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  2. nvm I fixed it, it was something to do with the anti alaising in the graphic settings
  3. Did you use flashback to redo the first turn? This strange AI behavior where multiple cars suddenly swinging left and right violently pretty much only happens right at the moment you release the flashback, but only about once in a few flashbacks. It can happen on any tracks, but I've only seen they do this on the straight. About the switcheroo move someone mentioned in this thread, that is caused by different circumstances. Usually just AI trying to make their move on one side but then the lead car close the cap and forced the car behind to switch side at the very last moment, it us
  4. Today
  5. There was no flashback off the start. It looks more as if the drivers are passing something, first a small turn to the right, then pulling hard to the left, causing Gasly and Ricciardo to spin, but i wonder why is Vettel sinning as well? There was no collision at all.
  6. We already opend a ticket on TM site, but they don’t know what happens. Do you have news on your side?
  7. I know he’s directly saying it there but man… I find it a bit hard to believe looking at some of the drivers. As for tracks, I think there are SOME tracks where they did use scans (Zandvoort, Paul Ricard to name a couple) but clearly not on others (Spa is a good example…wth is that bus stop chicane?)
  8. Here's another video from Alex Gillon catching features or things we didn't notice in the Features Trailer.
  9. NEW EPISODE 🚨 The F1 Republic Podcast 🎙 FRENCH GP PREVIEW 🇫🇷 With @CJH_87 & @SHZ_CAM YouTube📺: Spotify🎵: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4I32n5GtBPfmWlS4D1RqsT?si=kp00Q2uiT1K4S23fn0tEQw&dl_branch=1 #F1 #F12021 #FrenchGP
  10. Interview zone past Hungarian GP: Fernando, what an exciting Weekend for you, talk us through it? Yeah, I had that moment in Q1 when I broke off the front left suspension, but it did not matter, since we had taken a grid penalty for component swap anyway - and the team did a great job preparing the car for the race. You started 22nd, and came out 15th, are you happy? Well I will not complain making up 7 spots during the race. The car felt both competitive and consistent. You even had a fight with Valtteri? Yes, he had an undercut ending his 1st stint while I was still on the soft tyre, my tyre
  11. Looks like the legit experience to me, was it good? Even wrapped in newspaper which, unfortunately is not allowed in Australia anymore because of the toxins in news ink. Glad to see Finns can cook chips properly, unlike the British who absolutely ruin them with overcooking and putting vinegar on them... yuck.🤮 All you're missing there is chicken salt.... which I've discovered is an Australia only thing lol. I'm in Naracoorte with the field school, 18 students, 3 phd assistants and 3 staff teachers. Tomorrow we have a cave safety briefing, ie wearing a hard hat at all times, emerge
  12. Yes, it happens after 1 or 2 hours in game. Suddenly the display and the LED freezes. Switching off the display is not helping. The only way to solve the issue is to unplug the USB/power connection of the wheel. But this causes other and more crititical trouble while remaining in game :D. Therefore I have to shutdown the game, unplug the wheel and then restart the game.
  13. Pre qualifying Hungarian Grand Prix: Fernando, asking you as a team principal, you had some component changes, what is going on? We tried with the used power unit parts, but we were not competitive this way, so we decided last minute during free practice 3 to change the power unit. That will result in a grid penalty, but we think we can improve during the race that way. Sorry I got to go since qualifying starts in a few minutes... Der Schneehase - YouTube
  14. It would be useful for everyone who posts here to reflect on this from to time, self included. Most people are just playing and enjoying the game.
  15. Exclusive: How Codemasters worked to make F1 2019 as realistic as possible | GPToday.net So they already scan the drivers and get LIDAR data. As has been pointed out though, the process of building the track isn't just about the physical dimensions and geography.
  16. Yeah was looking for a better graphics card, they now cost as much as my whole pc 3 years ago
  17. What feedback did you want, mate? We're all in the dark.
  18. Cheaper to buy a prebuilt system right now, you can get them with the unobtainium parts inside and most aren't marking them up much at all.
  19. Yep. Going to be a **** year, maybe into next year. New games coming out and no one can play them.
  20. Looking forward to seeing Jon conquer Junior WRC
  21. Yesterday
  22. then the font is right maybe, idk. Still looks off to me, maybe size
  23. Three other friends got it. I am sad. 😞
  24. We need somebody to broadcast and stream our races in Twitch!We race every Saturday on 3pm BST! You can commentate with 2 other people from the league that will guide you to how things in the league are
  25. @Kpi10Baras - thank you for sharing, interesting stuff. This is progress in itself - before they used to tell us Microsoft limits inputs, i.e. it couldn’t be achieved… Logitech G923 changed all that… but also the knowledge in the community that Logitech developed the software to do it has changed the game, and means Fanatec can’t hide behind crappy reasoning. In my mind, that’s pretty much conclusive proof Fanatec didn’t want to do anything before - hard to believe it wasn’t possible and now all of a sudden there’s 2 options including a MS recommended method? It’s quite likely the “n
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