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  2. Btw I know that I will not in the Beta. Coze I'm new. I subbed like the 10 may! But happy to be here
  3. That's a different question though, since shockingly everyone in England doesn't work for Codemasters 😄.
  4. As was linked to above, the control will be via it only being the player who can recruit the iconic drivers.
  5. Tried the windows update as well. This is also not helping. Ill try to install the game on an old desktop, see if it is anything related to the wheel hardware.
  6. I would imagine there's going to be an option to have legends on or off in your 'my team' save. Don't forgot those with the standard version won't have these drivers available. I would also imagine these 7 drivers avatars will be available in the selection of faces when creating your driver in much the same way Prost, Senna and Schumacher have been previously. So in effect you could be any of these 7 drivers in driver career instead...
  7. don't forget the FFB improvements to give more feel for what the car is doing, cars braking performance has also been made better and also the tyre model where tyre tempratures have an actual impact on a cars grip, there is a lot more changed from 2019's handling model to 2020's handling model than just slapping on more down force. using a wheel on a computer will never be the same as driving a real car due to the g forces involved and feeling a driver gets through the seat so how about we just compare 1 games handling model to another instead of trying to say how real it feels compared t
  8. This thread was a wild ride. The difference in handling between 2019 & 2020 is monumental. 2019 is understeer and very edgy on grip, 2020 the car is planted and you can push a lot harder. The assists we're a lot more powerful on 2019 though, it's very easy to drive with no assists on 2020 whereas I relied on them in 2019. If F1 was a true F1 simulator, as Barry said nobody would even make it off the line. Shup moaning. Gutted to learn there is no F1 Ultimate Team too, I was really looking forward to packing a TOTS Mazepin.
  9. Hey guys! I run a league that hosts two tiers of competitive racing on Saturday nights. We're based in North America, and allow every assist beside pit assist, and we have a spot for drivers of all skill levels! Our Tier 2 races at 6pm EST on Saturdays, and Tier 1 races at 7:30PM on Saturdays. All races are livestreamed with commentary to our youtube channel, seen here: https://youtube.com/channel/UC-VmOx5nyDPomYNAr2oxTIw We are especially searching for new drivers to round out our Tier 2 grid! This tier is designed for less experienced drivers and those who may be joining their fi
  10. Honestly i think the more you're involved in this community the more you deserve it. But ultimately if you're really lucky you might be in. Fairplay though
  11. Anytime someone provides a positive reaction to your comments you gain reputation. Being an active member and positively engaging with others will help.
  12. Hi @LEWISt17KIMI, The initial change you are referring too is to meet with technical regulations. I can assure you we did a large re-evaluation and rethink into the way the cars drive, and the results speak for themselves. For someone who has played over 400 hours on each game, (and seen the tech documents) there was vast improvements in not just design, but the way the cars feel to drive and interact with on track. Devils advocate here, but if we got exactly to the real thing (which I don't feel can be done without alienating a whole audience) we'd all be stalling on the installatio
  13. The only difference in handling between F1 2019 and F1 2020, is the latter has more down force through the high speed corners, which I think George Russell was referring to, when he mentioned game improvement. F1 2020 overall handling is basically the same as the 2019 game, with some minor tweaks: Its the same handling physic which Londo Norris claimed, felt nothing like an f1 car. Yes the cars easier to drive, but despite your claims, there was no massive step closer to the real thing.
  14. Thank you very much, the work the developers have put in has been very impressive and has not gone unnoticed . You are also doing a fantastic job in creating a welcoming & harmonious atmosphere in the community where people can be comfortable with sharing their views without any hassles, so I would personally like to thank you for this 💜 Thank you for the lovely welcome, perhaps one day we can share a piece of tarmac in an open lobby! I know @CarlosSantos87 was also a big advocate for the old pilots, so I hope he has some positive feedback to share with Codemasters on this ne
  15. Today
  16. Hi everyone! Hope your all having a good day! I had an quick question and I think you guys can answer it. 😄 How do you get Community Reputation? I have 4 Reputation now but I have no idea how I got it and what it means.
  17. Hi! Maybe tried in the settings in Steam to put your game on Dutch? I have mine on English, I am Dutch too but maybe it will help if you set your game to English as well!
  18. More guides means more people can learn 🙂
  19. The groups wrc gamers club, sorry for the hype 🤐
  20. I think it's useless. The title of the video speaks for itself. 😄
  21. Never mind he just put up the source he had wasn't reliable
  22. Martijn5402


    Post it and maybe Codemasters will find something off it. 😄 It is always a good thing to report such things, Codemasters can maybe search for it and maybe multiple people had it.
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