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  2. Possibly with ABS off you are locking up slightly without realising, and this is removed by having ABS on? I've generally found I'm less prone to locking up in F1 2021 than F1 2020 but I wonder if it's just less obvious when this happens?
  3. Maybe check if your throttle needs to have its dead zone adjusted? You might be holding your gas down some causeing you to rear end when ya think your braking.....just a thought.
  4. I'm playing on Xbox Series X in 120fps/performance mode, and when I'm watching instant replay (usually after I just overtook someone, or went for a gap that wasn't there..) it looks like the cars aren't adapting to the 120fps and is still refreshed in 60fps. The landscapes and everthing else appears to be 120 but the cars are lagging in relations to everything else. This only happens when watching in the Cinematic/TV broadcast viewing angle, and not on-board the cars cameras.
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  6. This is so funny! I love this video!...I remember another old video with Vettel playing the F1 game and him having a hard time driving it as well. He even said that it was harder than the real F1 car! Then he went on to say oh, I think wasn't supposed to say that!...lol That video is somewhere on Youtube I believe. His reactions was funny too!
  7. I'm sure even you know that dextrin binding the gunpowder together stops it being just gunpowder, which i'm pretty certain i specified twice that we're just talking about gun powder, and only gunpowder. That's the reason i'm talking like you don't understand. Gun powder needs something, anything else to constrict it before it becomes in anyway explosive. Every time you make a point and everyone raises their eyebrows, someone counters your point if they know about it, then you move the goalpost slightly and state it was there all along. I too would like to k
  8. What would be ideal is the game could be trusted to get it rightish.. As it’s not enabling the user to do it has to be a better option. It’s not just this game it’s any sports game that has transfers... I get annoyed with fifa when a top club signs an over the hill player in his mid to late 30’s... like that would happen 😂
  9. that's the problem, on f1 2021 they eliminated this setting (manual clutch).
  10. You keep talking as if I can't understand, while also seeming to claim that ALL OF THE WORDS that he wrote mean anything. He said anything can be an explosive. That's literally ALL OF THE WORDS. Now you're talking nonsense. But yeah, you're right, this isn't an explosion. In completely unrelated news now that I've won this argument he started for no reason, why is it that not a single racing sim will let you hold throttle ~2k rpm and slowly release clutch for a standard start? Every racing game you have to be above like 6000rpm to set off without stalli
  11. Well done for sticking with it and completing... I deleted it after first season. I couldn’t get into the story... As it was predictable and Couldn’t empathise with the characters like I did when fifa did a story mode... get what you mean with the difficulty
  12. I actually thought you had... was what compelled me to post😁
  13. marioho

    Tyres management

    Damn, read it twice and did not spot the brake bias. Just what @ScaredDuck said, that would be too front biased of a distribution for me personally on a track like Singapore, and very likely too much for the front for anyone to deal with on the consistently on the wet.
  14. I just finished breaking point and I must say I really liked it. Great, but predictable story. I know no-one buys the game for this short story, but it was a welcome addition. Let's see if they can come up with something new for 2022. (assuming all 2021 bugs have been fixed of course) I just wish there was a level between 'normal ' and 'challenging'. Normal was almost too easy, and challenging was a bit too difficult for me.
  15. Personally I’d decrease brake pressure.. I also bring bias back... also double brake (manual abs) into hard braking zones... make sure your well off the throttle and let revs drop before braking.
  16. Perfect 👌 I’m all ABSed out. But I only ever see the odd driver on the odd lap lock up whilst trail braking in an actual F1 race. Not many actual drivers here I think. Even less that have driven a car without abs. and rear wheel drive come to think off it. watching Rush tonight..... mediocre to driven😂 I know but just love the lung vacuum scene 🤢 Which is just about to be shown
  17. Hi, when I finish a race or finish qualifying my Xbox always freezes then turns off. Does anyone have this same issue? I play other games online including racing and don’t have this issue. It’s getting to the point where I can’t even do a single race weekend without my Xbox switching itself off. ive completely restarted my console. Downloaded the game again but still nothing works. any help would be awesome thank you.
  18. Thanks Barry for answering this is by far the best set of Ideas I have ever seen on F1 game hope they try and implement some or most of them. Probably should offer JonnieLp a job I wonder would he accept.
  19. As title already say put Pit limiter boards back like in F1 2020 because pitting in F1 2021 is so annoying because whitout those boards is so hard to see when is to correct time to brake!
  20. I have noticed similar as well. Some of my friends have said that they have more grip, maybe too much. But I seem to loose the rear end much easier and even have noticed some worse turn in performance. I have been playing with tire pressures and diff settings but haven't found a "smoking gun" of just being able to just say lower all my rears by 0.5psi. And with the handling update supposedly coming soon, I'm not sure if I want to spend the time to update all my setups.
  21. I have a similar issue as the belt on my t300 slipped and I cant reset it. I also don't have any of the thrustmaster wheels just an after market one. I was just wondering if there was any way that I could do the same thing but without a thrustmaster wheel (I'm on pc)
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