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  2. GnrDreagon

    Career mode team switching and car differences

    The cars can be quite different, especially if you move from midfield team like McLaren to a top team like Ferrari. For now the Ferrari in this game is actually really good and the one race I drove in it I was surprised by how manoeuvrable it actually was. It felt quite slippery, probably because of a good chassis making cornering very easy. A pleasant surprise after dragging around the myteam car for half a season at that point. That's probably what you are having to get used to.
  3. GnrDreagon

    My team mode questions, and lack of questions?

    1: The facilities provide a bonus to whoever your current driver is at any time. 2: I guess they did. You just have to figure out something you like. 3: Costs of facilities are negligible anyway compared to your weekly sponsor income so unless you're a total fool you don't need to shut down anything.
  4. I don’t know if this has brought up before. Feel free to shame me. There are no online player lap times in time trial mode. And I don’t know if level 30 is the cap or what. Thanks in advance
  5. Flash42G

    facilities bug my team Career mode

    I noticed a similar problem - the Resource Point Generation suddenly gained a bar with the 1.07 patch for each of the technical facilities, but the RPG stayed the same. Zoltan's screen shots show 2 bars for each for RPG, but only 60 points - the amount associated with the single bar level 1 for RPG. On my mid-season 2 on MyTeam, on 1.06 I was at level 2 for 120 points per period for each of the technical facilities, but after 1.07 suddenly it shows each of them at level 3, but still 120 points per period each. The option to upgrade to the former level 3 for 200 points per period is not available. Cheers, Gordon
  6. Hi Barry and everyone, I discovered a new change that arrived with 1.07 - in My Team, I am 2/3 of the way through Season 2. My facilities were all on Stage 2, each with 3 of the 4 areas on level 2... so on Resource Point Generation, I was on level 2 with each of the 4 technical facilities earning 120 resource points (per period). After 1.07, suddenly those same facilities all show 3 bars/levels for Resource Point Generation, stating 120 resource points per period. Is it no longer possible to upgrade the Resource Point Generation to the former level 3 providing 200 points per period? Cheers, Gordon
  7. 1. Black screen after race introduction. 1a. Black screen before race start as cars are on the grid. Both so long have to restart the game/ and or lasting on average 30-32 seconds. If there was a loading icon or prompt, it wouldn’t be as bad, but sitting there wondering if the game is going to start is or do I have to manually restart it really is a pain after having paid 59$ for the download 2. PS4 3. Version 1.06 4. Career and My Team modes. 5. Replication numbers, seems during every race. 6. No amount of controller button pressing helps. Have to restart at times using PS button. Other times after 30 seconds game will load to next screen. 7. Game pad Dual Shock Controller. 8. Time stamp 1:50
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  9. Hi @BarryBL Mercedes livery already updated and will McLaren got updateded as well?
  10. I don't see any questions about My Team mode; crazy! I have a bunch but only seem to remember them while in game and of course without the game in front of me I'll struggle to remember enough details. But let me start with at least one. 1. for Facilities upgrades, if I "upgrade" the 2nd driver facility to improve 2nd drivers stats, does this remain with only my current 2nd driver or any future 2nd drivers too? 2. What's going on with tires in 2020 vs 2019. When I select balanced, if I don't run a hard and soft in both P1 and P2, I end up with only softs in P3. This is silly. I have no need or interest in running softs in P1 because I'm using my older engine anyway. So, I'm guessing they switched out a medium for a soft for the balanced set? 3. Shutting down factories. At this point, it seems like one can save money by shutting them down and you only need to leave open a factory if there's a part in development? Does anyone know of a page or walkthrough for this and maybe just My Team in general? TIA!
  11. Got hit from behind, flipped up in the air, landed upside down but engine kept running so no dnf. 😀 IMG_3092.MOV
  12. First of all i must say, F1 2020 is a great step in the right direction. MyTeam is wonderful fun, Splitscreen is a great feature to have, drivers finally look like humans not robots. And many many more great things fixed or added in this game. I have 3 small changes that i think would make things even more enjoyable with the game and i'm hoping they will be considered in the next patch. 1) Sponsors are currently not seen when watching a MyTeam replay from the main menu. Not sure if it's a bug or feature, but watching replays with your bald MyTeam car kinda kills immersion a little as it makes your car stick out like a sore thumb. FYI, watching a replay right after a race, the decals are visible, but watching them from the main menu afterwards, the decals are gone. So seems to be a bug most likely. 2) Allow split-screen to be split vertically as well, currently it's only able to be split horizontally, with no options to adjust this. F1 2010 had this option, i'm hoping it can be added back in. 2.1) Continuation of previous point, it would be even better if splitscreen can be done across 2 monitors, i mean the game can already detect multiple monitors if you have more than one and you can freely switch between them (But only use one at a time, barring eyfinity setups, etc). Would be a real sweet option to have natively in-game for sure. 3) Allow our MyTeam cars to be used in Time Trial, Splitscreen and Grand Prix modes. Perhaps disallow Time Trial times from MyTeam cars to be published to prevent an unfair advantage to people with beefy custom cars, but i dont see why having your MyTeam car as an option is an issue in GP mode though and IMO it really should be an option. Perhaps also include an option to equalize cars in GP/Splitscreen mode so MyTeam cars dont blow the rest away.
  13. ragequit1

    Why cant I play if I have an A licence?

    This is a common issue. I'm 'A' license and barely can find any lobbies during US prime times. 25% ranked race distance lobbies are non existent, just forget about it. 5 lappers, maybe, if you're lucky. Maybe during European prime time would have better luck, but again, I'm working during that time obviously.
  14. 2fast4yal

    Manual and suggested gears

    Eventually you will remember all the corners if you play alot. If you dont how would you remember 26 tracks with 10 or more corners? It's just something that would make it more appealing to players that arent as serious.
  15. Since I achieved an A licence I've tried for 30 minutes to find a lobby with players and have failed. Cant you make it so I can change what tier I chose to play against instead of forcing me to be a B licence just to play? What's the point of an S licence if I can never get it?
  16. JordiBouman

    Racing seat

    Or this beauty: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDejH2vDQ0a/?igshid=1psvbp5dxflgz
  17. Statix

    Throttle keeps hanging G29

    in your profiler check to see if dual controls are on. take this off.
  18. Zibronski

    Date Advancing Issue

    Hey, so I’m in the main screen for the “My Team” mode and when I start advancing to other dates it does nothing. It shows the “advancing” screen and the option to stop advancing but it doesn’t actually advance and just stays loading. Anyone know a solution for this?
  19. ragequit1

    Things to look into for F1 2021

    OP mentiones that Zandvoort is not being accurate according to the track representatives. Can somebody link a source of this claim? Codemasters used Zandvoort's Lidar laser scan data for the first time for a new track so I don't understand where the inaccuracy is being present. Titles like iRacing or Assetto Corsa Competizione use laser scanning to bring tracks to their sims. Without laser scanning there is always some errors or inaccuracies. It is a time consuming process and some tracks like the street circuits would be logistically hard to laser scan due to being available only for a very short limited amount of time.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Mattitudey2j

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    It's a cake walk. I have a much easier time there than I do in Australia.
  22. Ialyrn

    Racing seat

    I would advise to buy 3 matching screens if you do, just for compatibility sake. I took a chance due to the price of the side monitors, but it could have backfired.
  23. auzzyboy

    Thrustmaster pedals

    To be controversial I have tried alternative pedals with a load cell and couldn't get used to them. I have the t3pa pros and luv them 🙂
  24. Lurtz

    Racing seat

    A recent TV upgrade in the house left me with a spare 42" JVC so I am using that at the moment but seeing the peripherals on your setup has made me think about a triple monitor rig. Maybe after the racing seat..........
  25. petro1319

    McLaren Livery getting overlooked?

    Usually the updated liveries come with the performance update if my memory serves me correctly from past games. I wouldn't say we WON'T see them. It's possible. The folks developing the Nascar Heat games have found a way to get alcohol and tobacco sponsors into the game, and they're quite the big step down from Codemasters. That game ships with placeholder sponsors (usually the drivers name) instead of the actual brand then they make you put in your birthdate for age verification purposes. Once you do all the alcohol sponsors are available, along with the "generic" versions. So, I wouldn't say we won't ever see them in game because it is possible. Others have done it. The question just becomes will F1 and Codemasters actually do it. Personally, I don't see why they can't but I'm sure it's a licensing issue among other things. Definitely possible though.
  26. Ialyrn

    Racing seat

    The central screen is a 24 inch aoc g2590px 1080p 144hz monitor with gsync compatible freesync (tested by nvidia), it is my main monitor and was purchased prior to the side monitors. The side minitors are 24 inch iiyama g2530hsu-b1 monitors. 75hz with freesync (not tested by nvidia, but i have had zero issues using gsync on them). Obviously there is a slight colour mismatch from not been identical monitors, but i got such a good deal on the 2 side monitors, that i can live with a very slight colour mismatch. The benifit in non vr racing games has been so worth it. I run with nv surround at a bazel corrected resolution of 5840x1080 at 60hz. I do have the hardware to push higher fps in triples, but i dont mind 60fps for racing games. My pc is an i7 10700k, rtx 2070 super, 16gb 3200mhz ddr4. So triples at 1080p 60fps isnt stressing my system at all.
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