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  2. Game crash about half a lap into Dx12 race.
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  4. DaviSerr

    Audio issue Oculus Quest 2

    I have been playing Dr 2.0 which I purchased on Steam and when it gives me the option to open via Oculus I do that. I have been having graphic issues though so I purchased it via the Occulus store. It forces up fine but I can't get game audio no matter what I do. I use the Voice meter program to run headphones and a Buttkicker. I tried switching to the Oculus speakers and those won't supply game audio either. Anyone have this issue or a solution? Thank you.
  5. khale003

    Official DiRT Club

    I'm in the club and ready to go, but I don't see the event in the game. Am I missing something?
  6. still looking for drivers here
  7. BBEcrew

    [PS4] International grand Prix Racing

    Still looking for drivers
  8. MaverickMitch84

    Logitech G923 and TRUEFORCE?

    Is there any update on this? Just could do with knowing if there’s going to be a patch, otherwise I really have to try get a refund for this game in a reasonable amount of time 😞
  9. Hubbard89

    Ideas / hopes for F1 2021

    My ideas for for F1 2021 probably won't happen but putting them out there any who 1.Customizable livery's in my team / multiplayer It would be an awesome feature to be able to make and share livers for my team and multiplayer (sponsor less) so we're able to add our own personal touch to our team or create classic livery's 2.Adding failure on and off for your driver Similar to F1 and F1 97 on PlayStation adding the option to have failures on your car to spice things up could be anything from tyre going bang or coming off having to ride back on 3 wheels or engine exploding or having major engine issues 3. Sponserless drivers helmet in my team Hate seeing drivers for instance a driver going from Ferrari to Mercedes and still have the Ferrari logo on there helmet 4. Option to mix up the races ( customize race order) in my team / career Be good to see a customize / select race option for my / career like you can pick to start season in Monaco and finish the season in Spain 5. Option to have classic F1 drivers to pick from in my team 6.unlimited season in My team Being able to do for instance a 30 season mode 7. Weekly or after race My team news magazine see what other teams are doing or see if your team mate is ripping the team to shreds or complaining about an over take by so so 8. An option to have customer engine's in my team 9. Add team engine supplies name logo to the car 10. Adjustable logo sizes to fit better on the my team cars
  10. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    A little reaction on @SRD_SimVansevenant post. A good post and most things I agree. One thing I def not agree is replacing cars. The S14 is one of my favorite cars, so I not want to see it go, also it would be a shame to see such a new model leave what just got a big investment in from the dev team. But here my list CARS Keep current list of cars (return of older cars from previous games, and addition of the new rally cars from DiRT 5, like the Rally-Raid cars, and the Williams Clio for example). No replacing of cars. Add new car models (like the S12b, Group N cars, etc) and classes (as mentioned the Rally-Raid class). Possibility to create a “own” class (maybe kinda filter), so you can create an early 00’s WRC class with the 206 WRC / S7 Impreza / S5 Impreza / Focus, together with the Group A Lancer Evo VI. And/or a filter to allow only certain cars of a class, so you for example only have the older 2000cc cars to choose from, so that people not can choose the C4/S14/Focus07. Return of Multiclass, like that was in DiRT 4. Possible to create full own livery as with for example iRacing, Gran Turismo, ACC, etc. More real licensed liveries and drivers. My preference would be getting more/all 2.0L WRC cars. Please add the WRC05 Lancer. You guys recorded it, and can also scan it at MLL. Also you have multiple Mitsubishi cars, so there should be no issue to get in the game now. LOCATIONS All locations being kept. Add new locations. Add extra stages to current locations. Extending is also possible, but my preference would be for adding more locations. Introduce a complete weather mode with seasons (like DiRT 5). So it could be possible that locations can be in winter, sprint, summer, autumn. Ofcourse not all locations have 4 seasons. In Greece its quite unlikely it will be snow there. Return of dynamic weather like in DiRT 4. So depending on your start order you will have maybe less or more rain or more problem with fog or that the stage will be more dark for you. Ofcourse this can also be introduced for Rallycross locations, with for example that all RX locations have a night option. I found it very cool in DiRT 3 to do RX at night in the streets of Monaco. Track generator, but for stages it’s very difficult I think, but I think for RX it’s perfect. This idea I posted in my suggestion topic. Create your own stages that being generated based on Maps date (Google Maps, OpenLayers). You can create and share stages, even full rally events online. Pace Notes editor, so you can add/edit/remove notes. Problem though is that it become generic notes and that notes not will be recorded specific for each stage. Pace Notes recorder, if there is a standard set of notes, you can record it with f.e. the microphone on the PS controller. So people can use their own navigator voice in the game. More alternative navigator voices (possible as DLC). Now we only had Phil Mills as English navigator, but a lot of people had difficulty with his voice. It would be cool to have alternatives. In DiRT3/4 I used Jen Horsey, as her female voice I could hear/understand better during driving. This ofcourse could also be paid DLC imo. PHYSICS Overall improvements. Tarmac physics really need attention. It now seems you are on tarmac with gravel suspensions and gravel tyres. Though RWD physics are quite difficult for controller players. RX Supercars are overpowered and much faster than the real life cars on the course. Mostly has to do with the grip aswell. In rain condition in the game the grip levels and lap times are more similar to dry real lap times. GAMEPLAY Multiplayer with more options. Multiplayer sessions with more players, preferable to 20 person like with F1 games. New online modes, like time trail clubs. So you can put up a session for a week where people can post their fastest time (3 chances f.e.). This is also connected with the leaderboards. Website with much more information about time trail leaderboards. So you can filter on location/stage/nationality/class/car/etc. Good example is RaceRoom. Racenet (although I have no issues with), not constant connected. Possibility to create a logo/numberplate for a club, so this will be showen ingame on the car. Photomode officialy in the game (also in replay mode). Possibility to limit the amount of tyre sets for a rally event. Possbility to replace parts at service / headquarters, even though they are not damaged (so you can restore to full performance/health). Now you always need to wait tiill you got damage from it to replace it, that's strange. Better AI, especially in RX. Better quality recording output on PlayStation and posting on YouTube. Career should be offline. Separate “online career”.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I have been playing the game for a while with no issues. Today I wanted to continue a rallycross career event, but the game crashes consistently when starting the event. I've sent a number of error reports. Error message is attached. I have tried restarting the computer, verify integrity of game files (no issues found), and updating graphics driver. System info: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041 System Name CAMPRYZEN Processor AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor, 3793 Mhz, 12 Core(s), 24 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 2802, 22-Oct-20 SMBIOS Version 3.3 Embedded Controller Version 255.255 BIOS Mode UEFI BaseBoard Manufacturer ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. BaseBoard Product PRIME X570-PRO Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 64.0 GB Total Physical Memory 63.9 GB Available Physical Memory 58.8 GB Total Virtual Memory 73.4 GB Available Virtual Memory 66.6 GB Name NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER Resolution 2560 x 1440 x 59 hertz Bits/Pixel 32 Other game modes work fine, I've tried rally career and free roam. I hope anyone can give me some pointers on where to look for a solution. I love rallycross.... :-( Cheers, Rob
  13. Hallo, Wir suchen für unsere Deutsch/Österreich Liga 1 oder 2 Moferstoreb die auch streamen. Ich hoffe es findet sich einer.
  14. Breaking News Everyone. I have to re-negotiate my contract with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team on F1 Games from Codemasters 2020 tomorrow. I will sign a 'NEW CONTRACT' with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team on F1 Games from Codemasters 2020 tomorrow at My Home Grand Prix (Silverstone).

  15. DarkSuLL

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    Hi friends what are the relationships between grip and data ? i would like to do a anti cheat app. or have you another idea to do a anti cheat?
  16. Freitags 20:00 50% Rennen. Kontakt: Anschreiben - rasen-asphalt-feelings Webseite! (jimdofree.com)
  17. FusionJohn

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    Sorry to hear the card didn’t help you bud. At least you’ve confirmed 100% it isn’t a factor. I hope you find a workable solution somehow because I doubt Codemasters will produce an update for this.
  18. International Grand Prix Racing League (IGPR) is a brand new Racing League, in it's very first season of competitive (but still friendly and clean) racing, and we are on the look out for drivers of all ability levels to start expanding the league. we currently only have the one tier with 7 full time seats available, however, if we have enough people signing up, we will potentially open up more tiers and sort the drivers into tiers by their ability. the rules for the races are currently as follows; Vehicle performance: equal Assists: only braking assist, and all the pit assists are banned from use. everything else is permitted Weather: this is the big difference to a lot of other leagues, we run live weather based on the weather forecast. So for example, for the Chinese grand prix, we had full wet qualifying and full wet race, but for the Spanish grand prix, we had sunny qualifying and sunny race. Weather conditions are announced 24 hours before the race to give people time to prepare for any rainy conditions Race days and times: the races will be Thursday 7pm GMT/8pm CET/2pm EST, Friday 6am AEDT/8am NZDT we are also looking for people who can commentate on races (this will mean you need to be able to stream the races to either Twitch or Youtube through the PS4 or even a PC if you have that capability) and also potentially looking for people who could help with the general running of the league. So, if you are looking for a drive within a league racing environment, or are interested in helping out with the general running of the league, please join the Discord server using the link below https://discord.gg/ZHqHmDQv
  19. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Haha I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings... It's not that I don't like the S7 because I most definitely do! As you can see from the designs I've put on the car recently which are some of the most beautiful ones out there. Someone managed to unlock the DLC car encryption more or less so that we as designers can sprinkle some magic... It's just that the car has been in the series for quite some time and if budget doesn't allow to just add more of the beloved Scoobies, then I would rather see two Scoobies we haven't seen in any recent rally game. In that case the S9 and definitely the S12b fit that bill. I've owned a rumbling Subaru Impreza GT Turbo AWD (grey with gold rims) and it still is the most fun I've had in a car I owned myself. I was keeping an eye out for any 'bang for the buck' hawkeye model but I binned my current car and the repair costs were rather high for that. Well, 'binned it' is a bit harsh. Because of the extremely wet conditions and driving on an unfamiliar dirty country road in complete darkness that morning, things just went wrong. I tapped the brakes slightly when a corner tightened, my front wheels locked up and I just slid wide into a rather deep ditch at 15 to 20 kph. And you know what, I never really thanked the Dirt Team for what happened after my wheels locked up! If it weren't for DR and DR2.0, I would've hit a traffic sign that was stuck in concrete in the ground. The rally reflexes I've picked up driving DR2.0 at the highest level of competition, just kicked in and I was able to avoid that sign by mere inches. The damage to the car and especially me, could've been a lot worse that particular morning. So @PJTierney, give my thanks to team if you don't mind. And I'm not kidding!
  20. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Good list, I would like to add make that all cars in a class are more even in performance.
  21. First 2 stages I could sort of hang on to the times of @UnderclassGDfan. On stage 3, on a straight, driving in the middle of the road, I suddenly got a reset and 8 seconds penalty 😈. After that I just kept on driving good times. We now know what happened on ss7 with @UnderclassGDfan so that gave me a big lead at the end.
  22. GuusHugo

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    I've received the Inateck SATA powered USB 3.0 card today. It doesn't make ANY difference at all. The stuttering/jittering/flickering is EXACTLY the same. At the lowest possible settings. So now it is VERY clear that this issue is not USB related at all(as RagingBeard already expected, but now it's proven). I fully agree with that, I think that that's our only hope(lucky symptom) because until now we got ZERO support from Codemasters. Which is more then pity because the Reverb G2 is THE leading VR simracing headset at this moment, but Codemasters don't seem to care about this. Any input is welcome, but performance suggestions and USB suggestions are marked off the list... the solution to the bug/issue clearly has to be searched for elsewhere.
  23. GnrDreagon

    Penalties for getting hit..

    Just give me a good explanation how a game is supposed to know who is at fault. Because I suspect that is far harder to program than you think it is. Probably much harder than it is worth.
  24. PRO-AM FORMULA RACING LEAGUE || PLAYSTATION • Welcoming PRO and AM game experienced drivers of AI 90-110 standard only to our AU / UK based league. • Two seasons per game (40+ races) • Full-Time talented commentators • Prize money for division winners • Season2 is in session. ⚠️ Members must be, respectful on and off the track, race every weekend possible, active on discord and enjoy racing! SUNDAY TIMES • ⏰ 19.30pm AEDT / 19.30pm AEST Evenings • ⏰ 08.30am GMT / 10.30am BST Mornings SUNDAY DIVISIONS • 🟪 Division1: AI standard 105-110 • 🟦 Division2: AI Standard 100-105 • 🟦 Division3: AI Standard 90-100 • 🏁 Race distance: 50% • 🏁 Qualifying: 18min • 🏁 Weather: Dynamic • 🏁 Corners: Strict • 🏁 Ghosting: Off • 🏁 Damage: Full ASSISTS PERMITTED • 🏁 Medium Traction Control • 🏁 Corner Racing Line Only • 🏁 Anti Lock Brakes SPECIAL EVENTS • 🏁 Mini sprint championship • 🏁 League v League Races • 🏁 Practice Sessions Regards PRO-AM FRL admin. https://discord.gg/QE2VSvq
  25. richie

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Admittedly, the S9 and the S12b are the best looking Scoobies (besides the S4 S5, which is the king of scoobies ofc), but how about not getting rid of any Impreza or any cars at all and instead add more Scoobies? ^^ Even the 'french boat' has its place, even if you need lots of energy drinks at hand when you drive it. Heck I even would love to see a 2CV. The current roster is pretty damn good, but there's an infinite number of awesome rally cars out there and huge potential to have the best car list in a rally game ever! But then, after staring at the wall for some time daydreaming, you realise, licenses are expensive and that we could consider ourselves quite lucky if we didn't lose any car at all for the next iteration. Some cars will probably have to make room for some new ones.
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