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  2. SimFunny

    DR2.0 really is a Graphically Stunning Racing Game

    At gravel when you turn wipers off (by holding that button few seconds), there is dust at windscreen but not area where wipers move. So those wipers work even you don´t use them.
  3. I just experienced the no grip bug today in a weekly on monthly event with the Subaru Impreza in Australia. The car's rpm meter is instantly goes into the red area after changing the gear, so I'm going from gear 1 to gear 5 in 4 seconds at full throttle.... The lighting needs to be adjusted too, its too dark, i hope it just needs a little correction in the ini file. It has a hdr setting. Try changing that.
  4. I saw a thread like this on Reddit and now that 2.0 has been out for a while, I figured it'd be a cool thing to see what you guys here considered the best Rally location out of both games. Here's my list ranked best to worst: Pikes Peak, USA Powys, Wales Ribadelles, Spain Jamsa, Finland New England, USA Monte Carlo, Monaco Baumholder, Germany Monaro, Australia Hawkes Bay, New Zealand Argolis, Greece Varmland, Sweden Catamarca Province, Argentina Leczna County, Poland Pikes Peak isn't strictly Rally I know, but it's just so good that it has to be my number one.
  5. cafe5150

    DR2.0 really is a Graphically Stunning Racing Game

    Anyone seen this? After a collision instead of the windscreen just going straight from clear to cracked, a crack actually developed across the screen. Nice touch. And if you also need to use the wipers if you get it caked in mud. Especially after being upside down ☺
  6. BiohazardBGR

    Cockpit cam, HALO transparency

    Hi guys, I want to give an idea to the developers. The Halo is a big problem for any cockpit user and removing the central column is nice but don't look very realistic. An additional option can be added. F1 is a simulator and it`s trying to feel very realistic but the lack of geometry of the equipment make it less authentic. The halo is a part of the modern open wheel single sitters and doesn't disturb the drivers but for the players is a big issue. I was thinking why not introduce a transparency slider. The eyes naturally make the front of the halo transparent when you drive and a similar effect can be achieved. Whit the slider you can make it transparent let say from 100% to around 30%. The effect can be on the top of the screen and the edges can be more opaque similar to the image below. Whit this option you can still see the sky and surrounding cars and the front of the car but still, have this illusion of the eyes adjusting to the object in front. Here is an example of it. The game makes the car transparent when you drive through objects but this option can be made for the cockpit view making the halo-less of a problem but of a feature. I hope we can have a patch for 2018 and a feature option for 2019. Lol, I don`t know why but the image uploaded several times and I cannot remove the clones hope admin to fix it 🙂
  7. Quick update: So I went on to stage 2 and the same grip bug happened to me in the first section. I noticed that both cockpit and exterior were properly visible but there was barely any color as the HDR was washing everything up and it was all too whity and brighty on the road and environment. Finally the game froze mid-stage, with audio freezing and graphics turning weird on some vegetation and the PC just froze, forcing me to do a hard reset. Unfortunately I'll have to put the game in the shelf until all these issues have been fixed because it's not being even funny to play the game anymore. This is what I consider an "unplayable" state, unlike in v1.1. I'm looking forward to Monte Carlo, but right now I can barely play the game, and if these bugs are happening right now with no grips and all, I cant imagine how Monte Carlo's experience is going to be. Best of luck and see you in patch v1.3 hopefully. I attached my dxdiag for diagnosing purposes. DxDiag.txt
  8. Greetings You all have probably noticed how many Dirt Paths connect and look amazing in Dirt 2.0 Spain. Can we get a couple of new Stages in spain on them? They all seem to connect! And some stages on mostly Asphalt in Australia and Polska?
  9. cafe5150

    Mechanical Damage?

    I did New Zealand. 5 stages and by the last stage I had damage to almost everything and worn tyres. The stage was heavy rain and there seemed to be no difference to how it handled. Now I'll see the diffrrence with hardcore damage switched on.
  10. Yea I saw the video, I'm just wondering about the bit where you said you can barely distinguish the road from it's surroundings.
  11. RodgerDavies

    Darkness and rain all the time

    Fully agree that we do need more time options. Early/late morning, noon, early/late afternoon before the sunset, dusk and night trio. And additional weather options for the times of day which currently only have one option.

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    Thats litterally what everyone is driving like now. Cant even race anymore. Turned into 💩
  13. cafe5150

    DR2.0 really is a Graphically Stunning Racing Game

    It's not as good as say Forza Horizon 4 or Forza 7 on Xbox One and GT Motorsport on PS4 but I don't think it needs to be. It's up there though. Project Cars 2 has rallycross but the gameplay is far too twitchy and unstable to be enjoyable. I'm loving Dirt 2.0 and it will get better too.
  14. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    It's not, it's a modified Focus 2007 sound. Apparently the Fabia WRC they had lined up to record was sold to a new owner before they were able to get the sample so they're looking for another ATM.
  15. Today
  16. Riggs

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    They haven't. It's a Focus 2007 placeholder with some mix. But Jon stated they were looking for one to record.
  17. I'd love to see a few of the following things (apart from the list provided): Early 2000's: - Subaru Impreza WRC S5 or S10, - Ford Focus WRC '04, - Peugeot 307 WRC '05, - Seat Cordoba WRC Evo 3 (love the look of that one) Group A: - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III or IV Others: - Alfa Romeo GTV6 (just for the soundtrack) - Some more Group 4 cars (Talbot, Mk1 Escort...) - Group B RWD cars (Porsche 911 SC RS, Mazda RX7, Lancia 037...) Locations: - Irish tarmac rally - Proper German vineyard stages - Ypres Rally - Barum Rally Zlin - Azores Rally The items in bold are the things I would love to see most of all.
  18. ianism

    Darkness and rain all the time

    totally agreed. with more times of day (especially during the daytime) there would be fewer dark stages. currently there are only 4 options: day, sunset, dusk and night. this is not enough. say what you will about Dirt 4, but they nailed this aspect. they even had stuff like pre-dawn, and the difference between 8.00am and 10.00am (as well as 8pm and 10pm etc) was really noticeable.
  19. He's like a Russian McRae. Flat out and spectacular crashes
  20. patroval

    commande grid 2

    bonjours jai un probleme avec grid 2 car je prefere y jouer a la manette seulement voila quand je relance le jeu les touche que jai assigné a ma manette on etait remise par default celle du clavier
  21. redriot77

    your favourite engine sound in game?

    +1 for the Peugeot! It sounds very agressive (especially in replays), my favourite R5 car because of that. By the way all the cars sounds great in DR 2.0 it's one of the strengths of this game. Many game has weak, uninspiring sounds for small 4 cylinder engines but here in DR2 all car has characteristic sounds.
  22. I'm playing on a mid/high-end laptop and it's pretty damn great. my main issue is that at some times of day and locations it runs at 60fps no problem and then in Poland and certain parts of NE and NZ it drops to lie 25, which is really jarring. I'd like more options like a framerate cap, preview images that show you visually how each graphical option changes the visuals (AC Origins had this and it's great), and a bar which gives you and idea of how much vram the game will likely use with the current graphical options. also, I turned off the lens flare and bloom and I much prefer it now. the trees in New England don't look all the same colour anymore, which is more accurate to how they change colour in the region in autumn and far, far prettier. anyone else wish we were getting Greece instead of Germany in May?
  23. Civarello

    DR2.0 really is a Graphically Stunning Racing Game

    "Stunning" is a bit exaggerated in my opinion. In some places I even think it looks worse than DR1 (for example the texture resolution in certain parts). It doesn´t look bad of course, but it´s not really a mouth-opener on PC. Especially regarding other Racing games, which look WAY better and at the same time RUN better than DR 2.0. It does have some awesome vistas; but in my opinion the ones in DR 1 were even more stunning. In Greece for example, and the vistas when racing down the Mountain. But of course it´s all purely subjective.
  24. Adrianosaunder

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book – 25/02/19

    Thankyou so much
  25. SimVansevenant

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    It's been a while since my last post and I'm not in the mood to go through over 50 pages so my apologies if this question has already been asked and answered. I was wondering if CM recorded the sound of the Skoda Fabia WRC? I'm not entirely convinced they did. If it isn't the case, are there plans to do it and add it in one of the patches?
  26. SimFunny

    DR2.0 really is a Graphically Stunning Racing Game

    With PS4 it´s more like aquarelle than sharp real life imitation. Also those glare and dark shadow effects are way too extravagant. Tried both HDR and SDR, with calibrated OLED-TV.
  27. Ok i've had the first test on my PC with v1.2 and the problems from v1.1 persist and there's even new ones. - The game still crashes to desktop when going from a stage to another (loading process) but this time the crash report is different. It's reporting a d3d11.dll error. - The no grip bug is happening more than ever before. @ChristinaMc This no grip bug should be investigated before any FFB changes are applied to the final build, because this can be very well related to the lack of FFB in the surfaces. Basically, this time when the bug was happening, my wheel felt very light with lack of FFB (even SAT and Center Steering Forces). Once the bug stopped happening mid-stage the FFB went back to normal. There's really something wrong with gravity in this game, and I bet that this gravity bug is what's causing the faulty FFB since launch and I fear your team might be wasting time trying to fix what's not broken at all. - HDR and lighting on PC is also poor. The fix wasn't a fix at all because despite being able to see the road better on night stages, and despite the cockpit being dark on night stages (which is correct imo), the outside lighting is just too over-exposed (white is burnt, and so on, just like in the consoles). It seems that this HDR lighting or whatever is responsible for controling the brightness and over exposure needs to be done from scratch, because it's simply a mess. I recorded a video of this last experience I've had, which shows up these 3 bugs. If we add the persistent sound bug to the equation, it looks as if patch v1.1 was barely effective and a serious v1.2 patch needs to be issued steadfast and it needs to be a game-changer solid one. Notice how the wheels refuse to grip, like if it was a clutch slipping or the car levitating.
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