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    Btw, completely unrelated to the DLC. But do we miss some weather effects from DR1 and D4. I do miss the fog option. In DiRT 4 it could also be different during the stage. That you went from no fog to very heavy fog. These dynamic weather effect and fog seem to be missing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW3iIGRGLaw It seems in DR2.0 the settings of the weather have been more limited in both dynamic and settings way.
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    Don't forget that WRC cars in the 00's were allowed electronic differentials. The Skoda has fully active, whilst the Citroen C4 has an electronic centre diff. R5 cars are not allowed electronic differentials and also no centre diff.
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    Lucky you the group is even showing for you 😄
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    That's Monte, Route de Turini near the top.
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    No apology necessary! As you say, the suspension (and drivetrain) of the R5's is much better: it's perfect proof of how quickly rally cars continue to develop. Have the new cars gone live yet?
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    Another example (looks so bad, even looks no headlights glass...) : and its fine tweaked (modded) results by me: Do you see the difference?
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    Collect all the things which are bad in Dirt Rally 2.0 and need to fix or have to be repaired. This thread for CAR issues only.
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    Thanks! I'll give it a shot tonight.
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    device_defines.xml i set ffb force to 4.0 and ffb friction to 1.5 sat to 60 wheel friction 25 suspension 40 collision 20
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    I have the Deluxe edition and my Game isnt updating in steam, anyone else have the same issue?
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    Interesting. So how many extra seats do you think would be able to fit in if the staircase was closer to the cab? And therefore I guess you could ask the question exactly how much more profit would come from having x amount of extra seats?
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    Yeah. Made the cars phenomenally quick, but rather undramatic to watch. I was very dubious when they confirmed that the 2017 WRCars would be running active centre diffs as I was afraid it would make them dull to watch: thankfully that wasn't the case!
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    How many seats do the buses you usually take have on them? Do they also have standing capacity?
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    Haha I already have multiple times 😂😂
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    Yeah, they are both available now, and pretty good too.
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    Oh sorry I am from Czech Republic and in our country are R5s now the quickest (often very bumpy road)
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    It's gonna be a flaming nightmare for me, to get anywhere, in the next four days. It's the Gold Cup this week, the biggest yearly horse racing event in the UK and this held at the Racecourse. Taffic is a nightmare, almost all day. You have to add least an hour on to every journey to get to your destination on time. I suppose the only plus side of this event, for myself is that local main bus operator, Stagecoach West, are bringing in over 100 double decker buses across the country, to run the 'Races Special' service. I suspect some of the double decker buses based in the local area and at the other five Stagecoach depots will also be used, for this service. The advantage for me, is that I can spot some unfamiliar buses that I haven't seen before! 😂 DiRTFanNo.1
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    Yeah, it's very close between them. If you watch events like the Irish Tarmac Championship than the late 2.0L (and early 1.6L) WRCars are very slightly quicker than the R5's, but there isn't much in it!
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    Misisng headlights textures. Lot of car has got a wrong transparency settings (the're wrong since Dirt 4) For example (looks one of the worst mobile game): And it should look something like this: Only have to touch "XYZ_lights_d.tga" files (in this example "ev6_lights_d.tga")
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    First of all, all R5 cars has got (at least in visuals?) wrong track width, which is given by FIA Regulation and have to be the same 1,665 mm for all cars in R5 category. But now all of them looks incorrect, the look far less than 1,665 mm.
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    You fancy wrecking another car then Luke 😂 I hate driving in the snow, not in terms of control, that's fine, its the noise it makes when driving on snow, it's horrible.
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    4th in the NZ Rally Series is Deane Buist's Golf GTi from the 2018 Otago Rally: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/deane-buist-otago-rally-2018.25764/
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