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    Version 1.9 October 1, 2019 Content: Added files for Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi in preparation of DLC release on October 8th. Added files for Peugeot 206 Rally in preparation of DLC release on October 22nd. Added files for Volkswagen Golf Kitcar in preparation of DLC release on October 22nd. Features: New feature: Broadcast Mode (Beta). Players can now spectate others in Multiplayer Lobbies. New camera angle: "Dashboard" VR: Added "Launch DiRT Rally 2.0 in Oculus VR Mode" command to Steam version.* Adjusted default Chaperone setup by forcing Seated Mode. Improved readability of various UI elements. Made various improvements to reduce stutter during head movement. Audio: Resolved multiple triggers relating to audio cutting out mid-Stage. Resolved issue where turbo blow-off sounds were not playing when players released the throttle. Hardware: Added "Handbrake Deadzone" and "Handbrake Saturation" options to Advanced Input Settings. My Team: Added ability to "restart" My Team career by resetting player inventories. Resolved issue where selling an upgraded car would not show the correct amount of Credits refunded. AI Challenges: Resolved issue where AI drivers would score double points after player recovers from Terminal Damage. Freeplay: Custom: Added ability to autofill an Event with all available routes for a chosen Location. Historic: Resolved issue where retiring from an event would mark current Championship as "Completed". Cars: MG Metro 6R4 Rallycross: Updated power and weight statistics on car selection screen. Lancia Delta S4 Rallycross: Updated power and weight statistics on car selection screen. Ford RS200 Evolution: Updated power and weight statistics on car selection screen. Peugeot 205 T16 Rallycross: Updated power and weight statistics on car selection screen. Note: These are UI changes only, to better reflect real-life values. Car handling has not changed, already representative of real-life performance. AI: Modified AI behaviour when taking the final corner at Estering, Germany. Miscellaneous: General stability improvements and minor bug fixes throughout title. Version 1.10 is in development and is expected to release around October 29. * Launching DiRT Rally 2.0 in Oculus VR mode (Steam) currently applies the same graphics settings as in 2D Mode. This is set to be updated in Version 1.10. In the meantime we recommend you review your graphics settings when playing in Oculus VR Mode.
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    Just wanted to say this update is fantastic the new dash cam is so much better and the fix for turbo sounds was long overdue plus the addition of a proper handbrake👍 Well done.
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    There's a 6 right into a left 1 in Poland as well, and the co-driver brings up the left 1 really late 😭 It reminds me of this gem from r/dirtgame: (That said, it's my fault I keep overshooting it because Phil does say "slow" before the right 6! 😅)
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    Hey all, Just to let you all know that the Albon/Gasly switch is still very much on its way - we're looking to get it out in a future patch, but we'll keep you updated on that! Thanks!
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    Hello Bringing back the original dash camera as an addition to, or replacement of, the new dash camera has been on the cards since about a year ago. We trialled the new position during the beta phase and feedback was split between the new and old positions. We decided to go with the new position and monitor feedback in regards to bringing back the old position. After a few months it became clear that it would be well received if we brought back the position used in DiRT Rally and DiRT4. It has taken some time to do so because of our work commitments on GRID. We will continue to monitor the feedback given to implement new features in to DR2.0 or future titles. In regards to FoV, it is a wider topic we have to discuss in the development team because of performance issues. This is why it is allowed on PC but not on consoles. I would hope that moving forward to the next generation, whenever that may be, they will have the capability to allow us to easily add the same functionality to consoles as there is on PC.
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    http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/09/the-dirt-roadbook-september-27-2019/ DiRT Rally 2.0 – Available Now on Xbox Game Pass, PC Version on Microsoft Store Peugeot 306 Maxi & Seat Ibiza Kit Car – Available now in DiRT Rally 2.0 DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series – Round 1’s Final Week Oculus SDK Support – Coming to Steam Next Week “Dashcam” – Coming in Version 1.9 Next Week Broadcast Mode (Beta) – Coming in Version 1.9 Next Week
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    Forgot this in the Patch Notes: Physics: Added placebo effects on certain Stages. 😉
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    about this general electric vs combustion engine discussion we've got going... I don't really consider myself for or against using electric cars in motorsport (though I am curious to see how this drives). Growing up, I was always into how supercars looked and how fast they were. (I wasn't really interested in rally, tuners or muscle cars.) In my opinion, people are just attached to internal combustion engines because they have learned to associate the sounds they make with raw power and something that looks good and goes quick. Kind of like the way we associate the taste of beer with the sensations of being drunk and the good times that (theoretically) go with it. I stil like them (both beer and combustion engines), but there's nothing inherently "better" about them, I think. It's a thing that does a thing. That's it. @PJTierney but wow, I cannot believe an official event organiser made that dumb of a meme. in my opinion, to use her face in such a simplistic way should be beneath official outlets, whichever point of view they are trying to support.
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    My first attempt at a skin current double British Rally Champion Matt Edwards/Patrick Walsh in the Swift livery Fiesta.
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    [UPDATE] Patch 12 is now Live on PS4 & PC [ORIGINAL] Hi all Patch 1.12 is now available on Xbox One and will be live on PS4 and Steam soon. Please see the patch notes below to see what’s been updated with this patch. F2 2019 Season added 2019 McLaren updated to Monza livery Various texture fixes for 2019 McLaren and Ferrari cars AI re-balanced in wet conditions Addressed a crash occurring after Q3 within leagues Ability to disable voting in private leagues has been added Fanatec DD1 wheel base is now recognised on PS4 Addressed an issue where the Reach Level 50 achievement would not unlock for some users Various Ranked Skill rating improvements Various other fixes and stability improvements You may notice that this is patch 1.12 – we’ve combined patch 1.11 with patch 1.12, so that we can give you as many fixes as we possible and to ensure that the F2 2019 content is the best that it can be before you take to the track! Need help? Come and visit us in our Technical Assistance forums. Please be sure to check out the read me thread before posting. Something from this patch not working the way it should? Tell us in our patch discussion thread here.
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    Strange that it says Ford on the dashboard 🤔
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    This is an old idea. Imagine the classic grid1 2008 remastered with a photorealistic graphic engine, with new cars models, more detailed tracks etc. (maybe new car sounds). Everything else exactly the same as grid1. So menu structure, car Handling, camera bouncing, online system etc. Then additional content with DLC: new tracks dlc and new cars dlc. The idea is to have back this classic, like the halo1 anniversary… why not grid1 ? And i think about some new features: - Interactive leaderboards (feature like cloud ghost car, replays etc) - Total customizable livery system with parental control. - No car power tuning, instead a total customizable setup for car Handling (suspensions, gear ratio, camber, etc all parameters of car). With setup upload online (and download also from specific player racenet account). - Nicknames as steam and avatar preview visible on track. - Nicknames gold color for long service player, example who have codemasters account 5year old or more. - No a single old feature cut, so everything we had is still there (text chat, spectator mode from lobby etc). - New penalty system for track cutters. - An infraction system. - Watermark for unfair racers, an automatic watermark when player get a specific number of infraction.. the watermark go away with 2weeks of inactivity online or no infractions. - Classic kickvote for lobby, with the number of times a player got kicket into stats. - leaderboards and track records replays avaible with browser. - Interactive stats panel for each player, with some social media account integration (YouTube, Facebook, twitter etc). - a gift system, gift for milestone achievements, example rare livery for racers with 10000victories etc.. etc. What i want here with this thread ? The first a community feedback, so everyone click like and comment with NEW ideas. The second i want that someone in charge at codies read and maybe think about it for real.
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    Hey guys @RedDevilKT @Hoo, After extended testing for several mounts in 2016 2017 2018 and 2019 I found that the safety car after 2016 is broken in the carrier mode. All of the tests were done with simulation car damage 25 to 100 race length and safety car on. Tested on the PC steam version. All of the latest game versions. So I played one season for all of those games and the results are: The cause It's the flashbacks when used they remove the SC from the race entirely. I think Coddies have the intention to remove the random safety car deployment after a flashback but in the process removed the possibility entirely to be summoned. The Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car should no longer trigger after a flashback. Quote from 1.15 patch notes. when does it happen GP mode You can bring the safety car in all of the games out after deliberately crash some cars. In 2016 was the easy test the safety car came out from the first attempt. In the other 3 games, some of the sessions didn't have safety car even if I destroy most of the cars on the track and they are left in the middle with missing wings and tiers. The easy way to bring the safety car in 2018, for example, was to bottleneck Monaco or crash some cars in the barriers in Azerbaijan but this did not happen in all of the other tracks. If the cars have some problem they safely park and disappear. In the end, safety car appearance is very rear in this mode in 3 of the games. In 2016 the car comes more often. Career mode. Here is the real problem. In 2016 I have plenty of safety car it was nearly every race for several times. Every time there were an accident I crash or someone parks their car I got one. So this game from my experience works as intended. 2017 2018 and 2019 I have a different experience. In all 3 carriers, I don't have a single safety car but some times VSC. If there is an accident the track is just cleared and no VSC or SC appear. Sometimes there is VSC but is very rear maybe 10 for all of a season and this is stretching it. I made a test in Interlagos in my 2018 carrier I start the race at the end of the first DRS zone I cause a big crash 3 cars were destroyed no VSC or safety car the just disappeared. Later I abandoned the race and start to cause crashes I destroy around 14 cars the result was the same all of them in the middle of the track ton of bodywork and they just disappeared. In conclusion from my experience in the later 3 games, the safety car in the carrier mode is completely broken and do not work. This is so absurd how you can have working SC in 2016 and in the later 3 games did not work. Conclusion I read many complaints in the threads around the forum. Many people have similar problems like me. Some have working safety car but why when there is a crash in the carrier mode did not function. I read this thread bellow and find that the SC in 2018 was working at some point but patches broke it. 1.15 is mentioned below. I suppose maybe because of the multiplayer or in an attempt to remove a bug when you can summon it when using flashback they completely unintentionally remove it and in the end, the SC did not work anymore. My theory is that the dev team test it on GP mod but not in the carrier mode that's why is broken now. This "fixes" were transferred to 2019 and that's why we don't have safety car now. What was shame 3 broken games 2017 2018 won't be fixed and looks like 2019 also will be left in this state? Example of the problem Reddit Thread with additional video examples https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/cnr4jy/the_safety_car_is_broken_in_f1_2019/ SC_Test.mp4
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    We don't use the FIA points scoring system for Rally. The points start at 30 for 1st place, then down in steps of 3 to 18, then steps of 2 down to 6, then single steps until 0. This allows a Rally event to sit alongside a Rallycross event in Custom or other mixed discipline championships. We use the FIA scoring for Rallycross events, which go up to 30. (16 in the Qualifiers, 6 in the Semi-Final, and a maximum of 8 from a Final)
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    Something from Germany and my first runs with Peugeot 306 Maxi. Brilliant car and really fun to drive 😉 | PC
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    - Adjusting sponsor logos - 10€ lootboxes with gloves and helmets inside - Three more big bumps at the exit of the last chicane in Suzuka
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    @Occulus owners (@JesseDeya among them, I think?): Certainly this flag being tested in the steam version spells good news for you?
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    Sound cut out but this time game restart, PC restart does not help. Engine muted permanently. Ingame options I have all sounds at 100. Edit: As some people suggested, changing the view does indeed fix the sound. TY @piphil. What platform you're playing on (for PC also state Steam or Oculus). PC, Steam What your PC setup/build is like (graphics card, processor etc.). RTX 2080, i7-7700k, 1903 Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user (doesn't apply to Oculus). Deluxe Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc. Not sure what you would qualify as a "non-standard peripheral".
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    "22B or not 22B? That is the Question."
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    Incidentally, if there is an early Impreza WRCar coming to DR2.0 @PJTierney, then could you please ask the team to make the most of it and attach a "No, it's not a 22B!" trophy to the car please?
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    Hi, Coddies I decided to create this thread with some feedback and suggestions in mind. When I watch aarava two videos bellow I realize that we lost some features from previews games. I play f1 games from 2010 and later I realize something is odd in the later titles. Many of the things I have in mind are said in the aarava video but here are some points. Different weather on the track sectors. I remember in 2012 one of the features of the game was the different weather on the track for example in Spa part of the track can have rain and on other is completely dry. This feature doesn't look is in the game anymore. Different wet track parts. I remember in older titles of the series, Codemasters marketing that the track will have water gather on the track so you can have this wet patches of water where you can cool your inters or wets when the track dried up. Now looks like the track just transform to a dry track and I don't see those spots anymore. In project cars, 2 you have this dynamic track with water gather on some parts and play a big part during the gameplay. Track Rubbering. This feature was marketed in 2010 I don't see how when you drive for a couple of laps the surface of the track changes. In game-like project Cras visually you see the rubber reflecting the racing line. I think this was in f1 games before. Dirt on track when car reentry the track. This again is a feature in project cars and can bee is seen in the videos below. The car brings some dirt on the track and makes it slippery also the tires of your car are dirty and driving is more difficult when they clear this feature was on the previous game and strangely is gone now. Lack of marbles. I can see there are some but if you watch china for example on the big straight you can clearly see the clear line and the dirt part of the tracks with the marbles and on some corners is very visible. In the game, there are almost none but in the previous games again they were accurately represented. Tires punctures. This was mention in the aarava video but the short version is the AI don thave Tires punctures caused of tire degradation and looks like it's on random principle now. In the older titles, they were tided to the tires deg. Also, people reported that the player doesn't have punctures on random principle anymore but you must reach tire life 100% damage to have one I did not that that. Random problems with your car. The ai has engine blow-ups and many different problems but you don't, and yes can be frustrated bud did what project cars did and add an option to random failures in the race or in qually and practice. AI should do more mistakes. I don't know if I ever witness a crash in the game caused by the AI. This dramatic racing starts that wi love to watch every weekend just don't happen here. The AI just follow this perfect line and you don't see some guy spin on a corner or just make mistake and hit the wall or even hit somebody cause a crash and a safety car and this leads us to one of the biggest issues in the series. Working Safty Car. This is one of the most requested feature and people every year ask for it a working safety car. Now some people have safety cars very often others don't have if for several seasons. I have been in so many situations with huge crashes were safety car should go out. In reality, even a broken wing will cause a safety car or car on the track. Now the cars that stop on the track magically disappear and this is on full race with safety car option on and damage to simulation what the hell is this. I try to cause collisions on purpose and in many races when a guy crash because of me the safety car doesn't go I here just the track is clear. In some instances on GP mode, I can call a safety car in Monaco or other street sources but in the carrier mode science 2016 I don't have a single safety car and this is just ridiculous. No padlock. This was first in 2010 and I love it you can see the other drivers walking around the press and the different teams In 2017 we have different locations and I was expecting coddies to even further explore this let say with walking section where you visit the paddock of every track and the different motor homes. Now looks like we have only the Datacenter. You used to have your room in 2011 where you can see your trophies and your agent in 2017 used to have an office where you walk in, now is some bland room. Ai inconsistency on tracks. This is very well explained in aarava video but the problem is that the AI has this difficulty spikes on some tracks is very easy to overtake on others is very much OP. This forces you to memories on witch track the AI is broken and you must manually adjust the difficulty this should not happen at all. This is especially a problem on the wet right now where the ai is OP the most. Championship mode carrier. This is feature is something I wanted from day one basically the ability to play your carrier but with one of the real Pilots with the ability to research and develop. like is in the normal carrier. Some people just want to play with their favorite driver and not some custom generic guy with a generic helmet Chose your teammate in the carrier. This option was in previews games when you chose your team the game asks you who you want to be your teammate now you don't. Auto practice mode. This I think will be great if you want to do a faster carrier mode. One of the things that are very boring for me is the practice when you try to be perfect to get those points so you can progress. This option can be like an assist when you just want to play the races but still get points. This is great if you want to race for a different team in the time span of 1 season not to have this big 10 season carriers I personally prefer that it's bizarre having season 1 in the same car I just play the new game instead. Visually changing upgrades. I didn't notice a visual update when I upgrade a different aero or chassis package, this will be great to be in the game. Fast forward your replays. Now when you have full race its very long to fast forward to the interesting parts of the race. Commentary during the replay. Long ago there was a great f1 game called F1 championship edition back in 2007. One of the greatest features, in my opinion, was the commentary during the gameplay. You can here comment on everything that happens who is retaining who is in the pits collisions or overtakes. Adding this on the replays will be fantastic.
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    Thank god, I did not buy F1 in 2019. when I read everything here .... I'm soooo happy. I'm suffering with you. Since June 28, 2019, the game is for sale ... and you can not play it properly NOW ... CODEMASTERS ashamed.