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The first club at Codemasters' Forums, Insight, is a public club for different kinds of accurate information about Codemasters and their projects. The club is not validated or maintained by Codemasters and is not meant to defame or otherwise Codemasters, it's employees and/or its products.

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    (2019) GRID

    This thread is a stub due to the game not being released yet. You can contribute by commenting below. Remember to include sources for your claims! Team Developer: Codemasters Southam(?) Localizations: To be confirmed. Notable Employees List Game Director: Christopher Smith (Previous work include Forza Horizon 4) Community Manager: Chris Groves (@ChrisGrovesMCM, known also for being the community manager of F1 Mobile Racing) Game GRID (Not to be confused with Race Driver: GRID) is a reboot of the GRID franchise that aims to be a fresh take on the genre. Handling GRID attempts to be a racing game that is between arcade and simulation by providing assists that will make controlling the car easier. Even though the cars may handle unrealistically, the game is still based on the EGO engine which means that different parts of the car will still be simulated. AI The AI in GRID all have different kinds of attributes and personalities that will be an attempt to make the racing more dynamic. It seems that this may be an upgrade to GRID Autosport's AI system. The teammate AI seems to be fixed so that the teammate won't crash as often when pushing (Source missing. Impressions from media, not Codemasters confrimed) Career The career will have 104 events on launch with six different disciplines: Touring, Stock, Tuner, GT, FA Racing and Invitational. Invitational will include the prototypes, Group 7 Specials and Open Wheel categories. You will be creating your own team, buy cars with in-game currency and hire a teammate. You don't need to win an event to progress, but you need to win four of the six Showdown events (discipline concluding events) in order to progress to the GRID World Series, meaning that you don't have to complete every discipline. Split-screen In an interview with the game director Christopher Smith, it was said that split screen will be added post release for everyone. This will be the first time that a split screen mode will be seen in an EGO engine game since the release of EGO 3. DLC The DLC policy in GRID aims to keep all drivers in the same lobbies. All post-launch tracks will be free, and if you don't own a certain DLC car, you will be allowed to rent it. Renting means that you will lose a bit of your price money and you cannot change the livery of the car. You will always get more money than what you can lose from renting a vehicle. A reason to buy the DLCs according to Smith would be to access new career mode rewards and unlocks. Codemasters have also confirmed that there won't be a way to boost your progression through microtransactions. Cars Confirmed cars for GRID19 can be found from here. Other Notable Information No limitations in which cars can be run on what tracks, time of day or weather comdition. There will be rainy weather, but no dynamic weather(?) Some old AI opponents will make a comeback Ravenwest is in the game, but seems to only be in the GRID World Series in career mode. The game director Christopher Smith hates microtransactions. Drift will not be included in the game, and there are currently no plans to include it. Detailed cockpits are confirmed. Damage is still in refinement. No demo is currently planned. No free camera or photo mode planned currently. No upgrading parts External Sources https://gamingbolt.com/grid-director-i-hate-microtransactions
  3. F1 Online: The Game was a free to play game running Unity (Web Player) in which the player was able to manage their own team and control their own car from a top-down perspective using their mouse. Video: GameSpot In F1 Online: The Game, the player was able to create their own team, upgrade their HQs, hire staff, upgrade their vehicle and race against other players. The game started in a closed beta in early 2012 after being announced in late 2011. In 2012 the gates were opened and the game was released in an open beta state. Official site: f1onlinethegame.com (Last time recorded online: July of 2018) Team Developer: Codemasters Online Studio (Southam(?)) Notable Employees List (WIP) Producer: Michael Rowland Game Notable Features Drive the car using your mouse or your keyboard Fully 3D game in your browser (Utilizing Unity Web Player) Create your own team Car's appearance changes with upgrades as well as performance Matchmaking system Championships Licensing Team VVV reports that the game had issues with the official F1 license. Despite having an official 2011 drivers, tracks and teams mode, F1 Online: The Game has split the custom teams to a different mode presumably due to licensing issues. The game had also 15 fictional tracks created for the custom team mode. Microtransactions The game was to include microtransactions before the launch, but only for cosmetics instead of performance upgrades. Later on in an interview by Digital Spy, it was confirmed that the game would have some microtransactions to be convenient for those who don't have all day to play videogames. Post Release Content Plans Like an MMO, F1 Online: The Game had a serious amount of content planned for post launch. It was confirmed that the 2012 grid would be coming to F1 Online: The Game at the end of 2012. These were hinted by Michael Rowland before the launch of the game: Visual damage Full weather system Qualifying Pit stops Ability to race custom cars against the official ones. Shutdown "F1 ONLINE: THE GAME was closed as a service on Tuesday 7th May 2013. The decision to discontinue the game’s development and operation was taken as the service did not attract the required number of active players during its beta phase to make it a viable ongoing project. We thank you for your interest. For information on other Codemasters Racing FORMULA ONE™ games please visit www.formula1-game.com." External Sources https://www.teamvvv.com/interviews/f1-online-the-game-hands-on/ https://www.digitalspy.com/videogames/a383025/f1-online-the-game-interview-codemasters-talks-going-free-to-play/
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    (2020) F1 2020

    F1 2020 was reported to be in development before the launch of F1 2019 in an employee's public list of products he has been working on. This doesn't mean much. It could mean that there are plans made for the next game or that a few people are working on the game at this point. Codemasters will have the rights for F1 titles for at least until F1 2021. We've no information if Liberty Media can terminate this contract though.
  5. Codemasters Japan was a part of Codemasters that focused on the Japanese localization of Codemasters' titles and promoting those games in the Japanese market. They debuted to the Japanese market by releasing Race Driver: GRID and Colin McRae: DiRT for the price of one. Codemasters Japan was shut down in 2015 at around the same time as the Codemasters' UK office layoffs. NFC and Codemasters Japan On 24th of April 2013, nfcworld.com reported that Codemasters Japan would promote the release of their new racing game with the use of NFC by allowing potential customers to see the trailer of the game on their mobile phone for example. Team Japanese Production (Credited in F1 2014 and partly in Toybox Turbos) Kazutoshi Miyake, President of Codemasters Japan Kats Sato, Executive Producer of Japanese Version Masashi Oba, Senior Producer F1 2013 Additional Credits (Includes the employees above this as well) Yumiko Onuki, Assistant to President Kazuhiro Asami, Marketing Ryoko Masuda, PR https://kotaku.com/codemasters-races-grid-to-japan-5013934 https://www.nfcworld.com/2013/04/24/323697/codemasters-japan-to-promote-video-game-via-nfc/ https://codemasters.jp (Archive)
  6. This thread is a stub, you can contribute on it by commenting below. Remember to include sources! Team Image: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Credits. Developer: Codemasters Southam(?), Guildford Studio, KL Studio, Codemasters Japan (localization) Localizations: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Japanese. (More?) Notable Employees List Executive Producer: Sion Lenton Chief Game Designer: Lee Brimmicombe-Wood Chief Level Designer: James Nicholls Art Director: Rachel Weston Community Manager: Ian Webster Game Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is the first Operation Flashpoint game developed and published by Codemasters while the original games were developed by the ARMA developer Bohemia Interactive. The goal of the game was to bring a realistic shooter to consoles. Notable Features (WIP) A fictional island close to China with an area of 225 square kilometres. Sandbox Bullet penetration and velocity simulation AI morale and threat levels Bleeding to death Weather system Day & Night cycle Difficulty levels don't change damage, the amount of enemies or their intelligence. Hardcore mode with all aids disabled Micromanagement of units if the player wants to Player is given visual clues with art and sound effects Audio of animals should be authentic to the animals of that part of the world. Authentic weapons and vehicle sounds Some tactics taken from the "US Marine playbook" General feedback from the US Marines Post Release Content Plans The team had plans for post release content and for competitions. Only two DLC packs were released before end of support announcement in February of 2010 and a hint towards a next Operation Flashpoint title. List of post release content: (11.2009) The Skirmish: 4 multiplayer maps, 2 Fire Team Engagements. Free for PC, $3.99 for consoles at a later date. (12.2009) Overwatch: 2 multiplayer modes, 2 Fire Team Engagements, $3.99 for consoles Controversies Bohemia Interactive made a press release protesting against Codemasters' marketing. Bohemia Interactive claims that Codemasters should not promote the game as a sequel to the original Operation Flashpoint games. (?) Codemasters never officially replied to these claims. However, Lead AI Designer Clive Lindrop replied to the claims in an interview with www.videogamer.com. "It seemed almost unrelated to what we were actually doing. Their argument seemed to be almost purely about naming, which of course for a dev team hard at work doesn't mean a lot. It is Operation Flashpoint, it is all about delivering things that Operation Flashpoint was about. So in actual fact it didn't really even blip on our radar because it seems like a such minor point." Lindrop went to mention how they want to play ArmA II to see what they've done. He also mentions that it's not an overcrowded genre and that there was never a sense of immediate competition. "We looked at it and went, oh that's a bit odd, and then just get on with your life" "I don't know their game. I haven't seen it, so I'm not judging it. And they haven't seen ours. That whole thing seemed to be much more to do with corporate level stuff than anything to do with us. So, just walk on by, carry on doing what you're doing, you know?" Sources Codemasters Dev Diaries https://www.xboxachievements.com/news/news-3648-The-Operation-Flashpoint--Dragon-Rising-Unedited-Interview-Transcript.html https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2009/08/12/rps-interview-operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising/ https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/operation-flashpoint-2-dragon-rising-interview https://www.videogamer.com/previews/operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-interview https://www.videogamer.com/previews/20090812143849-operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-interview https://kotaku.com/operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-overwatch-dlc-deplo-5431363 https://kotaku.com/operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-staggers-out-dlc-5396902 https://www.engadget.com/2010/02/18/its-a-wrap-for-operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-dlc/
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    How threads are used

    This club is mostly a test right now. Currently the way that the threads work on the general forums is that each game will have an official thread by me (when I have some "proper" information for that game) that will be edited as I have time to type that information to it. Users are free to post their own threads as long as the thread has sources and tries to be as neutral as possible with the writing with the author's opinions being clearly marked as their own opinions.