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    NO ONE is expecting 100 % perfection on release. How did you come up with that ? Because people are criticizing the game for the huge amounts of bugs the game released with ? People were simply expecting a WAY less buggy game. And most of the stuff I read here and on Steam is constructive criticism. Some may have a more snarky or cynical way of expressing these criticisms, but at least I can´t really blame them after what happens in the whole industry at the moment; and after what happened with Dirt 4 before DR 2.0. That game burned a lot of trust in many people (not talking about the "game is ****; Codemasters sux!!!!-kind of people). And people having no patience ? The video-game crowd is still one of the more forgiving ones. The video-game-industry is one of the few industries where the companies can get away with unfinished, buggy and even broken stuff on a regular basis. What I see is that more and more people getting angry because more and more games are released in an unfinished and/or buggy state. With less content/features than its predecessor (which is true for DR 2.0 as well regarding the base-package). With more and more crappy monetization. In my opinion it is a good thing that more and more people seem to speak out against these things. I agree that there should be respect for the devs themselves. I can imagine they´re having the most stress right now, to fix the stuff that only happened because of decisions being made by the higher-ups in the company. But I have not really a huge amount of respect for the people who decided that Dirt Rally 2.0 was good enough for release. Who decided to have an Always-Online-Career in the game. Who decided a staggered release was a good idea. Because these people don´t seem to have ANY respect for the money we pay.
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    @Fjacobsen I believe you are confusing negativism with criticism. With very few exceptions, people are voicing their concerns about what’s not working out for them, suggesting improvements, asking for fixes and new contents all in a respectful and constructive way. And this happens because people care about the game (and the money they’ve invested in it). I won’t congratulate CM for delivering the content that was promised and, in my case, pre-paid. But I’ll criticize them for not fixing the problems we’ve been denouncing since the game was launched, which in some cases are even game breakers! Adding sugarcoating on a burned cake won’t make it taste good... it will just look better.
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    Just want to thank You for the Monte Carlo Rally stages. I made a few runs with the Mini Cooper and Ford Escort and have big fun. It´s almost scary on those narrow icy roads. I finde there are too many negative posts in here and would like to cheer You up, This Rally sim is really good, but offcourse I look forward to the FFB fixes. But with the suggested file edits, found elsehwere around, I got decent FFB. Keep up the good work ☺️
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    And I also have to disagree with this, sorry. The trend these days (and as it has always been) is that people want to get what they paid for, not a crippled version of what has been announced that will eventually be fixed later on. There’s a huge difference between finding a couple of bugs that escaped quality control before launch that can easily be squished later on and releasing a half baked product counting on the paying customers patience while they finish it at their leisure (if at all). Unfortunately the later seems to be the trend of the games industry presently, which doesn’t mean that we, the customers, have to quietly accept it.
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    Honestly... Codemasters is a business. They got developers and other staff hired that needs payment. Dirt Rally 2 is a new game - ok with some old, but refurbished stages added fra the older Dirt 1. If You didn´t buy the Deluxe version, You have to pay 3,49 euro to get Monte Carlo. Where I live You cannot even get a Hotdog for that price, so please be fair. The new physics are a big step forward compared to DR1, and that was considered very good. It´s a real shame that both the Stean Forum and this forum is so filled up with negative attitudes, when in fact it's a rather big step forward. I agree that FFB should have been better on release day, but I´m sure it will be fixed soon. The trend these days are, that people have no patience at all - if something isn´t perfect from day one, then it´s trash and people start to shout "Refund I have been cheated".Calm down and give the developers the time needed to make the proper fixes and enjoy what is enjoyable until then.
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    What a game!!! i used to watch the WRC & think “DiRT Rally Monte isn’t like that...”. Well, now it is!! Great job, a proper mixed bag of extreme grip changes. Such a difference in the tyre types also!! Love it!
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    Yes, poorly words chosen by you. Paul has been part of DR2.0 project, till he left for other things. Don;t forget Paul also had been involved with other CM rally titles including DiRT 2, DiRT 3, DiRT Showdown, DiRT Rally and DiRT 4. All had mixed reviews, different gameplays and different receivement. All quite different and next to that showing it is not a one man show, but a team who is being behind a game.
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    Pats on the back for releasing content for a game that was not finished from the beginning? Let’s save the kudos for when they are justified. Not like they gave you a free location, which should have been the case after the debacle that this game is in its current state. Sorry for my cynicism - I love DR, but I feel the ‘thanks’ are a little premature...
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    The ice feels way better in this than DR1. I feel like in DR1 it didn't get slippery until the higher part of the stage, this every small patch of ice feels very dangerous. Really impressed with how much of an upgrade this is to the original Monte Carlo.
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    Sorry to say, but most posts I have seen in the various forums are indeed of this kind: "game is ****; Codemasters sux!!!!-, I want a refund, I will never buy a Codemaster game again". Thats not critisism, but negatism. With this kind of attitude, the devs don´t have to fix anything, cause these people (if they do what they say) are long gone from this game. It´s fully Ok to be unhappy and express it, but then better do it in a more helpfull way that highlights th exact problem, so that it can be fixed. I did not say that Codemasters shouldn´t have ensured a less buggy release version, cause I think they should. I also wonder how the FFB could be released in it´s current state. But DR2 is not unplayable (at least for me on the PC version). Physics are great, graphics are great and smooth, sounds are way better than in DR1. FFB is turned way down and not what I had expected, but with some tweaks I goto it to work more or less Ok with my Thrustmaster T150 wheel. Should we thank companies for products we have paid for ? - well we don´t have to, but this world would become rather sterile if we didn´t try to show some appreciation for the job done by the developers. A "Thank You" costs nothing.
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    If you think the snow tires offers no grip put the softs on and give it a go. The grip on ice and snow with those tires are less than zero and I love every second of it
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    Hey team - we've just started the process of rolling out patch 4.5 to all compatible devices. Please note that no update is required - you should be prompted the next time you start up the game to just download the new data. The patch aims to address a number of player-reported topics since Update 4, including: - Brake assist functionality - Improvements to the beginning of Sprint Race/Qualifying Duels - Penalty system implementation - HUD appearance - Dynamic racing line accuracy As always, any and all feedback you have regarding the patch is welcomed and taken on board. The team have attempted to address as much as they can and treated player-reported topics and priorities. The feedback we receive from all game channels drives our content output and focus, so keep it coming. See you on the track!
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    Games are like any other consumer products. How would you react if your brand new car or computer or toaster didn’t perform as expected? How lenient and patient would you be if you would have to return them and wait for them to be fixed? Just because games can be fixed and/or completed online doesn’t mean we have to accept that they are (intentionally?) released in a less than perfect condition. Due to their complexity I can accept that some bugs are found along the way, as it can also happen with a brand new car, in which case the brand recalls it for repair to avoid loosing reputation and/or legal consequences.
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    Thing is, after the D4 'support' many people really appreciate every bit of content and info that actually makes it's way to us.
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    There is definitely not enough variety in weather and time of day. Anyone remember the "showers" setting in Dirt 4 that had rain that would increase and decrease in intensity during the stage? Why do features like that get stripped out when they should just be carried over? It's infuriating.
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    Yup, Monte Carlo is awesome. You really can't drive it like the first game, the ice patches and snow sections are just whole new beasts now. Did some testing between the 2 games in the C4 and got these results. Citroen C4 - Route de Turini Montee DR1 4:56.238 DR2 5:46.664 (winter tyre) 6:04.166 (soft tyre)
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    I'd like to have more weather conditions for all the courses at all times of day (and increase those too please, 4 isn't enough....)
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    I will have to respectfully disagree on that one. I think all of these discussions are a problem anyway with the way the Career is designed and online. The aim should be to allow people a realistic length of stages and events to mimic a real rally season _if they so choose_ (and yes in a Career not a custom championship thats disconnected from the financial/career game aspect). Having more stages per event actually makes it fun so that you can climb up a leaderboard if you made a mistake etc. or had to change a tyre. Right now it's already annoyingly short.
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    Excellent work on Monte, what an awesome challenge. One issue on the PS4 Pro we continue to have is In the Rallycross Daily events, we still get forced back out of the event, rather than back to the pits after a practice run.
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    Hello guys, I am a very passionate sim racer and rally driver. I love Dirt Rally 2.0. I will give my opinion on physics as I've raced rally cars for 3 years (2015-2018) in Australia. I have raced a small Hyundai Front Wheel Drive car(950kg, 100hp), Rear wheel drive Holden(1500kg, 200hp) in forests/autocross and Subaru WRX Sti 2004 (1500kg, 250hp) Youtube video & channel with onboard videos; this one below is the Hyundai I use OSW Simucube wheel and Fanatec V3 pedals, with Fanatec handbrake on my rig. Simlab P1 chassis. I will break down my feedback by Category; Tarmac physics: No comments yet Gravel Physics: Front Wheel Drive: Seems pretty good, I feel overall more grip in DR2.0. I will say the acceleration traction/speed of the cars from standing start and in general is much more than real life. The surface variation across the road is modeled pretty nicely in DR2.0. I feel like the tire interaction with the surface is pretty nice also, there's nice variation. I will say in real life there is better feeling of the fine detail balance compared to Dirt Rally 2.0. Like in real life small touches to brake and steering affect the car balance, where in Dirt rally 2.0 i find myself being more aggressive with inputs to make the car do what I want. RearWheel Drive: Basically same as above, however On-throttle power oversteer seems not controllable like in real life. I should be able to plant the throttle and manage the rear end quite easily(DR1.0 was great in this respect), but I can't in DR2.0 - I have to mange the car sliding and throttle input a lot more to keep control and speed of the car. 4WD: Same as above. Feels very good compared to real life. But again much faster in traction that in real life. I think 4wd is the closest of all 3 drive types. I will also state the wet surface modelling and variation with the ruts on the road is fantastic in DR2.0. I think the wet surface in DR2.0 is more like real life dry gravel feeling in my opinion. I like how accurate driving and neat driving is rewarded in DR2.0. I encourage more development on the feeling of the cars compared to their real life counterparts.
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    No idea. The dudes Welsh! 😆 and on the scooby used a Welsh flag lol
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    that's a bummer. Why not increase championship length to 7 now that there are 7 locations? @ChristinaMc
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    This thread should be closed and quarantined. It's friggin contagious. In today's Daily I felt the symptoms OP described, and that's with 'up to 2000cc' -- car class I've a very bad chemistry with.
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    👌 Thanks for stopping by to let us know!