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  2. happyboy1974

    Something is coming...

    Definitely a subaru rally engine in the video, but the wrc cars don't sound like that because they used a nonstandard manifold, losing the traditional deep bark. That said, the sound may have nothing to do with what's coming lol.
  3. deadlypope

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    the fight between traction and no traction is a correct answer in some situations (depending on the car ) so you are correct... and CM does have to adjust the sounds according to the game... but some cars in the game actually make the sounds while others don't.. but I think they just randomly choose the models that do make it .. so therefor .. some cars that are notorious in RL having the sound.. didn't make the randomness in the game... but ill find out for sure soon.
  4. deadlypope

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    @AlexSpartan316 Warble sound confirmed to be a cause of a few things, Older race models will make this more than newer models, reasons are sloppy/loose bushings causing the "wheel hop" , Loose control arms, diff, trans, and mounts, or just plain oscillations in the drivetrain from the tires breaking traction ever so slightly.. the newer cars rarely have this , if they do, the tires or lightness of the frame will cause this. 8 Pro Hpde (time attack drivers all agreed) 6 (semi pro drifters agreed) 10 amateur drivers all had theories that were close to the same answer. awaiting sound guy from CM to appease our question where's that sound in the game...,, I did play Dirt 4 last night and the ford focus RS RX actually had the sound when accelerating out of corners.. 🙂
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  6. ESR3V3R

    Oh, the feels... 😊

    Yes, I remember the gold paywall from back in the day. 😭 RR3 wants me to pay 600 gold to buy the FE season 5 car. Lol. If that’s the case with F1, I’ll happily pass on the Invitational Series and focus on enjoying the other events. I think it’s pretty cool that the Grand Prix 2019 Season event requires a new car for each track. 💪 My lineup: Abu Dhabi GP: Mercedes British GP: McLaren Italian GP: Ferrari Japanese GP: RedBull US GP: Haas
  7. Nightswipe

    Something is coming...

    Subaru BRZ would be nice. But come on, they would'nt release a teaservideo, have a gameshow coming up that they are nominated in, just to release a car...
  8. Nightswipe

    No dust/gravelsmoke in Killarney

    And Jon only plays in cockpit cams :)
  9. Jake Cushing

    Something is coming...

    I humbly request all locations from RBR
  10. ianism

    Something is coming...

    I don't know if you know, but they have recorded one, along with the 97 Impreza WRC
  11. orangejuiced83

    Something is coming...

    Or may be a lock to horizon option in 2D? Naaa, I no longer believe in fairy tales.
  12. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    it's a subaru thing. there's already the superdeluxe edition with all the DLCs. also, if it was a re-release of the superdeluxe (again, it came out so recently it's pointless) they'd put it out before christmas, because obviously. edit: update on th IGN voting... wow lol
  13. orangejuiced83

    Something is coming...

    A proper analog handbrake.. 😒
  14. tbtstt

    Something is coming...

    Having pondered I am thinking it is a Legacy with a bit too much turbo noise...
  15. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Stability control does not give advatages, it slows you down. It bogs down the car while sliding on loose surfaces. Only thing it will do, is give you more consistency. But if you are competing for the top spots on the leaderboard, its going to be a hindrence. As I found during my testing the other day. Stability control turned on produced the slowest of the runs I did, running auto gears is faster than stabilty control in DR2.0; according to my testing. See the below quoted post and watch the included video - As for TCS on tarmac, the moment you need to do a handbrake turn on a tarmac stage, especially in an AWD car. It will bog down and not power through as required. Stability control will get in the way any moment there is a slide detected also. If you are driving on the limit for the top LB spots, again, it will be a hindrence.
  16. elrojodp8

    Something is coming...

    please the WRCars 1.6!!!(if are 2017, much better, but 2011-2016 is fine too)
  17. Dytut

    Something is coming...

    Definitely sounds like a Subaru. Can it be an old Legacy?
  18. Yesterday
  19. Infinitas

    Cheers Jeff, I'm here

    Hello everyone, Infinitas here, I enjoy esports and F1 games and currently moderate the Reddit.com/r/F1Game Discord Server and came here to talk to you about our love....which is F1.
  20. ZixClon

    F2 2018 / F2 2019

    Something is wrong with the F2 2019, the F2 2018 car is more powerfull than the F2 2019. In the boarding lap F2 2019 is 1 seconde slower than F2 2018 (Map France) Is it normal or its wrong? F2 2018 and F2 2019 have the same tyre compound both with 1.515sec différence perf. With the F2 2018 the feeling is good but with the F2 2019 its like i have hard tyre car feel heavy
  21. zerotime

    Ego Dumber crash

    Hello Same Crash Same issue with 1.181. you See my Crash file ?? With my id??
  22. ReepRebew

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    So, what's up with him? Is he a little cheater?
  23. Completely unstable with default or even lower settings running on i9990k / 2080TI (, many other games work perfectly, PC2, RDR2. Tried reducing settings and trying different game modes but cannot play. In the main game mode trying to start at Poland it doesn't even get past load screen before CTD. I managed to get the game to start for 30 seconds by doing Time Trial at Washington. It then crashed out with Access violation at address 0xc1e6b187 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0x88b187. dirtrally2.exe Which I clicked Send to Codemasters. Any advice on how to get this thing to work?
  24. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    'might' and hope we do, but no point in getting too carried away until we know more 😉
  25. steviejay69

    Halo bug after new patch

    Did you drive in cockpit view with halo bar removed?
  26. So it just crashes to desktop or locking up?
  27. FOneFanatic

    Real Racing 3

    OK the votes are in. I installed the game, played for a while and didn't care for it one bit. Why? For one the steering didn't respond well to the tilt function of my iPad as it does in RR3 and I found the car understeering major. Also for the 5-10 minutes I played the game, my iPad heated up on the backside like crazy, meaning that there was just too much overuse of the processor for such little visual and auditory haptics. I finally uninstalled the game and may return to it at some later time. But for now, it's Real Racing 3 baby!
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