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  2. PJTierney

    DR2.today - Community Challenges Hub

    This is just the standard challenges, right? No Bonus or AI Challenges?
  3. TehWelshie

    PC -UK/EU -OVERTAKE RACING LEAGUE - 16 F2 League seats open!

    We had a great practice session last night! We are still in desperate need of F2 Drivers, we have 4, i will be starting the F2 Season once we have 10 drivers on the grid so please join today to get your seat! F2 Seats will lead to a shot in the f1 League!
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  5. Thing that gets me is when people say Hamilton is better than schumacher coz he got more wins and pols but think back there was not that many races per season compared to recent years
  6. Dunoon1956

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I hope they can record the sounds of the other cars in that garage for use in future games.
  7. The second crash was after a first social race at Japan, exiting the lobby as host (I'd retired). The Japan Short was first load into TT after 1.15. I did a league race last night at Japan and all was fine as was the second social. I've updated my BIOS as I found I was losing XMP profiles on reboot. I'm considering replacing the SSD as it's not hitting advertised write speeds once it's around 25% full. The diagnostic toolkit is a bit pants but says everything is fine. Steam verified files OK. I'll continue to monitor the replication myself for a while before signing off.
  8. GnrDreagon

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    Pretty much this. It took me way too long to figure out this is how it works. I was always confused why I didn't have enough fresh tyres in the race even though I definitely had one more set after qualifying. The game could've done a better job explaining this. And it seems that the real life regulations aren't as strict. You simply have to return a set of the mandatory specification, not the specific set that was reserved for Q3.
  9. juniohb10


    My brasilian team car design Engine: Mercedes Team Mate: Jack Aitken Team Name: Martins Racing
  10. TCR, Trinity Competitive Racing is a North American oriented league. Racing three nights a week with three different classes to accommodate each driver's skill level. We welcome all driver levels and seek drivers improvement throughout. Season 11 will start the first week of March with Pre-Season testing beginning the 2nd and 3rd week of February. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Join our Discord Here:https://discord.gg/7Wp4dUZgwF Website: https://trinitycompetitiveracing.com/ YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCofTIpa1AA4Sp_fHU7yG-ug Social Media's: @eTrinityRacing Platinum Class: -Thursday's at 8:15PM EST -ALL Assists are disabled. No Racing Line Golden Class: -Wednesday's at 8:15PM EST -Racing Line Only Silver Class: -Tuesday's at 8:15PM EST -Racing Line Allowed -Medium/no TC Allowed -ABS/no ABS Allowed -Manual Gears Only
  11. HenricusVonG

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    Yes, I was assuming you hit q3, if you don't the q3 set can be taken to the race. But if you hit q3 and do not use the q3 set you lost a new set of softs
  12. Wow, so I've got over 1,000 hours in the last two years of games so I'm not a n00b but apparently I had a lot of braking I was leaving on the table. All this time I thought I had been maximizing my braking, even such that I'd brake hard and then as the car slows I knew I needed to lighten the braking force or it would lock up due to less downforce, sometimes referred to as trail braking. But for whatever reason last week I tried braking much harder (this conversation mostly applies to straight line braking from very high speeds) and the tires still didn't lock up. I went from qualifying 14th to 5th, same Q session, same everything (I am using One shot qualifying and just hit restart session). Looks like my average race AI is going up about 3 points over the last handful of races compared to last season (first season with new MyTeam career). Wow! FWIW, I don't use any braking assists at all and use the Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals, load cell pedals. Now, admittedly this might apply more to me now since I started a new MyTeam Career and don't have any braking upgrades yet so would need to push the pedal harder since all other things are remaining the same.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Seanmc02

    Steering Issue

    @zZ A M P Aa @BarryBL Hi guys, I've spent the past week implementing your solutions but I've had no luck. I've annotated a video of this happening recently so it's clear what I'm on about. I've tracked down some other people who had this issue also and they told me that it never went away for them. It occasionally stopped and then came back from time to time. That's what happens to me aswell. They all seem to be on ps4. F1 2020 Bug.mp4
  15. NeoSephiroth

    Anything in the game loads

    A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. The game worked well for me too, before the update 1.15. Since 1.15 I can only play Time Trial. All other modes won't load and get stuck in the black loading screen forever when loading a track (until I tab out and kill the exe with task manager). When I start a new carreer, cars, helmets, characters, skins, everything won't load. I have no error codes. Platform PC What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.15 Game-mode? All of them, except Time Trial We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? Yes, I can, it always happens How do you make the problem happen? I load driver or my team career mode, and go to a track. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue I reinstalled the game and steam twice, updated all drivers, deleted all files in My Documents/My Games/F1 2020 and in the steam folder, ..... no change! What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) A racing wheel: Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition with Thrustmaster open Wheel. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. No need for screenshots, look at the first post here...it's the same!
  16. A sim racing community for all and racing as it should be! Hello and welcome whether you have heard of us or first time seeing a post about AM then we welcome you to be apart of the league and community. We are pleased to announce that our sign up forms for our F1 divisions for Europe are live and now accepting applications for the upcoming season. We have been a league for nearly a year now and over that time we have advanced and and coming off the back of our biggest season we have plenty of ambition for the upcoming one. If you like a community which you can be apart of that is into motorsport and that is much more then just racing we invite you to be apart of it. To show what we can offer our league video and website is linked below with links to our twitch, for our leagues across 3 continents. We hope to see you for the forthcoming season and until then see you on track. Alliant Motorsports racing as it should be! Alliant Motorsports - Racing as it Should Be - YouTube http://alliantmotorsports.com/ https://discord.gg/dKjDK44 Information Regarding Sign Ups for Europe! Application Form: https://forms.gle/q8ECW2uFe9P8tE5V9 Deadline for Applications: Thursday February 4th 2021 23:59PM GMT **(**Any applications received after this date will still be processed but drivers who applied before the deadline will considered ahead of these.) Once you have filled out the application form we will be hosting evaluation sessions up until February 14th 2021 before making the final grids. You will be informed of your Tier placement before or around this date.
  17. Hi i just singed up for the racenet and i am not able to get the racenet liveries on my xbox its still shows communicating with server plzz help to find a solution thank you
  18. EvanK707

    Logitech G923

    Has anyone worked out how to configure the rotating toggle switch, the +/- buttons and the LSB and RSB buttonsof on the wheel for the Xbox? I've tried multiple times but doesnt seem to detect the buttons when i try
  19. Palladin82

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    Yes - that is true, it is not performance issue - I am getting the same results on high and very low
  20. RagingBeard

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    Thanks but this isn't a performance issue. I can set things very low and still have dropped frames, whereas with the Vive Pro or Quest 2, both running at a higher resolution than the G2, the issue is not there.
  21. Turn off screen space reflections, set vehicle details to low, set crowds to low, turn off any multisampling, get rid of any supersampling (SteamVR will super sample automatically based on your PC's hardware, so you need to manually set Dirt Rally 2 to run at the correct per eye resolution). These are the settings I found to cause the most issues in VR with Dirt Rally 2.0. Crowds are known to cause stuttering issues in Dirt games, setting them to "low" or turning them off stops this. Screen space reflections will take a big chunk of the FPS For some reason when vehicle details are set above "low" in VR, the cars light will cause the frame rate to stutter and drop; especially in area's with lots of trees. I found it to be the worst on Scotland, but can happen at any location. On top of these things, you can also turn off the advanced lighting and camera effects that are all locatated at the bottom of the graphical options. These items can eat into the FPS also.
  22. DoorsTom

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    I posted this yesterday as a separate thread but figured I may as well post it in here as well Hello, Since Saturday evening I have not been able to connect to any online races be it ranked or unranked. It stays on the joining session screen for about a minute and a half then says that "ERROR failed to join the session". I have no problems with my internet and have unplugged/replugged modem and also reset the modem. I was playing fine earlier that day, turned it off for a few hours and came back to this problem. As of Monday evening I am still unable to join any online sessions. Please help me My platform is PS4 The version is 1.15 I can't join ranked/unranked/league wireless connection N/A players in session N/A on host Posted on reddit and no one really seemed to respond/have the problem Problem can be replicated Make problem happen by trying to join any multiplayer session Report code BRXM - AHBM - HTHX - PCEC No video but it doesn't give error code it just stays on "joining session" and fails every time
  23. Palladin82

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    Hi, I tried practically everything: - changed refresh rate of G2 into 60 Hertz - tested practically all settings on G2 WMR settings and Steam VR settings 60 hertz brought a little better performance but stuttering still exist. I have noticed that on FPSVR software I have constant drops on FPS (below 60 FPS) but on the graph there are no dropped frames observed + my GPU is only running on 40% of available power, It really looks like a poor support for WMR headsets or Steam VR. It is really frustrating to not be able to play on my new G2. Not sure what I can improve in terms of hardware (i9-10900K / 64 GB RAM / RTX 3090/ Fast SSD) Best Regards Greg
  24. Just thought I would share my method of turning TT setups into online setups, I think everyone has different methods so someone else might have a different method that they might want to share here. I used to simply just either lower the front aero or increase the rear aero to increase stability for the race, however I found it either hindered my straight line speed on cornering performance too much. Recently I have just left the aero the same and decreased rear suspension by one click, then either raised front roll bar a click or two, and decreased the rear roll bar a click or two in order to improve stability that way without hampering aero too much. Everything else I don't really change, maybe tyre pressures I lower if they are overheating but it seems to be working a treat at the moment. I feel my performances increasing and just wanted to share and see if anyone has other ideas.
  25. I was playing the career mode until it was mid-season, so it was time for me to review my contract with the team (WIlliams). I did so and the team approved to give me 3.10M (Low-risk) to continue. However, I didn't receive the money and I can't go back and redo it. This happened in the first season of the career mode.
  26. Codemasters is now EA so don't expect this.. ever. @HeadSPLATTTI hope you got your refund, they didn't give me mine.
  27. MyLane

    [PS4] New driver Canada

    Ya know.. I bought this game thinking I was going to have fun playing it, boy was I wrong. Haven't touched it since day 1. Seems the demolition derby out of the gate is real. I guess you need to have dedicated people to play with on closed servers to have any fun. Buyers be warned.. codemasters sold their **** to ea so you're buying garbage that has already been burned.
  28. 1 seat left in the 7pm timeslot and 2 left in the 9pm timeslot! Season starts next Sunday (Jan 31st)
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