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    Leaderboards: "Go to top" doesn't work, it goes up 50 places or so max. Switching to show friends doesn't show your own time In weekly events, you can't see stage results, only event standings I'm not even sure if the latter two are bugs, but I'd really like that to be fixed because I find it really annoying and I don't see any point in it being that way. And while we're at it, I'd like it to show somewhere how many players have participated, so I can compare my rank to number of entries. edit: platform: Steam
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    [UPDATE 02/05/2019] Hi all, Start checking those inboxes! Acceptance emails are going out right now. Don't forget to check your spam filters as well, just in case. [UPDATE 09/04/2019] Hi all, Get your profiles finalised as we are CLOSING the sign ups tomorrow morning at 8am BST! That’s 08:00 BST on the 10th April. If it’s not filled out properly, your application may be rejected. So be sure to take a final look over before tomorrow morning and make sure you've read and filled out everything as we've requested. Thanks! ---- Hello everyone, For the past few years we’ve run our successful F1® Beta Programme, where we invite a select number of you to the Beta to test and give us feedback on future projects. We are always impressed and thankful for the level of detailed feedback and enthusiasm you give us in these Beta programmes. So without further ado, it’s my pleasure to introduce this year’s sign up for the F1® Beta Programme! The sign up for this year’s F1® Beta is in a new place this time. You’ll find them right here in the forums themselves. To sign up to the closed Beta, you will need to head to your profile page. To get there; click on your forum name in the top right corner of any forum page and select “Profile” from the drop down menu. When on your profile page, click “Edit Profile”. You should be able to find the Beta Sign up section after the Social Media part. Please make sure that you read and fill everything out correctly and make sure you have access to the email address associated with your forum account.
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    Some folks reading this will disagree with my writings, and downvote me or chime in with rhetoric that I am being negative etc., but really I am not trying to be. This is just honest feedback from a long time loyal supporter...so: Firstly - I have to wonder if enlisting Jon Armstrong was the best idea. They had a formula with DR1 - and it worked. While not a total fail, most of us agree that’s DR2.0 has fallen short of expectation across multiple levels, mainly FFB. It was advertised and talked about at length that through development, Jon was closely consulting with Codies regarding the driving model/design of DR2.0, specifically in relation to the handling model (which includes FFB). I have to wonder if this was a blessing or a curse? While the physics model is amazing, I can’t fathom how so many things with the FFB went awry. Outside of that - all the connectivity issues, audio issues, lighting issues, and various other bugs. The patch didn’t seem to remedy much of anything (we are now 15 pages deep on the patch bugs reporting thread post v1.2 update), and it would seem the game has suffered from poor sales; subsequently being reduced to $38 CAD on Xbox and PlayStation afternonly 1 month! 😳 WRC 7 is still priced at $69, and it has been out for 2 years! It is upsetting to see how this game had, and is being - lambasted across social media platforms...which has undoubtedly forced a price drop to incentivize additional sales. No one could have anticipated such a poor adoption rate this early on, especially given the pedigree of DR1 (best Rally game ever!). No question the game appeals to a ‘niche’ audience, most of whom are hard core Rally fans. To that end, PC adoption is key and that community seems less than happy with the current state of affairs. The console versions of this game, especially PlayStation version - seems like an afterthought in some ways. The price drop coupled with the seemingly widespread poor reception across all platforms concerns me becuase if the game is not generating revenue commensurate to projected sales, how much long term support will it see before they wash their hands of it? Simple business principles would suggest poor ROI = curtailing of resources. So here we are a month later...and many (most?) of us are left ‘wanting’ in some regard. The next update will be pivotal to ensuring the long term viability/success of DR 2.0. Lord knows I hope they get it right. I am still playing despite my frustrations, and I will continue to do so. Even though I am dismayed with some of the features (namely the FFB), I still picked up Monte Carlo to help support the cause. There are many redeeming qualities to this game, and as I have said numerous times now - the game has a great skeleton on which to build, but it’s lacking muscle in some key areas. With fandom fading, and WRC8 on the horizon, time is short - and so is the gaming community’s patience (unfortunately). I commend Codies for all they have done with Rally racing titles over the years, I sincerely hope they get the bugs ironed quickly, and bring this game up to speed before we realize a Rally nightmare : ‘TERMINAL DAMAGE’.
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    This is a link to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/GTRTechnical I will be sharing all the setups I create on DiRT Rally 2.0. So if you cant be bothered or just don't know how to tune then this channel will eventually be a one stop shop for you. The most up to date setups will be in the SETUPS section of my channel home page. I will be holding polls in the community section of my YouTube channel to choose the next car. Monday - Sunday WEEK 1 you will pick the class, Monday - Sunday WEEK 2 you will pick the car, so be sure to get your votes in. You Can find the polls here https://www.youtube.com/c/GTRTechnical/community The plan is to tune every car in the game for every location, so if the car you want isn't in my channel it will be by the time I'm done. If you like the setups obviously please show your appreciation with a like just so I know I'm still on the right track with the setups. If you want to keep up to date with the latest setups I've done, either subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or follow me on Twitter. Good luck on the stages! RX SETUPS
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    In my opinion FFB is now, as it is better than in Dirt Rally. Jumping from game to game for me it's much more important to feel weight of the cars (as in Dirt Rally 2.0) than the cars feeling pretty much weightless and feeling super high detail on the road. Dr2 driving feels really enjoyable. Still surprised there isn't optional/canned effects for those, who like to feel thru wheel, effects what you might feel in a car(tyre slip etc.). I guess it will be fixed and FFB will be even better covering all the bases. I always thought that with a wheel Sébastien Loeb Rally was underappreciated. Now the funny thing is that etc r5 fiesta feels very similar (ffb and driving)in dr2 and slr. Slr is closer to dr2 than dr is. Other one helped by Sébastien Loeb and other by Jon Armstrong (+other drivers). Just some thoughts.
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    I've a suggestion regarding the spectator mode during a qualifying session: in real life, qualifying is one of the most sensational aspects of a grand prix weekend, and the director does a very good job to bring the action to the public with a lot of information on drivers getting fast around the track with sector information like going purple, green, or no improvement with yellow. In my opinion, it is a shame that the spectator mode ingame does not have this kind of information to help the spectator to focus on fast guys. In league streames like AOR, qualifying is one of the more boring parts to see because you have no information about how well they are driving and if they make chance to improve their time and with how much. My suggestion is to improve the spectator mode with at least sector times information on the list on the left. If you add there 3 blocks with using the following 4 colors: Purple: Fastest sector of all: Green: Improvement Yellow: No improvement: Red: Invalidated Laptime When you follow someone on track, you can add this information as well to their laptime on the right-hand side of the screen. In this box it would be great to get the information about their delta as well. Both compared to their own fastest time, and if they are going fast, compared to the current pole position. Another addition could be that like in the real F1, you could add multiple boxes of driver's laptime to the screen like in real F1, so you have the information on the deltas of multiple drivers. But i can imagine this could get more difficult to implement in a user-friendly way. But i think if you only start with information like this with sector-colors, you already add a lot of information to help improve the sepctator-mode during qualifying sessions.
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    After a very busy week I finally had some time to do a Weekly Challenge, pleased with the result 🙂 One of the VPG drivers was leading the Xbox leaderboard by over a minute but crashed on the final Stage 😮
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    The random events stopped happening for me. It's been at least five championships in different classes now, both in career and free play, and I haven't seen a single drone or car on the side of the road for a long, long time. Wierd, I'm pretty sure it's a bug. I'm on PS4.
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    If you drive through a tunnel in Monte Carlo, you will not hear an echo. At the original track you can hear that
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    The bottom one is mine. 20190328_220745.mp4
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    My one month summary - I've already doubled my total D4 playtime in one month. FFB isn't an issue for me after spending 5 minutes trying some recommended settings. Connectivity was only an issue when I was trying to use Mods - no longer an issue personally. Locations are excellent and Monte has got me and everyone else very excited at the possibility of future D1 locations to come. The core experience in this game is absolutely excellent. The only remaining concern for me is that Clubs still isn't here. CM cant afford more delay here or it will be D4 all over again: only the core community will care by the time it's released and they'll miss the chance to make the game a staple for sim racing communities like racedepartment
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    I played Dirt Rally with a Pad as well when it came out in Early Access; for ca. 80 hours. And it was great. But because I had the experience with a wheel before (not in DR of course, but in Circuit-Sims and Richard Burns Rally) there was that feeling that a wheel was the prefered way to drive this game. I had pretty decent Sim-Equipment before, but sold all that stuff because I was tired of circuit-Racing. I bought a used Logitech Driving Force GT for 50 Euros, and the first couple of days I often wanted to go back to the gamepad. Because I wasn´t used to a wheel anymore. But it got better and better. And then came the day where it clicked, and I never wanted to go back to the pad. The moment I knew this I bought a T300 RS GT. But even the DFGT is still a great wheel considering its age; and it can be bought very cheap nowadays (used). From my personal experience I can only say that the difference between Pad and Wheel was severe. Not only the times got better, but the fun-factor also hugely benefited from the wheel. I can only recommend to try it out at some point, and stick with it. In the beginning it will be worse, but after some time you don´t want to go back. And to add this: I don´t have a dedicated playseat anymore; the wheel is attached to my desk, and if it´s not needed I simply put it below the desk; in a box I made especially for the wheel. So it´s absolutely no space-issue for me. I think my better half would be pretty ****** if I would want to put a whole gameseat into our flat at this point
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    Patience, grasshoppers. There's an FFB fix in the works. Let's start judging the entire game, and Jon Armstrong, after that? It's not like the handling is some kind of disaster now, is it? Rather seems like it's only just the best overall handling of any rally game, ever. Cut them some slack, eh?
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    Here in Monte Carlo there are two invisible objects They can easily be felt if you are driving from the right side of the road And, in my opinion, the snowfall looks terrible You have never seen him before ? :0 On the screenshot it looks fine but in the game itself ... It's just huge white spots floating down the screen Better without a snowfall than such ... I would very much like you to correct this effect And when the car goes into the snow, the effect is too small Only light white dust rises It is also not realistic (
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    I can´t understand why they didn´t learn anything from DiRT Rally 1, there is lot´s of things which work better than with DR2. Is the team totally different? Releasing working game (at least same state than DR1 is after patches) would give more money to makers than like this we wait patch forever and maybe never get it or if we get then game price is something else than when it released. Those DLC tracks and cars don´t compensate lagging FFB, unsharp graphics, unrealistic glare and totally dark shadows which you can´t light even with headlights etc On Twitter DiRT just hype game with videos and pictures, no talk about problems and if they get those fixed or not. I have deluxe edition, but started play DR1 again and games like Assetto and Project Cars 2.
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    Man, if a company placing their game on sale soon after release bothers you, you probably should never buy games until they go on sale then. Dirt 2.0 sold poorly, largely due to the massive review bombing it unjustly received. It's not surprising that they have placed it on sale by now. Lot's of games do this following poor sales. I don't mind, I am happy to support my favorite devs. Am happy it's on sale too, gives others who have been holding out due to the crazy reviews a chance to try it for themselves. It's a win - win. I don't see an issue.
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    Glad to see our stadium is finally finished and we can get and start playing in it now
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    YES, brilliant! I want to use this livery in the coming LAN Party DR 2.0 tournament at 18th April.
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    It's disgraceful. I was lucky I got a refund on the digital deluxe after the patch didn't solve anything. The game so bad wouldn't play it if it was free to play. Dr1 still the king of rallies.
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    Racenet is not working for me right now. tried 3 times to enter career mode and it just says "failed to download event". what event? i didn't realize career mode was an 'event' this inevitably happens on the weekend when a lot of people are trying to play. during the week i usually have no issues but every weekend these connectivity issues come back. 250-280mbps down/1.2mbps up connection when tested from PS4 XMB, console is connected to the modem with a CAT6 LAN cable. they really need to increase the server capacity or something. this can't continue.
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    thanks man! 🙂 i like both, but in my opinion the physics in DR 2.0 are a lot better than in the 1st one and i like them alot! 🙂 Now with Monte and the changeing grip, its amazing how you even can feel the difference between snow and ice, its just amazing!
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    Has Codemasters ever responded to these AI-"problems", especially the H2 FWD-Class (but many other discrapencies as well ) ? If these times are intentional, or if some classes are bugged, and if Codemasters has a plan to change anything regarding this ? I mean this topic came up early during the release-period. Some info regarding this would be hugely appreciated. I can only say that fair and especially plausible AI-Times are VERY important; but in my opinion there is a lack of both at the moment in the game.
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    I don't really have a major problem with the field (as you can see from the times) but one AI car has an unrealistic time. It can't be so much faster than the rest while the whole field is more or less on the same level. This is what bugs me about this. Is it so different between classes? Maybe I should try a different car class which has more realistic AI times?
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    For sure it works, I even made a video showing it working... there is a very large difference in horizon/road stabilization.
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    As post above, if the system does not work and has issues it need to be suspended or removed until such time it is fit for purpose, having you progress deleted by racenet on a whim is ludicrous. Why have to connect to Racenet every menu step in career mode, do it once at end of rally with your stage times and if its down store until next time its up and you connect, very simple and way most other games work.