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  2. mobileracingfan

    70th anniversary event score?

    Elite league and the event are completely separate.
  3. FOneFanatic

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    Absolutely! Every F1 track is unique in it's own right and each requires a different approach. Adjust your approach and viola, you're seeing the track in a whole new light. One way to learn a track is via time trials - an amazing learning tool in the game.
  4. steviejay69

    Logitech G29 Force feedback not working

    Anyone wanna buy me a G29? I swear I will fix this damn issue!
  5. FOneFanatic

    I am not a rookie anymore

    What you're asking for is doable on a personal profile basis that will require data to be stored externally to the game, and that means more unnecessary work for an annual game. The game mirrors what actually happens in the real world, where individual skill is retained at the person level and each driver is required to port that skill into the new season. I don't think Codemasters cares much about your game-to-game career stats as much as they care about individual skill that's already tracked in-game annually.
  6. Today
  7. This problem first happened to me a few months ago. I fixed it by following the RegEdit tweak suggestion here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/737800/discussions/0/1733210552686272214/ It was great until now. The problem happens almost every time I try to play F1 2019. Specifically, here are the symptoms: - Complete loss of Force Feedback and wheel damper - Pedals are not seen as pedals in-game, but as X-axis bindings - My registry values get reset to 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 every time - I lose my mind Now, even following the prior fix steps doesn't work. Any advice?
  8. steviejay69

    [Solved] F1 2019 Won't Launch

    Yeah now we just need to figure out why 🙂
  9. ezioii

    Time trial lap didn't upload

    None of my fastest lap time are being saved. I have tried waiting 10 minutes as DerrickHUN mentioned and it still says "you have no entry recorded on this leaderboard". I even tried a slow lap in the attempt to figure my coles online if I was doing something wrong but the problem is not me. I am playing on PS4. If someone figure it out, please let me know how to fix it and I'll do the same. Thanks in advance
  10. Ronage

    I am not a rookie anymore

    Yeah but that’s my point. We should be able to claim our number when we go with the scenario that we are not a rookie. Then the real driver who has the same number will get a random number. I understand that this would be a bit weird with Hamilton because his 44 is part of his “brand” but I don’t like that a new driver like Latifi is getting my number. but yeah. The feature is probably not as important that there will be time of the devs waisted on it.
  11. somethingthing

    VR FAQ & Performance

    the latest drivers from nvidia (446.14) helped with some stutter i had on new england before. Before i updated i used 442.59 and the drivers that came after that and before 446.14 didnt work well at all with my pc so it might be worth giving it a shot if you havent updated them already.
  12. somethingthing

    Name a Graphical or Sound Effect in 2.0 that...

    When hitting a puddle and nothing happens... Wet surface when its not raining does look very good though.
  13. senna94f1

    Importance of a Detailed Bug Report

    I agree but sadly if you do you post about same bug .you will get a personal message lol. I do agree 100% but if codemasters want to go in another direction regardless of bugs then you will be ignored. There are some fantastic members on here with loads of online sim Racing experience but unless codemasters change there attitude towards basically customers who only want the best outcome for everyone and after all these customers pay hard cash which supports cod6and pay for the staffs wages. There not interested in extensive bug reports. As Barry said he has a certain direction he wants to go and no matter what people post about the bugs .nothing will change. If they don't like something then they close the post . Its pretty one sided on here and that's why they choose kids with brand new accounts to beta test. Why would they want people who disagree with them . Like I say I agree with you 110% but sadly it won't alter anything in regards on how the f1 games goes.
  14. McSQUIRE

    Fanatec Service

    I'm just picked up the csl elite F1 and load cell. The load cell is so worth it. Enjoy.
  15. PB111

    Things are looking up.

    I’ve found that sometimes the car goes slower after upgrading a part. I wish there was a way to downgrade again.
  16. kevinkirk

    Buttkicker Gamer

    Im planning on buying one once it gets back in stock. My rig has a regular car seat. I have been brain storming how im going to mount it myself. Best plan i have so far is welding a socket to a plate welded to the springs underneath or something like that. Maybe connecting the socket buy running a bolt and a washer thur it and bolting it to something. I am also concerned about how noisy it is. My main concern is since im on xbox i assume i have to run it thur the audio signal. So i am worried that things like wind noise and engineer voices are going to get in the way of what i want it to pick up.
  17. PB111

    70th anniversary event score?

    I think it depends on where you are when you first start, if you’re at 9999 like most of the top players you start at gold, players like us we start at bronze. Mind you on my second event I started at silver but didn’t see much difference in the number of points I scored.
  18. OPgiSh0tz

    Suggestion - 22 Car Multiplayer Races?

    Oh right, I forgot about that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. Before I waffle on, please note this is for the upcoming F1 2020 game due 10th July, so if you do join the discord before then, please understand the league will not start until 2 weeks after F1 2020 release. 2 weeks after release is so that people can adapt to the updated mechanics and have all your setups ready plus learn the new tracks. I hope this will not stop you all from having fun and making it for a great community in the meantime. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F1 2020 is fast approaching and we are very excited to get racing. For the new F1 2020 we have set up a PC only league for all you fun, competitive and friendly bunch (PS4 coming soon). Rookie racers welcome! We are brand new compared to the many brilliant leagues out there but that is not stopping us from providing above and beyond fun, competitive and exciting league racing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each season is over 3 months with 12 races with randomised tracks used each season. At the end of the season, there is a Showdown race event for the top racers of each division. With enough interest, the system will span across multiple divisions on a promotion-relegation basis, so keep your A-Game right up there. As mentioned above regarding the showdown race event, this will be implemented once a minimum of 2 divisions are full and running smoothly season upon season. *ALL INFORMATION YOU NEED CAN BE FOUND AT THE FX-HQ* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being a brand new league, all departments are up for grabs. (application form will need to be submitted which are found at FX HQ) Racers Commentators HQ Admins -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We hope to see you soon and so that you have a taste to what the racing rules are, see below... Qualifying - Short (18 Min) Race Distance - 50% Car Performance - Equal Safety Car - Yes Collisions - On Vehicle Damage - Reduced (helps the non-experienced racers) Weather - Dynamic Parc Fermé Rules - Yes Corner Cutting - Strict Car Setup - Full Ghosting - Yes Rules & Flags - Yes Race Starts - Manual -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is the link to the discord, currently discord is the HQ of Formula X (website coming soon). Formula X HQ
  20. We are now taking signups for a Throwback 2010 F1 Season! 12 driver slots available we will be doing 2 - 25% races per week on Sundays at 8 EST. Fill out the registration form link below to enter. https://forms.gle/2u6viHnV5c7oSLib7 & Join our discord https://discord.gg/GmbC6cW Race Information @F1 Driver When: Sunday, May 31th at 8:00 pm EST Race Host: TBD Settings: 2010 F1 Series, Strict Corners, No TC, No BA, Line Allowed, 2 - 25% Distance, and 1 shot qualifying. Bahrain: Night Monza: Midday
  21. Kekuba

    League issues

    1. Me and my friend started a league wheres it's just me and him againts the rest of the grid (2 HUM, 18 AI). We are now at the singapore round. Only problem is were stuck in pratice. Here's what i mean. We had troubles in practice before. One of us would crash and we would quit to main menu and come back to restart the practice. So far so good. After a couple of restarts, we come back to the league homepage and it says the qualifying is open, we go in the lobby but now it's a practice session. We start the session, do what we have to do. When the session ends after the leaderboard is shown, we get an error message that says: ERROR - The attempt to submit results failed. It sends us back to the league home page and the same thing starts over again. Says it's quali but it's actually a pratice session and when the session ends the same error happens again. Meaning we're stuck in practice and can't advance the league. We've had this problem in the past and our only solution back then was to restart a new league. Back then we didn't care too much for that league since we we're learning the game. Now however we invested a lot of time into the league and restarting it would be devastating. There has to be a way that we can continue in this league without losing everything? 2. Version 1.22 3. League Multiplayer (90 Min Practice, Short Qualifying, 50% races, F1 2019 Cars, Realistic) 4. Im not sure how to recreate the issue. I guess you could start a session, exit to main menu and not retire so that when you come back to the league you can start the pratice session again. Do this over and over again until the league home page shows you an open qualifying lobby. 5. As mention before this is the second time this issue has happend to me. And to add information. Last time this happend we came back multiple times (in the time frame of 2-3 weeks) to see if the problem fixed itself or something but it dosen't. From what we understand it's not something that goes away. That's why we simply deleted the league before and started a new one. Something we really don't want to do this time. 6. I have not tried any official troubleshooting since i haven't found any info on this particular problem. We have tried swaping or removing the singapore grand prix to move on to another one that way we can advance but it wouldn't let us change anything. 7. I use the TMX wheel with CSL Elite loadcell pedals. My friend uses the Logitech Driving force GT wheel. Any help would be appreciated. DxDiag.txt
  22. Zealous Racing League - Throwback 2010 Championship - May 31 to July 5

    We are now taking signups for a Throwback 2010 F1 Season! 12 driver slots available we will be doing 2 - 25% races per week on Sundays at 8 EST. Fill out the registration form link below to enter. https://forms.gle/2u6viHnV5c7oSLib7 & Join our discord https://discord.gg/GmbC6cW

    Race Information @F1 Driver 
    When: Sunday, May 31th at 8:00 pm EST
    Race Host: TBD
    Settings: 2010 F1 Series, Strict Corners, No TC, No BA, Line Allowed, 2 - 25% Distance, and 1 shot qualifying.
    Bahrain: Night
    Monza: Midday


    ZRL - 2010 Throwback Schedule - F1 2019 Session .jpg

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  24. mobileracingfan

    2020 update is here

    You won't get close races, either win big or lose big and nothing in between. It's impossible to play catch up now if you make any small mistake. Your opponent will gain massive amount of time in an instant.
  25. mobileracingfan

    70th anniversary event score?

    How did they make it to gold? I made it to pole and then 1st in the two races but still ended up in bronze 2.
  26. Rsawyers

    [Solved] F1 2019 Won't Launch

    @steviejay69 Not sure how but VCRUNTIME140.DLL went missing between my session on Tuesday night and Wednesday. I reinstalled the files and it fixed the issue! Thank you for your time and help.
  27. Cobra

    Name a Graphical or Sound Effect in 2.0 that...

    The car's backfire in the wet gravel of Poland, at night.
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