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    On topic I have been thoroughly enjoying playing Ace Combat 7 the last couple of weeks. For Honor and Hitman are the freebies on PSN this month. The early Hitman games were some of my favourites, so I am looking forward to giving that a go. Got an invite to try the Division 2 beta this weekend. Wasn't that blown away by the first game, but apparently the second one has more focus on single player, so I will definitely give it a try (once it has finished downloading: the beta is 50GB!)
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    Unfortunately some people make their mind up very early whether or not to like a product. Once they've ranted and slated something for so long they rarely just jump straight on the wagon of support once what they were ranting about has been fixed. It's much easier to stay in that mindset and find something else to dislike about the game.
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    Look at the official tweet. Its pretty safe to say oculus stepped up and funds the developmend. The picture, the fact that its oculus support and the @oculus in the tweet more or less confirms oculus reaching out with a proposal to codies which benefits both. With the money from oculus it wont take anything away from the developmend of the rest of the game. https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/1093872075318558722?s=19 "We heard you. @Oculus heard you. DiRT Rally 2.0 + Oculus = this summer… "
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    I was in that mindset pre launch, however after seeing footage and learning about the game there will be nothing recycled about it. Completely re-done physics when compared to the first game will give the stages an entirely new personality. The graphical changes will show the locations in a new and vibrant light. Who doesn't want to drive Wales or Monte with stage deg? We already have 6 new locations which is a great start, and I certainly hope we get more unseen rallies, but from what I've seen of the handling and stage deg features.....give me the old stages now!
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    IMHO VR should be separate DLC. I couldn't care less about it while it makes the game creation process more expensive which causes less content for me. I'd rather have 2000s than VR. How many percent of DR owners had VR on the first place?
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    One thing I'd like to see in DLC is stages with more elevation changes. Did anyone say Montecarlo?
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    The red doesn’t bother me really, but the white does. Yes, because he originally made the thread way back then. We still have all the og threads, although I didn’t know that becuase someone created a million pointless spam polls 🤨
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    The next bug, from the shop i can't buy or grab daily gift, so also i can't buy daily pack. There is no button for buy and the whole tab also don't react
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    The only segment that was good was the tribute to Jim Clark, think they are running out of things to say and do during Conversation street.
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    I've merged the two together, don't know why the old one disappeared but here we are!
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    Another bug, the free f1 Credit button is not showing up
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    HITMAN 2016 or HITMAN 2? You can play HITMAN 2016 maps in HITMAN 2 without buying the new maps.
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    One thing I sincerely hope is that the DLC isn't only recycled content.
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    Yep i remember when he created it, its a nice feature to add the OP names under each thread on the main screen instead of having to go to page one to see who created a particular thread 🙂
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    You've always been able to use that, it's not new to this new design...
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    Yeah I asw it but onl yafter I posted that I tended up being at the bottom of the pile
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    The Jim Clark feature on today's episode is absolutely brilliant!
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    After my mums funeral I went out and bought a £1200 amazing TV, it’s mind blowing! https://www.amazon.co.uk/LG-OLED55B8SLC-55-Inch-Premium-Ultra/dp/B07FQMQ659/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1549654260&sr=8-3&keywords=LG+oled
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    Who doesn’t want a crazy Irish co driver shouting go go go! In your ear? bonus Frank Kelly video:
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    EGO 3.0/4.0 is the S4-S5-S6/22B of game engines I guess
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    Another new codemasters forum! 👀
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    I have a feeling that me being allowed to upload from mobile is going to result in an increased amount of trolling. I want that helicopter guy to come back, I’ve got some ideas
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    As far as I remember, the Mitsubishi was in the Group A category until 2001 when their world rally car was introduced. Pretty sure they were the last ones in the gang to do this, the other manufacturers having converted in 1997.
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    sorry guys but i have the deluxe version 😝