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  2. Exasperated

    Best steering wheel for PS4?

    Unless you pay good money you are not going to get a great experience, Unfortunately it costs. I have used a Thrustmaster T150 with Dirt Rally and it is alright If you have good settings in the FFB settings of the games but its nowhere near as good as a T300 but the best thing about a T150 is it is cheap to buy second hand ; much cheaper than a G29. Look on EBay. T100 , I would wait until you can afford a T150.
  3. OLReu

    Driver needed, assists allowed.

    Are you looking to join a competitive but friendly league racing environment? Sick of unranked lobbies? Want to join as a steward to make a difference? We are Open League racing, we are a brand new f1 discord league set up by myself. We are looking for drivers of all abilities, age and gender to come and join us for our very first season of OLR. All assists will be allowed until we get enough drivers to open up another division. The day and time for race days has not been set and this will be voted on by the drivers. Drivers from all regions are welcome. You do not need to have a league racing background to compete, just be clean, fair and mature on and off track. Prizes for the winner of each division when we transfer over to the upcoming f1 2021 game. Discord invite -> https://discord.gg/AVFfPzGVJ7 If you do not have discord please fill this form in https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bCDVga1vSw7Ec6uREk68W5MNc4kN4KIzCeDR1shcsXI Please make sure your privacy settings are open so we can send you a friend request and messages. Play station 4 and 5 only at the moment. If you are looking for a stewardship role please join and message myself. Obviously we are a new league, and it would be appreciated that if you do decide to check us out, to stay in the server as this will also help bring in new drivers. You wont receive any @ notifications. Above all, happy racing and we hope to see you soon.
  4. I brought the Schumacher deluxe edition for $20 from the Sony PlayStation store but when I downloaded the game, I only got the regular version. Brought it up with Sony but after several attempts to give me the version I paid for, they told me to go talk to the publisher. Kind of crappy since I brought it from their store. Whenever I try to get the Schumacher DLC's it says unavailable because I already own it (which I dont ironically as I never got that part of the game). Just frustrating.. Any help from the publisher will work. I using a PS5.
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  6. Exasperated

    I can't start F1 2020

    Yo se Como arreglar tu problema facilmente , se compra una consola PS4, donde casi todo funciona muy Bien . Hay un monton de problemas con el juego en PC y Xbox en este momento por falta de cosas , suerte. Un Saludo , Yo soy Ingles.
  7. Exasperated

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    With these settings in the picture this is not a major cause of your understeer , the games default settings are useless for a T300 and they give horrible understeer problems , They probably relate to wheels like the Fanatec that has 6Nm of torque from its motor not like the T300 with approx. 2Nm. If you are on Steam isn't there a wheel calibration page or similar to set the degrees of in games wheel rotation?
  8. Exasperated

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    It will also be much easier if you take a standard line through the corner by heading in the direction of the apex from when you start slowing down at the black square marker at the side of the track , if you look at the apex as soon as you can see it on the approach and keep your eyes looking at only the apex then you will be dragged to it like a magnet. By driving deeper to the corner and making it a sharper angle of turning like you are doing in your video you are making the tyres more likely to lose grip , I think it is probably easier to do this in real life than in the game. To help drive the corners of the track go to 'Camera settings' and change the Field of view setting to 35 degrees and the off set horizontal setting (the one that moves the camera nearer to the in game steering wheel) to 0.95 and set the 'Look to apex' setting at maximum 15 degrees.
  9. SgtKamarov150

    DownForce Esports - PC - Xbox

    Hi, Downforce Esports is a relatively young league that is just going into its second season of racing however we have a big, kind, and calm community and we are looking to expand on that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We have a PC league which races Wednesday. Season 2 for PC has started and is going strong however we are still keen for you to join. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We also have an Xbox league - Season 2 has just passed the halfway mark - We accept all drivers and every driver has an equal chance of getting a seat. Hope to see you on track ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are interested in joining our league then please join our discord server where you will find more deatails: https://discord.gg/rfQ3HqnbYb
  10. sandalbatross85

    F1 2019 and new Nvidia 3000 series cards

    hello , update???? i want to play the freaking game with my hard earned 3070 on MICROSOFT GAME PASS WITH MY FRIENDS .... when will this be fixed? fix it or bad review
  11. s00zster

    Lockups and punctures

    The AI did do that more on 2018, I believe lockups and late braking was handled differently compared to 20, different files. On 20 there's AI lockup smoke but it doesn't lead to any mistakes, not even a slowdown in pace, really annoying.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hello team, I can't start the F1 from steam. Update video card drivers, I did the windows update, check requirements and I'm ok. I do not know what to do. I am sending you the screenshot and I hope you will help me. 26:18] - ################################################## [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - EGO dumper [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - processId=3804, threadId=7328, exceptionPointers=0000000000149F50, buildId=746942 [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - ################################################## [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - Suspending threads of process 3804 [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - tempPath=C:\Users\Benja\AppData\Local\Temp\ [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - dumpFilename = C:\Users\Benja\AppData\Local\Temp\746942-20210410-202618.dmp [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - offsetsFilename = C:\Users\Benja\AppData\Local\Temp\746942-20210410-202618.off [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - infoFilename = C:\Users\Benja\AppData\Local\Temp\info.txt [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - dredFilename = C:\Users\Benja\AppData\Local\Temp\dred.txt [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - hardwareSettingsInfoFilename = C:\Users\Benja\AppData\Local\Temp\hardware_settings_info.xml [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - hardwareSettingsConfigFilename = C:\Users\Benja\AppData\Local\Temp\hardware_settings_config.xml [10-04-2021 20:26:18] - zipFilename = C:\Users\Benja\AppData\Local\Temp\746942-20210410-202618-0.zip [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x140000000: F1_2020_dx12.exe [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF6300000: ntdll.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF44F0000: KERNEL32.DLL [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF32A0000: KERNELBASE.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF4C00000: advapi32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF61C0000: msvcrt.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF5680000: sechost.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF43B0000: RPCRT4.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF4080000: crypt32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3DF0000: ucrtbase.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF31C0000: MSASN1.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF6190000: gdi32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3270000: win32u.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEDAB80000: amd_ags_x64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF4210000: gdi32full.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3D50000: msvcp_win.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF5020000: USER32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF44D0000: imagehlp.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF4A20000: ole32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF5340000: combase.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3EF0000: bcryptPrimitives.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF5270000: oleaut32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF45B0000: setupapi.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3F80000: cfgmgr32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFED4B10000: bink2w64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF41E0000: bcrypt.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF5790000: shell32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF5F30000: shcore.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3550000: windows.storage.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3250000: profapi.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3200000: powrprof.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF31B0000: UMPDC.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF5730000: shlwapi.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF31E0000: kernel.appcore.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3CD0000: cryptsp.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3CF0000: wintrust.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEEFA80000: d3d12.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF4CB0000: ws2_32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEB1D40000: d3dcompiler_47.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFED4C40000: dinput8.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFE8B770000: dxcompiler.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF1E80000: dxgi.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEB2F40000: gfsdk_aftermath_lib.x64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEB2E20000: gfsdk_ssao_d3d12.win64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEEA2B0000: gpuopen_depthoffieldfx_x64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF1D90000: hid.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFED7B90000: secur32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFED4A30000: steam_api64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEB1B60000: tobii.gameintegration.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF26A0000: iphlpapi.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEEBAA0000: version.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF1240000: WINMM.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEE8140000: winhttp.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEE2D40000: wininet.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEE0B70000: xinput1_4.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEEFC50000: wtsapi32.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFED6410000: MSVCP140.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFED84C0000: VCRUNTIME140.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF1210000: WINMMBASE.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF1DF0000: dxcore.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF2F90000: DEVOBJ.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFED87F0000: VCRUNTIME140_1.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF2BC0000: CRYPTBASE.DLL [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF3090000: SSPICLI.DLL [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF5F00000: IMM32.DLL [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEAE670000: gameoverlayrenderer64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF5010000: PSAPI.DLL [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEE7170000: inputhost.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF1000000: CoreMessaging.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEEEF10000: CoreUIComponents.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEEFB30000: PROPSYS.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEEF560000: wintypes.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF21F0000: ntmarta.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFE8A320000: steamclient64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEAE4F0000: tier0_s64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFECE760000: vstdlib_s64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF2990000: MSWSOCK.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF1500000: uxtheme.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF2510000: rsaenh.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEABC70000: D3D12Core.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEEB090000: cryptnet.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFECB0E0000: nvspcap64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEDA550000: D3DSCache.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF15D0000: twinapi.appcore.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF30D0000: USERENV.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF1A00000: RMCLIENT.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEC2670000: nvapi64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF5000000: NSI.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEEAC80000: dhcpcsvc6.DLL [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEEB070000: dhcpcsvc.DLL [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF26E0000: DNSAPI.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFEF4D80000: MSCTF.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - 0x7FFED18C0000: rooksbas_x64.dll [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Writing callstacks for threads of process: 3804 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 7328 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 13344 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 11660 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 9088 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 6732 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 1504 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 10832 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 4300 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 10684 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 9064 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 11704 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 11904 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 3124 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 10108 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 6776 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 11228 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 11564 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 14260 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 13328 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 1352 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 10796 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 13468 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 9264 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 3120 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 6236 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 6440 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 12020 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 12452 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Thread: 4684 [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Offsets file can be found at: C:\Users\Benja\AppData\Local\Temp\746942-20210410-202618.off. [10-04-2021 20:26:19] - Writing DMP file. [10-04-2021 20:26:23] - MiniDump can be found at: C:\Users\Benja\AppData\Local\Temp\746942-20210410-202618.dmp. [10-04-2021 20:26:23] - Preparing ZIP file. [10-04-2021 20:26:23] - Resuming threads of process 3804.
  14. Hello! Formula Y is a league on Xbox and PS4, we have 1 tier on Xbox and 2 on PS4. We need more drivers for Xbox - We want YOU to drive for us in what we believe is the best racing league Xbox = Fridays at 8PM BST - Short Quali 50% For all tiers we will have specific race directors notes and information about the track, we may also look at using IRL weather for the next seasons. We aim to be a unique and fun league, so if you've got any suggestions, we are happy to take them on board. Information in more detail: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LTS4d2JAuJMJo0S0CVMXMwkc26MlZ4qIfjbK3USycHI/edit?usp=sharing We have a fantastic community on our discord server, the link is here to join (you must join to participate) https://discord.gg/QFYCQ3V Hope you all have a good day and i hope you join us!
  15. Exasperated

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    Set your actual Thrustmaster wheel base to 360 degrees rotation by pressing 1 time only the 'MODE' button on the Left hand lower front panel of the wheelbase and at exactly the same moment press the very small joy stick at the lower part of your F1 wheel to the right direction and then release both , you can see the light at the side of the MODE button flashes red light , press the buttons together one time again and the light will flash more or less times . For a rotation of 360 the light needs to flash 2 times. Congratulations to you for driving your car in cockpit view where a driver should be , there is hope Have a good practice session.
  16. Exasperated

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    Your video shows that your technique is wrong at the corner. At the Black square at track side that is near the 100m braking marker you need to lift off the throttle completely and start changing the gears lower very smooth and fast and also do the braking , by the time you reach the start of the apex of the corner you should be in gear 2 or 3 ready to accelerate away from the apex. You need to slow down a lot more to the corner so that you learn how to do it , You are trying to go too fast and this is the problem , learning to slow down in the correct places on the lap is what makes the lap quicker.
  17. Exasperated

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Nothing strange in Albons sudden improvement it was caused by Helmut Marko telling him he needed to improve quick or his seat would be filled by somebody else , What worries me is why , in my team is Toto Wuff allowing Bottas to out perform Hamilton in the first place who he clearly favours , this is what should be looked into , its all very well blaming the stats etc but its a problem that should be addressed by the Team principle and stop blaming Codemasters. Bottas has obviously changed the numbers over on the cars while nobody was looking and this is why he is so quick. After what happened when Russell drove Hamiltons car last year and suddenly became a driver as good as Hamilton after being a useless one for so long at Williams then I'd say that it's the only explanation.
  18. Cyne35

    Display Bug

    Hello @steviejay69, I just downgraded my graphics drivers to the previous version, and nothing has changed. version 465.89 -> version 461.92 and no change. In case I remind you, the graphic bug only occurs on MyTeam cars, not on the official ones. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  19. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 game

    Ego was specifically designed for racing games though I think? Meaning it's likely superior to Frostbite and to some extent is what EA have chosen to buy?
  20. tobi90ger

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    btw for a little bit more of showing my issue: https://vimeo.com/535292778
  21. tobi90ger

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    thanks so far. i read somewhere else for a 360 degree option but never found one in any option at the game? this is how my FFB looks like, bit different?
  22. I honestly don't know what to reply. I just think, if RBR is your favourite rally game, then you should keep playing it. The question is not what you like but what's realistic, the reference is always real life racing. Progress in engineering and development of materials has been pretty steep for the last 30 years. Even for road legal cars tyres have become so good that the Porsche GT2 RS can do 0-60 (0-100) times of 2.7 seconds without the TCS even intervening a tiny bit, RWD! But here we are, on the internet, wondering if stability and grip are actually something Jules Vernes wrote about or if they really exist in this world. ^^ One thing I hope improves in the next DiRT Rally is tarmac physics and FFB. Something like this would be fine
  23. Lenker

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    I think you are overexaggerating this Bottas story. In some seasons he finishes in front of Hamilton, in others behind. It's not that in every career you need to have the exact same result with Hamilton winning all the races, Bottas always P2 and Verstappen P3 otherwise game would be extremely boring and not even realistic. Also, we are speaking about a driver who is in the best team and who was many times in pole and won many races last year. I mean, we are not speaking about Latifi being unstoppable and winning races and championships. For me, the strangest thing in myteam career was that all of a sudden in the middle of Season 3 Albon stopped to go out in Q2 and to run in the midfield during the race (as he had done until then) and started to constantly be in the top 5, in front of Verstappen both in Qualy and Race, while Verstappen started to have Albon's results. Other unexpected things which happened to me: - in myteam season 1 my teammate Ghiotto scored a P4 in Austria and a P5 in Russia without taking advantage of any SC or VSC, just by being genuinely quick despite driving a midfield car and being a low rated driver. He finished most of the other races out of the top 10. - in season 2 I had the best car and in season 3 an utterly dominant car but still my teammate, Magnussen, was alternating extremely dominant weekends, passing Q2 with Mediums, taking pole and winning by a huge margin, to disastrous ones even failing to score points. To be honest, considering last year we had unexpected results like Alpha Tauri and Racing Point winning races I really have nothing to complain about this kind of variety.
  24. I have start to play game with controller so I`m new to playing with controller. I Try it to play, but when I turn left or right its turning full left or right. Thank you.
  25. Schneehase

    F1 2021 game

    It would take a lot of time though, to port the official F1 game to another game engine. Besides, the F1 game series is a multi-platform release and you have to expect that Codemasters/EA will want to keep it that way. For the F1 2021 game the decision which game engine it will be based on has been taken about 1,5-2 years back. If anything, the next engine used will make good use of next-gen consoles and raytracing. Given the current GPU shortages I would expect that game making companies shy away from the latter for a year or two now.
  26. Exasperated

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    F1 cars Calibration (top to bottom) 0 0. 8. 5. 80. 0. 16. 100. 11 FFB (top to bottom) 120. 95. 50. 40. 15 OFF 360 F2 cars Calibration (top to bottom) 0. 0. 8 25 5. 0 16. 100 40 FFB (top to bottom) 80. 95. 50. 40. 0 OFF 360 Classic cars with H pattern gears 0. 0. 8 5. 80 0. 16. 100 15 FFB (top to bottom) 100. 95. 50. 40 100 OFF 360 ^ This value here affects how the car turns into a corner try it on 0 and 10 to feel the difference. Understeer is a problem caused by bad FFB settings and poor Car setups but that is a complicated issue , the easiest way to help with understeer is 1 slow down to a reasonable speed when cornering 2 If you can ; do not apply the brakes when cornering if you have a front biased setup. 3. Make sure that your tyres are running at the right temperature in the MFD menu as cold tyres do not grip as well as hot ones . Use tyre pressure to get the correct running temperature on track , more pressure = hotter running tyres and less pressure cooler running tyres . 94 to 100 degrees Celsius is a reasonable temp range to start with. The more you know about how R.L F1 cars work the easier it is to make car set ups so that you do not get understeer or oversteer problems but it is complicated so its best to read up or find out on you tube videos if you want to have good car set ups. If you go to Time trial you can choose to run using a fast drivers set up and then you will have a starting point to find out what works . If you have Thrustmaster pedals then restrict the movement of your brake pedal to 1 cm of movement by sticking a suitably sized block of rubber in the gap between the pedal arm and the pedal base leaving the 1cm gap , this will make braking much easier.
  27. Rugantino7ita

    [XBOX] Pit Stop bug

    It is already days that when I use the sport setting for racing, the car doesn't go in pit. Automtically the system force it to stay on the regular track and is impossible to change tyres. Many times it happens also in Free Practice sessions. In this way is impossible to play. Also if I slecet the pit stop by the dashboard, the system make me go on the track and also if i see the blue help line on the track to be followed to enter the **** stop, the systme force the car to stay out.
  28. AlvaRox89

    Best steering wheel for PS4?

    Thanks for the reply Mike Dee, I will take a good look at the T100, as the T300 is expensive right now. Best regards. ;)
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