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  2. I'm on Xbox series S and I haven't been able to join a single unranked or ranked lobby since the game has come out. I can join private lobbies that's it, I've one everything possible from reinstalling and deleting my saves. Someone please help it's beyond frustrating now
  3. Is your race style still 'Expert'? Try changing it, then changing it back.
  4. As the title say's the Collision on off option has disappeared in the simulation settings. Playing a two player co-op and last week we turned it off to trial what it is like. We don't like it but now have no option to turn collisions back on. Without them on its basically just a time trial and ruins the game. Below is an example of it being available, on mine it just isn't there anymore. We play on PS4.
  5. With nothing changing (except Windows 11 updates 22000.434 and 22000.438) and I believe a Steam client update - dated 16/01/22(?) the problem exhibited itself again. Wheel was detected as 'TS-PC Racer' in Thrustmaster CP (I have got into the habit of launching it before starting the game). I'm going to investigate around launching F1 2021 and not using the wheel in-game (using keyboard to navigate) and exiting the game then restarting the PC. I don't use 'Fast Shutdown'.
  6. The majority were great till I completed them and didn't have anything else to do with them once I had. If you'd been able to completely start the game again from scratch, maybe I'd still be playing Dirt Rally 2.0 now. Hopefully in 3.0 you'll be able to delete anything you want to and start again with a clean slate.
  7. I don't think it's fixed. The FFB was increased (in single-player modes) for PC users with the driver BOOST. I think the game probably shows the same issues whether you BOOST or not and consoles I can't comment as I don't own one.
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  9. I had a big fight with @bauau. Only the last 2 stages I could make the difference.
  10. For a week now I am trying to join a session on social play but either there is an error or I join the lobby and nothing happens. Any advise?
  11. APC (Almost Pro Championship) League is looking for the drivers, commentators & race directors for our upcoming Season 2 on Xbox, and also for our first ever season on the PC. APC League is an e-sports league for the F1® game by Codemasters, that's currently launching on Xbox and now on PC as well. The idea behind APC is to bring together good, clean racers, who aren’t yet at “pro” league racing level and need a platform to perfect their skills with similar racers, and show the world, what they can do. APC intends to find drivers, who are working hard to be the best through good, cl
  12. Hello drivers ! Syndicate Racing League is happy to announce that the Season 3 is now open for signups ! Those who want to race in SRL have to complete our form before 30 January 2022. JOIN OUR DISCORD https://discord.gg/hs6fDmYTCH - Signup open: 9 January 2022 7:00pm GMT - 30 January Pre season race: 2 February Grid and Calendar Announcement: 6 February Season start: Sunday 13 February 7:00pm GMT - RACE DAYS Saturday: 7:00pm GMT - TIER 2 Sunday: 7:30pm GMT - TIER 1 Can't wait to see you racing with us, and.. d
  13. Hallo mensen dit is een beginnende Racing League ik ben nog op zoek naar 1 of 2 mensen die staff willen zijn, maar die wel mee kunnen racen! en natuurlijk ook deelnemers! Discord: https://discord.gg/wwukDRp9N9
  14. Hallo mensen dit is een beginnende Racing League ik ben nog op zoek naar 1 of 2 mensen die staff willen zijn, maar die wel mee kunnen racen! en natuurlijk ook deelnemers! Discord: https://discord.gg/wwukDRp9N9
  15. Dit is een Nederlandse racing league. Ik zoek nog mensen die mee willen racen. Maar ik zoek ook 1 of 2 mensen die staff willen zijn! De link van de discord is: https://discord.gg/wwukDRp9N9
  16. Most people think the patch will be early next week. Hopefully it fixes not just this issue and goes some way to justifying the wait.
  17. A detailed description of the issue. When loading a session in co-op career on Xbox, a waiting for player message shows and the session doesn’t complete loading to workstation Report Code not available Platform? Xbox series x Game-mode? co-op career [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. 2 (Xbox gamertag rallywill and rallygriff19) [ONLINE] Were you the host? yes, tried with both players [PC ONLY] Please
  18. That video isn't split screen. But you should look at the XBox controller for drift in Windows and if the keyboard is a gaming keyboard or wireless there could be issues. Which is why we ask for a dxdiag (include make and model of mainboard)
  19. This bug has been fixed in December and should be in the next patch. Why Codemasters has elected not to patch the game yet and are completely silent about it is beyond me at this point. I have just stopped playing the game altogether. I can’t be bothered with it at the moment to be honest. I’m glad I got this game on sale, otherwise I’d be even more dissatisfied with the lack of communication. It is basically P’ing on your customer base and a really bad business practice. Oh well…
  20. Happens to m3 often too! The car jumps in the air and the guy behind me goes through. Silverstone seems to be the culprit for some reason.
  21. Problems with weekly event. The French weekly event registered me as place 0 rather than top 14%. Since the weekly event has been locked and unusable.
  22. You remember me? @BarryBLI think it's time for an update, don't you? Or do you really not care and keep silent about it?
  23. You should report each instance using they might be able help more if you complete them and provide lots of detail
  24. Full multiplayer replay options... For League races its a must imo. Updated engine.. Somekind of ranking system like iracing.. better to copy something good than to create something new that sucks. Manuel tire change (somekind of minigame where you can win time if you do it right. Option to unlap safteycar. On or off toggle. Real movies of drivers and races.. easy to make and it will create a way better ambiance. (Pretend to see the highlight of a last year race Just before the start). Quick option to restart a League race when everyone messes up in the first rou
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