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    That’s one way to celebrate a Weekly AI Challenge win
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    To me it feels exactly as wonky as it looks. Some cars are worse than others and some stages doesn't feel as bad. In general fast downhill stages with lots of camber behaves the worst. Yesterday's daily in Spain with the 2000's, the Skoda felt atrocious to drive. The rear end is all over the place like a trolley even when it should stick to the road and follow the front track. It makes the steering feel off and like the car isn't reacting to the steering input of the front wheels. I'm expecting Germany to feel better since the roads are more flat but all in all it's just so frustrating that tarmac is this bad when the loose surfaces feels fantastic. I'm not expecting it to feel as sophisticated as ACC or RF2 but it really shouldn't have to be this bad 😕
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    Another example of crazy R2 AI times, this is Masters level. masters AI dry, ~130th on the road (degraded) Humans, dry, ideal degradation So they are beating the Human world record done in ideal conditions by 7 seconds in Australia. And they do this with degradation, and worn tyres.
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    With all due respect how it looks is of moot point because the graphics engines and physics engines in games don't always align. Its easy to praise something that is a marked improvement on the previous effort. Also, can people not compare 'modded' RBR when talking about stages and physics. Literally means nothing to a majority of people playing literally any rally game.
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    Cool, I really hope it comes within the next few hours as the wait is killing me. My credit card bill isnt so great, but we only live once lol. Its going to be so nice to play Pcars2 in VR and not having to use low settings. Edit: It's here. Time to flex its muscles
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    Nice, i was looking at one over here and its £30 cheaper.
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    This is a link to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/GTRTechnical I will be sharing all the setups I create on DiRT Rally 2.0. So if you cant be bothered or just don't know how to tune then this channel will eventually be a one stop shop for you. The most up to date setups will be in the SETUPS section of my channel home page. I will be holding polls in the community section of my YouTube channel to choose the next car. You Can find the polls here https://www.youtube.com/c/GTRTechnical/community The plan is to tune every car in the game for every location. This is what i'm calling 'phase 1'. All these setups will be focused around soft tyres in the dry and no stage deg, unless otherwise stated on the right hand side of the video, to put it simply these are more focused on max attack stage times. Once all cars are done i'll start 'phase 2'. Phase is where i will setup every car again for every location with full stage deg, for all tyre and weather combinations these will be much softer on the suspension as the focus will be on drive-ability for the conditions you face during the course of a rally and will be more forgiving when mistakes are made. In hindsight, i know i should of started with what i have planned for phase 2 but my DR2.0 setups campaign was the first time i attempted any thing of this scale and i wasn't sure if it would generate any interest (16,500 people have showed me i'm doing something good so far by subscribing to my YT channel), i've learnt a lot and listened to your feedback so i'll make sure i start off on the right foot if/when DiRT Rally 3 is released. If you like the setups obviously please show your appreciation with a like just so I know I'm still on the right track with the setups. If you want to keep up to date with the latest setups I've done, either subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or follow me on Twitter. Good luck on the stages! Wheel Settings H1 FWD H2 FWD H2 RWD H3 RWD Group B RWD Group B 4WD F2 Kit Cars Group A R2 NR4/R4 R5 4WD up to 2000cc Rally-GT RX Super 1600s RX2 RX Supercars RX Supercars 2019
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    Metro Exodus with ray tracing enabled is amazing. Even though it's quite demanding with it on, it's well worth it.
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    Well this is annoying, I can't use the ray tracing in Metro atm. It needs the latest windows update, downloading now but its taking ages. Weird how it's set to auto update, yet wasn't on the latest windows version. But from what I've tested going from a 980 to 2070rtx is a big upgrade, plus I can use Gsync with my freesync monitor. What is surprising is the heatsink is thicker than my 980 even though the power draw is less. Tonight I'll use VR and see how much better Pcars2 is. I'm also going to see how far I can push a overclock. Unlike the GPU's I normally get, it isn't a binned chip so unless I have the silicone lottery I won't get much out of it. I didn't know this but the MSI logo is actually RGB, so although it isn't the top tier card, it still has a bit of bling. Well this is new for me, my i7 6700k is a bottleneck for this GPU. So with Vsync off my GPU isn't maxed in all games. I'm still getting crazy good framerates. Getting a new CPU is a pain in the arse as I'll have to get a new motherboard. So that won't happen for a long time, I might actually move to AMD as they are finally making decent CPU's.
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    No, it's not moot because it looked 95,000% better in DR1 before they ruined it. And who mentioned RBR?
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    Dirt Rally 2.0 podcasts - interesting stuff! https://open.spotify.com/show/2LAWPJ7R4JsRtue2FkqKgr
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    It still doesn't look or feel even remotely realistic, so please stop praising it. You don't even need to look at a replay for 5 seconds before seeing that something is seriously wrong.
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    They never have been: you buy an Alfa Romeo with your heart, not your head!
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    His penalty was basically to dock him the place, it seems fairly appropriate, he started to push him, giving Kevin no options, and he kept the boot down, that's straight up a rules violation.
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    Bakkerud has always been overly aggressive, that said I thought he looked genuinely shaken when interviewed at the start of Q4 so I am inclined to believe it was a genuine mistake. I am not a massive fan of Timmy Hansen, but that was a rubbish way for his weekend to end. As for Bennett I admire what he is doing but, even with deep pockets and an all-privateer field I think he is out of his depth. I still think he should have gained more experience at a National level before attempting the World Championship.
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    Definitely underestimated. I'd say more of a sim than Dirt Rally 1 but of course it didn't have the look or sound. Probably didn't help that they took months to fix the PC problems. Had it on PS4 for ages, then recently bought the PC version because it was under £3 on steam. Still play it but it falls between DR2.0 and RBR for physics, content and sound/graphics so I usually go for one of those.
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    Completely agree. Also, the way the tarmac stages were reproduced was spot on. The game had its problems, but it also had its moments.
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    Screw it, it was doing my head in constantly looking at a 2070rtx, because I couldn't get it out my head. So I've bought the one I linked. My 980 does struggle in some VR games, so it was needed really. Plus my 240hz monitor is freesync, but is compatible with Gsync but only with these GPU's, so that's another bonus. In most games I'll get double the framerate compared to my GPU, so 60fps would be 120fps. This gen is overpriced, but there was no other choice as AMD are rubbish. Anyway, it arrives tomorrow which is cool. Probably sell my 980 on Ebay or something. Now I dont want to play any demanding games like Metro Exodus until I get this GPU tomorrow.
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    You haven't gotten anywhere near full tourist. I went on holiday down south once and we visited Stonehenge. There were loads of Asian tourists and, I kid you not, some of them were taking pictures of the dandelions in the grass around the stones rather than the stones themselves!
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    Help. My father and his friend are being the ultimate tourists.
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    You are 100% right there are players out there that could get a top 10 time with a default setup, I'm one of them and I know a good few of them to boot. I should point out I never said its a guaranteed top 10 time, just capable of a top 10 time. obviously I cant magic talent into a player but I can make a car more stable to help them enjoy the game more which is the sole purpose of me doing this. Mentioning that my setup are capable of a top 10 time is purely to stand out against the rest as otherwise its just another setup for people to skim over. I'm not trying to mislead as my setups are capable of a top 10 time if the player knows how to get through the stages. If they cant they will really enjoy the next series of videos once I've finished tuning the cars.
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    if you set up your car correctly , it only slides if you exagerate...... 👍
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    Ai don't care about physics, weather, track degradation. Good racing game... almost sim. 😄