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    Well here it goes my explanation from a developer point of view. I don't know how it works in the gaming industry but in any other similar sized project (in terms of revenue) these times are not admissible. You can't just go quiet and say to your customers you are working on a patch that will come at some point in the future, and that's even more true when the project has already been paid. Please remember you are the customer and they have made a product/project you have paid for. If there is something broken that needs urgent patching and there is a delay re-agreements are made, and that works for software development, game development or when the pizza arrives late. So the client is on its full rights to complaint and ask for a compensation (and giving you one billion ingame credits is not a compensation in anyway). I can only see a luck of respect for the customer in this situation, and in a normal scenario that client would not work with you again. I know, this is just a game, but we just get quiet because it's just a game, just £70, then they will continue doing what they do. It fine if they think a big percentage are just kids, but some of us have been playing games for decades and we need to make them realise they can not laugh in our face. And that's with all the repesct for everyone, but I'm tired of always reading people defending Codemasters as they were on payroll, when in this case they are not acting right.
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    Don't forget that WRC cars in the 00's were allowed electronic differentials. The Skoda has fully active, whilst the Citroen C4 has an electronic centre diff. R5 cars are not allowed electronic differentials and also no centre diff.
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    Observing the same. Received the 'welcome' notice when logging into the game, as well as the credits. However cars are not present in the game, steam has not updated the application (are we supposed to get a client side update or is this all handled by racenet?) and the DLC shows as purchasable in the Steam DLC store - which is quite odd as any other game where i've been dumb enough to buy the deluxe edition always shows the included DLC as 'in library'. I've restarted steam and my PC to see if that might have prompted an update of sorts, to no avail. Have to say after the server issues during the 'early access' weekend and now DLC content not being available it hasn't felt like a particularly deluxe experience.
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    OK, so I may be wrong but it seems unlikely Codemasters are going to post an explanation any time soon, so... Each career event has four time slots: Day Sunset Dusk Night The game cycles through these chronologically, starting each event at a random one. So there are a lot of 'dark' stages because as many take place in the middle of the night as during the day - basically, rallying in DR happens in evenings only. Then the bigger issue for me; weather. There have been plenty of comments about never seeming to get two stages together of the same surface conditions and it seems in some cases this is 100% guaranteed to be the case. Let's take USA. For day and night time slots, there are four weather options. Basically, two dry and two wet, so 50/50 chance of either. But for sunset, there are only two. And both of those two have a wet surface. So basically, every four stages you're guaranteed one will be wet 100% - it's impossible to get a dry event. And for dusk? There's only one weather set - and it's a dry road (with cloud). So again, every stage following the guaranteed wet stage is dry; you cannot have a full event run over a wet weekend. You are guaranteed in any career event to have a wet sunset followed by dry dusk. The other locations are similar. So it begs the question, why is this the case? It seems a huge step backwards from Dirt 4 in this regard and even DR1 was arguably preferable. This is, to me, pretty much the only area of the game where this is the case. I hope there are plans to add morning, noon and afternoon versions of stages and to increase the number of weather options available as well as some weather 'patterns' for days. But either way, it would be good to know if this is a purposeful decision, why it was taken, if the feedback on it has been heard and whether there's any hope for it being addressed going forward.
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    "Just landed" is a couple of days for me; but the game is out for nearly two weeks; and even longer for the deluxe-owners. I´m really a patient guy and know in software-development it´s not always so easy as some may imagine. But what really grinds my gears is this almost non-existant banter with the community. ESPECIALLY in this very important time, the first couple of weeks after release; where many many people get their first (and most importantly lasting) impression of the game. And IF they say something it´s only as a response, and not something that seems to come because they´re eager to talk the their customers. So many small Indie-devs do an awesome job communicating with their fans and customers; and it also worked great with Dirt Rally 1 in Early Access. I really don´t get why a LITTLE bit more insight should be too much to ask. And I understand that it doesn´t make the best impression for some when your paid DLC is ready and gets released while the game is still plagued by game-breaking issues (sudden loss of Sound during a Stage, Career-resets, performance problems etc.) I really don´t hope Codemasters wants to wait for the console-certification so that all 3 patches can be released at the same time; meaning they´re gonna hold back the PC-update to have some kind of "parity".
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    We are lucky they are not using the usual "We may or may not fix a bug related to a USB device connected to your PC, stay tunned :)". Since the official release there hasn't been a single update, and still they start selling the content ripped from the original game. This show how broken the DLC nonsense is in the gaming industry.
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    Sorry, but after finding out this today, along with the always online connection required for single player career in a racing game, plus no RWD Group B cars amongst others, I have to say I won't be buying it. Not much more I can say really. Apart from no snow/ice in a hardcore rally game. What gives? As for an online connection required to play a rally games single player career, I don't think I need to express how ridiculous that is. However please do feel free to correct me if this is incorrect.
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    New to the Dirt Series... There is a wonderful game hidden inside... Driving feels good to me. FFB is a bit weak but that's not a big problem for me. Also the sound getting lost is something i don't worry too much about... Ok: playing in cockpit view and suddenly everything is too dark to race on -> switching to bumper view... which is sadly too low over ground... will get fixed at some point... i'll survive... BUT: It riddles me how a developer of a rally game comes to the conclusion that the probability of darkness during racing should be somewhat 40%? And chance of rain is 50%? I finished my 3rd career cup now... Last time: Australia... Raining... after that it is dark and dry... Lets go on to Spain now... raining... sure... Argentina... wet too... and: dark again... Is it too much to ask to be able to enjoy the beautiful courses AT DAY TIME WITHOUT RAIN? I'm no expert but i'd say 20% chance of rain and every fourth race at darkness/near darkness should be enough. For the moment i can't enjoy my career mode which i'd prefer because i won't tolerate these conditions in 7 of 8 races... In the approx 8 hours i played so far: (guessed) 4 runs with clear sky and at daytime... I'm also driving much better because I SEE THINGS. Seems the FX guys were so in love with their work and the scenery guys just shrugged.... I totally trust that everything i mentioned will be fixed quite soon but i'm not sure if Codemasters acknowledge the night/rain scenario as a real problem?
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    I have encountered many of the issues reported, but still haven't given up and have kept playing this amazing game.
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    No cars here, PC/Steam Deluxe edition
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    Same for me on PC too. Guess it will get sorted later.
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    Please fix the anti shake Argentina has been rendered almost useless you cant see where you are going.
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    Same here, got the message ingame that I have received 200k credits and the cars, but they are not available. (PC)
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    What, you're telling me it isn't a 3 man team + Jon & Christina?!? That the art & modeling dev can't also rewrite the entire FFB model for me, spending their entire weekend immediately following launch? The dev's are just lazy, all they have to do is port over all the stuff from DR1! And give us Greece + Wales for free while you're at it, you already have it all designed! /s
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    Nowadays everything is a reason to ask for compensation, discount, refund. Getting a bit nonsense. Some people don't realize how hard it is to work on such a project/game. Bug hunting is way more difficult than developing the feature. And we've already got a 1 million credit compensation for the launch issues (deluxe owners), which is a pretty big advance comparing to others. I'm not saying I prefer a 1 million credit ingame than real life money compensation or whatsoever. But people need to be more patient. This game has just landed, give it time to breathe.
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    Hope to see a blog update about which issues are being worked on, what's targeted for first patches - not in great detail, just an overview. Comms need to be more transparent IMO.
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    From computer without Steam installed, if it's any use. Something looks a bit buggy with it. I have deluxe version BTW. I've had the message and the credits*. *(although would prefer it in future if these cars/credits weren't given for free personally)
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    I noticed that the icon in the corner had updated last night, but there was no sign of the new cars at that point. Is the suggestion that they should have been unlocked at midnight then?
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    I thought this episode was one of the worst right down there with the Pickup episode, even the Apollo 11 tribute couldn't save it. Having Conversation street at the start is what killed the episode because they used all their jokes straight away to get the audience fired up and they were probably bored by the time Jeremy did the Citroen segment. And @DiRTFanNo.1 I'm guessing you started watching Top gear from season 19 onwards as most would say those seasons sucked with a couple good specials and it was when it was getting heavily scripted. Seasons 3-18 were great though.
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    No apology necessary! As you say, the suspension (and drivetrain) of the R5's is much better: it's perfect proof of how quickly rally cars continue to develop. Have the new cars gone live yet?
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    Last time I watched a stage rally at 2am was never because it never happens.
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    I can't be the only one to have the AI score double points in an event for My Team right? Had to climb my way back for my Elite promotion after DNF'ing the first event on the last stage - after the first round the AI had scored 60 points for a win... I literally had to win out the the next 5 events to finish in 2nd place for my promo. Here is a screenshot from halfway through, even if J. Norberg won every/all 3 events, he shouldn't be above 90 points - but he's sitting at 114 points, and a guy who finished 2nd/6th/3rd has more points than acing it should have given.
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    Yes, Sweden and the Monte (if you want to consider the Monte a Snow-Rally in this game) are coming. But only for a price. Doesn´t change the fact that the base-game doesn´t have one. That´s just one of the things where I can only scratch my head and think "Who comes up with decisions like these"....
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    I’m on a G29 + ps4pro and completely agree with the guy (and everyone else) you’re arguing against. The FFB is very very average in DR 2.0. You can try to sell it all you like, but by the simple fact the vast majority of users report the same experience means there is more to it. Go play F1 2018, GT Sport, PC2, DR.....just about any other driving game and have more feel for the road than DR2. End of story. I can still play the game, but it could be so much better.