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  2. cpayne32

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    You’re very welcome. Should be a much better year
  3. Hi everyone, Firstly, thanks for the enthusiasm with the new trailer release. With most discussion and requests at this stage, I can only comment on what's in the trailer or answer some questions from the text that came with it. I understand the passion for more detail, and we will be giving more and more detail the closer we get towards July 16. If I don't answer your question right now, I'm not ignoring you, its just more than likely I can't talk about it at this stage. As well as getting myself a one-way ticket to a LOT of trouble (understandably so 😛 ), speculating on a new release is a part of the excitement and the fun of a new game being announced. However, once I have any news I can publish, I'll add it to the forums so everyone can see 👍
  4. BarryBL

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the kind messages, really appreciate it. Was nice to see my family and friends this year compared to lockdown, a massive improvement on last year. Thank you all and let's get going with 2021 👍
  5. Aparow3

    [Xbox] Random freezes and crashes to dashboard

    Do you even read before replying? This is getting very frustrating. I asked how do you expect me to replicate them since they seem to be very random. I also said that I did all the troubleshooting steps that were suggested and nothing helps. If I made a separate report for every crash and every glitch, especially in multiplayer, where almost every time there is someone in the lobby with a poor connection, something wrong happens, like incorrect timing, positions and penalties, starting grid freezes or rules not being applied to some players, I would have probably made 100+ threads instead of the ~10 I made since starting to play F1 2020. I only put together all the crashes because there isn't any other info that I can provide, apart from what I already did, and because there seems to be nothing specific triggering them. A couple of days ago I got a crash while loading into an F2 Grand Prix session, then I started the game again and got another crash immediately after, while loading into an F2 Time Trial session.
  6. steviejay69

    [Xbox] Missing subtitle

    The more information you provide, the easier it makes solving your one issue against the many being reviewed or replicated.
  7. steviejay69

    Game not booting up

    Please complete a proper bug report with the dxdiag and make and model of your motherboard. https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/38-want-to-report-an-issue-have-a-bug-to-report-please-look-here-first/
  8. steviejay69


    UEFI 2701 (lots of updates and optimisations since 2018) Intel ME update tool (should really do for security). Key issue here is the V-SYNC may be better enabled for a 60Hz display. Otherwise you're in danger for overdriving the display (it looks like you had set a 120FPS frame cap). Delete the hardware_settings_config.xml before launching the game and immediately make the changes (60Hz, V-SYNC ON) in the menu and restart the game. DDU the Nvidia driver and try a vanilla install if you've altered settings.
  9. Locke1309

    New Miami Track

    Nice Layout. As an American Footballfan it's nice to drive next to the Miami Dolphins Stadium.
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  11. steviejay69

    [Xbox] Random freezes and crashes to dashboard

    How is anyone supposed to troubleshoot crashes you can't replicate? Please carry out the basic troubleshooting suggestions. Also, people can't find a thread that addresses their topic and we cannot close them if they are multiple issues. It is in the bug reporting post to report one issue per report. Finally, moved to GD Chat because (once again) this is not a correctly formatted bug report.
  12. steviejay69

    Voice Control Unavailable [PC]

    What happens if you open another app that uses the microphone (you will see a microphone icon in your system tray, image far left) before launching the game?
  13. cgfdoo

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    The m_driverStatus field of the LapData packet will tell you the status of the car (in garage, flying lap, in lap, out lap, on track) and the m_gamePaused field of the Session Data packet will tell you whether the game is currently paused.
  14. it would be really nice to have an angle based FOV setting and not a slider which is not precise. Currently in Dirt2.0, in full screen with a triple screen the FOV is really too small and does not allow you to fully enjoy the game. Support for the triple screen would also be a plus for a game that aims to be "pure simulation". It's a shame that players who have a triple screen, even if they are not in the majority, can feel left out in this aspect of the development of the game. if this feature were developed, I would naturally be ready to be a beta tester 👍
  15. It is not a condition that anyone would like occurring for obvious reasons. However, to diagnose the issue requires replication and this is where the difficulty arises. It is not affecting everyone widely but is far from ideal for those where it does.
  16. cpayne32

    F1 2021 Car Performance

    He doesn’t exactly have the best reputation from his F2 days so it surprised me he got a seat to begin with. But I think we might have a situation similar to Gasly with red bull.
  17. Ultra3142

    2020 update

    ^I said no such thing .
  18. Bollep

    Server connection

    Hi, since 4 days I have not been able to connect to Dirt 2.0, I still have this error message, what to do? Thank you.
  19. MrViSiOn

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    Hi! I've been reading documentation and I didn't see any field about session or "in-menu" game. How can I "know" if we are in session (driving our car) or other part of the game (menu, my team, etc)? Thank you
  20. I must say it is gone for me! I did nothing special. It is gone, just like that. Maybe one thing: once I've played one race in the rain in a different mode than Your team (then I've seen there is no glitch). Since then, I've never seen this visual glitch in My team mode either. Maybe this is some strange internal condition of this game and you should try rainy race in a different mode and it will be fixed. Maybe I've just had a good luck.
  21. Boolinxd


    Platform -steam What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) -1.17, directx12 Game-mode? -singleplayer create my team We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? -definitely How do you make the problem happen? -by playing the game What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue -ive deleted my setup file, clean reinstalled, verified integrity, set a frame rate cap, changed graphics settings and more and still doesn't let me play for more than 5-10 minutes What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) -i have an I5 8400, gtx 1650 super, 16gb ram on a B360G ASUS motherboard and using a logitech g920 steering wheel at 1920x1080 60HZ running on a 64bit windows 10 operating system Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. -None The minidump isnt found by my pc when i copy and paste the file location link into the search bar, ive inserted 2 of what i can assume is previous minidump files i really really love this game, im just finding it hard to play with this affecting me every time i play it for 5-10 minutes and when youre 15 laps into a 35 lap race and it crashes its quite frustrating DxDiag.txt 746942-20210416-165251-0.zip 746942-20210413-221405-0.zip
  22. Issue: Wheel animation not working Method of Reproduction: Set settings to "show wheel only" Start a stage (I was in Scotland with the 037) Terminal damage to see replay Look at replay then restart stage In-game wheel wiggles but doesn't turn Platform: DR 2.0 Steam PC Build: Latest as of 19/04/21 (1.18 I guess)
  23. Exasperated

    New Miami Track

    I say , steady on old chap ......those are my two fave tracks and I like a dash around Abu as well , but then again you can't beat Spa Franci chomps or Imola A mixture of track types for variety is probably a good thing . If a person hates a track its probably because they are not very good on it , my personal hater is Paul Ricard , which is why I spend a lot of time there getting it under control . The problem with realism is it is like it is in real life. Not always what you like. Still ; whatever track you are driving on at least you are sat in the cockpit and that is a good thing in itself . Enjoy your racing.
  24. The clutch is supposed to be assigned to the paddle shifter so that you have a clutch to use for moving the car at the start of the race, leave it as it is , it is not a mistake or bug.
  25. steviejay69

    PC Graphics Performance Issue Recently

    Thanks for the feedback, no pun intended. Please disconnect all non essential USB devices, remove any USB hubs powered or passive. Disable any front or case USB ports. Plug the wheel directly into a motherboard USB 2.0 port I will edit this post when I have read the motherboard manual. Edit: Okay, so a (beta) BIOS 3B2 with the AGESA Combo PI v2 has been posted and quotes As referenced in P23 of the English manual, the USB 2.0 ports are the ones directly underneath the PS/2 connector. It's an issue I have been following with reports of USB issues with B450/B550 chipsets. Fortunately I haven't had the issues on my Gigabyte B450M H (UEFI F3 - AGESA but I use a Ryzen 7 2700 CPU, not a 3000 series.
  26. Exasperated

    F1 2021 ONBOARD GAME

    Mmmmmm Why wait , just go to the pause menu in the 2020 version of the game when you are driving on track and click right to access 'Preferences' , select camera settings then choose TV POD as VIEW and then set OFFSET: Lateral to 0.85 or 0.90 or whatever you want then set OFFSET: Vertical to the height that makes it the same as your picture shows. Taddddddddaaaaar!!! ............... seek and you will find. BTW if you are a spectator watching a race then that will be more realistic as you said ; but if you are driving the car while playing the game then that will be described as 'much more unrealistic' Drivers of cars do not sit on top of the 'Halo' while racing it is not possible in real life ........... yet. Enjoy your new spectating view point. Regards Its very unlikely that this Camera settings menu will be removed from the 2021 version of the game as its been available for quite some years now . Take a look around the games menu's there's probably a whole lot of stuff actually already in the game that you have been waiting for Codemasters to put in.
  27. s00zster

    New Miami Track

    Speaking for myself, it reminds me of Abu Dhabi, and that's not a good thing. I'm really not keen on these modern street circuits, personally. If I had my way, there'd be more classic-style road course circuits with sweeps and dips. I'd also take out the fiddly bits from Silverstone and put it back to the classic 1970s layout.
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