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    In 1995 Colin McRae achieved the ultimate honour in rallying and added his name to the history books as a racing legend. 25 years on, re-live his momentous career this Spring with the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack, coming to DiRT Rally 2.0 on March 24 and FREE to all Season owners. View the official announcement on Codemasters.com Read more detailed information on the Codemasters Blog
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    Right @KryspaPL, @dani211212, @Malling, @Snoopy43, @RintasTimppa, @RookieOne and @PJTierney (and anyone else with any interest in Subaru rally cars), gather round, because I have a snippet of Impreza information for you... ...so, as I mentioned earlier, I have been asking around for a while now to try and figure the "S" number thing out and, after posting on a rally page on Facebook, I was given a couple of names to contact. One of those names was Martyn Spurrell: Martin was an engineer for Prodrive during the SWRT-era, former MD at Autosportif, Impreza WRCar owner and now deals in rally cars, so he knows his stuff. I sent him a message a few days ago and heard nothing until earlier this evening. Martin confirmed that Prodrive used the S5 designation for the WRC97, WRC98 and WRC99 Impreza rally cars. Much like the Audi "S1 E2" thing, he has seen the wrong S4 (and now S3) designation spread around the internet (and into print media as well), but there isn't really a lot he can do to correct it (he has pointed out that several ex-Prodrive guys have posted about it online, but they have gone unnoticed). What Martin says ties in with the Impreza WRCar specification list on Subaru WRC Spares, which starts at S5, but raises another question: why do the numbers start at S5? Well it turns out Prodrive used an "S" designation for their earlier Subaru rally programs; S1 was the Group A Legacy, S2 was the Group N Legacy and S3 was the Group A Impreza. Considering that each of these individual cars had the same "S" number for their entire lifespan, it kind of makes sense that Prodrive applied S5 to the WRC97, WRC98 and WRC99 as each were minor evolutions of the original World Rally Car design, where the WRC2000 was a complete ground up redesign. And S4? There wasn't one. Prodrive skipped it and neither Martin, nor anyone else he knows from Prodrive, has any idea why!
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    Hi everyone, Patch 1.20 is now available on all platforms. Please see summary of patch below to see what has been updated. GENERAL - Safety car deployment frequency has been adjusted so that it is more likely to come out within race sessions GENERAL - Addressed an issue where the Logitech G29 rotary dial could not be assigned in a clockwise direction GENERAL – Further Stability Issues LEAGUES - Users can now save between sessions in private leagues LEAGUES - Users can now add reserves in private leagues XBOX – Keyboard Support has been added CAREER - Addressed an issue where progress would not be saved in Practice 1 in Australia of a new career CAREER - Addressed an issue where a selected team-mate would change if the user exited the game before completing Practice 1 in Australia of a new career CAREER - Addressed an issue where DNFs would incorrectly show with the fastest lap indicator in the season results tab CAREER - Addressed an issue where Butler and Weber would appear after skipping the F2 Feeder Series if the user quit in Practice 1 of Australia CAREER - User will now be warned before purchasing upgrades towards the end of a season if the department has experienced a regulation change MULTIPLAYER - Addressed an issue where the camera selection would not save if selected in a multiplayer session SPECTATOR - User can now enable the track map for the session they are spectating EVENTS - Users can now manually navigate through the weekly event prizes With the release of Patch 1.20, there are several new community requested features and improvements to the game. After reading your feedback on communication, I've highlighted and explained our most significant changes in our first ‘deep-dive’ patch notes. These notes will cover the new ‘Reserves’ and ‘Save Session Progress’ features in Leagues, parameters to the Xbox Keyboard Support well as further details on the changes to Safety Car deployment behaviour. League Improvements and Functionality: League Improvements have been split into two main features; Reserves Improvements and the addition of Save Session Progress. Walk-throughs are here: Save Session Progress: 1. Create (or edit) your league as normal, ensuring that your ‘Progression Format’ is set to ‘On Demand’ 2. After adding your tracks, you are met with the ‘Format’ screen. Scroll right to the ‘Weekend Structure and AI Difficulty’ tab and at the bottom, ensure ‘Save Session Progress’ is enabled. The rest of the settings are unaffected, so you can run Private AND public leagues with this new feature. 3. Create league and invite friends to the league. 4. Play through your first session and complete as normal. 5. Upon attempting to progress to your next session, a minimum player confirmation message will appear. For the session to continue, this message will need approval from at least 1 player with the minimum role of ‘member’ and one player with the minimum role of ‘admin’ to continue. 6. Should there not be enough levels of approval, the league will return to the ‘League Summary’ screen and be paused until players of the minimum levels of ‘Role’ are in the session to advance the league. NOTE: Remember, attempting to progress to your next session, approval will be needed from at least 1 player with the minimum role of ‘member’ and one player with the minimum role of ‘admin’ to continue. Also, Reserves and Non-Member Spectators cannot influence the advance of the league session. Reserves: This new feature ensures leagues can now function more to the players desires and make sure that there are requirements to proceed without affecting the league for others. Reserves: Reserves have been added into to ensure smoother running of the leagues format. How to add reserves is below: 1. Create (or edit) your league as normal, ensuring that your ‘Progression Format’ is set to ‘On Demand’ 2. After adding your tracks, you are met with the ‘Format’ screen. The league will need to be set to ‘Private’, and then change ‘Player Reserves’ to enabled. You have the option of choosing the ‘Reserve Scoring’ to suit league preferences. Please note that this feature is disabled by default, so it needs to be manually added to the league. 3. Invite users to the lobby. 4. When a non-member is invited to the lobby, they now join without a role as an ‘unassigned’ participant in the session. A player with the role of either ‘Admin’ or ‘Owner’ must assign the new player as a reserve for them to be able to participate in the session. However, with this being a new feature, this is criteria to make sure this works correctly for you. These are: · This feature cannot be added into current leagues; you will have to create a new league for this feature to be enabled. · If a reserve scores points in leagues, they will be credited with the points in the race standings and results screens. However, in terms of the championship, the reserves points are assigned to the member they have replaced for that event. · If the original league member joins the game before the event starts, they will take the place back from the reserve. However, if the original league member joins after the event has started, the reserve will complete the event on their behalf. Safety Car Updates: · Safety Car deployment has been updated, with the objective of making it more likely to deploy when it would be expected to. As a result of these changes deployments should be more frequent than they were previously. · We have made improvements to the system that detects obstructions on track, allowing us to more reliably recognise large incidents and deploy the Safety Car accordingly. · We’ve also increased the chance of a deployment for both VSC and SC following a car suffering terminal damage. · 25%, 50% and 100% race distances have identical deployment rules, except maximum number of deployments which are 2, 5 and 6 respectively. This is designed so that you would still get most of the race session being at racing speed, rather than spending a large proportion under Safety Car conditions. · The maximum number of Safety Car deployments has been decided based on real-life Formula 1 records, with the most Safety Cars ever in a race being 6 at the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix Other Notes: · Keyboard Support for Xbox has now been added. To enable this, simply add a keyboard to your Xbox setup and configure your preferred mapping for commands in the controls screen. · With some wheels, that have far more complicated setups and more buttons to map, we cannot assign these extra inputs accordingly. The reason for this is lack of first party support for these extra buttons. I hope this gives you a clearer way to enjoy the additions to leagues and improves the general performance of the Safety Car. If there are issues, please feel free to contribute to an existing/ add a new topic in 'Technical Assistance' using the correct format (Questions answered and clear title) whenever possible. A good example of the correct bug reporting format is here. This ensures we get all the information we need to replicate and investigate your issue. Many thanks, Barry
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    It's been on our to-do list for months but is a notoriously tricky bug to reproduce (and thus fix). I had it once on Xbox, but going back to Main Menu and restarting the Stage cleared it up. Try Irish:
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    ya, plus the 2000cc class already has 7 cars and two imprezas, whereas Group A just has 4 and 1 Impreza. anyways, for me ideally it would be: Group A: Impreza 95, Legacy, Delta, Escort Early 00cc: Impreza 98, Evo VI, Focus 01, Impreza 01, 206 Late 00cc: Fabia, C4, Focus 07, Impreza 08
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    From what I've seen, there are sections of Scotland you'll be swearing at for weeks. (Not unlike when you visit Scotland and people swear at you for weeks).
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    Scotland will be available everywhere if you have the FLAT OUT pack (which of course means that if you have a Season you can play it too).
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    I've paid ~£20 for DLC in this. For that, I got: - 6 remastered versions of DR1 venues, 5 of which I consider to be big upgrades (Greece, Monte, Wales, Germany, Sweden) and 1 disappointment (Finland) - 1 brand new location (Scotland) - 2 remastered Group B RWD cars - 2 brand new Group B RWD cars (M1 and 911) - 4 remastered 2000CC cars (Focus 01, Impreza 01, C4 and Focus 07) - 4 brand new 2000CC cars (206, Impreza S14 and Fabia, Impreza 98) - 2 remastered F2 cars (Ibiza and 306) - 1 brand new F2 car (Golf MkIV) - 1 brand new Group A car (Legacy) - 1 brand new RGT car (M2) - A bunch of RX stuff I have no interest in If I had paid that amount for just the stuff listed as 'brand new' above (~20-30km stage mileage and 9 cars that haven't existed in DiRT games before) and all the remastered content I mentioned was free, I'd say I've got good value for money there. As you say, you also get all the RX stuff if that floats your boat too.
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    @BarryBL My suggestion going forwards is that there could be an option in settings that we can set to decide how sensitive the safety car is or possibly what the maximum number of deployments per race is. That way everyone, both the people who want realism and the people who want a slightly more arcade no SC approach, is happy.
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    Nice car list here! But i have one question, hows Red Bull Ring new to GRID ? GRID 2: Red Bull Ring track was in base game Paris city track was in base game GRID Autosport: Red Bull Ring track was in base game Paris city track was in base game GRID 2019: Red Bull Ring track DLC Paris city track DLC Why didnt you included those tracks in game from the start? Its not hated comment, its good to have more tracks to play on!
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    Quick off-topic to say stuff like this is why this forum is an enjoyable place to be - in too many corners of the internet you don't find this 🙂
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    If this is the final DLC then all I can say is thank you to Codemasters for creating such a masterpiece. Its given me hours and hours of fun (and frustration!). Most Iconic rally cars are featured and the dev really have listened to the community feedback
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    Bear in mind that all car names are approved by the manufacturers, and I’d trust SUBARU to know which car it is 😉
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    What the **** are you talking about!?!?!? How can it be unplayable if it hasn't been released yet??? All this stuff comes out on 24th March. Can't you read? It is even written in the name of the topic for those like you. This DLC will be the best they have ever released to this game. It would be good if you deleted this post.
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    Hi @sloppysmusic, Interesting points made. On "For example is there anything to stop buddies teaming up in an online race with fixing the result by whoever trails after a certain amount of time deliberately crashing on track and causing havoc just to bring an SC out to guarantee a victory for his chum?" By your quote, that sounds very 'crash-gate' Piquet/Alonso to me, so the realism is there for sure 😛 Joking aside however, as well as the SC deployment rate, we have improved the system for detections of on-track obstructions, as in the Deep Dive. We chose these numbers (2 for 25%, 5 for 50% and 6 for 100%) based on not just real-life events and records, but also a way to keep the player involved in the racing. In our opinion, no-one would want to spend all of their race behind a Safety Car. Our overall aim is to have the SC and VSC deploy intelligently, and get people back to racing speed as soon as its safe on track (like the real-life F1) If however, you have any examples of erratic deployment that is not reflective of the racing action, we are looking for feedback on our improvements. 👍
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    No Peugeot 307 CC WRC please, that belongs in the speedboat class
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    I did a little research, just as i did with the locations the last time, although i could have made quite some mistakes this time. I kinda checked the amount of WRC/2000cc cars. I only added the Lancer Evo VI for obvious reasons. (A) stands for Group A, (N) for Group N, and (S) for Street Although i could have added three group N cars for DiRT 2, there were no WRC/2000cc cars or class in that game. So it felt a bit pointless to add them in the list. Despite all the WRC/2000cc cars in DR2.0 are all payable DLC, it has the biggest amount of cars of all games with 9, which is more than double the average, especially if you not count the Group N replacement cars. Interestingly (and imo) CMR 2.0 follows with a great line-up of 6 cars. The difference with it, is that all those 6 cars are from the same era, as in DiRT 2.0 they are from a wide range of years. I think on that aspect CMR 2.0 scores better. Talking about era/timelines. The cars in DR2.0 competed official in which years: Some interesting points: - This really shows that the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI belongs to the 2000cc class. - You could really say that there are two eras of WRC/2000cc in DR2.0. One around the millenium, and one at the end of the 00's. - A lot people said the S4 (S5) Impreza not has enough friend to play with, but if the Lancer would be added to the class, than it has 3 friends. - On the other side, the Fabia has almost no friends in the mid 00's era. Actually the game lacks of mid 00's WRC cars. The game could really use f.e. the Focus (2003-2005), the Impreza (2003-2005), the Xsara (2001-2006), the Peugeot 307 WRC (2004-2005) and/or the Lancer (WRC04/WRC05) More WRC/2000cc cars? I think for now it not will happen, though i see the potential of a WRC history game. I don't know if it is difficult to get the license from WRC for this 1997-2010 era. But for more WRC cars in the future there might be potential, depending on relationship with manufacturers and things like that. - Ford Escort WRC. The Group A version is already there, so the base is ready. I don't know if the car would need a lot of work to be converted into WRC spec. Licensing shouldn't be the most difficult with Ford. - Ford Focus WRC (2003-2005). Similar story as with the Escort, as the 2001 could be potentially used as an base. But it would need a lot of more work. - Mitsubishi Lancer WRC. Interesting though, there have always been Mitsubishis in the game, but always Group N and A spec cars if I am correct. If one will come, probably it would be need to build from scratch. - Peugeot 307 WRC. I wouldn't say impossible, but would possible also need to be build again from scratch (it was in CMR DiRT, don't know how usefull that still could be). - SEAT Cordoba WRC. I also would say it isn't impossible, also with the kitcar and a RX Supercar in the game. But again, fully scratch build. - Skoda Octavia WRC. Long time it seemed that Skoda would be impossible to join, but in DR2.0 the Fabia R5 and WRC arrived suprisingly. If that means the Octavia will come in the future aswell? - Subaru Impreza (03-05 & 06-07). They would need to be scratch made aswell. Licensing should also not be the biggest problem with all the Subaru already in the game. - Citroën Xsara WRC. Seems difficult, the licensing seems pretty hard. Who knows it might got easier now that Citroën stept out of WRC. It is actually the only real WRC car that is missing in the game in which Colin has competed active with on the WRC stages) - Hyundai Accent WRC. Hyundai seems not possible for now to license. - Toyota Corolla WRC. Seems also not to happen that Toyota would make a return due to history. - Suzuki SX4 WRC. I have no idea.
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    Any chance we can get some word on the Rallycross AI issues in the game? I've posted the same things in about 3 different bug reporting threads now going back to at least 1.10, and since 1.13 is a fair amount of time away it would be nice to know whether any changes are even being considered. If you compare the RX AI to the first DiRT Rally, or hell, even DiRT 4, the difference is night and day, and not in a good way... It's all very well having 13 tracks and a great selection of cars to play with, but when the AI pace is inconsistent between tracks, even inconsistent between the race you're in and the AI times from other heats, not to mention their visual pace in some corners (I'm looking at YOU Abu Dhabi hairpin), in addition to the AI's Joker lap decisions, ranging from the laughable (1st lap when they're in the lead - hello!?), to the arbitrary (3 cars Jokering at once all in a line), it's got to the point where there's honestly not much point playing offline or career Rallycross, at all, which is a crying shame. To leave offline Rallycross in this state when support inevitably ends would be a massive disservice, especially to Season 1-4 owners who can't get the most out of the RX content they payed extra for. I'm basically begging at this point for some AI changes to come in 1.13. Help me @PJTierney, you're my only hope!
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    I was ready to grab my wallet out my pocket at 2pm but then I saw free and slowly put it away hoping no one at codemasters saw it
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    This is exactly the kind of communication we need when patches are released! I'm truly impressed! Keep up the amazing work @BarryBL !!!
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    They bought Slightly Mad Studios, who already use laserscanned tracks IIRC, so if Codemasters does not eventually laserscan all tracks of the F1 calendar, they'll lose a huge marketing point and some hardcore petrolheads might move along and never come back to this franchise ever again. I'm sure that i certainly won't come back ever again, if the F1 franchise does not improve significantly for the next gen Ps5/XboxSeriesX version. Either way, now please do a poll where we get the question whether or not Codemasters SHOULD laserscan tracks in the future, that would be interesting to know how the community stands upon this topic. Imo, official licence should include laserscanned tracks too, no excuses.