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    DiRTy Gossip

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    GRID Graphics Discussion

    There is a difference between being toxic and being passionate and after reading thru *most* of these comments all i'm seeing is a bunch of guys and gals who are just passionate about what they play and just want to experience their bit of escapism in the best possible way. I say this with the greatest respect but just because you are happy that you're not getting the very best out of what your console/computer is capable of then that shouldn't put you in a position to chastise those who are equally as enthusiastic as yourself about the return of Grid but have different views as to what levels of acceptability a £55 game should be aiming towards on today's hardware. I would normally agree with you that visuals aren't the be all and end all defining factor in a videogame but the problem with Grid 2019 is that it can be directly compared against the near identical Autosport - and with a game offering twice the content at a fraction of the price the ONLY genuine incentive Codemasters could offer to make us all want too move on from that game would be to make it's spiritual successor look as very 2019 as was humanly possible... So no, all things considered on this occasion I completely disagree with your point regarding dubious trees and dodgy rock textures and say that how Grid looks is absolutely critical.
  4. Hi @RedDevilKT I've logged in now and I've got the helmet back. I had 2 unread messages and the helmet was there to claim. That's good news despite the fact the trophy (in the cabinet) is not there though. I think I won't have it back anymore right? Anyway, this is actually better than nothing. I don't know if this was due to your help but thanks anyway. Cheers
  5. Spinmeister


    @UP100 Regardless of "feedback" posts or not, the communication between the players and Codemastets is null. They won't answer. Overall, game performance is less qualitative compared to 1.03. Multiplayer is the worst offender, they haven't acknowledged bugs at all. The start issue is still there, the stuttering is still there, issues that have plagued the game series since F1 2017 are still there. Either the mismanagement of 2019 is due to laziness, or that they're working on 2020. Regardless, communication is of the utmost level when it comes to issues. The total lack of it destroys the game.
  6. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Could you explain what it is then?
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  8. I drove it last night on the Oculus version. It was slippery.
  9. JZStudios

    DiRTy Gossip

    You're mistaken.
  10. Pete74786

    You money hungry scum Codemasters

    🤔 I got another lightweight booster..... what did you get?
  11. UP100

    The Game Thread!

    Feral Interactive! They are well known in the Linux community as one of the best (if not the best) companies that port others' games to Linux 🙂 Some of their work include F1 2015, F1 2017, HiTMAN, DiRT 4, GRID: Autosport, Company of Heroes 2, TOTAL WAR games and so on.
  12. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    Must admit I like the new set piece system in Fifa 20 It's going to take time to get used to but I think it will be easier to score with this one than the old system. I think the only tricky part will be getting the power levels right. But after a bit of practice it shouldn't be too hard.
  13. On race start, you hold the clutch in and on manual mode, it is meant to select gear 1. This is what it used to do and has done on all other games and has on this game up until the recent update. However, now on the start, I will engage the clutch but no gear is selected so upon lights out. I will have to change up a gear just to select 1st. I know there are different settings regarding manul with clutch which will change it so that this happens. However, manual is selected so this should not happen. Will this be fixed?
  14. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    No its not added but should be out for betatesters if im not misstaken.
  15. sjsharp2010

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Well they are working on it so lets hope they get it right.
  16. sjsharp2010

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Actually that's how I read it initially as well but then I noticed that's in the next couple of patches which means 1.11/1.12
  17. koog2003

    DiRTy Gossip

    So does it mean Oculus SDK support has been already added to the current Steam version or that is going to be in the next update that should come October 1 ?
  18. koog2003

    DiRTy Gossip

    Sorry man could I ask you where did you get this information ? Thanks !
  19. ChironTheseus

    Way too much rain!!!!!

    I have had more rain since the latest patch too but no more interchanging weather that I love, its either been wet or dry sessions in career, but the AI are still OP in wet and races are tediously boring, very rare AI fighting (mostly yellow flag style following), slow buggy car. At least in interchanging it mixed the grid up, unique pit strategies etc. And I agree, in rain you cannot afford to make a single mistake if you want to keep your start position, if you are lucky enough to keep it at the start. Dry weather AI are fighting and locking up, going slightly wide etc. Wet its that perfect line they keep! Drives me a bit batty sometimes!
  20. ChironTheseus

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Well they said they fixed the AI in rain in the last patch, well they used the word "balanced" but with a dry quali getting pole too easy I nearly up'ed the difficulty, glad I didn't cause a wet race came and wow did I struggle! They were on quali laps the whole time!
  21. ChironTheseus

    TC bogs the car too much

    For me TC on low only affects the start (heavily) and wet weather. I need low TC using controller on PS4 due to not being able to be so smooth on corners (it makes a huge difference on spin risk and control management vs even the cheapest wheel). It is frustrating but the worst is the starts on TC, smashing the start ahead of the AI then they swarm you like you are stopped on the circuit.. Though sometimes needing to go automatic on gears when my finger injury gets bad from over use, then in wet weather, you have to force gears up sometimes! It just sticks on over revs on fast corners like its stuck, hit gear up and it instantly changes.. Really buggy in many areas! Its mostly annoying when some people like me have to rely on the assists (however minimal) to play the game. I don't get issues with a wheel with flappy panel gears but current location prevents a permanent setup so controller mostly it is!
  22. ChironTheseus

    Fuel saving "trick". And another AI complaint

    I hate it when you do race sim R&D in dry or wet then the race is in the opposite.. The fuel makes no sense and the entire race is spent to the extreme on fuel saving, or when it goes from dry and fuel is normal then wet weather comes along and suddenly a single lap later you some how lost 2 or more laps of fuel and counting.. Basically in wet weather on 25% I fuel +3, yes +3 laps of fuel on only 25% race just to get to the end on normal fuel with a little bit of low management.. 😪
  23. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

  24. koog2003

    DiRTy Gossip

    Hey man .. sorry could I ask you where you found that information ? Thanks !
  25. Cobra

    Callaghan vs Callahan

    Noticed this back when the game was announced - and I didn't even play GRID 2 that much.
  26. sloppysmusic

    Ranked Pause/AI Drivers

    It's not just a case of beating 40 for a whole lap.. It's people going full pelt down a straight approaching a hairpin then switching to ai for the difficult corner then switching back straight after. Or... You could swipe a someone then switch to ai to get the car stable again then back to manual. It's literally cheat mode and in ranking events scandalous.
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