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The first public club on the new 2019 Codemasters Forums! Currently uses temporary, yellow Quack logo.

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  2. DiRTFanNo.1

    Hello from the new club system!

    Hello. McStanley
  3. I'm laughing head off. This is the funniest thing ever! 🤣 McStanley
  4. It kind of "evolved" (not really) by itself. Originally 'The Quick' then 'The Quick! ...and the slow?' and then I just gave up and now it's 'The Quack'
  5. What the heck is 'The Quack'?! 😂 Have you been watching too much Open All Hours/ Still Open All Hours, like myself? McStanley
  6. New to the community? We will be listing here threads that you should check for one reason or another! Anyone can suggest a new thread to be included in this list by sending a comment and linking to that thread! * Original, from 2014. Everything before this year has been lost or is somewhere in Codemasters' servers, but not available to us. *The Stuff Thread *The Formula 1 Stuff Thread The F1 BETA Thread and FAQ (2018) *DIRTy Gossip Thread
  7. If someone sees this, give others a friendly hello! 🙂