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  2. Did you try to get closer to that dish in GRID2019? Maybe it is rectangular because of small draw distance? --- jesped dynamic hair??? WHAT?
  3. The Trans-Nation eSports regional rival programme has gone off swimmingly and it’s time to now officially bring them into full swing with separate posts to keep them within their regions only. Trans-Nation eSports Oceania Regional Championship Days of racing: Thursday and Sunday Times of racing: Thursday will operate at 8pm New Zealand time and Sunday will operate at 9pm New Zealand time The times can be localized to your timezone via this website: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html Week of commencement: March 22nd, 2020 (The weekend of the national series British Grand Prix) Rules for engagement: 50% Races Short qualifying Full damage Ghosting off Assists: Pit assists off, anything else goes Corner Cutting: Strict Formation Lap: On Safety car: On How to join: https://discord.gg/VAYtJzz From here you will enter a room called #registry of which will assign you an instant role called (Unregistered Driver) it's there you will tell us where you want to register and we'll direct you to the room you need to be in to register to Hope to see you soon!
  4. GavinMac

    Wrong statistics

    another friend
  5. XBOX We are looking at having our Tier 2 start time at 8pm GMT. So those of you that are looking for a great bunch of guys to race with that are clean then Join us. At the moment it looks like the National League will look like this: Saturday 8pm GMT - National League Tier 2 Saturday 10pm GMT - National League Tier 1 If you want to sign up then join our discord here: https://discord.gg/uEAg4aM
  6. 🤦‍♂️ Dude, have you even read the thread you are posting in? Specially before pointing any fingers and making any accusations? First page... I'm talking about modding/editing/adjusting/tweaking those effects in the .xml files that were available in the game's folder for each track in previous games (among many other stuff) not just disabling them in the general config file. What have you fixed in this xml file? what sense makes that you can rise shadows resolution when the draw distance is 4 meters ahead of your car and you can see them literally being painted in front of you when you are playing? Maybe you fixed or improved anything by disabling features? 🤔
  7. Vtagscen

    This week's Featured Event is broken

    Also had this issue. Had ai set to 101 and by the end I had lapped some cars 4 times lol, think I had lapped everyone upto p4 or at least once.
  8. Quality settings, lens flares, DoF, motion blur, bloom, streaks etc. are at least available for the user to modify. See /Documents/My Games/GRID (2019)/hardwaresettings/hardware_settings_config.xml Loads of things can be modified, you just haven't tried anything.
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  10. Quality settings, Cameras, physics, handling, FFB, lens flares, color balance, tonemap, DoF, motion blur, distortion, bloom, smoke, dust, streaks, etc. were open and moddable in at least 6 titles (just that I know of, but sure they were more) Now NOTHING of that can be modified. But I guess the modders are to blame and not Codemasters. It wasn't Codemasters intentions and clear purpose to prevent modding. It was a thing that just "happened naturally", without any purpose, intention or thought put into it. In Happy-Land, in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane! 😂 You can beat around the bush with semantics and cover-up excuses all you want, pal, but those are the facts that anybody can check.
  11. Mate that's not support. Just because the files are there, it doesn't mean modding is supported. The loads of different files are still available in GRID 2019, but it doesn't have modding support either. No Codemasters EGO game that I know of has offered the user with any kind of freedom except for OFDR which had lua scripting and mission creator. Feel free to add some more games into the list that I have inside my head, but I can't remember any at least.
  12. They had to sacrifice their quality in favor of that lushly detailed new vegetation. 🤣
  13. RosAlfonz

    2020 cars

    When will our purchased cars be updated with 2020 new looks? codemasters, please reply.
  14. Yeah. We all know what their priorities are now. I didn't mean the car's LOD. You can't fix the horrible shadows draw distance for example: let alone all the rest of visual effects like lens flares, color balance, tonemap, DoF, motion blur, distortion, bloom, smoke, dust, streaks, etc. Or cameras, physics, handling, FFB, ... It's not "two games". All of those things and more were accessible at least it Dirt 2, Dirt 3, Dirt Showdown, Grid, Grid 2, Grid Autosport. And it's no "coincidence" that now they are not. But hey, you can change a tire texture. Great modding support. 😂
  15. Two games having mod support doesnt really mean much, eh? OFDR was basically only custom missions, and GRID 2 was mostly about having a way to modify the files without getting flagged as cheater, not to actually allow any new way to modify anything. Teams may change their priorities over the years, and that's most likely the case here as well. Have you actually checked that you cant change LOD values from the car's config files for example? We actually have access to those, you know.
  16. brsteg

    F1 2021 Career Mode Ideas

    Idk if this is frowned upon, but I'm going to bump once more (and I promise only once more) simply because I was hoping to get feedback from other game players. I know these aren't all new ideas, but some I haven't heard before.. and just wanted to know if you guys liked some, hated some, or just anything in between.
  17. #LikeNoOther looking great!! oh **** thats GRID2 (2013)
  18. richie

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Rally Sweden: SS17 cancelled due to warm weather. Spa:
  19. Here is something I would like to see added to the game: I'd like to see an option for single race or season mode: That we can use our avatar and number. Just keep yourself more immersed in the game even if you aren't a career mode player or are one wanting to go outside of career mode. On the driver selection, make it like career mode and pick your teammate. The option to do custom grids, and decide where I start and any AI cars start on the grid, with ability to put as many cars (up to full grid) or as few cars as I want (as little as 2, yourself and one AI). This feature was in the EA release F1 2000 and I loved being able to set up reverse grids, or grids without the top teams just for giggles. All play modes: More race length options! Personally I don't know why we can't just pick any number of laps that we want up to full race. But at least I'd like more options with amount of laps and also more choices for percents of race. More to OT (I felt it was kinda related but with a tangent), I'm not sure why a career mode player would really want to just start in a random grid spot (single player sure); but the ability to sim Q is already in the game in instances where the player misses Q2 &/or Q3. (There is legacy bugs with this sim system where it sims the base car models and not the updated developed career mode models.) So I guess why not add a button and a separate loop to just sim Q1 also?
  20. Oh, I think they definitely do. They don't want modding fixing, improving and extending the life of their "products", so they can churn out half baked "products" annually or every few years and keep asking for more money from us.
  21. You can divert the point all you want and dig any excuses, but the point still is: Codemasters was open to modding and supporting it years ago, now they are purposedly not. It's not "coincidence", and it doesn't matter if "there are others doing the same". We are in the Codemasters forum talking about Codemasters here. About what they did in the past and what they do now. Facts are you can't change even the most basic things like LOD's in GRID 2019 because Codemasters don't want you to change them, so they won't allow you to. Period.
  22. cafe5150

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    That'll be why then. Not much effort gone into them and looking at some videos of the "legendary" cars the handling looks terrible as well. Shame
  23. I knew about this, but I only mentioned EGO 3 games 🙂 I'm saying that archiving files is the standard all across development teams and engines. Trying to prevent modifications simply does not work as all filetypes get cracked easily, because you literally have the software there modifying the files. For example a small indie team modified their own archive type for their game that was running on MonoGame. Did they do it to prevent modding? The developers wanted to look into giving the community modding tools, and the game was written in C# meaning that the whole source code would be available to everyone (so that someone could just simply take their import code and create a software that exports the files) I decided to take a look at all the games I have installed on my laptop to see how many of those archive their files in some way Cobalt, custom engine, uses archiving or binary files for tiles, sprites/other data and localization. I most (if not all) lua files have been added in an update that included modding support F1 2018 - As you know. hackmud - Unity game, uses standard archives such as .assets etc. Jalopy - Another Unity game Lock's Quest - Another Unity game Old Time Hockey, Monogame - Uses MonoGame content pipeline (aka archives sounds, effects, sprites, models, fonts etc) Operation Flashpoint Red River - Some kind of archiving I've never seen in any other Codies title. OFDR was purposefully made moddable to an extent (including lua support for example) Portal 2 - See Source's filetypes from here https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Category:File_formats SHENZHEN IO - Sprites, sounds and etc are not compressed or archived in any way. Though there are still .cso files that I don't know the use of Civilization V - Unbelievably has loads of lua files, config files and sounds. Still has a .civ5map format that is not plain text at least. Most likely binary Tropico 5 - Uses an archive format. I don't have many games on my laptop as I don't game much on my laptop 😛
  24. Its a miracle that they got the handling right lol
  25. TBH I doubt they gave it any thought, much like the multiplayer in GRID 2019 😜
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