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    Hi guys, I would like to thank you for the experience I had yesterday in the career mode (Spain with Stratos). There was one short stage in wet with showers, and another one (long) on dry surface. The game suggested wet tyres, obviously - no one wants to crash because of late braking or aquaplaning. However.. I expected to overheat those wet tyres on the long stage (as they have 1 durability and 1 performance brand new). Therefore I went for gamble, and took medium dry tyre. Absolutely loved how the car felt on the wet stage, I was scared AF, also did one late braking which was really scary. Finished with 5s loss. But then on the dry stage AI (who obviously took wet tyre) got 30 sec loss on me. And that flow in the second stage, absolutely loved it! Thank you for the opportunity to make these decisions. Also thank you for better repair system, which is so much more realistic as it was in previous games. I think you also made a huge progress with tarmac surface, it feels much more natural now. What I really miss is the possibility to set manual H pattern with clutch + manual sequential gearbox as it was in DR1, also FFB is a bit odd sometimes, and Racenet connectivity is really anoying tbh. Overall I would like to thank you for the game you delivered, it's so much fun I forgot to go sleep last night Thank you so much guys, Kaleb
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    I just hope people don't lose their heads and start firing bad reviews on steam etc just because the game is having some problems at launch. Most games have problems at launch but not most dev teams engage in quickly fixing them and I hope people take that into consideration, as well as the overall quality of the game itself, which has not disappointed so far.
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    i really think it depends. i agree, cut them some slack in certain situations. for example if the multiplayer encounters a problem here and there. thats somewhat expected. but if the player wants to play the single player career of a 60$ game and they cant properly because the developer thought it would be a good idea to make the single player career an always online mode, then its completely fair to give it a bad review. if you are running your single player career and the game resets certain parts or doesnt accept your time after a clean run for whatever reason then a bad review is completely reasonable - because it can and will destroy the experience for many who were not aware this would be the case. if you get yourself a 60$ triple a game its completely reasonable to expect a working single player career from the very beginnning. there are no excuses.
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    Best Rally game ever. Finally a real RBR beater From The Improved handling, fantastic stages, addition of Time Trial, addition of online multiplayer, great Freeplay championship designer, improved career...... this is a worthy DR1 successor.
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    It’s an awesome game. Love it. Can’t wait for the DLC.
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    I clicked on this thread expecting it to be a dig at CM about FFB, Racenet or something else but it wasn't so +1 to you! Despite the shortcomings which everyone is very aware of, its a fantastic game which builds on both DR1 and D4.
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    Thanks Codemasters ! You've done a great job. Despites some tweaks already described by the community, WHAT A GAME YOU HAVE DONE !
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    There are certainly gripes, but the core game seems very strong and, if they can get the details ironed out, this is surely going to be the best game in the DiRT series. Hoping to get to grips with the base content before the DLC starts to arrive!
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    Thank you to everyone for their feedback so far 🙂 information on any specific things you're noticing, device details, modes you're playing in, etc - it's all useful and being taken on board. Changes based on your feedback begin today. This afternoon, we plan to roll out a secondary change to the AI difficulty balancing. This should make races in higher Leagues easier to win and/or be competitive in, as well as improve the situation at the beginning of some Grid Start races. No patch or maintenance will be needed for this change, and we'll let you know when it's rolling out. Next in the pipeline should be a change to the penalty system for contact between cars or corner cutting, to make it more consistent and less intrusive. Once we have an ETA for this change, I'll pass it on. Thank you again 🙂
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    Since the announcement of DiRT Rally 2.0 leagues such as AOR (ApexOnlineRacing) have been carefully planning and preparing their leagues to accommodate for the demand of competitive league featuring DiRT Rally 2.0 However since the release of DiRT Rally 2.0 it has become apparent that in the release build of the game neither Rallycross or Rally leagues, at the quality that AOR is known for, are possible. I heavily suggest that the following features are added as soon as possible, seeing as the latest announcement mentions a partnership regarding Esports events. People will want to prepare for this, both existing and new simracers, so in order for that to be possible, leagues need to be possible. The tools in order to make a Rally league possible are easily explained, clubs (or that's what they were called in DiRT 4). This would enable league organizers and coordinators to set up and run championships with a large group of people, without needing every single participant to be present in a lobby, which is the luxury and quality we're used to since DiRT Rally and DiRT 4. In order to make a Rallycross league possible three, preferably four, features would need to be added. These features are as follows: The ability to disable AI in Multiplayer Lobbies, since at the moment we're unable to filter out the AI. (Which also ruins the joy for me personally to do Multiplayer at all. I'm sure some people appreciate it, but at least making it optional would benefit either side of this argument) The ability to select which type of starting grid we use in a single race, i.e. a horizontal lineup (as WRX has during Heats) and a staggered lineup (as WRX has during Semi-Finals and Finals). As right now we're always forced into a heat format if we select to run a single race, which really doesn't feel right. An idea for this would be to look at the DiRT 4 feature where we could decide between the format "Timed" and "Position". The ability to assign starting grid positions to each participant in the lobby (this requires both previous points). This would enable us to hold the league as close to the WRX format as possible, since in WRX your starting position means everything, especially considering starting from the front is way more advantageous over starting from the back row. This means we would be able to hold an x number of heats which lead into a Semi-Final where the winner and the runner-up of the overall heat standings start on pole position in there respective semi-finals. The ability to spectate and toggle to be a spectator in a lobby. This isn't mandatory but both for future official Esports events and leagues such as AOR, having a dedicated streamer broadcast and commentate on your event makes the overall league and event much more open to the audience and again improves the overall quality of the league. (Who doesn't love to watch close side-by-side racing) The aforementioned features would be necessary to hold any kind of decent RX league if you ask me, some to enable a league at all, others to stay as true to the WRX format and some to open it up to people who aren't involved in the event/league. And seeing as there is an official Esports partnership these features would probably be highly appreciate by both simracers, league organizers/coordinators and the organizers of the Esports events. These were my suggestions and I really hope these features are looked over and implemented as soon as possible, even though I know being a developer is a lot of work and they over get overlooked, the community would appreciate these features a lot (Even more than custom liveries, which are also nice to add some individuality to both singleplayer, multiplayer, competitive leagues and Esports events). On top of that if they're already in development or are going to be taken into development, organizers and league coordinators would love to know ahead of time so they can plan and schedule.
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    Hi all, Patch 1.16 is due to go up on all platforms at around 12pm UK time (GMT). F1 2018 patch v1.16 contains an update for a tyre physics issue, where the temperatures behaved differently depending on frame rate. The fix will bring temperature behaviour in line across all three platforms, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and regardless of frame rate. As we’ve previously commented, we log and assess all user feedback which we receive via any of our social channels. In some situations we’re able to act upon issues more readily than others, depending on the complexity and development requirements. In this instance we felt we could quickly and safely apply an important fix which will impact upon the validity of players performance in game. Need help? Come and visit us in our Technical Assistance forums. Please be sure to check out the read me thread before posting. Something from this patch not working the way it should? Tell us in our patch discussion thread here.
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    3rd car up for the NZ Rally Series is a kiwi modern classic from the Rothman's era - Brian Stokes & Jeff Judd's Escort RS Cosworth: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/brian-stokes-rally-new-zealand-1994.25514/ Clear footage of this one was hard work to find. So while a simple design, it took an outrageous amount of time to research! Good fun trawling through crappy resolution pictures and old NZRC footage on YouTube!
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    Totally disagree. I love the career mode. If you didn’t play Dirt Rally 1 then it may seem confusing. Ill try to give a brief guide. you start in “Open” tier. Your aim is to complete championships in and get promoted Open (6 events 4 stages in each) Clubman (6 events 6 stages in each) Professional (6 events 8 stages in each) Elite (6 events 10 stages in each) Masters (6 events 12 stages in each) You buy cars and upgrade them. You can use whatever vehicle you wish to progress. If you finish a championship top 3 you are promoted to next tier. If you finish last 3 you are relegated.
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    That is as intended so what I said was correct. I'll add feedback that having the value exposed may be of use to the player.
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    Usually I would have no issues with that. However, when you release something (granted, only to the deluxe buyers) on a Friday. You shouldn't take the weekend off...
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    Please give hosts the option to turn OFF ai drivers. We just want to race against human opponents. That's it. Ive been in lobbies with 6 players and never once had a human opponent in any race.
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    In this case, I would expect every single one of those bad reviews to be turned into positive reviews once they fix the issue. I guarantee however that will not happen and this will reflect unfairly on the game.
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    It's a bit sad that modding doesn't work at the moment as told by @ChristinaMc some weeks ago... Even though it's not officially supported, as she mentioned. But a little info would ne helpful for all those modders. Please let us know it will be "unlocked" later, maybe with Day 1 patch after the game has launched on 26th...?!
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    I had a similar kind of experience with the tires in New Zealand as in the OP. I was battling for the win with the AI. Just two stages to go, and I was in second place just a second behind the leader. The first stage was a long one (over 12km) and the second was a short one (4km). Game suggested me medium tires, but I decided to gamble, and went for the soft ones. It was a risk worth taking. Absolutely hammered the AI on the long stage, and grabbed a stage win by 40 seconds. Of course my tires melted down on me, but because the last stage was so short, I lost only 5 seconds there, and managed to win the event.
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    It's not only NZ, that darkness also appears on every track with thick forest sections with many shadows. It's OK that it's dark in the shadows but it's black as night in those sections at daytime.It's even darker in cockpit view. I had a race in Poland, start time 2pm, weather cloudy and it was as dark as it was about 9pm.
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    This is rather pathetic to be honest. It's seemingly worked fine, until I'm actually planning to start a daily challenge. Connects, loads the service park. But when I click "start" it's just connection failed, either retry, back or main menu. Back is back to service park. There are limits on how long I am going to let the game stand in the service menu, so I try again. No luck. I do a shakedown, go back to the service menu, try yet again. No connection failed. Oh well. Let's repair the damage from shakedown (you know, use the in-game money), and go back to the menu and try later. But no. Going back to the menu brings a big, fat, red DNF on that daily. Utterly utterly brilliant. If RaceNet had been a new thing, for DR2.0, fine. But it's not new at all. This isn't a thing that's untested. Poor showings, and it will lead to negativity and less sales.
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    Maybe already reported, but some parts of the NZ stages look very dark with the cloudy / rainy mood, and front light doesn't work. Maybe because it's mid day and not evening, but we still need to see something !
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    @cmMikeRobson As others have mentioned, the majority of us want to LOWER the default FOV. This will in fact increase the performance, as less of the surroundings are being rendered on screen. Therefore the solution to this problem is, on consoles, to include a slider where the highest point is what it is defaulted at now (i believe its around 50 degrees vertical), and allow us to slide it down from there. Please pass this on to the dev's so it can be implemented. Many thanks.
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    No problem. I have noted it that we should display what the value is to the player. Hopefully we can integrate this moving forward in service or future titles.
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    Default is 55. It moves in increments of 5. Going up to 70, or down to 35.