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  2. Ss1 was ok. Ss2 I had a enormous crashm must have turned over at least 10 times. The car survived somehow. Lster on in the same stage I crashed into trees. Game over...
  3. Dytut

    2019 FIA World Rally Championship

    So Citroen builds a bad car, blames the drivers for sucking, gets the best driver and it still sucks, so blame the driver. Yeah, nice going. Sucks to lose a marque for the championship, hope one or two new will join up for the hybrid era. Toyotas lineup with Ogier, Evans and Rovanperä will be interesting to say the least. I can see no better environment for Kalle to learn how to be a champ 🙂
  4. AlexSpartan316

    DiRTy Gossip

    Stop lying to yourself.... ...your sofa on wheels it’s way faster.

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    @PJTierney My specs are: Ryzen 1700 16 Gb RAM Radeon 5700 XT Windows 10 x64 Game is installed on SSD on the system drive and has been never moved anywhere. After I swapped GTX 1070 to 5700 XT I got this problem. I first used DDU, then installed Radeon driver version 19.11.1 and haven't updated or installed any other version since then. To be clear the graphic settings have not remained with the Radeon card installed ever. Is this a driver issue or the game behaving wrong?
  6. tbtstt

    DiRTy Gossip

    I'd say its good practise for late night motorway driving: I find that is the time when fatigue is the biggest issue.
  7. carpa

    DiRTy Gossip

    I was thinking of using that achievement as practice for my driving licence exam. I mean, that is probably the closest thing I can find to my car in the game. Or more likely, to how my sofa would handle if it had wheels.
  8. RickFlare96

    Patch 1.17 (XBox1, PS4, PC)

    This post isn't misleading, I was merely asking if there was going to be another patch, I wasn't implying that there may or will be another patch. And it's Codemasters not Codemaster, just sayin 😉
  9. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    its official ogier leave citroen and citroen no start season 2020 because ogier leave the team
  10. I got terminal damage from smashing a sign in USA the other day. Sometimes it's just not happening 😕
  11. Tengo una página web creada para hacer campeonatos usando todos los vehiculos del juego pero es muy complicado si tengo que hacer un club para cada clase de vehiculo y luego unir los tiempos etc, viendo que no vais a poner la posibilidad como tenía el dirt rally y dirt 4 de seleccionar varias clases de vehiculos o todos o incluso vehiculos aislados en los clubes me he creado 4 clubs para poder hacer el campeonato solo con vehiculos de tracción trasera en el sitio www.wrsim.com, comienza el próximo miercoles 27, a ver si ocurre un milagro y lo habilitais, lo agradecería eternamente. saludos
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  13. Pretty intense episode. One detail is very interesting and that is when the stwards were checking the incident, they asked for a witness, than witness being Kevin Hansen..., which is really odd as he will always be in favor for Timmy. Next to that Niclas was at that time 3rd behind Andreas and Timmy. Also awesome to see how the team works flat-out, but also have fun. My theory about the RX Cartel will have join efforts with Subaru I kinda take back. Why? Well Mattias Ekstrom was heavily involved, but also with Krisztian Szabo and also Robin Larsson being there, my guess that the plans for next year is that they want to continue with the Audi's.
  14. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    yeah yeah no plan for dirt rally 2.0 but now toyota come soon to NFS heat 2:39 tweet by toyota sorry is french so now i wait DR3.0 or dirt 5 to see toyota 😂
  15. Willian Paganini

    Blue Flags F1 2019

  16. AcidBurn247

    New Developer Liaison

    Hi BarryBL !! Hope you can actually be of some use to us, we are all mostly hardcore No-Assist Racers , that have been with the franchise for a long time. But the current direction of Codemasters to favour Liveries and cosmetic mass appeal issues vs Core Game issues is driving everyone crazy and despondant. As mentioned before rather be frank and up front and state that X,Y,Z cannot be fixed in the current game, and most likely also not in the next , and will only be solved once a new Console with a New Game Engine is introduced.
  17. Willian Paganini

    Blue Flags F1 2019

    @Faya good afternoon The implementation of blue flags on the LED panels with the pilot number is missing. please could you help I'm requesting this and no one answers me.
  18. VilzuFIN

    Race footage getting copyrighted

    https://youtu.be/OVE8Ic_R7yk Hi! If you can help me to remove those copyright blocks then help is appreciated✌🏽
  19. LuiCupcake2024

    Wheres the SC?

    I really tried to trigger the SC but nothing happens. No SC and no VSC.
  20. PJTierney

    DiRTy Gossip

    Back to DiRT:
  21. 1512marcel

    What is your driver number?

    34. Some fellow Dutchman seems to have taken 33 which I would have loved to use 😇
  22. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag

    Yes according to the picture below. this could be implemented in game 2019
  23. 1512marcel

    The most boring track on f1?

    Seems to me that boring and not being able to perform on certain tracks go hand in hand here. I don’t believe any track is boring; but one track suits you more than another. I get my thrills from trying to improve on tracks I’m under average.
  24. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag

    more can be the official numbers of the pilots or if we choose our numbers
  25. 1512marcel

    New Developer Liaison

    Welcome @BarryBL
  26. kenuf

    New Developer Liaison

    Good luck @BarryBL on your new post! Hopefully you’ll be able to have more leverage on those around and above you than your predecessors. Although a lot of the posts on the forum are of an angry nature the points most make are very relevant. It is so frustrating to see the same issues constantly raised and seemingly nothing is done. It’ be great to see some transparency in terms of things that can or can’t be done. If Codemasters can’t update or add something then fine but please say and give reason so players can understand why such decisions have been made. Look forward to seeing your posts and impact!
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