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  2. Orangetuner

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I would love to see all of the trails in Dirtfish put in. Heck! throw in Team O'Neal's location too! And do you mean an open world like in FH4? Interesting. If I were to add to that I would actually say to make that game a new IP. Im not sure what to call it. Dude. I would play the **** out of an open world game with dirt rally physics. There is no open world game with simulation physics afaik other than a Tokyo mod in AC. Even if its a fake world with a city in the middle with towns and mountains around it. JDM cars in a Japan with stylized towns and mountain roads. Initial d successor. There would be hardcore damage like dirt rally and you could just chill or do some time attacks and point to point races. There would be teams who would be king of the mountain in their area or king of a point to point race. You could earn money and buy a car that can join the notorious Midnight Club. I would seriously kill for a hardcore open world by Codemasters though.
  3. Lakrits

    Anyone doubting the Halo now?

    I'm amazed that he didn't pass out. The G-forces his body took from that deceleration would make most people unconscious.
  4. TasmanianTiger

    Team acclaim reset to 1

    Hey @BarryBL, First of all thank you SO MUCH for the reply and explanation regarding sharing saves. It is indeed still happening to me, but not exactly in the proces you described. Below you will find my exact proces of two particular times this bug happened to me. (Full bug reports of these are on the first page in this thread : ) ) This really is a nasty bug and I am certain it has something to do with the dutch gp. It happened to me in both full season and shortened seasons. I really dont know what kind of screenshots I could provide, since the game never crashed or gave an error of some sort, it just resets the acclaim totally silently. 1st case: I was done playing the Dutch GP in ‘My Team’ mode. Before I started the last practice session (calendar screen) I exited the game to play it later. When I started my Xbox the next day and loaded the ‘My Team’ saved game, I completed the barcelona practice session. Post session I noticed that my team and driver acclaim had been reset to level 1. Whereas, I had already finished 5 races in the season and Team acclaim before the error was over 7 and I had just signed a new sponsor - DSB Opticals. Since my acclaim has been reset to level 1, the new sponsor also went off. 2nd case. It happened again in the middle of my third season! This time, it happened in the following order: - one day ago, I played everything of the dutch gp (sessions/qualifying/race) in one go, everything went fine and I only quit when in my first on-track center (without financial tab) FOR THE NEXT GP (one A press would have me start the first practice session of the Azerbaijan track). - Next day. I played the first practice till the timer ran out, I am again in my on track center, simulate practice from session 2 onwards. Result screen. BOOM! Level one again in driver AND team! @BarryBL I hope these cases combined are usefull enough to find the horrendous bug. I follow this thread, so if you need anymore information, or have more information for me, dont hesistate to ask/post it here!
  5. SpiveyCJ

    Thrustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on

    what app is that on the phone? And which layout? I'm using dash panel but can't seem to find the perfect display info, yours looks really nice
  6. Madhun1967

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Some time ago there have been talks about,what i have thought, computer generated stages in high quality.Are we still relying on designers with 1000s of hours of labor put into a 10 mile stage? Where does new computing tech come into play to design these games ? Im just wandering when are we going to be able to mirror a game in 2021 quality, like for example the british Rally Championship game was back in the day with super long stages ? Maybe an evolved stage generator with a lot more variables is the way to go , i dont know.It just seems its 2021 almost, and we are talking all these limitations still......
  7. PJTierney

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I'm the Rally guy, but WRC is a long ways away yet so let's see what happens. Yesterday's news was about VW only, not the entire VW group. Again, too early to tell what happens with future games. I also don't know if our licensing agreements were with Volkswagen or Volkswagen Motorsport. Either way, just enjoy the Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 in DiRT Rally 2.0 for now 🙂 I play on Xbox (One X until I get a Series X) but I do have a 1080ti, which based on those benchmarks still holds up. Fujimi Kaido was good but Camino Viejo is where it's at. Today's my day off, but I'm here talking to you lot (I'm also off for most of December starting end of next week, so don't expect to see me around much until January) Yup, Microsoft licenses all its content for 4 years for each title, which is why the games get delisted after that. I imagine when you have a game with hundreds of cars the renewal fees are too great, plus it's better to transition people to new games anyways. Funnily enough, DiRT Rally's had its renewed at least once I believe; that's why it's still on sale.
  8. yes. It rattle over bumps in the track but that's really it in F1 2020 game. I feel the try force feedback playing Gran Turismo
  9. I confirm, I'm in Baku Driveer Career with 1.13 and it's still happening Q2 --> Albon out in P11 being P7 after the first time attack, Leclerc safe for a miracle (0,020 s.) and also Verstappen (0,188 s.) and Bottas (0,255 s.) were at risk! With Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari being by far the 3 top teams (season 2). Second lap run only by the last six drivers of the first attempt, two of them ended in P2 and P3 (!!!), other two in P7 and P8. Only two did not qualify. Can't wait it will be fixed... Cya, Nuv
  10. merseyxshore

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    With regards to stages, I’d love to see some longer stages, more varied locations and better tarmac design and feel. I’ve definitely mentioned this before, but I would love to see open areas similar to DirtFish, the practice area in WRC or rallycross circuits used to make events of shorter, technical stages using cones and hay bales etc. Even better would be the ability to create your own stages and events in these open areas. I still think an open world rally game would be the perfect evolution, especially for a game-as-service kinda thing. Different surfaces, different weather seasons, tactical road sections between stages, and endless possibilities for stage variations that could come out periodically.
  11. do you have some news about the league access problem :    Can someone help to delete my season  (8 rallyes) in the league "les_patates"  , it seems like from the day i created it , we (all players from "les_patates")  did not access anymore to our league/season at all.  As i cannot access to the league,  i 'm not able to delete the season myself... Thanks very much .    A message is also let on forum.codemasters:


    1. PJTierney


      Hi there.


      Please email custservice@codemasters.com regarding this.

  12. Ranked session i cant join. weekly event is working . I can host and play session. I don’t use Vpn
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  14. rob55

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    If Codemaster doesn't have the decency to keep us posted on this socalled 'official Codemasters' forum, we have to find the truth ourselves; i found this post (December 2nd) on the Steam forums today: ChrisGroves18 (Codemasters) Today at 7:46 AM The latest (and first post-launch) DIRT 5 Rear View update is here, reviewing the last month of game news and community highlights! Included in here is a message concerning the next game update: After setting a tentative date for the end of November, this update and addition is now moving into early-December, as we make absolutely sure that everything is good to go and your experience in the game is further improved. Apologies for the very small delay - it'll be worth it! " In other words: we all can wait, wait, wait again. The support for this game is just too ridiculous for words...
  15. Gavin8520

    PS4 Controller to G923

    Hi all new here and just looking for some advice. Been playing the F1 franchise on Playststion since 2010. Always debated getting a wheel and with Black Friday finally took the plunge. I know I will get some stick for not getting the cheaper G29 but I took too long so Amazon (which was cheapest) would not have stock until the new year. Also had concern if the G29 would work on the PS5 based on the issue with G27 PS3-PS4 although I believe at the moment they are saying should be cross compatible. As the G923 is more expensive for a ‘true force function’ which I know is very limited compatibility I hope at least I can use this on my PS5 next year which also made me take the G923 route. Enough waffle from me - my point is on the controller I have always used the analogue sticks to steer and accelerate/ brake as you get better feeling. I run med traction control no brake assist or abs. 100% AI and with a straight forward race can usually podium in a red bull. Have always had auto gears though with the wheel and paddle shifters will go to manual. Years of controller use will mean the learning curve will be steep and fully expect to be slower for the coming months until I get used to it. Any basics people can advise to get me up to speed quicker and also any useful button configs on the wheel that will make ers, radio, engine mode, drs easy to access? Any help anyone can advise would be greatly appreciated.
  16. s00zster

    When will back markers be allowed to overtake safety car?

    Do you play at 25% distance? I get them all the time on 50% distance but very rarely, if at all, at 25%.
  17. MauriceMiller

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    First post so hi to all. Only been racing for a couple of weeks and about 7 days on DR so AI still on medium but really enjoyed this race. Still have lead feet but getting there slowly. Platform - Xbox
  18. rob55

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    Yes I noticed that too: The amount of spam threads in this board is ridiculous and shows the non-professional attitude of Codemasters towards their customers. After all this, I can't believe to have spend money on Dirt 5; in the past I never really had any doubts about buying a Dirt title; from now on it will be different...
  19. BarryBL

    Team acclaim reset to 1

    Are you still experiencing this @TasmanianTiger? Can you provide screenshots of this please? Unfortunately, Xbox doesn't allow us to access player saves without the profile login information, which we cannot request due to privacy/GDPR. Is the exact process? 1./ MyTeam - Dutch GP (Have a LV1+ acclaim) 2./ Start Session 3./ Advance to Race - Mid-Session Save and Exit. (Did you experience a crash here?) 4./ Restart Outcome: Save is useable, but acclaim is reset to 1.
  20. TasmanianTiger

    Team acclaim reset to 1

    @BarryBL Can you give us an update and can I be of any assistance. Resolving this bug literally makes the difference between a 1 star and 5 star rating so to speak
  21. Hi, Thanks for adding your issue. However, we require all bug reports to follow the templates below. This is critical information Codemasters needs to be able to see your bug clearly. Link:
  22. Hi @matchoo23 Thanks for adding your issue. However, we require all bug reports to follow the templates below. Please choose which template best suits your issue (Singleplayer or Multiplayer) and complete the template, adding to this thread. This is critical information Codemasters needs to be able to see your bug clearly. Link: Please add your bug report onto this thread or I will not be able to replicate or diagnose
  23. Racing League Hub (RLH) is starting it's 8th season soon. Sign ups have started for our 8th season, starting in the first week of January. Until then we have several events and evaluation races to see in which tier new drivers would fit in. Last season we had 7 F1 tiers and we're looking to build on that in our ever growing community. Leagues are for all levels, from beginners to top of the leaderboard drivers. We have leagues on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7PM UK time and all our races will be streamed by our commentators live on Youtube. We have a website and discord for communication and information, join the discord and we'll get you racing soon! Our discord: https://discord.gg/fsg37qk Our website: https://racingleaguehub.com/
  24. LUDO

    DiRT Rally

    Can someone help to delete my season (8 rallyes) in the league "les_patates" , it seems like from the day i created it , we (all players from "les_patates") did not access anymore to our league/season at all. As i cannot access to the league, i 'm not able to delete the season myself... Thanks very much .
  25. svensenk86

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    isnt that related to the driver skill level? I think Charles has in my 4th season also 92 OVR and he is leading the championship with a midfield Ferrari, Vettel is 15th I think. However, I like it that way! much more interesting! I think people complain way too much here about this and that....glad that I am not a game creator, I would have said "well then *peep*off - you will have no new F1 game anymore, I am out,create your own *peep* then, see if you can do it better"
  26. HI @DanielGrotti, As mentioned earlier, will take some time to replicate and look into. We are looking into this and @DenisBRA's excellent reporting has really helped us out. Please add your bug report onto @DenisBRA's too should you experience this issue again 👍
  27. You guys keep parroting the idea that Kinect is mandatory for voice recognition, but it's simply not true. Off the top of my head I can think of the YouTube app, which uses headset-based voice recognition to enter search terms. And I play a lot of Apex Legends, which has a speech-to-text function for game chat. Point is, other companies have had workarounds for some time now, but Codemasters hasn't bothered.
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