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    Yes, I noticed and I don’t like it. In case you were unaware, that is the FFB issue...(Flag Feedback Bug).
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    Skoda most definitely does not sound close to the real thing. Probably because it's using the sound of the 2007 Ford Focus WRC as a placeholder. 😉
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    If the game is not ready several options are available. delay the release label it as a beta period Announce Force feedback, online have not been fleshed and present a timeline thier priority to fix those things Announce a formal apology! Digital extremes for example pretty much pull all nighters when they've got a very broken build and keep people informed almost hourly via twitter/forums. Where are the staff in these matters? All tight lipped, even when people ask directly on codemasters own they're left with silence. We often see even established companies and developers aswell as indie developers run free beta weekends to stress test thier servers before the crucial release. The fact Codemasters are taking so many shortcuts here suggests a severe lack professionalism and respect for customers. Lets compare and look at how Nintendo behaved towards problems with Metroid Prime 4. None of this air of silence and release a broken product. So insulting and attacking us as entitled? People spent thier hard earned money on this game, rigs, setups I think that deserves respect. Theres been absolutely no transparency at all. People paid money for something that didnt meet and still to this day isnt performing to minimal expectations. The minimal expectations werent much btw just an upgraded Dirt Rally 1. Instead we got all these new systems that dont work
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    Firstof all I found that every car engine drops RPM immediatelly if you lift up gas pedal, which is unrealistic... (I don't know ho to say it in english, but i hpe you know what i mean) Need some delay because of the engine's resistance Also i found there is NO ALS (Anti Lag System) in this game - turbo is going to zero immediatelly if you lift up your foot from the gas pedal which is not realistic! Cars with ALS should sustain turbo pressure for a while and the exhaust shoud sounds bang-bang for that time... But in this game is nothing like this feature.
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    it is possible to see the top of the leaderboard, but impossible to see the last ? why ? when I am 500th, I would like to know if I am 500th on 600th or 500 on 10000th, it is not the same the ranking could be improved / and have an external website to se the ranking without launch the game Thanks
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    More historic rally cars, like Talbot Sunbeam, mk1 Escort, Nissan 240rs, 037 and Chevette. Lotus Cortina would be awesome too. And as a Finn I really hope we get Finland some day. 😎
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    i think more classic rally cars would be great. talbot sunbeam , mitsubishi starion , escort mk1 , chevette , mk1 rwd fiesta would be nice fun. locations japan , corsica if tarmac could be improved any tight windy locations. with very technical stages. not just long flat out full 3/4 of the event and one bend.
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    Thank you for that vital information.
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    Lancia 037 and these would be welcome newcomers
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    Hi all, we believe we've resolved the issue, but we're just double-checking with our internal teams here before we confirm for sure. Thanks for your patience, and please let us know if you see the cars appear in your garage!
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    When clubs/leagues drop can we start getting "weekend rally events"? Where Codies essentially hosts short term, short-ish championships for the community. Basically something like a 2 event 4 stage each championship for 3 days only and we all just go at it. Basically like the weeklies, but shorter and specifically aimed to recreate those "weekend race" moments.
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    the post is not in reply to you thats why i have not quoted you. so maybe its your t*ts that need calming
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    Please as Also an option to filter with/without drivings assist/aids in the leaderboard
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    I've only watched the 1st 3 episodes but man alive it's packed full of drama and Codies need to take note of it all and bring it into the future of the F1 series of games. It really makes you feel the emotion of being in F1 from both an individual pov as a driver battling for the championship or battling your team mate to prove you are better and you are worthy of their backing and better contract and from a team perspective whether it's at the top and needing points, in midfield battling your rivals to get the edge or at the back struggling big time. I mean you really feel the pressure Dani Ric is under knowing your younger teammate is getting more backing and a better contract as well as fighting to prove you're better to earn bigger better contracts. You feel the determination from Sainz to want to beat his countryman and hero Alonso and Renault in wanting to beat their competitors McClaren. You feel the pain and disappointment at Williams knowing you're the worst and struggling to get better to appease the investors so they don't walk away, namely Lawrence Stroll. This all just needs to be brought into the game to make you feel all these raw emotions. I mean I feel wiped watching the 1st 3 episodes and they are sooooo much better than the game and in fact the actual races of last season. They even make the game feel so timid! Time to start bringing your A game Codies. Bring the feeling and emotion!
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    Hello Sim Racers, i´m Phil 48 years old sim racer since 10 years and a real passionate....I´ve been on all platform (nothing to demonstrate saying this) I play on PC only, i use a Direct Drive Mige 30NM working on the SIMUCUBE software triple screen and cockpit I think DIRT 2.0 is a great and really immersive game. My wish on the futur updates: -VR working -A "pro users" leader board ranking .Player that don´t use any assistance... Congratulation for the game and see you on track. Here is my STEAM PROFILE
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    I have the deluxe edition. All these community events are nice! daily events, weekly events, monthly events, AI challenges, D+ the extra events we get with deluxe edition. Make sure they stay, heck add more for more car choices per day, week, month!!!!!
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    Hi guys, I'm a new(ish) youtuber who mainly plays racing games with a little farming on the side.
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    I think it’s a fine balance on the length of the race. Not forgetting this is a mobile game and some phones may not perform very well in longer races (heat, battery, memory etc). It also places a huge load on servers if it’s a real pvp long race. That said, having it as an option for players to decide themselves will be huge of course, all else withstanding.
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    yes, engine braking is a little harsh and it blows my mind in 2019 that ALS isnt in more games, its a feature on the turbo that could be adjusted or fail, adding more depth to the driving and repairs side of things. its something that should be par for the course on any rally game and annoys me that it isnt present...... ill say it again, its a good job the bits of this game that work are really good, but it does have room for improvement MM
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    Yes, can be used in My Team like any other car you own. Source: just started a clubman Career Rally with the Skoda Fabia Rally 2005.
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    My first word was bus.
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    I would like to also add my "I have the same issue" post. Because otherwise I'm going to feel left out. I know it doesn't add anything useful but it has a right to be here, in that way it's kind of an analogy for my whole existence. I'm not even mad though, lol.
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    Well thought I'd have another go this morning, met with an announcement that 2 cars had been added to my garage. Went for a quick TT and low and behold, some chap was shouting instructions at me, euphoria! short lived, no idea what is going on now. Originally had the graphics tailored to keep a constant 60fps, to tell you the truth I'd previously thought the game was locked to 60fps but today, today I'm lucky to get 20fps, lowered a big chunk of the graphically intensive settings, tried again, same 20fps. FML, you have got to be kidding me, I fancy with a good supply of Sharp H4's, even I could draw the scenery quicker than the game, Tsk, Tsk, so it looks very much like it's time to hit the refund button, £70,😮 £70 I say, lot of money. Shame, so much right, yet released to a timescale that was impossible to keep, imho maybe should have waited for a summer holiday release. Oh, while I'm here griping, anyone know what's going down now? Waiting for the results of an integrity check and......................... "all files verified successfully" FML2 the saga continues. 🍋
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    I'm still trying to figure out how to get to the F1 discussion forums! LOL! Not very user friendly this!