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    Clearly Galway need to put more effort in; modelling only 40km of unique stage for their rally. Shame.
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    The choice is stark, Clear and ultimately fair.... support the game, make it profitable and the future is bright..... don’t support the game, it flops and there is no future for rally games!
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    I think people are simplifying a lot here... In Circuit Sim Racing nobody complains about "Oh no, not the Nürburgring! That was already in the last 3 games. You are charging us for existing content again!!! We want some fresh new locations!!!!!" Having some DR1 stages is totally fine as DLC, even for money. Especially considering the alternative: being already in the game. Then even more people would complain about recycling. This way, everyone has the option just NOT to buy the DLCs, if they don't think they receive an equal value in game for their money.
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    Some are complaining that the base content is lackluster when it comes to content. --> CM decide to support the game with DLC. --> Those people complain again about having to pay for DLC and don't buy it. --> CM see the numbers and realise that creating DLC is not profitable enough so they stop after the first two seasons --> Those people then again complain that they want more content. I mean, it's an endless loop where in the end nobody gets what they want. We don't get the content and they don't receive the profit. Would you be willing to do extra work, having to invest in that extra work yourself and eventually lose money in the process? Don't be daft.
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    For me, just the prospect of being able to do a 9 round championship within the next couple of months is worth it. The thing most complained about in DR1 is being resolved to an extent. We are getting more content. There's a guaranteed live service in place for at least 6months. This is excellent progress in my eyes. Codemasters are giving us what they want within the parameters that they are allowed to. This is ultimately governed by profit. Codemasters is not a charity.
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    I could change my name so we'd have 'MATT' and 'MATTB'! 😏
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    I don't think folk should buy DLC if they're not wanting to play that content. Otherwise it's just encouraging more of the same. But I think the choice Codemasters have given (upgraded stuff as DLC, so optional) is very consumer friendly.
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    Give me Luekdfrt and we can talk.
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    Way over 1000 hours now, but I would say bring it on, these handmade stages never get boring. Dirt4 was the opposite this was boring after 2 days.
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    Just completed the event. Each time I cross the line about 6-7 seconds gets added to my time! Crossed the line and know the time was in the 4.09 bracket. Screen shifts and I get credited with a 4.16. what the hell is going on? Is it only me because my real time would be good enough for top 3 global (Grid start time is even 3 seconds faster and first sector time fighting AI is 7 seconds faster in the 2 sprint races which would deduct at least 14 seconds from my total) ‘please respond Codemasters
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    Yup, this is the way modern rallies moves towards. Loops of stages rather than unique ones. Galway better do some proper DLC for next year. Free of charge obviously.
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    Comparing it to Frostpunk isn't really fair, is it? The only similarity between the two games is the fact that they are games. Sure, the content in DR2.0 isn't as extensive as in other rally titles but the quality is way better than those other titles. ( #QualityOverQuantity ) Saying that they could/should include the DLC content as part of the base game means that the game would only be released many months from now. The content is not ready for release yet. At least there are no lootboxes in DR2.0 with spare parts for your car. I don't know why you said they are stealing money because that would imply that they are taking money without people's consent. You yourself have the option of buying the DLC which is knowingly giving your money for extra content. If you don't want to do that, you don't have to and that is your choice. It's really simple. Now, the 6 new locations and 10 (?) new cars won't be put in over the next year. It's going to be two seasons, each season being 3 months. 2 x 3 = 6, right? Or has the duration of a year been halved recently?
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    I will definitely be giving it a look, but given how much other stuff has been available this week I just haven't had time yet! I am a massive fan of Titanfall 2 (it's the best FPS of this generation of console in my personal opinion) so, as the work of the same studio, I'm expecting Apex Legends to be good.
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    I think the 2016 Hitman and the Hitman episodes are the same thing: the episodes were released individually throughout 2016, then as a complete package at the start of 2017. It's the complete package that is free on PS+ this month.
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    For me de problem are how they plan the DLCs. Fair enough they are a business and they want as much money as they can get from people playing their games, but selling a game with little content and teasing with extra content that they could include in the base game feels like cheating. I don't like the DLC stuff but if you are going to do it add value to the client, don't just steal money. There are games like Frostpunk were they support the game for a year or more with free DLCs, they truly support their game. For me that's saying, thanks customer, we want you with us. The other way around is more like saying, we want your money. At the end of the day they should want as many people as possible playing their game, so people can find someone when you join an online rally. And from there in a year's time offer an expansion, 6 more rallies or whatever but not 3 months later. And of course always telling the customer what they are going to get in advance, as if I'm paying money I know what I'm going to get.
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    Everyone seems to have a different date about when the game broke, it's quite interesting. There is a chance we will still get a 'final update' of sorts before the next F1 2019 beta would be announced, if we get one this year, that is. Maybe we could get a reply to this during the next week when Codies are at work...? Just some optimism to throw out there 😄
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    This sounds like a great idea. 🤓
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    I've got no idea who they are, otherwise I wouldn't bother mentioning it.
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    I was really hoping I had name change powers, I would change @Lukedfrt back to his real name.
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    I'd love to say: "I want new content, I know the stages from DiRT Rally by heart, I can do World Record runs on them blindfolded and with the right hand tied behind the back!" But I can't. Completing the stage without errors still puts a stupid smile on my face. So bring on the old ones, I have a matter to settle with Ouninpohja and the new physics could surely help
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    Once I did a post complaining about Grid Starts; that we keeping falling behind e why our opponent not. Not only they start exactaly equal the I.A. but also if you look the score of the opponent before the race loads and after ends, the score do not change! they don't get +30 points or -30 points! they used to change after update 2, now when its grid start they are not changing anymore because its a Bot using the data of a player. After update 3, in fact, the start of the race looks solved to me, but the opponent still seems to be a bot; the I.A. still are about 3sec faster than me (1266 R&D pts with 438 in power) and even yet sometimes the opponent (bot) is FASTER than the I.A....
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    Look at the official tweet. Its pretty safe to say oculus stepped up and funds the developmend. The picture, the fact that its oculus support and the @oculus in the tweet more or less confirms oculus reaching out with a proposal to codies which benefits both. With the money from oculus it wont take anything away from the developmend of the rest of the game. https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/1093872075318558722?s=19 "We heard you. @Oculus heard you. DiRT Rally 2.0 + Oculus = this summer… "
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    #NoMoneyNoBuy would be more honest at this point...
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    It's OK @RallyDriven, I remember that time when you were funny.