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F1 2018 pc keyboard control layout

I have F1 2018 for the PC ,I purchased from Steam, It loads find but I can not put my name in or anything ,my helmet ,etc . What keys on the keyboard do what . Also is there a online manual ? Thanks


  • FayaFaya Member admin
    Hi @johnohag,

    I'm sorry for the late response. Could you let me know a little more about the issue you're seeing? Are you getting any errors at all? 

    I'm also going to move this down into the F1 Technical Assistance forum, so it's in the right place.  

  • loiolafoxloiolafox Member New Car Smell
    Comprei recentemente  0 f1 2018, só que não abre no meu notebook, Intel core 5, 8 gb de ram, como resolver isso por obséquio?
  • loiolafoxloiolafox Member New Car Smell
    Por obséquio como posso resolver, o F1 2018 adquirido pelo steam , não abre no meu notebook, que é core i5 8 gb de ram, ME AJUDE A RESOLVER OK.  OBRIGADO.
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