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    Knock, Knock... Hey DR3 Devs! I think it would be kind of you to say hi now and then, maybe introduce yourselves, tell us how YOU have been involved in real rally. Yes, we miss the old personalities that used to be here, but we would like to know you a little, like you actually care about who plays your games. This is not a rant, but the Gossip thread was FUELED by developers passion talking here and at least put a faces on the hard work that just ends up a line in the credits.
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    I understand that there is a base that probably prefers Discord but there is also a base that wants/prefers a spot on the forums so I think they should have both. The forums are important for users to be able to create an area to discuss a topic that interests or affects them, which you cannot do on Discord. Discord seems to function mostly as a hype machine and is not a replacement for a Dirt 5 subforum. I absolutely hope that future Dirt Rally and WRC games from Codemasters, do not go down this sole path on Discord. That would be a bad idea.
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    Andreas Mikkelsen Rally Hungary 2020 livery [ Download ]
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    As PJ pointed out, it's a live chatroom. Unless there's a bunch of sub chat rooms the main one can have up to a few hundred people all talking at once. The reason I dislike it for anything other than an interpersonal communications alternative to mobile phone data should be clear from that. It's a terrible way to catalog things, in the sense that you can ask a question and have it answered, but if anyone in the future searches for that question it's basically vanished into the ether. For instance, a while ago I played through Freespace 2, a 90's space fighting game. I had issue with the audio or something as I was adding modern mods to it, and there's a forum dedicated to it, but it's not very active. Had to use Discord to ask, and I got an answer, but in the future if I need to know that again I can't just search Google or the forum, I'll need to go back to Discord and ask again. You also can't make specific topics like on a forum, and the only people that can make sub chat rooms are the server owners. Therefore, with the recent news of limited wheel support, instead of having a specific thread for discussing it and knowing what wheels are and aren't supported, it's just a mess of noise and having to constantly repeat what wheels are/n't supported.
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    If you are a clean driver, you look for challenge and want realistic races this is the league. We are always looking for drivers, if you have what it takes join us. Our discord, https://discord.gg/xAxWhAf --- Time Schedule All these times are on Central European Time (Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Rome) https://time.is/en/CET Saturday - Practice & Qualifying 17:00 - 17:30 17:30 - 18:30 Sunday - Race 17:00 - 19:00
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    Ladies and gents, Last week we've past the 2000th bug report topic for this 4 months old game! This went by totally unnoticed, but as this has to be some kind of new record, I think some kinds of celebrations are in order. Of course, some of them got combined over time, so we might have crossed that milestone some time ago. We're now at 2157 topics and counting! so it's still going really well. Big shoutout to the guys having to read and respond to all of those, your job can't be easy at an average of 19 bug report topics a day. (For the record, I only counted the "Gameplay issues and bugs TA" topics, and not the "Systems and connectivity TA" topics, which would add another 300 topics to the mix) Everyone must feel really proud of reaching such a milestone. And this game keeps on exceeding expectations. Only last week we got the long-awaited return of the VSC glitch (https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/63166-bug-pc-vsc-bug-is-back/?tab=comments#comment-575541) and more and more new ones are getting introduced with every new patch. Big thanks to all those people finding time to file those bug reports. As you can see it's really helping. My suggestion for a celebration event is the release of a "2000 bug reports" themed helmet, gloves, and underpants DLC. But if you have any better ideas feel free to shout! I'm proud of you guys.
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    Introduction Not content with their football team being the talk of the country after their hugely unexpected promotion into the Championship, reaching the second tier of English football for the first time in their history, the town of Wycombe are now represented on the biggest motorsport stage of all - the Formula One grid. Wycombe Racing will adorn the same famous light and dark blue colours of their footballing partners, and while they're obviously going to be regarded as huge underdogs in the beginning, that particular tag has always sat well with the management of the Chairboys and it's no different now. The budget is inevitably small, with sponsors Distort pumping £4.7m into the team to set them on their way. The aim is to finish 8th in the Constructors' Championship, which would certainly represent progress in their first season in F1 and given the struggles of Williams, Alfa Romeo and Haas, is also pretty realistic on the surface. Most of the budget has been spent on a deal with Mercedes to become their engine supplier, giving Wycombe Racing one of the best engines on the grid from the get-go. However, early sim data suggests that serious improvements will need to be made in the aerodynamics and chassis departments, and a 7-day team building activity for the two departments ahead of the car reveal should improve morale and productivity. Mercedes themselves are obviously the team to beat, with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing the second best car on the grid and Racing Point not far behind. As for the second driver, well - the underdog story wouldn't quite be the same without hiring the mother of all underdogs, would it? The much-maligned Mahaveer Raghunathan takes the seat, and was promptly sent on a 5-day training camp in the week leading up to the Australian Grand Prix. It has the desired effect - Raghunathan's ability improves from 45 to 48 in the week, but the paddock is not expecting much from the man ridiculed during a slow error-strewn 2019 season at MP Motorsport in Formula Two. The trip to Melbourne is just around the corner, and with no acclaim in the paddock to speak of whatsoever, the world awaits the debut of Wycombe's inaugural F1 team. Author's Note: The AI are set to 94, which is roughly my level using a controller (I raced with AI around 90-92 on F1 2019). I race full sessions with simulation damage, no flashbacks and I will never restart - whatever happens happens and it's up to me not to nick my front wing on a slow Ferrari. Hopefully we'll have some fun - wish me luck!
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    I just find it dumb that there's an official CM forum and the gossip thread for D5 had to be split on it's own inside the Dirt Rally section because there's no official forum on the forum. Discord sucks as anything other than a chat room. I don't know why so many companies are using it in favor of forums which also facilitate chat.
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    So, I know this part of the forum often has users commenting on features of the game, things they'd like to see or that they dislike about the game. And just as much, we all know F1 is not perfect - not the RL sport nor the game - and there are lots that could be made better, but at the same time I feel like CM doesn't get enough praise for the things they get right in the game. Sure there are awards and reviews, but I felt it would be no harm to toss a topic over here as well. I've been playing F1 games for decades, from Sega Genesis games to the often-well remembered Grand Prix series by Geoff Crammond. PS1, PS2 games, and so on. And over all these years, many games have tried to recreate different aspects of the sport, from the physics to the TV-style presentation, the circuits, everything. And although I'm aware of the shortcomings of the medium, I have to say the current breed of F1 games really offers me what I want the most from the genre: booting up the game, loading up a championship season and going on gruelling long races against an AI that drives kind of like the real drivers would. I'm not one for Career modes or Multiplayer racing. My main focus is in championship modes, racing against drivers based on their RL selves, on RL cars. And on that, I can't praise CM enough for making a pretty consistent, solid experience for me. F1 2020 in particular has encouraged me to try several different combos of cars and tracks with those daily/seasonal challenges with their little rewards. Whenever I open the game, I always check that tab and come up with a different race under different conditions. That led me to try all the cars in the game, pretty much every track, and that has revealed the things I like the MOST about F1 2020. - The amount of content is great. The cars, the tracks, the daily challenges, the classic stuff. Often people say I could move to some other sim, just having to download thousands of mods to get all the tracks and cars right. I like doing that, sure, but at the end of a long work day, I just want some hours behind the wheel at times, you know. - The AI is not perfect, but boy does it put up some nice fights. Side by side over several corners, undercutting, and a general steady, solid pace. Coming from other race games which often have stuff like rubberbanding or way-too-often random crashes and spins, I really have to push myself to beat them. - Weather. Say what you will about physics, or how iRacing and AC are better sims or whatever, but nothing beats getting into a race completely unsure of how it's going to pan out. Weather forming up, threats of rain, sun suddenly popping from between the clouds. The atmosphere it gives to some races is amazing, and it often reminds me of my own experience at the racetrack, looking up and trying to guess what will come next - Graphically speaking, the game runs great on my years-old machine, whereas others like WRC, AC often have me dialing down the graphics to get a decent experience. There are lots of tiny details I love, the hand animations on the wheel, the rain effects, the late-afternoon lighting as you get closer to the end of a long race. Like I said, I know fans are often the most critical when it comes to talking about the game they play. And I do have my tons of criticisms and suggestions, things I'd love to see (or that I would love to have removed). But hey, these are super tough times, 2020 has proven to be a most challenging year for a number of causes, and yet I got a game that's been helping me cope with some of it by really providing me with great, absolutely great racing action. I guess I just really wanted to say that, among this sea of topics in this forum, that I hope the devs know they made a game that keeps some dude from South America happy af. Thanks Codies.
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    To give a brief update on this one here, we've managed to replicate this one internally and the issue is now with developers and are working towards diagnosing and resolving. Thanks for your patience on this issue.
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    Ford Fiesta R5 MK2 Adrien Fourmaux Renaud Jamoul Rali Terras d’Aboboreira 2020 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-fiesta-r5-mk2-adrien-fourmaux-renaud-jamoul-rali-terras-d’aboboreira-2020.36975/
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    Ford Fiesta R5 MK2 Gulf personal creation https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-fiesta-r5-mk2-gulf-personal-creation.36980/
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    Citroen C3 R5 Kris Princen Peter Kaspers BRC 2020 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/citroen-c3-r5-kris-princen-peter-kaspers-brc-2020.36979/
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    We have no exact date as of yet, however, we do have a fix in test at this moment in time. As long as all goes as expected in the testing, we should see it soon. Thanks all for the patience on this.
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    To be honest, codemasters wouldnt really have had a hand in pcars 3. Given how game development usually works, it would have been in deep development long before codemasters bought out slightly mad studios.
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    Welcome to the community feedback form for DIRT 5! If you are experiencing any problems with DIRT 5, this is the place to report it. Our Community team receive every report submitted via this form, which are then discussed with the wider DIRT 5 team to see if and how they can be addressed. SEND YOUR FEEDBACK HERE: https://forms.gle/ZraHaTN4ENtpksYN7 Using this process, we’ll be regularly updating players, on channels such as our official Discord and the Steam Forums, on what we’re looking at and any potential timelines on fixes, updates and patches. We have created this streamlined approach to reporting so that you can easily provide all the key information needed for the DIRT 5 team to investigate your issue, saving you time and increasing the likelihood of the issue being resolved. Before submitting your form, please ensure that you are playing the latest version of DIRT 5, with all relevant updates installed. If you are playing on PC, please ensure you have updated your drivers and are playing on a PC that matches the game's minimum specs, which are listed on the DIRT 5 Steam store page. Thank you for contacting us – every report is logged and investigated by the DIRT 5 and we appreciate your help in further improving the game!
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    Tried to capture a locked brake.... But then I noticed.... his eyes 🤣
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    Hi everyone, To update here, we currently have a fix for this in its initial testing phases. As always, testing can reveal issues with the fix that may delay it, however, this is something we are working toward resolving. Thanks for the patience on this one.
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    Heeey Codies Team, I bought this game today and it is sooooo fantastic. Dirt 5 is muuuuch better than I expected 🙂 I love this game so much, I love the Career mode. The AI on very Hard is really challenging, I wish they can be a bit harder 🙂 and I also wish the Replay Mode will come back, I loved the Replays in Dirt 2 and Dirt 3. You did a very good Job Please fix the AI, on some Events they are tooooo easy even on very hard, add the Replay Mode and also fix the Performance issues, it runs overall smooth with my rtx 2060 super, but on some corners on a few tracks there are FPS drops. I am soooo excited for the Future from this game 🙂 This game is so cool 🙂 all Colin Mcrae Rally and Dirt Games are amazing. 😉
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    Two new liveries for folks who like classic cartoons. http://www.photo622.com/crdigidr2.html or https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/dirt-rally-2-0.184/
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    We had this argument early on, just before the Dirt 5 announcement, which settled the direction Codies were taking the game. I actually really loved Dirt 4 for its realism (I found it a better rally sim than DR1 because the cars had weight and tighter steering). And I appreciated the random stage generation aspect, warts and all. But I've made peace with the direction they've taken Dirt 5. If you are talking about Codies "responding in a meaningful way to an encouraging trend", I doubt that Codies have failed to read the market properly. If its a suggestion that they take a commercial hit in favour of realism and integrity, well doesn't make much sense - especially when they have the Dirt Rally franchise intact and in a superbly realistic position. So I'm happy with Dirt 5 being the lightning rod for commercial sensibilities, crass atmosphere, hideous colour schemes, all that jazz. When it (hopefully) allows for Dirt Rally to go further into the realm of photographic, simulation, mud splattered rally realism.
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    I'm still trying to work out why the planned arcade game, Dirt5, is a joke down the toilet.... is this because you wanted another sim game, from a game that's never been sim? Wouldn't you benefit from the boon of simulation in that arcade is not being served? You can't just predict what will happen in ~3 years time when you start developing a game. 🙄
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    Yeah, I never got mad when people copied my designs to RBR or other games. Many times I even send the templates to them so they can rework them (New sponsors, slight changes, etc). Even when I got copied IRL, I usually sent an email or pm to the guy to introduce myself and talk about my work. I gathered a lot of clients that way as well, but damm it, we don't all work the same 🙂 Cheers
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    @Turtlemoose F1 cars use toe in in the rear axle and that's what you're adjusting on the respective slider. Haha I doubt you'd be able to stay within track limits for long on any change of direction if you were to run around with toe out on the rear wheels – and this goes from adjusting your racing line on a straight to exiting a corner. Toe in is all about stability. Toe out is set with your car's responsiveness in mind and that comes at play on the front axle in a F1 car. You add some toe in to the rear wheels and your car will feel more planted and disinclined to oversteer – maybe even risking understeering too much if not properly setup. For tyre wear you should aim for a neutral toe as an angle of any kind (in or out) results in you dragging part of your tyres over the tarmac. The tyre rolling axis or so to say is not perfectly aligned with the movement direction. Slider to the right: more toe, regardless if toe in or toe out. Slider to the left, less toe, regardless if toe in or toe out. Camber should "stay on the right" to avoid tyre wear. It is just the way the UI is presented but if you read the in-game description it gets clear as day: F1 cars (and pretty much any racing car) use negative camber adjustments to set a proper contact patch between tyre and tarmac at all times. Negative camber makes the bottom of the wheel stick out to the outside of the car so that when you make a turn and the car rolls sideways, leaning on the outside wheels, these wheels have good grip on the track. Your mileage may vary but to me personally after I've spent some 20 or more minutes adjusting my setup, sometimes it is a single click on toe or camber settings that does the trick. Tyre pressure is not that simple neither unless you're playing on Time Trials, where the tyre will never give on you. Tyre pressure is all about how rigid of a structure you have on your rubber. High tyre pressure will give you a more rigid tyre that won't flex much when the car rolls. On one hand your wheel will be more responsive to any steering input and with the little flexing it is doing it won't wear out as much as a result of physical abrasion with the tarmac, but you will have less rubber on the track and thus less grip as the tyre won't hug the track as well. The increased pressure may result in a hotter tyre too. Low tyre pressure will give you a softer structure that will flex and hug the tarmac better. On one hand your grip will be as good as your suspension geometry allows it and have a lower general temperature. On the other so much flexing will increase the rubber patch being worn by the constant scrubbing against the asphalt, increasing tyre wear. Bear in mind that high pressure is conducive to higher tyre temperature, but the tarmac abrasion your lower pressurized tyres have increases the temperature too. Tyre wear has two sources: tyre degradation from heat and physical abrasion from the scrubbing against the track. Edit: Forgot this bit. Set the off-throttle diff to 100 and go for a lap on Barcelona and then set it on 50 and go for another lap. The difference will pop up easily. The amount of understeer you'll get with a locked off power diff. makes it impossible to drive on circuits with tight turns.