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  2. SVrandsy1

    looking for stewards and a co commentator

    still looking for a commentator and maybe one more steward please
  3. Schneehase

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    There is still hope then - because all of the tracks above are awesome to drive, while several of the "original" 2020 tracks in game are not interesting, not inspiring to drive. I wont name them, we dont need flamewars here^^ but lets say that Nürburgring, Portimao, Mugello all found positive reactions among the RL F1 drivers. Also, Imola is a classic and should be in any F1 game 😄
  4. Game4ce

    Halloween Challenge

    The last two corners you must stay on the racing line. Swirving out al little is deadly. Two wheels on the curbes is punnished. CM do something about this!!
  5. Today
  6. Eu acho que pode ser você que esta rapido demais na sua mao! Eu tive o mesmo "problema" e cheguei a achar que havia um mau contato na alavanca da marcha. Mas percebi que a marcha inferior nao entra se o carro estiver na velocidade acima do que a marcha aguentaria. Nao era bug. Ou seja, sua capacidade de clicar a alavanca e reduzir rapidamente a marcha esta acima do que o carro consegue reduzir a velocidade. E no meu caso isto nao acontecia no F1 2018 mas passou a acontecer no 2020. E, sinceramente, o jogo atual é que ta certo, se o carro esta acima da velocidade maxima de uma marcha, nao deveria mesmo entrar.
  7. I also have this issue. Safety rating S and a lower skill rating than yours. The issue begun when I got the S rating.
  8. You should really take care just after spinning. If you let the tires temperature panel on, you will see that when you spin, the temperature of the rear tires goes up. Overheats! And when tire temperature is up, grip is down. So, until the temperature gets back to normal, you have to be extra careful.
  9. JEM02932


    Hi! I think I have something that will help you both! It will be necessary very much testing and improvement wont be fast, but it will be much more fun! I will supose you have your steering wheel and use your feet to acelerate (inspite if you use a PS controler I would try the same) Yes, TC off will make you faster, but it takes long to be good with tc off and in the begining you will be slower, just trying not to get out of track. The problem with TC off is this: a huge AND suddenly discharge off power go to the tires, and they dont have enough grip, then you loose control. Note that this happen in the lower gears (I will supose you already are running with manual gear). In the lower gears, it's too much power coming from the motor. The REAL solution is to slowly achieve a better control of your feet in the acelerator, so you you will be able to control the power transfer without sending to much. I know, saying like this dont help too much, but it is necesssary for you understand my tip. If the problem is to control the acelerator, and make a soft release of power to the wheel, you must adjust the linear control of your acelerator. The linear control is in the controler set up. I think the linear control should have another name. What this control do is this: if zero is selected, then it will release power in a linear way, I mean, more pressure on the accelerator, more power goes. But if you change this control for higher numbers, it will make the inicial pressure on the throtle parcialy absorved, and less power go to the wheels, until half of all pressure available, but after this half, it will increase the power discharge. Saying it in a diferent way, the initial pressure of your right feet will be not totaly transfered to the tires, and as you continuing pressing the accelerator to it's full course, it will change and transfer more power. The point is that when you turn tc off, you use to loose control in the lower gears, in slower speed, after a turn. And the change in the linear will act just where you need. So, turn your tc off and change the linear to 100. It's too much, but as soos as you begin to achieve control you will change this control, and one day you will get rid of it. The ideia is to give you time to get used to it. It wont be easy or fast, but you will get it. Also, you will have to change gear early. Dont wait to change from 1st to 2nd, or 2nd to 3rd, and 3rd to 4th. Short shifting. Hear the sound of the motor, see the lights in you pannel. When the first green light is on, you up your gear. It's not the best but it's necessary in the begining. In time you will be able to also control this better and begin to change gear much more near to the best changing point.
  10. NickHussey

    No blue flags bug

    Yep same on PC. My Team mode, using PS4 controller and no blue flags are waved to lap cars
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  12. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Well that was an interesting day Wife took me to a 'secret location' ie Parafield Airport (small regional airport for the city) and then she took me flying in her new plane. She's been saving money for about 10 years and finally she had enough earlier in the year and bought herself a little single engine thing...don't ask me what it was... it looked tiny and not very sturdy to me lol. The way she went on about it though I think maybe it was a pretty good one I've never been up with her before and I was a bit nervous, though I needn't have been...the RAAF have very strict training and procedures...she actually got into an argument with the airport controller over taxiing procedures lol and the whole time we were up she was telling me all this tech mumbo jumbo until I said 'why are you saying all that stuff it means nothing to me' and she's like 'oh thats operating procedure I always have to talk to my co-pilot so he knows whats up'...I guess if the RAAF trust her to fly a $125,000,000 aircraft then I needn't worry lol. Was a bit different to see the city from above but so low and slow compared to an airliner. We even flew over our house haha 🙂
  13. Furbii

    small wishlist

    Yes to everything. I have big expectations for F1 2021 for next gen consoles. I expect a lot of improvements for the AI, AI logic, decision making, more variables and stuff that may not be possible with today's hardware. Also a more in-depth damage system that is not just the front wing.
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  15. petro1319

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    My bad here, I just got mixed up with the year you wrote and thought you meant this years game. My mistake. Chill out. Simple mistake honestly; I read it. I just got mixed up with the year and the fact this question is a constant re: this years game. That's almost 100% true IMO.
  16. Have to agree with all of this. Since starting a fresh Driver Career save with the performance patch, I've had identical results - Leclerc & Vettel consistently getting 4ths and 5ths. Worse still, after only 4 races, they have the top engine once more, faster than Mercedes. At that point they started getting poles and podiums. Their laptimes are constantly within 0.5secs of Hamilton. I expected Ferrari to be pants, Leclerc around 6th, Vettel around 12th for two thirds of the season before they were able to work their way back up. Their resurgence has happened waaayyyy too quickly and it feels like the downgrade has been done half-heartedly. A big shame if this was intentional. Vettel himself also needs a big downgrade, the fact he said himself today he can't get anywhere near Leclerc's pace - whether that's due to skill or a drop in morale because Ferrari are releasing him, the fact is the game is trying hard to be viewed as a simulator and the first step to doing that is being accurate with driver and team representation. On the flipside, Racing Point are doing relatively poorly, barely scraping the top 10. It's all upside down. For the record, I'm not anti-Ferrari (Leclerc is one of my favourite drivers and I love Ferrari's history). I just like accuracy, especially when I've held off from playing for over a month on the promise that an accurate update was coming. 😕
  17. Buenas noches, hace varios meses presento este problema. No me deja ingresar, cada vez que abro el juego me sale ese anuncio diciendo " No se puede establecer la conexion con el servidor, conectese a internet y haga clic en repetir. es obvio que estoy conectado a internet, y tengo una conexion decente. ya desinstale el juego 2 veces y lo vuelvo a instalar y sigue lo mismo, al igual que cambie los DNS y nada. el juego es para PC y lo adquiri por Steam. Cualquier ayuda les agradeceria, ya que pienso y siento que perdi el dinero comprando este juego.
  18. relampagopt

    How does custom car perform in TT?

    Yes, I think so...
  19. s00zster

    Who invented the strict penalty system?

    I didn't actually know this, I thought - as you said - that Strict was "Realistic mode". Good excuse for me to turn it back down (I have had a couple of over-the-top penalties since turning it up).
  20. Lakrits

    Bitter sweet

    Practise, practise and more practise. The esport players spend a LOT of time doing this. You'll get closer and closer if you are patient.
  21. Lakrits

    Life can be short.....I'm going full Monty

    Getting it right takes a bit of time. Though, if you have crappy pedals it will be extremely hard. I know this from experience. My old cheap wheel was horrible, braking without assist was more or less impossible with those pedals. So, got a new wheel and it's now much easier.
  22. s00zster

    Life can be short.....I'm going full Monty

    Good luck! It's totally worth it. 👍 I'm currently playing at 96% difficulty which is a level or two outside my comfort zone and I'm keeping it there the whole season - normally I would shift the difficulty to suit the track but this way, if I'm rubbish, then that's me being rubbish. I remember pre-difficulty slider games and the saves were actually really engaging because of the struggle using a set difficulty that was just that bit too high for my skill. Really having to fight for positions and every place gained is a victory (driving for Williams). On top of this, I'm using Elite controls, strict corner cutting, no flashbacks. If you're out, you're out. Heightens the drama.
  23. Lakrits

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    Unless any of the tracks will be on next years calendar then it won't happen. End of story.
  24. Yesterday
  25. I am currently having an issue with my G920. It works perfectly fine on other games, but on F1 2020 I've got issues with it. In the controls menu, I can select the brake pedal as a binding for the brake, but on both calibration screen, and on-track, when pressing the brake pedal nothing happens at all. I've tried changing calibration in Windows, tried changing saturation, etc. but nothing has worked so far, which is really frustrating seeing as I can't play with it. ~ Welsh
  26. InigoMontoya632

    Patch 1.12 AI doesn’t get blue flags - Master Thread

    Maybe related, it also appears that time trials are registering on the leaderboards with invalidated lap times. Rules are on.
  27. chucky123456789

    Please help

    I am just about to come up to the brittish gp in a 22 race season in my team first season and my 2nd driver declined his contract and now I can't sign a new driver or move any further in the game can someone please help
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