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    1000x this, though I never cleaned the car. mud/snow/dust all the way. DR 2.0 has only daytime, sunset, dusk, and night (which has light in the sky or on the horizon? it's weird.) 4 had every time of day, and more weather conditions, each of which could come in at any time of day, which made doing longer events more immersive.
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    Dirt 4 had some things it did really well. I don't know, I'm probably a bit autistic, but for me the feeling of driving a car with your own livery and sponsors of your choosing through a 150 km-long rally of randomly generated stages with beautiful, variable weather conditions was spot on. I didn't even care about the repetitiveness. I also miss the ability to clean your car and conduct inspections before making repairs. Also, Nicky Grist.
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    after every stage, like "that was fast but let´s check the times". Those are ok at first but after hundreds times it would be nice to turn comments off.
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    It's not, it's a modified Focus 2007 sound. Apparently the Fabia WRC they had lined up to record was sold to a new owner before they were able to get the sample so they're looking for another ATM.
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    They haven't. It's a Focus 2007 placeholder with some mix. But Jon stated they were looking for one to record.
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    yes, same, but I suspect it's mostly just me knocking out the headlights gradually lol but seriously, even if you're right it's still not enough honestly.
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    What would be truly lovely would be a bloom adjustment slider on the consoles 🙂
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    Ford Fiesta R5 M-Sport World Rally Team (WRC 2) 2017 DOWNLOAD
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    You’re kidding me!!! My case is even worse: my girlfriend bought the game for me with her account. And as we set the Xbox One X as the family console, it doesn’t matter who buy the game (beside we prefer using her credit card). Now she just bought the game, she has never played it entering with her session. The only account on the game is mine, which was created the first time I’ve played and when I go to the store section it appears the Deluxe content is activated, even though I had to download freely the 2 wrc cars. Another question is: will I be able to use Sweden and Monte Carlo tracks when they come out these weeks???!!! So what’s the deal??? It wouldn’t be a problem to play under er session but by no means I want to restart my carreer mode. PLEASE CODEMASTER, DON’T BE DUMB ABOUT THAT ISSUE AND AT LEAST COMMUNICATE ON IT, I WANT TO KNOW IF ICAN PLAY WHAT MY GIRLFRIEND PAYED FOR!! PLUS, I DON’T WANT TO BE DISRESPECTFUL BUT IF IT IS WHAT IT’S REALLY HAPPENING, WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE AKNOWLEDGED IN BIG GREAT LETTERS NEAR THE BUY BUTTON ON THE STORE. CONSUMERS CAN’T BE BLAME HERE! Your game is great with some bugs totally understandable but this isn't! I’ll be waiting for your answer.
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    Great idea! Also Get off Phil and bring back Paul's voice from DR 1
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    Hey gals and guys. I was always interested in setting up the car in games, but what frustrated me the most - was lack of the data to visualize what`s going on with the car, telemetry. Now that we have that in DR 2.0, I was looking forward to downloading apps for it. Yeah, right, no success. I guess the game isn`t that popular. So I started developing my own. Not having touched coding for 6+ years, I became rusty but managed to put together something. It`s still in, Alpha phase but I wanted to share the progress with you and see if there is any interest for public release. For free of course, we already paid enough for the game itself. Long story short, here`s short video of the tool (sorry about crappy quality, I was on my laptop with tons of dev tools open). I`ve seen one other tool, Dirt Telemetry that was for DR1 but also works with DR2. And the problem was overlaying the game. With my app, I`ve managed to emulate the full screen mode and setting the telemetry on top of it, so it looks like the game itself. The window background is black and you can move it around to set the position. When the stage starts, window becomes transparent and only telemetry is visible. Also it`s completely click-through, so game won`t lose focus if you hover or click on it - the game doesn`t see it at all. It`s still emulating full screen mode, removing the borders and maximizing the window (taskbar is on auto hide). Overlaying true full screen mode involves tempering with the game itself and rendering in DirectX - too much hassle for the time I have (plus, it`s considered cheating so wouldn`t be surprised if Codemasters took some action ) Now, about the telemetry itself, here`s a main window, I`ll explain the data shown. Layout represents the car (obviously :D). Wheels numbers show difference between car speed and that particular wheel speed. When accelerating they`ll be positive and negative during braking/deceleration. Wheels change color to reflect: stationary, acceleration, deceleration and locked. It`s pretty neat being able to see what each wheel is doing real-time. Brake disks change color based on temperature. There are no numbers for disks as I haven`t noticed any degradation in brake force in relation to temperature. For anyone concerned - max value is 650 degrees. Vertical bars next to wheels represent suspension. Upper is compression, lower is rebound, respectively for each wheel. Getting the values here was tricky. DR2 telemetry only gives suspension position in relation to car. So if you lower or raise the car, tool won`t know it. So at the start of the stage telemetry will say that suspension position is -15, but tool doesn`t know if that is because it hit a hole or it`s by setup. So at the beginning of each stage tool will take start position as relative and apply the offset. The issue with that is that at some stages car will be on an uneven surface so some dampers will be extended or compressed than others. The tool tries to average it out between wheels, but still there`ll be some small differences. Axles represent the differential. It doesn`t show the difference in torque but difference in speed of each wheel. Play with the diff lock ratio to see the impact. Open the diff and the slider will move much more on loose tracks. Center diff represents difference in speed between averaged front and back wheel speeds. On left and right side there are "Fast" and "Slow" indicators. They represent which compression setting is currently active. In game (and real life) dampers have separate valves for fast and slow bumps. That means that depending on velocity of suspension travel - one or the other setting will be applied. Slow bumps are 90% of race, fast bumps are for hitting holes or that one straight in Argentina where you flat out over humps. If you record your drive, you can see when the fast damping is active and adjust either your settings or ride. Threshold can be set in game, and is for now hard-coded for default value in tool (0.6m/s). I`ll add option later to manually set it so it reflects your real setting (in a case you have played around with settings for fast bumps). (In the video you can clearly see Fast being activated as I french kiss the hill flatting out at 0:43 or when my tire decided to abandon the vehicle) The lower slider is lateral G force, the right hand side, long one is for longitudinal G force. Nothing fancy, but it gives some info for tuning your car. Lowest middle line is stage progress bar. I run clean HUD except speedometer, so it comes in handy on longer stages when I puncture tire - to change the tire or bite the bullet? Handbrake is there, but doesn`t have direct representation in data, so the tool calculates it. If back wheels are locked, and speed is greater than 0 and front wheels are doing something and some other parameters I forgot. But it`s pretty accurate. Last there are gear indicator, current speed (yes it`s in imperial, yes there will be option to change it ), RPM. Note that there is no input visualization: Throttle, Brake, Clutch, Wheel. That by design as I`m developing additional overlay window to replace in game one. That window will be detachable and user will be able to position it anywhere on the screen, as you can do with currently show telemetry window. Now, I`m pretty bad with math and vectors are science fiction for me, but we do have data for that also. Namely: Velocity, Roll and Pitch vectors. If you have any application for it, maybe I can implement it. Here`s a question for all of you: What would you like to see in the tool that would be useful given the data we have? Maybe I can implement it as I dust the rust away from my coding skills.
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    Binging Game of Thrones. Lately, I finished Stranger Things. You can catch more of such shows on: watchseriesonline.live
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    Is there a thread for suggestions specifically? I really do have some about the UI.
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    If anyone is interested in building, crafting sort of games I highly recommend Satisfactory on the Epic store. It’s early access, yet doesn’t feel like it is. Runs, looks and plays great. There’s already so much content and depth, it only came out a few days ago. It’s better polished than most finished AAA games. Theres no controller support yet, which such for me as I’m a sofa so using a keyboard and mouse isn’t so good.
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    Yeah it's a big problem that I've been trying to deal with for ages. On t150 I use the left paddle, but I change gears with h-shifter. If you have three pedals, you can use the clutch as a handbrake, but I find it really wierd and unrealistic. Another option is the custom handbrake (I made it like this, but it worked for a few weeks and then fell apart: https://imgur.com/a/5A2Gq Alternatively, you can weld the cables if you have the skill, or use the stick on a gamepad to create something like this: https://imgur.com/a/Ow9gh If you're on a PC, you can probably use any joystick as a handbrake. The best solution I guess is just invest in a dedicated handbrake... Easy access to a handbrake is essential for effective rallying in modern cars. Speaking of which, I have a question of my own regarding driving technique. I'm trying to play as realistically as possible and to my knowledge Lancia Stratos and group B cars did not use the handbrake on hairpins (I assume it was only used at the startline?). Do you think it's possible to be competitive eg in Argentina, without using the handbrake? If so, what's the technique? I'm assuming scandinavian flick + throttle oversteer/clutch kick is the key, but it's very difficult to pull it off on those narrow stages. Also, what gear should I be in during a hairpin turn, 1st or 2nd? Last question: are there any other cars in Dirt 2 apart from Stratos and group b that did not use handbrake for turning? (Maybe DS21, as there is no animation for using the handbrake?)
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    Before I got my handbrake, I used the left shift-paddle on the wheel as the handbrake. Works really well in corners as you can easier find it intuitively even when the wheel is turned. For shifting I used: Right paddle = upshift. Button on front, reachable with right thumb= downshift. Maybe give it a try
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    Just popped on RD. Supports DR 2.0 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/delivery.26027/
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    Playstation 4 Pro Gamer First of all many thanks for the new update. But please, Codis, makes the same exposure in all views. In the external view, everything is too blind. many Greetings Cockpit View and Outside View
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    I keep playing dr 2.0 and I start to notice all small details in the UI and how beautiful it is combined with the music. Just WOW. I love it. Guys who worked on this, I give your work 10/10. 👍
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    Where is anyone applauding the way DR2 is being handled? Nowhere, is the answer. All people are doing is trying to explain the realities of game development, and how it’s not nearly as simple as some of the, hmm, less nuanced commenters seem to believe. Everyone I’ve seen called a fanboy (or shill or whatever childish insult) has been quite clear on what they’d like to see improved, what they’re not happy with, and so on. Nobody is blindly cheering Codies on and saying everything is perfect. Some people, me included, are saying the game is good, mind you, but once again, that doesn’t mean we think it’s perfect or that we don’t think the bugs need fixing. Again, nuance. It’s quite possible to enjoy something despite its flaws. If anything less than perfection is a problem for you, prepare to be disappointed your whole life.
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    Yeah I agree. Also the voice acting is so bad it brings the game down.
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    lots of good info here, sorry if its been posted already. https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamONeilRally/videos
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    I wish to see a DLC of historic rally cars from behind the iron curtain! 🙂 Cars: - LADA VFTS - Skoda 130 RS - Skoda 130 LR - Moskvitch - Volga - Polski Fiat - Tatra Tracks: - Gran Canaria /Azores Rally - Rally San Remo
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    Sometimes i have to lift up the gas pedal 'cause i can't see anything by Dirt Rally 2.0 default "shaking" which is an annoying feature and make the games unplayable! Especially all the stages in Argentina ... bump after bump and you've got a strong headache because your eyes thry to compensate all the times, very frustrating and tiring Please codemasters, set that camnera shaing to zero or should be better to use a compensation, or give the same as we've got in Dirt Rally (1) Just an example how other devs solved this problem (sorry for the competing title as an example) check the camera's smooth movement Compare the hood's movement - that what DR 2.0 is doing now and the camera ios not attached as in DR 2.0 and even worse in DR 2.0 cockpit view
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    Greece,Wales and Finnland are very great Rallys but Dirt 2.0 NEED NEW LOCATIONS. i Whis Mexico,France (not Corsika) and Wales 😉 but when the other 3 rallys appear i m not dissapointed