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  2. I was looking to buy GRID through Xbox store because I try to go all-digital this generation, but when I checked the pricing for GRID's base edition it was $89.99CDN! That's 10 more than on PSN, and is 10 more than what a regular new release costs here. Heck, if I were to go to a brick-and-mortar store I could already find it for 30 bucks less than what I would have to pay if I bought it through Xbox store. Is there a particular reason for it, or is it some sort of a mistake?
  3. I certainly won't buy next years title 1st hand or for full price. Since F1 2015 came out, i buy the F1 games 2nd hand, got some connections from where i get hands on the game very early. Mostly 2 weeks in and some people already sell their games at 2nd hand gaming shops, and that is the time when i strike in to get hands on new titles after release for a maximum of 30€ if the devs or gaming studio do not deserve a direct transaction. Only if the devs / gaming studio have been making a high quality product, i pay full price 1st hand. The last game i paid full price 1st hand was for Ni No Kuni 1 & 2, because i loved that game on the PS3. 2nd hand > 1st hand = devs / gaming studio create medium or low quality products. 1st hand > 2nd hand = devs / gaming studio create high quality products. I guess many people will continue the cycle and buy F1 2020 1st hand full price and even pre order, as they don't care about the issues and only want to play the game with their friends or simply love F1 so much that they are fine playing a mediocre title etc. To each their own...
  4. I have a simple request for F1 2020. Don’t make it.
  5. steviejay69

    Broken graphics F1 2019 PC

    That's because the RX5700XT has immature drivers. Wouldn't even consider a GPU until at least a year old and with a price drop.
  6. HoksuHoo

    Golf Skin

    As if these were somehow mutually exclusive. Do you have experience of skinning? I mean with something that isn't an in-game livery editor. Let me tell you, it's not rocket science, nor does it require much work compared to something like making a whole new car from scratch.
  7. Ok, so I've checked integrity, re-downloaded one file and seems like it fixed my problem. Sorry for disruption 🙂 Delete this topic or leave for someone else.
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  9. ianism

    Dirt for Casual players?

    yeah, Dirt 4 is chill. you can choose if you want to play a more arcade-style physics or more sim. so it's a game that fits nicely between Dirt 2/3 and the Dirt Rally games. removing assists and stuff give you more rewards so it encourages you to make it harder, but there's no obligations. it's got Rally, Rallycross and Landrush game modes. the rally locations are all procedurally generated so no two stages are ever the same. there are a TON of daylight (10) and weather options (13) so it is very immersive. DR 1&2 is nowhere near as good in this department. Dirt Rally 2 is also quite accessible if you have all the assists on, and it's got way more rally and rallycross locations than Dirt 4. I play without too much problem on a keyboard. just in DR2 the rear-wheel drive cars are incredibly tough without a steering wheel and pedals.
  10. Wynterdust

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

    He wins. Source: Named my avatar Fernando Alonso and ruined Vettel's Ferrari career. He escaped back to Red Bull for season 2. That aside, I do wish they would add drivers from previous games to the "substitute roster" for career mode giving them a chance to return. It would bolster the driver rotation and make it a lot more interesting. They have the models of those drivers, just need some updates. Imagine, season 2, Rosberg makes a return replacing Bottas or Ferrari indeed hiring Alonso. (Actually a bit surprised Alonso isn't in even as a custom avatar with his helmet design considering he's been a part of the Grid game) With Ocon returning next season it shows that it should be a feature. They have models for all of these drivers: Alonso, Rosberg, Button, Ocon, Kobayashi, Vergne, Massa, Vandoorne (likely add Hulkenberg here for next year), etc. which will give a lot more variation to the career mode.
  11. Platform PC/Steam, Windows 10. The problem is, stage loading never ends, stage never loads, loading just goes on and on and on for no matter how long. Never happened before. First it happened in last week, in AI Daily Challenge with Rally GT class. I don't remember what stage or country it was. Second time was yesterday or at friday, I don't remember 100%. Carrer championship, Rally Poland, Rally GT car, don't remember the stage. Now today when I try to start daily in Poland group B AWD it's the same. The stage is Zienki, tried with 2 different cars within group. I was able to play today's daily with R5 group, also in Poland but not the same stage. So I'm not 100% sure if it's always in Poland or the same stage Zienki, it's possible but not 100% sure. I've just started integrity check as I write this post, will update my info.
  12. ianism

    Golf Skin

    yes, copyright. GT sport and Forza can do that kind of thing because $$$, basically. (correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know...) to have any sponsor all over the places like they do takes a lot of money. for DR2 they cannot afford that kind of a deal with sponsors. so if they want to share a screenshot for social media, they have to get every individual sponsor to agree to it.
  13. Pioy

    Golf Skin

    Honestly I don't care about liveries at all. Focus on new stages and cars instead 😉
  14. Steam (Oculus) If I wanted to change where the default head position is (say down and back about an inch) how would I do that?
  15. AlexSpartan316

    DiRTy Gossip

    Damn! 4000/5000 miles...for a wrc engine! M Sport says that a wrc engine last for about 4 events (~1600 km/~994 miles )after the rebuild... that’s a pretty beat up slaughtered focus...lol
  16. JZStudios

    DiRTy Gossip

    They're the mileage service indicators.
  17. ThatsJustFlukey

    BUG: 5 second lap time

    Codemasters, Is there any plan to remove these crazy times. Most of the leaderboards seem to have some un reachable times. I've seen less than one 10th of a second on some, and others have 50ish seconds for a lap thats around 1 min 10s. They haven't been done with drafting, there is just some lag issue thats causing this. Please dont just wipe all the leaderboards, but please do remove the bogus times.
  18. torque99uk

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    Hi @053 The easiest way is if you have access to a PC/Laptop you can use a usb flash drive/stick if you have one to pop in the front of the ps4. Take the photo on ps4, [Share button] this will save to your ps4 gallery then move to your usb drive/pc then share on here by uploading and attach. If you only have twitter/mobile/tablet then you could always share the link or save the photo on twitter to your hdd on tablet and upload on the ..choose files option. 👍
  19. AlexSpartan316

    DiRTy Gossip

    Damn....I hate the Rallycross spotter (at least in Italian) race is about to start... Spotter : Hei! Remember to take the joker lap! If you don’t do it you get a penalty!!! / or: take the joker! You only need to do it once!! Me as a world RX driver: wow thank you dude!!! Didn’t know that! 😮 thanks for the info!! 😮 *facepalm* edit: also I don’t understand why I can’t choose co-driver and spotter from different nations like in the previous dirt
  20. ThatsJustFlukey

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Really, Well on GAS there were playlists. I fail to see how the game was ruined when you could simply leave and find a different lobby. My friends an I only wanted to race, and thats what we did. Its not our fault others were unable to race at the same standard and tried their luck with dirty tactics, came off worse and became mentally affected by it. Race clean and you got raced clean. Treat me or my friends like an AI, there solely to help you get around a turn, and there were problems. Why do you think on the current game, when you ping an AI on the first turn they instantly become your nemesis? Its because your overtaking technique needs some refinement. Rubbing is only considered "racing" in American Stock car and demo derby type stuff. All other forms of racing are supposed to be non contact. The AI dont like being used, neither do I, neither did my friends. And if YOU didn't like it, maybe you should have raced a little better. 🤣
  21. Chiron

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    I think he ment the start of races DURING a event. It doesn't make any sense that the car looks trashed at the start of a totally new event or a single race. I wonder how F1 cars would look in real life half way through the season, especially those who crashed during a race.
  22. FMP_Gianlucac88

    F1 Equal Cars in Grand Prix and Time Trial

    Codemasters loose itself in a glass of water. I asked this things lots of times, but They don't do nothing.
  23. SoobaruTurbo215

    Golf Skin

    Why you CMS cant make that SONY livery ? copyright issues? i dont get it,why it not work as GT sport where you can make cutom liveries and upload custom brands to make real liveries ? Also it is not possible to lock every other thing and only textures will be free for acess ?
  24. Ree101

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Aw.... does it still hurt lol
  25. While I am doing my esports run I crashed an invisible rock cost me a puncture in front right wheel, however I recorded a video showing the accident replay in my esports run : Sorry for the bad quality.
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