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    You guys are gonna **** your pants if you ever see a PC... 😉
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    A few liveries i recently released for the DiRT Rally 2.0 game. Download and more info can be found here http://www.rallygamer.com/downloads.php
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    Seriously? Always Online in a Career Mode? Can't you just please stick to things that you know? Wow, there is absolutely no reason for doing something like this? Do you remember SimCity 2013? Apparently not. Sorry, I had to vent here, but damn, this might be the best Rally Game I played so far. Don't do that to me and the others. Please remove this forced always online. I want to be able to play this game in 20 years, just like your Colin McRae Rally 1998. Damn that hurts.
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    Xbox One X is a lot more powerful than the PS4 Pro, so it’s a given that the X build looks better. What is strange however is that the PS4 Pro doesn’t even get a bump to 1440p. I guess they couldn’t get that steady at 60hz.
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    Does anybody here really think Codies intentionally made the PS versions inferior to the Xbox versions?, or do you think the consoles are the causes of their own limitations and that Codies released the best versions of the game on each machine?
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    If all of these screenshots were originally taken at or zoomed to 4K then that explains it. Xbox One X is the only console specification that can render DiRT Rally 2.0 at native 4K resolution. All other forms of the game on console display at 1080p. On larger screens this may result in a blurry experience. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-dirt-rally-2-0-all-versions-tested
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    Hope they'll return to a Pareto distribution where the Lorenz curve eases out the higher a tier you go like in DiRT Rally.
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    It's not consistent across car classes at the moment, but if they are going to patch regularly and now they have access to thousands of times more data than they did before I've no doubt this is one of those things that will get polished along the way. rFactor, R3E, Assetto Corsa received, or still do, AI updates for years to keep improving and rebalancing it so I hope to see the same here. It would be great one day if they were able to generate AI times from averaging player times on leaderboards.
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    the AI is different from the first dirt rally. the current elite level corresponds to the Masters of the first dirt rally. they should lower a little, to do good times you have to drive in an alien way ... it's not rallying.
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    I know people who won master career. They are also guys who do top 10 in daily's. So yeah it is possible and I am far away from that so keep on trying and learning.
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    In its current state the ai in dr2 career is broken. Elite level is unbeatable, and i’m assuming there is still a Master’s above it.
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    Why am I not surprised that you're the one to come up with the most logical, and desired, car for that tease? I told you last night, let me have my Toyota dream =P
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    If Burns' 206 comes to Dirt Rally 2.0, or any 206, I'll weep tears of the purest joy. Cheeky little belters would make me a happy bunny.
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    It's funny people are mentioning the 206... I just found a Burns 206 WRC mounted to a wall in a museum pretty close to one of codies office locations.
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    I think the poll has spoken. The right thing to do is to remove it. Also seen réactions throughout the internet 😉