I have an xbox/discord leaguewith 2 divisions. We are looking for more full time drivers to keep the season going. We already have around 35 drivers just looking for more committed and active ones. https://discord.gg/5zDd4SrhEG

This event began 11/2/2020 and repeats every day forever

Hello, I'm writing this letter to Express my frustration with code masters and the way that they treat our onrush community!!
 Since last update in the game about one month ago it's not possible to play in the map arakku anymore, everytime the game crashes with everyone of us!! Today we have a  community of 100 players lvl 400 who still plays the game every ***** day (just a few that I know from  the ps4 group) we make customs between us, we make Europe vs america.....We have teams and ***** months played in this forgotten game... Its unacceptable that ranked season didn't come back yet, with the world confinement it had a increase of players, we feel abandoned by CODMASTERS! there's no update, nothing new since 2018, and now u guys deleted the game from your social page....what a shame. How can we trust in CODMASTERS ? Dirt 5 is coming and why should we buy it, if its gonna happen the same thing that happened with ONRUSH!!!  we keep playing eve tho the game is laggy, it's the most underrated game ever but.... please fix ARAKKU, Bring us RANKED SEASON  BACK. ONRUSH IS STILL ALIVE! SO WE ARE!   Luis filipe - Brazilian PS4: TurellaMagico   Number 604 722 3114 (canada)

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This event begins 6/18/2020 and repeats every week on Thursday forever

Welcome to High Speed Apex League Racing.
We run an XBOX One League every Thursday at 20:00 BST.
Currently operating two tiers:
Tier 1 established 'quickest drivers' compete in short quali and 50% races.
Tier 2 are new drivers to the league and compete in short quali and 25% races.
WE NEED YOU!!!   Please dont be shy APPLY!

This event began 11/8/2020 and repeats every week forever

The Sheesh Racing League (SheeshRacingLeague.com) will be running during this time. 50% races on PS4, Short Qualifying. Msg CBurton91 on PSN for more info. 

This event began 3/3/2020 and repeats every week on Tuesday forever

Watch the race happen live from Twitch!
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This event began 3/3/2020 and repeats every week on Tuesday forever

Watch the race happen live from Mixer!
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