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    [UPDATE 09/04/2019] Hi all, Get your profiles finalised as we are CLOSING the sign ups tomorrow morning at 8am BST! That’s 08:00 BST on the 10th April. If it’s not filled out properly, your application may be rejected. So be sure to take a final look over before tomorrow morning and make sure you've read and filled out everything as we've requested. Thanks! ---- Hello everyone, For the past few years we’ve run our successful F1® Beta Programme, where we invite a select number of you to the Beta to test and give us feedback on future projects. We are always impressed and thankful for the level of detailed feedback and enthusiasm you give us in these Beta programmes. So without further ado, it’s my pleasure to introduce this year’s sign up for the F1® Beta Programme! The sign up for this year’s F1® Beta is in a new place this time. You’ll find them right here in the forums themselves. To sign up to the closed Beta, you will need to head to your profile page. To get there; click on your forum name in the top right corner of any forum page and select “Profile” from the drop down menu. When on your profile page, click “Edit Profile”. You should be able to find the Beta Sign up section after the Social Media part. Please make sure that you read and fill everything out correctly and make sure you have access to the email address associated with your forum account.
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    Whilst I love the game, I will say that the lack of open and honest communication about its issues, in conjunction with the way Dirt 4 was handled post launch, is becoming a larger and larger issue for me. There’s a great game in here and I really hope to keep seeing content being added to it, but a few issues preventing it living up to expectations for some players. I think most noticeably the FFB and the weather and time conditions. But aside from the odd comment as a social media post or reply when community momentum demands it, there’s nothing forthcoming discussing the reasons for some of the changes, some of the things that might take longer and admitting some of the things we are asking for may not be possible. For a start; why is FFB lacking in the areas that people are asking about? There must be a logical reason, either a choice or change in the physics late in development affecting it. What’s the plan with it? Trying older versions? Getting in an expert like with DR1? Same with weather and time. How is it generated? Can we have any hope for new times (morning or afternoon) and changes to the way weather is assigned? Why are there certain times of day with only a single weather condition and others with four and why was the Dirt 4 system discarded? A choice for online play leaderboards? Using an earlier branch and Dirt 4 conditions weren’t compatible? What was the thinking behind the ‘iris effect’ making the shadows unreasonably dark in daytime? Is it something that could be toggleable or changed or is it a fundamental part of the engine version that can’t be addressed in this version? I don’t honestly mind the answers, it’s the lack of communication that bothers me. Assetto Corsa questions about night and rain: “it’s not possible, the engine only supports one light source”. OK then. Raceroom requests for offline multi class: “we can do the code for in game no problem (here are some screens) but we don’t have anyone to do the UI changes at the moment”. OK then. Il2 people wanting heavy bombers: “we have to model each crew position, a new flight model and for the same work we can do 4-6 regular aircraft. Limitations to maps and the draw distance means we couldn’t do it as well as we’d like to”. OK then. Now I admit, Codemasters seems to court players that wouldn’t read this level of depth, but there are plenty of us who will do. Heck, even DR1 had much better comms and was open about what couldn’t be changed within the engine.
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    This is fixed for the next update! As we've mentioned elsewhere, this is something we're looking into currently. We know there's been a lot of feedback about FFB, and it's with our handling team for investigation. Other things we're currently working on: - The grip issue off the start line - Game 'blurriness' - Fixing audio cut outs (something we thought we'd fixed but then saw re-occur, so we're really sorry that's been the case) - Game crash issues - Windscreen wiper duplication - Other misc fixes And of course, our RaceNet team are working on Clubs and competitive multiplayer.
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    Hi guys, This is a link to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ05BZF9F6q2xKyV6viCBGg I will be sharing all the setups I create on DiRT Rally 2.0. So if you cant be bothered or just don't know how to tune then this channel will eventually be a one stop shop for you. I've currently completed 8 cars for the 6 locations in the game and all the setups are CAPABLE (not guaranteeing as every player has a different skill set) of top 10 times without a heavy sweat session. The 2 latest videos also include Monaco, for cars already done before the location drops I will do a separate video for all DLC locations after the final location drops. The plan is to tune every car in the game for every location and have them all capable of a top 10 time. This however will take some time. My current rate of production is 1-2 cars per week. If you like the setups obviously please show your appreciation with a like just so I know I'm still on the right track with the setups. If you want to keep up to date with the latest setups I've done, either subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or follow me on Twitter. Good luck on the stages!! SHOWNDOWN H1 FWD - 3 way split screen, pitting my H1 tunes against each other.
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    Hey all! I should have some beta info for you soon. I've got a couple of little things to finalise first.
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    Hi all! As always, you can find this on our blog here as well. DEFEAT YOUR RIVALS IN F1® 2019 We are very happy to announce that F1® 2019, the official videogame of the 2019 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™, is coming a full two months earlier into the F1® season and will launch worldwide on Friday 28th June 2019! To whet your appetite (just a little…) and celebrate today’s announcement we’ve released a trailer, which showcases some of the game’s brand new look and feel. You can check it out right here: For those of you who might know the F1® calendar off by heart, this will, of course, mean that game will be released during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend and, unlike previous iterations, ahead of the British, German and Hungarian Grands Prix. F1® 2019 has been in development here at Codemasters for nearly two years, making it the most ambitious release in the franchise history and launches on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam). That’s not all though! Working in partnership with F1®, for the first time ever, you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of a 2019 regulation car specifically designed in collaboration with F1®’s technical team, headed up by Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds. The car, which will be available in Multiplayer, adheres to the 2019 regulations and comes with a range of livery designs offering you a new level of personalisation. We’ll be looking at this in more detail in the near future, but for now, you can take a look at these right here: The 2019 F1® Team liveries will also feature on the car in early marketing materials, but will be replaced by the final Team cars ahead of the games release. You can check these out at the bottom of the blog. We know that you love the F1® racing franchise, and we want to build on the success of previous iterations and deliver to you an experience that rivals the quality and production values of the real-life sport and includes several new game features which will be revealed in the coming months (so make sure you do keep it here for more!) “We are absolutely delighted to be able to release F1® 2019 earlier in the Formula 1® Season, so that the game can be played and enjoyed at the same time that the real-world championship picture is starting to form,” said Paul Jeal, F1® Franchise Director at Codemasters. “Our close relationship with Formula 1® has played a major part in achieving this key objective for the franchise. That in addition to our near two-year development cycle, has allowed us to develop some exciting new features and other firsts for the franchise that we can’t wait to share with our community in the coming months.” “The exciting collaboration with Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds has created new levels of player personalisation in F1® 2019 through the inclusion of the new regulation car,” said Lee Mather, F1® 2019 Game Director at Codemasters. “With the continued growth of the F1® series, it’s great to give players more control and new levels of car and driver customisation and we can’t wait to talk more about this alongside the new multiplayer features in the coming months.” We’ve got a lot of exciting things to reveal and talk about, so make sure you keep it here for the F1® 2019 news and details on all the new features.
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    Being happy with the current FFB isn't exclusive of not wanting better FFB. Currently? I think the FFB is fine, gives me plenty of information and details about the road & car on my G27. Would I like more details of the finer things going on? Sure. Without them does it mean I think the game is broken and not worth playing? Not by a loooong shot. Game is a blast, FFB is good enough for now, physics is awesome, and I've thoroughly enjoyed my first 100 hours in DR2.0 So just because this thread/poll will be obviously skewed since I can't think of a single person in any game that doesn't want better FFB, I'll be the outlier and vote NO. Since I don't want it fixed, I want it enhanced.
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    Some folks reading this will disagree with my writings, and downvote me or chime in with rhetoric that I am being negative etc., but really I am not trying to be. This is just honest feedback from a long time loyal supporter...so: Firstly - I have to wonder if enlisting Jon Armstrong was the best idea. They had a formula with DR1 - and it worked. While not a total fail, most of us agree that’s DR2.0 has fallen short of expectation across multiple levels, mainly FFB. It was advertised and talked about at length that through development, Jon was closely consulting with Codies regarding the driving model/design of DR2.0, specifically in relation to the handling model (which includes FFB). I have to wonder if this was a blessing or a curse? While the physics model is amazing, I can’t fathom how so many things with the FFB went awry. Outside of that - all the connectivity issues, audio issues, lighting issues, and various other bugs. The patch didn’t seem to remedy much of anything (we are now 15 pages deep on the patch bugs reporting thread post v1.2 update), and it would seem the game has suffered from poor sales; subsequently being reduced to $38 CAD on Xbox and PlayStation afternonly 1 month! 😳 WRC 7 is still priced at $69, and it has been out for 2 years! It is upsetting to see how this game had, and is being - lambasted across social media platforms...which has undoubtedly forced a price drop to incentivize additional sales. No one could have anticipated such a poor adoption rate this early on, especially given the pedigree of DR1 (best Rally game ever!). No question the game appeals to a ‘niche’ audience, most of whom are hard core Rally fans. To that end, PC adoption is key and that community seems less than happy with the current state of affairs. The console versions of this game, especially PlayStation version - seems like an afterthought in some ways. The price drop coupled with the seemingly widespread poor reception across all platforms concerns me becuase if the game is not generating revenue commensurate to projected sales, how much long term support will it see before they wash their hands of it? Simple business principles would suggest poor ROI = curtailing of resources. So here we are a month later...and many (most?) of us are left ‘wanting’ in some regard. The next update will be pivotal to ensuring the long term viability/success of DR 2.0. Lord knows I hope they get it right. I am still playing despite my frustrations, and I will continue to do so. Even though I am dismayed with some of the features (namely the FFB), I still picked up Monte Carlo to help support the cause. There are many redeeming qualities to this game, and as I have said numerous times now - the game has a great skeleton on which to build, but it’s lacking muscle in some key areas. With fandom fading, and WRC8 on the horizon, time is short - and so is the gaming community’s patience (unfortunately). I commend Codies for all they have done with Rally racing titles over the years, I sincerely hope they get the bugs ironed quickly, and bring this game up to speed before we realize a Rally nightmare : ‘TERMINAL DAMAGE’.
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    Hi all, as we've previously, we're still looking into this - as soon as we have an update on this, you'll all be first to know. As a lot of users have mentioned, there are different levels of feedback about the FFB - some are happy with it, some want some tweaking, and some people we're not sure what they want, but we know they're unhappy with it - so there's a lot of investigative work, tinkering and testing to be done. As soon as we're confident that we've got something more in-line with DiRT Rally's feel, we're planning on testing it with some of you - but I can't say when that will be yet! It all depends on how the work goes. It's not an easy job - it will affect all platforms, peripherals, surfaces, cars and disciplines - so whatever we bring, it *needs* to be thoroughly investigated and implemented.
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    So we have a fantastic new rally game. This time Codemasters got right most important thing, driving. They hired Jon Armstrong and Ryan Champion (who might be a "silent" hero with the handling of the older cars) and it paid off. They delivered the authentic and more nuanced handling model they were talking about. Pretty soon after Dirt 4 released I stopped playing it, because I didn't like the driving (there were some good cars). It doesn't matter even if game would be otherwise perfect: stages, graphics, no bugs etc. Just not interested playing it. For Dirt Rally 2.0 the development time wasn't that much longer than between dirt rally and dirt 4. Lot of people thought dirt 4 was rushed. Codemasters is gonna release games at fast pace no matter what. There are some bugs in the game (dr2). Of course I would like that there would be zero bugs. As a console (peasant) player on ps4 pro and xbox one x most of my gaming has been bug free. I don't know is there more problems on pc. On ps4 pro graphics are ok and also you never know if they prefer let's say some higher refresh rate physics than improving graphics. FFB is big problem for a lot people, deal breaker for some (maybe not playing at all) and patch is taking surprisingly long time. I hope there is 2 ffb presets(original, new) or that you can just add the effects for what we have now (if you want). I'm puzzled by the big drama (although I took part in little drama myself) that's going on twitter and forums, maybe not so much here but in other forums, because this time vs dirt 4 ,handling is good/stages good, everything else can be fixed. They are now even doing patches and looking into ffb. Obviously there should be more communication. That's all. Those were some wierd random points. These are just my opinions. Let's enjoy this great game!
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    Hi all, Please make sure you have fully and correctly filled out the beta sign up area of your profile. If it’s not correctly filled out your application may be rejected. As this is in your forum profile you do have the chance to double check you’ve filled everything out correctly. And the tick boxes at the end are important, so make sure you read the statements and tick once you’ve read them to show that you have read and understood/agreed with them. I will confirm later when we are due to close applications. Thanks to everyone that’s signed up so far! I’ve got a lot of reading to do!
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    Just want to thank You for the Monte Carlo Rally stages. I made a few runs with the Mini Cooper and Ford Escort and have big fun. It´s almost scary on those narrow icy roads. I finde there are too many negative posts in here and would like to cheer You up, This Rally sim is really good, but offcourse I look forward to the FFB fixes. But with the suggested file edits, found elsehwere around, I got decent FFB. Keep up the good work ☺️
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    I too think that this type of communication is one of Codemasters bigger mistakes. All the negativity after release could ONLY build up because there was no communication to calm it down. ESPECIALLY after what happened with DiRt 4 and its lack of communication. If this part of the industry was handled better I´m convinced it would have helped big time. I´m a bit dumbfounded anyway that the Community Manager goes on vacation during the week of release; the most important time for the game. Don´t get me wrong, I´m sure the pre-release-time was stressful (for everybody), and the vacation well deserved. But maybe Codemasters could have taken somebody else during the Community Managers absence to talk to the community ? Just one experience I had with another game in the last week: Grim Dawn released it´s newest Add On, Forgotten Gods. And sadly the patch that came with the Add On released with a bug that led to crashes. The designer of Grim Dawn was VERY quick to respond on the Steam Forums and their official Forum. He said they needed feedback regarding those crashes. After a couple of hours feedback came from the devs that they identified the issue. Some time later feedback they´re testing a fix. And again later that the fix will release post-haste (together with additional improvements). It was I think one day from the first crash-reports to a fix. I write this because there are many people who always write that "people will ALWAYS complain". That people nowadays are entitled and stuff like that. But during all that time in that crash-thread in Grim Dawn there was ZERO negativity towards the game or the devs. There was frustration that people couldn´t play, but not ONCE has anyone written "This is the last game I buy from you......" or "This game sucks......". And Grim Dawn has no small community; it has sold way over 1 Million copies at this point (and it´s only available on PC). So no, people don´t always complain. And I´m convinced that it would have been different if Crate (the developer of Grim Dawn) would have stayed silent or only written one sentence on Twitter "We acknowledge this bug". I know this more personal communication isn´t always possible; and I don´t expect a status report every couple of hours. But regular communication that comes from the devs themselves, and not only as part of an answer goes a long way to built goodwill towards your company. Goodwill that would come in VERY handy in more difficult times.....(like the release of DR2.0). I think Codemasters built up a LOT of goodwill during Dirt Rally 1s Early Access-phase and the game in general. But they also lost a LOT of that after DiRt 4. The Roadbook from March 20th was great. But that was almost 2 weeks ago......
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    It does already, it's called Online Multiplayer.
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    100% I did the same, and fact is, without any additional forces being applied (cornering, braking, accelerating etc.), just moving in a straight line on smooth tarmac I can feel road noise and tire contact...and I drive a crappy car to boot, lol Now, imagine driving a Rally car. 😳 It is completely unthinkable how this: 1) Was designed this way 2) Got through QC 3) We are being told that a ‘large’ (?) number of players like the FFB 4) Some people on this forum, and others, can actually defend it and say its acceptable 5) We go weeks without so much as a peep when the OVERWHELMING sentiment is unfavourable and your Community, (your fans, your customers, your patrons), are fading by the day. I know a fix is in the works, but it never should have been this bad to begin with, and Codies adopting the ‘no news’ strategy is clearly inciting the masses. Throw us a bone! How is it coming along? ETA for new code to be tested by some of the community on various platforms/wheels? In this case - silence is not golden - it’s annoying.
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    The updated Monte Carlo might be the best location in any rally game so far. Absolutely amazing. During a weekly bonus challenge in Monte, I saw a pile of snow fall down from the mountain on the road in front of my car on a night stage. Freaked me out so bad, I crashed 😄
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    Bad poll. "Do you want ffb fixed" isn't a fair question as it isn't broken. An appropriate question would be "Do you want additional ffb effects added" And I would like a couple of extra effects, however the ffb is currently feeling great in terms of informing me of the cars positioning etc, very accurate to real life, however as I'm not getting forces through the seat I wouldn't mind some additional noise effects. I use a tm t300 on ps4 pro. Sat 28 seems way to low to me. I run sat at 75
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    Respect is not meant to be given for free. It has to be deserved. I wouldn't say that releasing half-baked product (regardless it's nowadays trend) is enough reason to get respect. However I cannot see disrespect in posts. Commenting the situation is not a sign of disrespect. BTW 'Community Manager' is a role dedicated to communicate with community. Unfortunately I cannot say Christina manages anything. She is doing PR instead, ie she is stepping in only when there are positive things to say, otherwise stays mute.
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    @Fjacobsen I believe you are confusing negativism with criticism. With very few exceptions, people are voicing their concerns about what’s not working out for them, suggesting improvements, asking for fixes and new contents all in a respectful and constructive way. And this happens because people care about the game (and the money they’ve invested in it). I won’t congratulate CM for delivering the content that was promised and, in my case, pre-paid. But I’ll criticize them for not fixing the problems we’ve been denouncing since the game was launched, which in some cases are even game breakers! Adding sugarcoating on a burned cake won’t make it taste good... it will just look better.
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    im uploading all my setups to my youtube channel as and when I do them. All the setups i've uploaded so far are capable of top 10 stage times. I've only tuned 6 cars for all the locations so far as it does take some time to get the car feeling right for each location. Here is a link to my channel. hope it helps. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ05BZF9F6q2xKyV6viCBGg
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    In my opinion FFB is now, as it is better than in Dirt Rally. Jumping from game to game for me it's much more important to feel weight of the cars (as in Dirt Rally 2.0) than the cars feeling pretty much weightless and feeling super high detail on the road. Dr2 driving feels really enjoyable. Still surprised there isn't optional/canned effects for those, who like to feel thru wheel, effects what you might feel in a car(tyre slip etc.). I guess it will be fixed and FFB will be even better covering all the bases. I always thought that with a wheel Sébastien Loeb Rally was underappreciated. Now the funny thing is that etc r5 fiesta feels very similar (ffb and driving)in dr2 and slr. Slr is closer to dr2 than dr is. Other one helped by Sébastien Loeb and other by Jon Armstrong (+other drivers). Just some thoughts.
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    You act like you are being forced to buy the DLC. But you are not. So far I hear great reactions how people enjoy the Monte Carlo stages in DR2.0. Its more challenging and better due to better physics. Still don't see the issue "you pay twice!!!". Every year the street of Monaco are also in the F1 game, so than people who buy every year F1 games than paid 7 times the content or something? Or that the same tracks from pCars 1 are in pCars 2, or that some stages from WRC 6 are also in WRC 7, etc etc. Also next to that, it is not that magically the stages of Monaco take place in America or New Zealand or Russia, or that the iconic stages of the Monte Carlo are upside down. Finally, you NOT need to buy it. If people are happy to pay for it, than let them pay for it. The Season 1 content plans were revealed before the release, so you could easily cancel your pre-order for the Deluxe before it and just buy the day-one edition and after just buy the DLC you want. Again, no one is forcing you.
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    NO ONE is expecting 100 % perfection on release. How did you come up with that ? Because people are criticizing the game for the huge amounts of bugs the game released with ? People were simply expecting a WAY less buggy game. And most of the stuff I read here and on Steam is constructive criticism. Some may have a more snarky or cynical way of expressing these criticisms, but at least I can´t really blame them after what happens in the whole industry at the moment; and after what happened with Dirt 4 before DR 2.0. That game burned a lot of trust in many people (not talking about the "game is ****; Codemasters sux!!!!-kind of people). And people having no patience ? The video-game crowd is still one of the more forgiving ones. The video-game-industry is one of the few industries where the companies can get away with unfinished, buggy and even broken stuff on a regular basis. What I see is that more and more people getting angry because more and more games are released in an unfinished and/or buggy state. With less content/features than its predecessor (which is true for DR 2.0 as well regarding the base-package). With more and more crappy monetization. In my opinion it is a good thing that more and more people seem to speak out against these things. I agree that there should be respect for the devs themselves. I can imagine they´re having the most stress right now, to fix the stuff that only happened because of decisions being made by the higher-ups in the company. But I have not really a huge amount of respect for the people who decided that Dirt Rally 2.0 was good enough for release. Who decided to have an Always-Online-Career in the game. Who decided a staggered release was a good idea. Because these people don´t seem to have ANY respect for the money we pay.
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    Honestly... Codemasters is a business. They got developers and other staff hired that needs payment. Dirt Rally 2 is a new game - ok with some old, but refurbished stages added fra the older Dirt 1. If You didn´t buy the Deluxe version, You have to pay 3,49 euro to get Monte Carlo. Where I live You cannot even get a Hotdog for that price, so please be fair. The new physics are a big step forward compared to DR1, and that was considered very good. It´s a real shame that both the Stean Forum and this forum is so filled up with negative attitudes, when in fact it's a rather big step forward. I agree that FFB should have been better on release day, but I´m sure it will be fixed soon. The trend these days are, that people have no patience at all - if something isn´t perfect from day one, then it´s trash and people start to shout "Refund I have been cheated".Calm down and give the developers the time needed to make the proper fixes and enjoy what is enjoyable until then.