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    I know Kankkunen is credited with the line (and I am well aware of his career) but, as brilliant a driver as he was, the statement is daft and I am tired of seeing it repeated ad nauseam on forums and social media, when it is utterly nonsensical. Group B was an incredible time for car development, but that "...Group B for men" line is ignorant of pretty much everything that has gone before and come after Group B. Group A cars were beating Group B stage times just a few years after the banning of Group B and the current crop of cars would run rings around any period Group B machinery. The current driver stable is as talented and committed as those of any era and to promote the idea that they are not is both harmful to the sport and disrespectful to those competing now. What annoys me more is that, instead of remembering the incredible legacy of Group B for what it was, its memory is being tainted by this distorted rose-tinted view and misguided belief that rally never has - and never can be - as good again (and this opinion is frequently held by people who weren't even old enough to see a Group B car in action). Oh, and if Group B was "just for men", how does Michelle Mouton fit in?
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    I've been playing the F1 games since last March. In that span, I've racked up close to 900 hours on both 2018 and 2019, winning multiple AOR league racing championships in the process. I consider myself to be an above average driver, not the fastest by any means, but definitely capable of putting down some solid lap times. Over my year of sim racing I've also dabbled in several other sims, mainly iRacing and Assetto Corsa. Having played all 3 games quite intensively, I've noticed what I enjoy about each game and where they excel. After coming back to F1 after playing the other two for several months, it really leaves a lot to be desired. Please don't get me wrong, F1 2019 is a great game, but it isn't without it's faults and there are some things that need to be done way better. There are several main points that I'll be going over, which if improved, will drastically increase the quality of the game. I'll be referencing iRacing and AC quite often throughout as I feel like Codemasters could learn a lot from how these two simulations implement certain aspects. Force feedback/tyres These two go hand-in-hand as the what the tyres are doing is directly translated through the force feedback. While this is area that has drastically improved over the years, it still has a long way to go. My biggest issue is that you can never properly feel when the car is on the edge of grip. I've lost count of the amount of times I've spun with absolutely no warning that I was about to lose traction. When you're driving the fastest circuit cars in the world, you absolutely need to be able to feel when you're on the edge of grip. The understeer enhanced feature is definitely not the way to go with this. In iRacing, when you're pushing the car hard, you can feel and hear where the edge is, allowing yourself to extract the maximum from the car. You'll notice I said hear and this is a pretty crucial aspect. In both iRacing and Assetto Corsa, your tyres will quite literally be screeching at you as you near the edge of their grip. The feel part is hard to explain, but whatever they're doing differently in their FFB allows you to toe the line better than the F1 games. Anyone who has played either will understand what I'm talking about. Locking up your tyres in real-life racing is a huge no-no, but in F1 2019, it's not punished at all. This creates unrealistic driving styles that completely ruin the immersion, similar to how people were exploiting high rear ballast systems in F1 2018. I like the direction Codemasters are heading with the FFB, but it is one area that needs to be focused on. Sound Checkout this short clip of the RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021 mod for Assetto Corsa. This is a community created mod and it captures the sound of an F1 car infinitely better than any of the F1 games. The cars in F1 2019 sound very flat and lifeless. Notice how aggressive the 2021 car sounds on the downshifts, listen to the turbo and ERS noises, IT'S SO GOOD. It amazes me how a mod team can create something better than a full-fledged game studio that specializes in racing games. When comparing the RSS mod to the honda engine in F1 2019 (the engine the RSS mod is based off), it's honestly a bit of a joke. The Renault engine, in my opinion, is the best sounding in 2019, but when you compare it to the one in real life it sounds nothing alike. Increasing the realism and sound quality of the cars will be a huge step in increasing the immersion in F1. At the moment, they're really nothing impressive at all. Continuing on my from previous point above regarding tyres, they need to be more dynamic in terms of sound. As we're driving virtually, we need as much information as possible from our eyes, hands and ears. HUD This game desperately needs a virtual mirror. Having to use the look back feature to watch for overtaking cars is absurd. Of all the racing simulators I've played, F1 is the only game that doesn't feature a virtual mirror. It's stupid to have use the look back feature as you're approaching a heavy braking zone at 300+ km/h. Having a virtual mirror will allow better battles on track as drivers will have much better awareness of what's going on around them. 2019 took a huge step in the right direction with the introduction of being able to customize your HUD, but they need to take it a few steps further. In iRacing, I use a piece of software called "Joel Real Timing". This application allows me to create an overlay that I can display on my screen while racing. These overlays can include a massive amount of information including a track map (iRacing doesn't have this by default), full leader boards with gaps, deltas, pit stops, fastest laps, average laps, along with custom fuel calculators. Basically, you have enough information to fill your entire screen. F1 2019 pales in comparison. At the very least, give us a leader board that shows all 20 drivers and the intervals between. Having a track map is awesome, but I want to be able to see how many seconds the car I'm chasing down is ahead, at ANY GIVEN TIME, not at the beginning of a sector or the start of a lap. I want to be able to see how many tenths I'm gaining a lap and I want to be able to see how many laps into his stint he is. This is basic information and I'm honestly having a hard time going back to the game after being spoiled with this in iRacing. The next point is a bit nit-picky but nonetheless, is something I'd like to see. In the t-cam view, you can see exactly how much throttle and brake you're giving. When driving in cockpit, this information is gone. Why? Can this not be part of the custom HUD elements that we can drag wherever we want on screen? ERS This has been another point of controversy ever since it's been added. The system we have now works, but it is not realistic and requires WAY too much micro-managing. To maximize your lap times, you really need to be adjusting your ERS on the majority of corners, particularly low-speed. Some find this fun and it is rewarding once you get it figured out, but as Lando Norris said in one of his youtube videos, it's simply not realistic. I can totally understand the difficulty in trying to replicate this system, as it's likely that every team has a different mapping for each track, but there has to be a way to make this easier to manage in a race scenario. I think we definitely need to have an overtake/push to pass button for maximum deployment (similar power to setting 4 - overtake in the MFD) and we should be able to cycle between two modes (they could be called deploy and harvest). Then, it would just be matter of selecting harvest through slow sections and before big braking zones and then using deploy through high-speed corners and straights. Obviously the system would need to be a lot more fine-tuned than this, but I think that would be a better direction to go than what we currently have. To conclude While this post may just seem like I'm sh*tting on the F1 games, I assure you, it's coming from a place of love. I see so much potential in these games and I just find they're lacking in very basic elements. I haven't touched on physics as that is something Codemasters has done quite well. They've found a really good balance between simulator and arcade. F1 cars are incredibly hard to drive and the physics are realistic enough that you are punished for your mistakes, but the cars are totally drive-able. If anyone has tried the McLaren in iRacing, you'll understand where I'm coming from. That car is an absolute chore to drive and I don't find it fun at all. Codemasters have found the sweet spot where it comes to realism and driveability, giving you a fairly fun F1 experience. It is by no means perfect, but I think that with a great team of developers these games can be turned into masterpieces. Spend less time on the stupid DLC packs and the gimmicky stuff that nobody cares about and invest more on what matters the most, the driving experience.
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    Born in 69 so I saw Group B come through. I remember going to Chatsworth loads of years. There was a long straight with a hairpin and we thought there was no way Salonen would be able to stop his 205 in 84 with the speed he had but he did it. And the sight of Mikkola's head jolting back under acceleration in the S1 Audi was amazing. Loved the days before as well with the Chevettes, Mantas, Talbots etc. And the sound of the Stratos echoing through Clipstone forest. Wonderful. The current WRC cars are no less exciting though, the footage from last year's Finnish rally is jaw dropping. Each era has it's rose tinted views but still the driver's got the best out of their machines.
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    I am disappointed to see anyone on this forum repeating this stupid statement. I expect the posters here to know better.
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    I mean, what "support" do you expect for DR1 at this point or even D4? You won't be getting updates to those games, the final chapter closed on them a long time ago and the resources will be focused on future content or supporting the current title. If you wait years before buying the game, don't be surprised when you show up that it has little to no ongoing support. DR2 is sunsetting "major" support to the title barring any serious issues that get introduced with the McRae Flatout pack in a few weeks. They've supported it with tons of DLC and patches; we are coming up on the 14th patch since launch - that seems like support to me. But what more do you expect from here? We received double the original stage count. DR2 was designed to work on the old, dying consoles of last generation. Those consoles already held back the engine. Why keep supporting them heavily when CM could put resources into the new engines they are building for the next-gen consoles. And you act like the CM turned off the servers for DR1 and D4. They didn't Dailies and MP events can still be done on them. If you expect them to go clean up leaderboards that are 7 years old though... you're never going to see that. It's a waste of time and resources.
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    Somehing that has always bothered me over the past 10 years, in Codemasters F1 franchise, is the incorrect use of the Neutral gear. In reality: -Neutral gear can not be accidentally selected, if the driver is "spamming" the gear downshift pedal -Neutral gear can only be selected if, the driver presses the allocated button for it, to make sure that the gearbox does not take damage. In Codemasters F1 games: -If you "spam" the downshift gear too fast, you will always end up "accidentally" selecting the Neutral gear. -Selecting Neutral gear in such a quick manner does not damage the gearbox. What i'd love to see is that Codemasters fixes this issue, to finally bring a little bit more realism for the gearbox and gear shifting procedure in the game. How can that be achieved? One possible solution would be to make Neutral gear only available to be selected if you are in 1st gear and hold the downshift button/pedal for at least 1,5 seconds, this way it will be impossible to "accidentally" select Neutral gear in tight corners such as "Loews" in Monaco.
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    It's a good job you wasn't a gamer in the 80's and 90's. A game came out and that was it. You'd have hated it mate
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    http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/03/dr2_goty_info/ finaly good livery for Focus
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    This is the reason why they should add an additional type of daily challenge where it's a single car and not just class based. This would make people use cars that they never pick because it's not fast enough, which is a shame imo.
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    The gap between Henri Toivonen and Timo Salonen, first and second place in the 1986 Montecarlo Rally, was 4 minutes and 4 seconds. Third place Hannu Mikkola 3 minutes further behind. 2020 Montecarlo Rally, Neuville won by 12.6 seconds over Ogier, who edged out Evans by 1.7 seconds. The new WRCars may not be as raw as the Gr.B, but they require so much more precision and pure speed to win a rally that I don't think they're easier. They require different skills
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    Version 1.13 March 24, 2020 Content (as part of Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack): New Game Mode: Colin McRae Scenarios New Location: Perth and Kinross, Scotland New Car: SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally New Car: SUBARU Legacy RS New Livery: Peugeot 205 GTI - Colin McRae (1988) New Livery: MG Metro 6R4 - Colin McRae (2003) Content: New Livery: Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 - Valvoline (Fictional) Note: Free to all players who have access to the car. Achievements: New Achievement: Building a Legacy - Roll the SUBARU Legacy RS 3 times on a single stage in Finland, and finish. New Achievement: If in Doubt... - Complete every Scenario on any difficulty. New Achievement: ...Flatout - Complete every Scenario on Very Hard difficulty. New Achievement: In its Element - Complete the 1995 Wales Scenario in Colin McRae's SUBARU Impreza 1995. New Achievement: Pedal to the Metal - Set a time of 7 minutes or faster on Newhouse Bridge, in the SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally When in Doubt... - Adjusted French language translation. Cars: Resolved issue where cars would appear with missing or misplaced body panels. Rebalanced engine audio mix for all cars. ŠKODA Fabia Rally - Updated engine audio. Citroën C4 Rally - Updated engine audio. MINI Cooper SX1 - Resolved issue where rev lights appeared blurred. Locations: Powys, Wales - Increased volume of pre-Stage co-driver callouts. UI/UX: Added Colin McRae Scenarios tab to main menu. Resolved issue where number of Terminal Damages incurred was not displaying correctly in My Team. Resolved issue where Service Area penalty times were not displaying on results screen in Custom Championship Events. Resolved issue where Class Leader's position on progress bar would freeze during Custom Online Events. Added marker to show when a player has set invalid laps in Time Trial (Rallycross). Clubs: Added support for Perth and Kinross, Scotland as a selectable Location. Trial Version: Added ability for Trial players to view in-game announcements. Miscellaneous: Resolved issue where car damage would not be carried over to Service Area after a player abandons a Rallycross race. Resolved issue where players would lose access to timed-exclusive liveries when declining End User License Agreement, after resetting save data. Resolved issue where transition from VM to VR would appear blurred. Made various improvements to co-driver callouts in multiple languages. Made several minor bug-fixes throughout title. Made several minor stability improvements throughout title. -- Content (Oculus version only): New Game Mode: Colin McRae Scenarios New Location: Perth and Kinross, Scotland New Location: Bikernieki, Latvia New Location: Värmland, Sweden New Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco New Location: Powys, Wales New Location: Argolis, Greece New Location: Baumholder, Germany New Location: Jämsä, Finland New Location: Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi New Location: Killarney International Raceway, South Africa New Location: Lydden Hill, UK New Location: Estering, Germany New Car: Audi S1 EKS RX quattro * New Car: BMW M1 Procar Rally New Car: Citroën C4 Rally New Car: Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 New Car: Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 New Car: Ford RS200 Evolution New Car: Ford Fiesta Rallycross (MK8) * New Car: Ford Fiesta RXS Evo 5 * New Car: Ford Fiesta Rallycross (STARD) * New Car: Lancia 037 Evo 2 New Car: Lancia Delta S4 Rallycross New Car: MINI Cooper SX1 * New Car: MG Metro 6R4 Rallycross New Car: Opel Manta 400 New Car: Peugeot 205 T16 Rallycross New Car: Peugeot 206 Rally New Car: Peugeot 306 Maxi New Car: Peugeot 208 WRX * New Car: Porsche 911 SC RS New Car: Renault Clio R.S. RX * New Car: Renault Megane R.S. RX * New Car: Seat Ibiza RX * New Car: Seat Ibiza Kit Car New Car: ŠKODA Fabia Rally New Car: SUBARU Impreza (2001) New Car: SUBARU Impreza (2008) New Car: SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally New Car: SUBARU Legacy RS New Car: Volkswagen Golf Kitcar New Livery: Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 - Valvoline (Fictional) New Livery: Peugeot 205 GTI - Colin McRae (1988) New Livery: MG Metro 6R4 - Colin McRae (2003) New Liveries: Added custom liveries (around 60 in total) to almost all base-game cars. ** * 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship Version ** These are the "Season Liveries" mentioned in previous patch notes. Version 1.14, which will contain very minor updates, is in development.
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    It's still not a good response, even in that context. The expectations from 2019 games should be high, because the industry set them high. Before a company releases a poor game, it should manage its own expectations for its target audience' reaction when the product is not on par with competition or its own other games using the same engine. I don't think anyone here blames you for setting such a policy, and the honesty is indeed very appreciated. The disappointment is from your company, deciding to cut its losses and stop development on a game that should not have been released in such a miserable content or technical state. This does not bode well for future Codemaster titles, sorry.
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    Stay tuned for the next livery in development and get excited... 😁
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    Come join myself, @CMTGK, @ChrisGrovesMCM and @jennyannem for some DiRT shenanigans tomorrow 🙂
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    I think this was the original plan, as one of the achievements (Fire Up That Car... Again) dictated that you had to finish in Tier 1 in an event for the Audi Quattro, which was impossible because there were no events like that. it got fixed of course. I think Scotland is free for everyone though, right? so you wouldn't have to pay for that. I'm 96% sure it's offline. Freeplay or possibly a new tab (like the World Series was, temporarily) Scotland is only in the FLAT OUT pack. It's "free" if you already have a Season. Colin McRae Scenarios get their own tab in main menu. I haven't had a deep dive of it yet but from what I can tell it's a similar structure to Historic Championships with each Scenario behind 4 Tiers. That's what I meant by subjective 🙂 For the vast majority of players, every car in the game is "competitive" if you're quick enough. Yes. Here's a fresh screen for you: I believe this is planned. Clubs are limited to 12 Events per Championship (as that's what the game is limited to). It's a bonus livery as part of the FLAT OUT pack. There may be more 😉
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    Thought I would make a thread on multiplayer features that are missing from 2019 and where the issues still are with this game, right now people are so frustrated that the forums are falling apart and threads are going far off topic. I'm doing this on multiplayer as this is the area I care about, I only really do campaign to pay for cars, this is why Grid 2019 was such a disappointment and why the latest patch misses the mark by a long way! The lack of a hold screen between races in an event is a big issue to me as you are not able to change the tuning of the car to suit the track, in GAS you would change your gears to suit Mount Panorama for example. Now with the new patch you can of course tune the car pre-event, that is a step forward, but you have no idea what variations of tracks are coming up as there is no 'Event Details' so it is still quite pointless. We all could just go back to Grid Autosport or another racing game but we like the Grid series and 2019 does have a great racing model, everything else can be fixed if Codemasters wants to develop the game into something great that will attract other gamers. We all know the game is seriously lacking tracks but that is getting better slowly with each season, just hope they don't stop at season 3. The other fundamental issue with the game is it looks #LikeNoOther and not in a good way, LOD is very noticeable with shadows drawing a few meters from your car but if for some reason you slow down and look around and can see past those horrific trees you can see how better Grid/Grid2/Grid Autosport are compared to 2019 for off track scenery, some clippings from the other thread: Autosport on the left: In general the graphics seem washed out and have low res mapping. Anyway, discus, keep it on topic for the thread and make a current issues list for Codemasters to address or ignore, easier for @CMTGK to catch up on ;p. Issues: Multiple attempts often needed to select car in skirmish (reported months ago and ignored) LOD and general graphics and trees Multiplayer tuning and event details I will try and update this issues list as we go!
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    Although you may not think it, I believe that, based on the way I see the "Group B for men..." quote utilized on social media, that is exactly what people think when they use that line (hence why seeing it on this forum irked me so much). Were Group B cars dangerous and difficult to drive? Absolutely... ...are modern WRCars a LOT easier to drive? I think it is fair to say that they are more accessible/usable in amateur hands, but to win at the top level I don't believe they require any less skill than the Group B cars did. Has the skill set required to win at the top level changed? I think so and I would say that modern events are very different to those in the 80's. But look at what is expected of the modern driver versus those in Group B (and earlier). A successful Group B era driver would struggle now in the same way that an existing WRC driver would no doubt struggle back then. And look at how close the events are now. Wins are decided by seconds, not minutes. There is little margin for error and the cars continue to get quicker. Juha made that statement what, 20 years ago? Even if you say the early WRCars were that much easier, look at where we are now. And yet, with the increased speed and precision of the current WRCars at the top level, that "Group B for men..." quote is still being used. Like I say - and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion - I think the statement is incredibly unfair on the modern cars and hugely disrespectful to the drivers that have followed. I have a huge love for Group B for the change it bought to rally (and rallycross), but it seems to have been elevated to an almost mythical status in the eyes of some and there are more to both disciplines than just one era.
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    I tried the game for about an hour... It still arcade, but handle nothing like the other GRID. The driving behavior is far more authentic than GRID Autosport & some handling behavior are more realistic than Assetto Corsa or other reputable simracing games while the rest is more exaggerated. When you steer over the limit or hard on the brake, the car actually do plow straight & you actually do need throttle control going out of a corner, etc. When you need to countersteer out of a corner from too much throttle, it snap hard like it should. I've read & watch video reviews about GRID 2019... I feel like they don't know what is oversteer(when the traction in the rear is inferior to the front ). This only happen when you need to countersteer to keep track, but you don't in 99.99% of the case, It just rotate. The car are very neutral that it rotate easily & still in control of the car. Like AC, it has no lift off oversteer. All the car has fantasy spec & stats, but the car behavior is done right & not too much alien like many simracing game which is nice.
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    The editor in Forza is vastly different to what native dev tools can use. Also, fan-made liveries don't have any licensing requirements 😉 When I joined, I gave feedback on the Season 1 and 2 designs, and asked dev team if Season 3 and 4 designs could have more logos and be more "rally like". They took that on board 🙂 I know why that downvote came in, previous posting history and all that.
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    I did a thing yesterday, not bad considering I only started using the wheel in January 🙂
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    I hope Codies find a proper way to handle DLC cars... shame on them now we can't make custom liveries for DLC cars. Even a 037 which was presented in Dirt 4 before without any kind of encryption Not hard to check Steam if a user already bought and own a car or not, more interesting they should just pick up .PSSG files with textures only, so i can't accept this kind of argument. Let's see which kind of liveries has been released for Focus 2001? And one and only for S1 Quattro? We want to create custom liveries for all the cars in the game without exception. Let users open/close doors and roof / trunk in the service park +1 vote for Photo mode.