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    Hi everyone, Just a short update here as I am delighted to announce that @steviejay69 has joined our Moderator Team @steviejay69 needs no introduction to regulars of the forums, and will be working alongside myself, @UP100 and @1512marcel in providing support to the F1 2020 game through the forums. His knowledge and troubleshooting advice, especially on PC, is a invaluable asset to these forums and he has helped many people get back racing, as well as being a regular contributor to the Forum Championship and BETA tests throughout the years. Please join me in welcoming Steve to the team. 👍 Many thanks, Barry
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    Version 1.17 February 16, 2021 Locations: Höljes, Sweden - Adjusted track limits to prevent significant corner-cutting in rare instances. Miscellaneous: Adjusted performance of dynamic trackside signage. Minor bug fixes and stability improvements (none notable enough to be highlighted). This is currently the final scheduled update for DiRT Rally 2.0.
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    I've been finding myself in the same boat, slowly becoming more and more disillusioned with F1 2020 for the past couple of months. Since November, I've felt a difference in the physics that appears to have drifted back towards F1 2019 performance - rear wheel spin, throttle all over the place coming out of slow corners, car feeling floaty and drifty - identical to F1 2019 - and none of the planted, weighty, grippy, high downforce feel that I experienced in the very early days during release (I play with a controller by the way). I'd already posted about this a while back and was told that my control settings needed resetting, that it was a bug. Cleared my save as instructed, uninstalled, deleted any remains, redownloaded the game - no difference. I could only take from this that something must have changed with the physics despite being told this was not the case. The crazy thing is, after reading this thread, I decided to redownload F1 2017 and F1 2018, and on playing F1 2018, I felt that weighty, planted feel again. It felt FANTASTIC. This was how F1 2020 felt in the early days. Something must have changed with one of the patches, I can't see how else this could have happened. On playing 2017, I saw mistakes from the AI and the ability to overtake the safety car, something that the devs don't appear to want to fix. That downshift jolt force feedback, as mentioned by the OP, is great too. A whole bunch of things in general could be so much better, all things that are supposed to have made this version the best ever, instead the game has felt thinner as time has gone on, either have become worse or just not turned out to be what they should have been. The apparent reversal in the physics back towards F1 2019 unpleasantness Lack of AI spins, lockups and mistakes (a repetitive and predictable AI wiggle is nowhere near enough, it was said to have been more than this but a little wiggle from the guy in front is all I've ever had, no crashes or spins, I don't even get performance affecting lockups - lockups happen but they don't make a difference in their line through the corner, like it hasn't happened and I can't take advantage of it) F2 performance - note: "PERFORMANCE", NOT "WHICH ACADEMY YOU CHOOSE" - not having an effect on the start of your career despite the game explicitly saying it in multiple places - including a voiceover - that it does (a sense that something changed last minute and being told by the devs it was "by design" still annoys me - clearly it wasn't) Driver transfers not occurring Driver performance data not actually reflecting real life (Bottas constantly getting on pole by 0.500 and winning, Hamilton finishing 3rd and 4th. Ferrari being better than they were IRL, devs had the opportunity to correct this but did a weak job of it) Things that stick right out when you actually play it. I can't believe for a moment that the devs play this in their spare time and don't notice these issues. It feels like the focus has shifted towards shallow stuff like eSports and Pitcoins, childish rubbish like emotes and poses, and that things that should have been worked on have been put aside. Yes, I know there are different teams that work on different things, but like I said, the focus is on the wrong things. F1 2020, for me, started out as a really nice glass of orange squash that has gradually had more and more water poured into it.
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    I'm pushing out a whole new bunch of content for DR2.0! Overview: Peugeot 206 WRC - Kronos Racing Pack https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/peugeot-206-wrc-kronos-racing-pack.39671/ Richard Burns - Rallye Catalunya-Costa Brava 2003 (his final rally in WRC) https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/richard-burns-rallye-catalunya-costa-brava-2003.39672/ Toshi Arai - Rallye Catalunya-Costa Brava 2000 (+- nostalgic design from CMR2.0) https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/toshi-arai-rallye-catalunya-costa-brava-2000.39692/ Ford Focus RS WRC '01 - Season 2002 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-focus-rs-wrc-01-season-2002.39717/ François Duval - Ypres Rally 2002 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f-duval-ypres-rally-2002.39741/ Sébastien Loeb - ADAC Rally Deutschland 2008 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/s-loeb-adac-rally-deutschland-2008.39748/ Gilles Panizzi - Rallye Monte Carlo 2006 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/g-panizzi-rallye-monte-carlo-2006.39783/ Patrick Snijers - Ypres Rally 2003 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/p-snijers-ypres-rally-2003.39784/ And the future looks bright! Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this is for offline and personal use ONLY It is FORBIDDEN to use these in online clubs or championships!
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    The physics are clearly wrong... Everyone can see the car is still pivoting around the center axle... Hope Codemasters fix this before DR 12.0 😄 😄 😄
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    The game is clearly missing an important feature; keep same tyres during pit stop. For example, if you lose a wing and need to pit during a race, whilst there’s hardly any wear on your tyres, there should be an option in the pitting MFD that stops the tyres being changed. Why change tyres on lap 3 when you can do another 6 or 7 laps with them.
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    And just like most of my posts, I try to be 90% encouraging to the devs, but sometimes there is 10 percent complaining/frustration that slips through, lol. @CMMcBabe Just like real rally... pushing through that last 10 could be the most satisfying. 🙂 I think many see RBR for its no-nonsense rally play.. Not that anything would be taken away from some polishing but after playing it for some time and going back to DR, I do see quite a bit of difference in physics. There is a reason that some top rally drivers prefer it, the car control is very predictable. Some say its unforgiving, No... if you drive like you do in DR and seeking that top spot on the charts, yes! In reality driving like that is not real, you would never drive like that in a real rally and RBR doesn't let you drive like that. Codemasters own Colin McCrae Dirt (Dirt 1) had a quote from the codriver at the beginning on some stages: “Slow and steady wins the race.." Yes that goes against Colin's "If in doubt, flat out" philosophy that we all love, but he didn't do that until he was more experienced, otherwise he would have never made it to the top. I guess I am getting older and I am not your target market where instant gratification is the more important than honing your skills. Fatherhood changes your perspective at times, teaching someone how to do something and seeing the fruits of that work is most satisfying. Hoping that those patience and thinking ability's are passed on is gold. So seeing a rally simulator as a teaching tool and you progress to be a better driver. However part of that teaching is discipline and consequences for bad actions, I hope that the next title could return to that "Dark Souls of Racing" only better. (and with replay saving )
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    What, the resident FWD alien casually takes a top spot? Never would have guessed it 🌭 (we don't have the sausage emoji here, so make do with a hotdog)
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    Also breaking news, guy making his first setup for the GTI finishes the stage and sets an accidental WR 😄
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    Breaking news: Man who gets paid to tweet about rally game is fast at rally game.
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    Definitely! The stupid dances in weird kiddie pyama’s are ridiculous. I’ve been frustrated with the XP, Podium Pass, Pit Coin situation from the start. The worst thing is that you can’t ignore it, or opt out. After every training session, qualifying or race, you’ll get the podium pass and items shoved under your nose. And now, with the latest patch, a pop up item store window when starting the game. I’ve paid € 80 for a premium game, not some mobile free to play app. This kills the game for me, far more than all the other complaints frequently read on this forum I’m not against DLC, in fact, I welcome it. But it has to be something substantial, like cars, tracks, challenges, etc. Not this Podium Pass nonsense. The vibe I get from Codemasters is that they’re lazy, greedy and do not care about the sport, or their customers at all. Just curious, are you still getting F1 2021?
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    Robert Kubica / Jakub Gerber - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Gr.A - 42 Rajd Barbórka 2004 Link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/r-kubica-j-gerber-42-rajd-barbórka-2004.39460/
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    Hmm, maybe the pandemic, the postponed F1 2021 rules in RL F1, the implementation of season pass, and the recent sale of Codemasters might result in F1 2021 becoming a DLC for 2020, including some free features for the basegame: Better AI and reworked penalty system (for virtual GP multiplayer, mostly), an editor for even more community made car designs, along with a track DLC for all the new (old) tracks we saw in 2020 or might see in 2021. For me personally, this would make way more sense than any half baked F1 2021 game, they better return with a F1 2022 blast, when the formerly postponed new rules (and thus the new cars) will have to be implemented into F1 2022 anyway.
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    Hi Jimmy, firstly welcome to the forum and secondly welcome to the world of F1. I'm happy to help out and answer some of your questions, there aren't many 'guides' or manuals online to assist with understanding the sport, especially the rules and regulations. Rules Concerning the Changing of Components: The components that wear throughout your season are: ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) - this typically wears the fastest and is one of the components I invest in heavily when I start a season. MGU-K - this generates electricity that is stored in the 'Energy Storage (ES)' which is used for ERS (Energy Recovery System which gives you a boost of approximately 17 km/h when used) MGU-H - Generates heat which is again stored in the ES. Energy Storage (ES) - Energy generated from the MGU-K and MGU-H is stored in this which is where energy collects for you to use your ERS, generating an additional 160HP. Turbocharger (TC) - Self explanatory really. Control Electronics (CE) - Controls all of the cars electronics, essentially the motherboard of the car. You get so many components throughout your season, you need to use these sparingly because if you use more than what is allotted you'll receive a grid penalty. Really important - changing components after you leave the garage in Q1 incurs a grid penalty due to the 'Parc Ferme' rules. Once you've left the garage in Q1 there are only very minor changes you can make to the setup of the car. Gearbox Rules: During the game you get given an 'Event' gearbox and a 'Practice' gearbox. FIA rules stipulate that you aren't allowed to change your gearbox until it has been used across 6 races. Essentially you can change your gearbox after rounds 6, 12 and 18 without incurring a penalty. If you do change your gearbox outside of these windows i.e. before it's raced 6 events then you incur a penalty. My advice to you is to only take a component penalty when you're at a circuit with good overtaking opportunities e.g. Belgium, Spain, Monza because of their long straights and DRS zones. Don't go taking a penalty at Monaco for example as it'll just be a procession as overtaking opportunities are very few and far between. The Practice Gearbox has no limits on how many you can use. If you feel your performance is a bit poor in practice then it could potentially be your practice gearbox that is failing. Order another one, there is no penalty for this. TIP: If you're going to order any component (ICE, MGU-K, MGU-H, ES, TB or CE during Parc Ferme or a gearbox before it's been used for 6 races then I'd potentially take a big hit and order the whole lot. It equates to about 60 grid place penalties but doesn't carry over to the next race. I normally find that I only need to do this once a season, sometimes only in the first season as over time you'll invest in reliability R&D. Lastly it's worth running your components until you reach 60% of wear. If you can run it further then you should do because it means you're less likely to need to order new components, thus taking a penalty for the joy of it unless you're outside of Parc Ferme or of course have completed 6 races on the gearbox. Dynamic Weather/Tyre Rules: As you've experienced already, the game has dynamic weather and although it can be a pain in the rear, it's part of the game. When your engineer comes over the radio and tells you "There's a new strategy available on the MFD" all you have to to do is select 'R1' on the PS4 or whatever the equivalent is on the Xbox and it'll show you what tyre they suggest you go on and what lap to pit on. Normally they'll pit you that lap but be wary of your positioning. What I mean by this is at Interlagos in my first year at McLaren they boxed me onto Intermediates but it was on the same lap as my teammate and he was right in front of me so they did a double stack - a method of pitting two cars consecutively which is an art form when it works but an absolute car crash when it doesn't. I lost quite a few places because of this because the pit box couldn't release Lando into the pitlane due to incoming traffic. Tyres: There are 6 different compounds in F1: Dry Compound Hard - White striped tyre that is the most durable compound but also the slowest. The hard tyre is normally a tyre to practice on for quite a few laps as it stands up really well but I'd avoid using it in a race unless you have to pit early doors because of a shunt or puncture allowing you to go longer in the race, thus allowing you to make time up from the unscheduled pit stop. Medium - Yellow striped tyre that is in the 'Goldilocks Zone' for performance and durability. It's the medium speed and durability. Soft - Red striped tyre that is the fastest but wears the quickest. Bare in mind, hot and fast tracks such as Bahrain, Monza and Abu Dhabi as an example will chew these up quicker because the more heat in the tyre, the quicker it wears. Wet Compound: Intermediate - Green striped tyre that is used when it's raining but there is a clear racing line or dry area on the track, these tyres have an actual tread on them and work similarly to road tyres by scooping up the surface water and passing it behind the tyre, thus creating grip. Wet - Blue striped tyre that is used when it's properly bucketing it down, when the track has puddles on it and the intermediates no longer cut it. Rules: You get given a finite amount of tyres to use across the weekend, normally this equates to: Hard - 2 (1 practice, 1 qualifying/race) Medium - 4 (2 practice, 2 qualifying/race) Soft - 8 (3 practice, 5 qualifying/race) Wet weather tyres - you get an allocation of Intermediate and Wet tyres in a wet race, I'm unsure on the quantities but it's an ample amount. Set-up: One thing that's massively important more so these days is set-ups. What I mean by this is car set-ups, ensuring that you've got the right set up for your aerodynamics, tyres, suspension etc. There are two YouTuber's that I follow who publish their setups and do a 'hotlap' to show you where your braking points may be and tips of tackling each individual circuit. As @kenuf mentioned, Tom97 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-jYK2AdVmH8LNcjTI_lI6g) is a great user to obtain set-ups from and also two more I use is Jaaames (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Ene38yf-Y6movLKSvc0Iw) and TRL Limitless (https://www.youtube.com/user/JDisMoNsTeR). These guys are all e-racers and are really good. It's worth noting, experiment with the setups because they aren't all going to work for you. Each individual setup has pros and cons so play around with it. If you've got any more question's please feel free to drop me an IM on here if you can or drop me some contact details such as e-mail and I'll happily assist. Kieran.
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    Real rally in chase cam... ...still wish we'd got this car instead of the S14!
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    I doubt that many of people's guesses will happen. We have to remember that F1 2021 has been in a development stage since F1 2019's release as the F1 teams are always working on two games simultaneously. One of the things a two-year cycle allows is to develop bigger features to the games, such as MyTeam for F1 2020. The bad thing is that plans become even more significant as changing plans midway through may be problematic. Tracks are still a bit of a problem as the new season is to start in just a month or so, yet we aren't 100% sure which tracks and layouts will be used and when. In normal conditions, making a new track takes more than half a year for most racing game studios. Some may even work on a single track for years. Asking for a multiple tracks to be designed for the 2021 game may prove to be impossible due to all the COVID regulations and travel restrictions, which harm the process of getting data for the designers. In my opinion, we are probably going to see a standalone game with new features if their plans haven't changed because of the pandemic. Who knows, maybe it won't be anything like what we're expecting 😁
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    Yeah, I'm one in the '037 is easier* to control than others in its class' boat too - although it's a lot less fun than the Porsche! That's the opposite to DR1, when I could hardly complete a single stage with the Lancia... *everything is relative
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    Hello all, this is a bit of a farewell because I don't intend to continue running a league in this game. This is a great game except for the hosting/admin side of running an event and for this reason I am done with hosting community F12020 events on our discord. I'm just going to list the features missing that made me lose my mind: -No dedicated server hosting Ping can get really bad at times and it requires the host to be there at all times. Could not edit cfgs to fix issues or to spice up the format (eg tyre wear/fuel rates/enable refuelling). Also a prerequisite to allow external custom liveries. -Penalty system tools As admin I cannot apply/disable/forgive any penalty application for sessions and in our league it has gotten people dumb DQed and grid penalties for being crashed into during practice and races. Mid race it has also DQed some of our drivers for AI doing silly things or for ping issues causing collisions as a car sometimes weaves wildly around the track. This makes the whole playerbase either feel cheated and frustrated as we have to rehost as an unranked race and then I have to admin the results into the abandoned league race. -Overly rigid League Settings set in stone for some reason. Conclusion from me and other championship running communities is leagues are bad and to use un-ranked and keep a google sheet external to the game instead. This workaround makes this as much effort as other, better racing sims. -No multiplayer custom livery I know it is a monetization method but most good racing sims have this as standard with mod allowances on dedicated servers. We would like to create fictional teams and logos either in photoshop or using a Forza style editor. So that's most of it. Outside of any form of multiplayer/co-op championship attempts, this is a great game. We are already moving to Assetto Corsa Competizione as it has all of the missing features listed above and much more including handicap balancing, custom events, a variety of external tools and more. If we get the desire for open wheel again it will likely be on Rfactor2 as it also has these features too.
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    Not all of them , just most , I take it you use MKV to gain an advantage and KNT 2011 as well if you don't then you should be glad that someone is standing up for the proper use of the game and support me before this F1 game turns into a complete joke as has Project Cars , reading your posts you seem like a serious F1 fan so if you don't like what I am doing by promoting the use of cockpit view then I find that quite strange. Also If you don't like my posts don't read any of them. I don't like seeing the motorsport that I am passionate about be made to look silly , teenagers. F1 gaming gods such as TRL limitless Tiametmarmduk and the E sports teams drivers are helping to promote this Childs driving view as an acceptable form of representation of F1 and it needs to stop ,god knows why the Owner's of F1 haven't stepped in regarding its use in the E Sports series and put a stop to it , if I was the man you wouldn't see it happen. You have your opinions about things , well guess what I have mine. Its a slippery slope and when your pit stops and tyre changes and fuel usage control have disappeared and there are little floating diamonds on the track that pop as you drive through them and your in the wheel shop deciding if you're having gold or black rims you may just remember the pain in the xxxx that kept going on about the T- Cam view, you've already got the pyjamas shop .
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    Just heard back from RaceNet team. If anyone is having trouble accessing, or would like to join the RaceNet beta, use this form. Note: It currently only contains stats for DiRT Rally (1) and is still in development but if you join then it'll help them out.
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    He's not reporting bugs guys he's telling you to fix the game. As are many people. Clip is hilarious btw. how after all this time a game can still surprise you.
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    Replicated. 1. A description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. F2 2020 Dan Ticktum is projected out of fuel 13 laps into a 17 lap race. No way to adjust fuel load (by design). No way to save fuel (by design). BGGV-TJGV-HMET-DHGE 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.15 3. Game-mode? Grand Prix (F2 2020) Standard settings, video below. 4. Are you able to recreate the issue? If so, please include recreation steps on how you encountered this issue. Yes, 1 attempt. 5. How often do you see this problem? Is it the only time or does it always happen? I think it's safe to say it would happen every time. 6. Have you tried any troubleshooting? We recommend the steps here as a starting point for any issues. Please let us know what troubleshooting methods you have tried while creating this post. No. 7. Any accessories you are using (gamepad, wheel etc) Doesn't seem relevant. 8. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. DxDiag.txt midsessionsave.zip
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    @steviejay69@BarryBL I bought the same edition as mentioned by @siewcaChaosu but from the PS store. I do not have any bans and have had my account on playstation for over 10 years with the same gamertag. I have spent like 45 minutes gathering different session codes from when I can't join. I waited each time the exactly 2 minutes (I timed like 5 of them) for it to fail me so it is legitimate. EHJT-MPCH-RKMP-AASC TKSD-HTAJ-RKMP-AASC GKBA-HDVJ-RKMP-AASC CTCD-METK-RKMP-AASC CRVH-RKHM-RKMP-AASC XXVC-JAMP-RKMP-AASC JHPX-SHGR-RKMP-AASC KXHH-SEES-RKMP-AASC GRDD-JAET-RKMP-AASC BJGS-EPMT-RKMP-AASC During this attempt I was somehow sent into a ranked lobby by myself, I waited for 5 minutes and no one joined. I tried to join another session right after and had the usual problem which eventually failed me. It is the most I've seen in 2 weeks, hope this one can help somehow. I think this also helps prove that it is not something wrong with my internet or NAT type. KGJP-KTMV-RKMP-AASC RPJP-JBMX-RKMP-AASC CSPX-AHBA-KHMP-AASC PBCG-PGTA-KKMP-AASC KPDE-VGHB-KKMP-AASC I hope this can somehow help
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    Thank you tarrantino for your response. Had it been a longer distance I don’t know how long the safety car would have come out for, but since it was 25% distance it was only out 3 laps, which I believe is the maximum for this race distance. Thanks for your reply, Bicarda, this is the first time in the F1 games over several years I’ve seen this. I didn’t realise it was a feature and am pretty impressed by it.
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    It's been a while since I last created a design but I've managed to wrap another beauty up for you guys... Grégoire Munster / Louis Louka - Skoda Fabia R5 - Monte Carlo Rally 2019 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/g-munster-l-louka-monte-carlo-rally-2019.39402/