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  2. codexas

    Codemaster F1 2019 Gear ratios

    How are you going to affect the vmax by changing drag if it's already bouncing off the limiter in top gear? Taking off a gurney flap is suddenly going to engage a warpdrive ratio on the drivetrain? The aero of a car has nothing to do with the transmission.
  3. Thank you, it's working perfect now. From France on PC
  4. Shorti62

    Eurocup - F1 2019 - 07/05/0/0

    I would like to join, but whole website is in Italian. I'm looking for no-assists league for quite some time now! And on discord too.
  5. Just a minor little issue with Trackside Replays in Wales where the engine sound cuts out. I first reported the issue on 22/07/19 here: ...and again on 07/08/19 here: It still remains so I'm hoping it can be sorted in the not too distant future as I like to use Trackside Replays often.
  6. Shorti62

    Weekly event score

    Racing line off, manual ERS, pitstop assist OFF, ... Basically everything is off. Yes, I had 2 warnings, but this should count as clean lap bonus.. I think it shouldn't affect assists bonus. Main question why some guys get 35.000 points for no assists, and I got 31.000.. I'm thinking, maybe because I was on 103 AI, and they was on 106 or more, but thats why they get more points for difficulty bonus.. still dont understand assists bonus system.
  7. Last 6hours playing and everything works fast and steady👍 Thx Ps4 Finland
  8. at the moment it seems to work Spain, PC,
  9. manutd1972

    F1 2019 doesn't launch at all

    Yup, already using Logitech Gaming software 5.10. Clean install of Win 10? How do I do that? Rerun the "MediaCreationTool1909" again?
  10. Principius

    [F1 2019]- AI levels of aggression

    You can call it a semantic but I think it's a question of the AI being stupid, not being agressive. The AI will just follow its racing line, no matter what, which is kinda dumb. I believe this is what was showcased in that video by glenmack. Hamilton is not ramming him, he's just going back to it's line even if it means crashing into the player. And, in slow mo, as they touch, it pushes the AI off track and at that point the AI should just yield and accept putting the wheels off track. Instead, the AI just pushes in the opposite direction to stay onto the track (which makes it look like intentional ramming). So again, in summary, it's just the AI being stupid and keeping its line no matter what. And, while we can all argue that this is what racing is (fighting for the optimal line when overtaking), real drivers don't stupidly crash into one another. Whenever they have nowhere to go, at worse, they'll put both wheels off the track in order not to crash. It is true though that the video from glenmack is not the best example ever and I can agree with BarryBL, since it's very debatable, since everybody was stuck together. By that I mean, it would be OK if the AI "SOMETIMES" tries to keep its line and causes crashes. It does happen in real F1. But, in F1 2019, AI will always keep its line (say 99% of the time, just for the sake of not saying "always"). I had numerous races where AIs completely ignores me overtaking them and just drive as if I don't exist. As for the penalty, it is true that you will ALWAYS be the one getting a penalty against the AI, even if it's their fault. But, in my F1 2019 career, I have seen AIs getting 5s penalties for things that didn't happen with me. So I guess they can get penalties??? But clearly, not when it happens with against a player.
  11. Our 2nd tier will be making it's debut tomorrow and we're very happy about that! 🙂 Tier 2 will start at 8pm CEST, just like Tier 1, and that's why we're needing a commentator and a few more committed drivers to race for us, as we want Tier 2 to have a full grid, just like Tier 1 🙂 For all the commentators, you'd need to speak English, have some F1 knowledge and have a good microfon/headset! If you want to join our league, join our discord and we'll DM you everything you need to know about getting in our league! https://discord.gg/HnKRkRc You can also rewatch some of our Tier 1 races, as a couple of them have been moved down to Tier 2 in the last time. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrcmJ5Kt_OWRqqujUmdugvA?view_as=subscriber All our rules and race details are on there too, so you can check them out and make your decision! We really hope that some of you want to join us and want to commentate or race in this league, we'd be really happy to see a lot of you guys on track soon! Your OSRL Team
  12. an algorithm picks the stages, time of day and conditions, and it was picking a lot of rain ones when the game came out. many players complained (there are many threads here about it lol), so they reduced it, probably a little too much in my opinion. since Scotland came out though, I've noticed that almost all stages in that location in My Team are in the rain, and never, ever at night. so it seems to be bugged. for example, the current R2 Monthly starts in Scotland, and 7/10 stages are rain, with zero at night. I've noticed that once or twice in Weekly Challenges since Scotland came out other locations have also not had night stages (both current Bonus Weekly events have this, including the one in Wales, which is funny because Wales is the only location with no dusk for some reason, so it's 10 stages in daytime & sunset). so this might all be linked somehow. (I'm operating under the assumption that it works the same way for picking Community/AI challenge and career mode stages). that's all I've got.
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  14. Tigron

    Questions: Realism and Assists Settings

    Well, if new hybrid cars will be allowed to use electric motor for spool-up, they will become more fun, as electric motor will effectively eliminate turbo lag of small turbo engines at low RPM, then turbo will pick up and pull up to red line. It will be something like supercharger on Lanchia Delta S4. The big questions is reliability of electric components. Electric motors are very simple, but usually they are not reparable in the field. If it does not work, you just have to replace it completely. Batteries under high abusive loads (especially with all bumps and hits a car faces during rally) also may behave very "unexpectedly" - suddenly dropping power without any reasons or even catching on explosive fire that you cannot extinguish without specific fire extinguisher.
  15. Looks GOOD. Hungary, PS4. 🙇‍♂️
  16. BarryBL

    Weekly event score

    Any penalties? Warnings? Fastest lap? How far ahead of Max/2nd did you finish? Total racetime? These could all be factors in your score.
  17. Elweyro

    World RX Esports Invitational

    @PJTierney Do tou have some news for the event WorldRX at 19th april?
  18. ianism

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Graphics on Dell XPS 15

    I have an XPS 15 too. it's one year older, so the graphics card isn't quite as good, but I'm able to run the game on mostly medium-high settings no problem. there's some slowdown in heavily forested areas with lots of ground cover like Poland
  19. ReimvomSchleim

    Weekly event score

    Have you also got racing line turned off? ERS on manual? Pit stop assists? Really everything turned off?
  20. ianism

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    how are we going to be able to use these, if at all? just offline or something?
  21. AlleyViper

    Restoring save files

    🤔 on my system backup# are usually older, with dates that seem to have created at the start of a session (a bit sooner that the others) or some hours back on a previous session, but I didn't check at the moment the championship error happened last time. For whole Career resets, they seem quite rare, but unfortunately some reports pop up here and then (link). For the reasons on my previous post, I don't believe disabling Steam cloud saves (as suggested on that thread) would be of any help on this particular issue. @PJTierney sorry to ping you on this, but this tidbit of info might be worth to pass to devs, career Championship progress resets happening on sessions facing connectivity issues where the user doesn't even touch the championship.
  22. Game normal connecting now. Location Poland Platform STEAM
  23. Everything running super smoothly. Thank you Codemasters.
  24. Gold for Germany the Sever ♿run very well
  25. Here in Turkey it is back to normal, but not faster as others mentioned. Not complaining btw 🙂
  26. Have been playing Dailys from 2 to 4 pm. Everything seems normal now. Thank you Codemasters. Portugal - Platform PC
  27. Gr B rwd cars have handbrakes(well that BWM M1 didn't have at first), rwd cars only have one drive axle so there hb works. Not that u really need it that much/at all, can be very risky to use it. I think gr b 4wd rallycross cars possibly had hb if they used diffs that allowed only rear axle to lock.
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