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    I think they're all hidden to help prevent people grinding out Time Trials before doing their "real run" in the Daily. That's my guess as to the reasoning behind it anyway.
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    I think this is necessary for Weekly and Monthly, because those take a while. Dailies don't need it, it's just a 3-10 min race personally, knowing the conditions won't affect whether I want to do it... I'm going to be making love to the ditches and guardrails either way
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    Some of us just grow weary of relentless negativity.
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    Okay, so lets go one by one: How do you know they are NOT addressing it. Their statements are actually of substance. You are assuming they are basically lying. You can't call them out on that until you see the results or PROOF correct? Can you imagine, if they came out several times and said what they did about looking into it, and then doing nothing. THAT would be extreme negative publicity. I doubt they are planning on that. It's the same argument as you have with religious people: "how do you explain this perfect creation, or whatever..." you have to compare the proof that you have, to the proof that you THINK might exist 😉 You have one thing going for your argument and one thing only, that some previous title(s) of CM were not updated/fixed. That is IT. Yep, months! I say this because I actually worked in a sim dev environment for nearly over a decade and understand that you can't scale core dev people working on a single tech that much, that they are often experts on other things and need to leave some time for that, and that FFB is not a simple 0/1 thing to solve. It's not a trivial problem, each vehicle has different PS, you have many inputs, many different controllers, and everyone wants different things from FFB. So it has nothing to do with S.S. 101. I've just been in the thick of things to understand both the dynamics and the complexity of technology. And no, I am not paid by CM and am only a mild fanboy 😉 (hey they are the only ones making a serious push for a realistic rally game, you have to show some respect!)
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    I like the way it is now, that's all unpredictable. I don't like to drive in rain at night but I know that the other drivers will also have to cope with the same difficulties. And, a good result on a difficult stage is mire rewarding. Another thing is that driving in hard conditions is a good practice. I admit that with an option to preview the conditions I wouldnt enter some challenges. But I dont quit one just because I dont like a particular stage. Buckle up, visors down and go for it!
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    Of course, people are so stupid... They have a fantastic subtle ffb and they prefer to complain here instead of playing... Nope, the ffb is not complete, and people complaining about it are right
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    He/she either knows a lot, or knows nothing. I think it's actually Ross (Gowling) in disguise and using the forum to troll us.
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    This is a link to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/GTRTechnical I will be sharing all the setups I create on DiRT Rally 2.0. So if you cant be bothered or just don't know how to tune then this channel will eventually be a one stop shop for you. The most up to date setups will be in the SETUPS section of my channel home page. I will be holding polls in the community section of my YouTube channel to choose the next car. Monday - Sunday WEEK 1 you will pick the class, Monday - Sunday WEEK 2 you will pick the car, so be sure to get your votes in. You Can find the polls here https://www.youtube.com/c/GTRTechnical/community The plan is to tune every car in the game for every location, so if the car you want isn't in my channel it will be by the time I'm done. If you like the setups obviously please show your appreciation with a like just so I know I'm still on the right track with the setups. If you want to keep up to date with the latest setups I've done, either subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or follow me on Twitter. Good luck on the stages!
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    Been spoke about on a few topics but i feel as if it needs it's own thread. If having a FOV slider is out of the question is it possible to just have a DR FOV implemented? Righ t now it seems the FOV is a bit to wide for users of cockpit cam. Also please bring back the Dashcam from DR which was perfect for us console players with a wheel and single screen. I dont understand why it was took out and replaced with another cockpit cam? One of the cockpit cams you can move back and forth but you cannot move any further forward than the new cockpit cam so impossible to recreate a dashcam. A few screens to show the FOV difference and the dashcam & new cockpit cam in the same Fiesta
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    The HDR lighting in the game is absolutely stunning! Doing a race in the morning at Spain earlier which was "cloudy" My jaw was hitting the floor at times with how brilliant it looked from being in dark storm clouds into the bright sunrise of oranges and reds and then back into the darkness again of those dark dark clouds it truly was a wonderful sight. Then i had the sunset in New Zealand with the sea to the right handside another jaw dropping sight. So custom championships i am just going round all the stages changing all the weather systems to see them all in the glorious states. The game has took alot of stick for being blurry but now i am used to the blurriness maybe it was a good design choice to choose this lighting system of image quality. Maybe im used to the blurriness now it's not affecting me as much but if it means one or the other i choose this lighting system everytime (it does need added into the cockpit though as it's pitch black in here all the time) Now if Codies can fix the luminance of the HDR picture this could look much much better and it looks like i was way wrong about HDR being an after thought. C'mon Codies give us proper HDR settings to elevate the graphics to the next level! 👍
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    Yeah, I don't really get what people are complaining about with cartoon colours and stuff.... this is gorgeous
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    Definitely underestimated. I'd say more of a sim than Dirt Rally 1 but of course it didn't have the look or sound. Probably didn't help that they took months to fix the PC problems. Had it on PS4 for ages, then recently bought the PC version because it was under £3 on steam. Still play it but it falls between DR2.0 and RBR for physics, content and sound/graphics so I usually go for one of those.
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    I was originally going to make this post with a whole bunch of Dirt 4 screenshots, showing how you could have pretty much any possible time of day and combine it with any possible weather condition. it made longer events really great, with the light changing gradually from one stage to the next. it was also cool to see it overcast one stage, then light showers the next, then heavy rain, then sunny but with wet roads still, then like fog or whatever it was really, really good. And in DR2.0, there only seemed to be 4 times of day: Daylight, Sunset, Dusk and Night, with 1-4 weather options for each. But I had only played the community events (I haven't even started career mode because I'm waiting for more DLC locations to come out. I like variety.) anyways, I entered the first historic championship, and what did I find in Spain, but more times of day (also note there are two "Daytimes" in a row, and one has showers, which is a weather effect we cannot select) that I did not know existed in the game. why the hell aren't these available for custom or community/AI events? (can't speak on career)
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    Hi I drive in cockpit view and I like this view but I would like to see suggested gears. This would help me alot and don't understand why it's not already in there like the other views. I am sure I already mentioned it would be nice for the actual team to help with setup suggestions like in way older F1 game (different company made it I am sure) I love talking to the pit than try to search but can we get more conversations from both side. I want to ask more about the car and race and told more. I.e. What time delta I need to catch up with driver in front. What delta I need to keep ahead if I can. How many laps expected before I could catch up with car ahead. Basically I want to feel more like the driver than some one watching TV. Shorter command words like from the drivers to pit . Like : box box or just pit —when I want to box
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    How do you or any of us know how well they are addressing it? They haven't said anything of substance on the issue in five weeks. Here is the slightly cheeky summary of what they have said: We know some of you want us to look at FFB, we're on to it, don't worry! Most of you are happy with the FFB, some want it closer to DR 1.0. Our handling team really needs to look at this. We want to get it right so it'll take some time, because we're professionals. Please don't ask why we didn't get it right for release. Of all our customers currently beta testing our product, we'll select few of you, using chicken bones and tea leaves, to do a testing for us (for free) on an area we should have paid focus testers to do for us prior to release. Just to reiterate, most of you are happy, some of you want minor tweaks, the rest of you are idiots that don't know what you want. We'll continue to keep you updated, pinky swear. Have a great year! Buy our DLC! Stockholm syndrome 101. Wait a few MONTHS?
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    Fully agree with you on this point, a wide open testing space would be really useful!
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    add more info about cars like center of mass, top speed, type of suspension... the stuff that helps you make tunning right
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    Platform: Steam (PC) / West-Europe Gamertag: Räwie Nationality: Luxembourgish rules: Yes. Season 7: NoAssists: middle TC
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    How can anyone like it how it is the now? Its non existent unless you go over a cattle grid
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    your stage was a first attempt at a system which could be amazing for rally games: never being able to memorize a stage. sure, it got repetitive after a bit. but if it's done better it could be far more interesting and challenging than having to run the same courses over and over again like in every other rally game. procedural generation should be the future of the genre, unless someone figures out how to include many, many more stages into a game without increasing costs. don't confuse a badly-executed first attempt at a great idea with a bad idea.
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    This! Now, I am not against some additional image stabilization (increasing the slider range to the right) as a kind of assist, but I think overall it's not terrible. You're mostly just in a rally car in argentina. (except you don't have the g forces to help your brain/body)
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    this is a BUG... if you quit to main menu and return the tunning is avilable + your tires seems to be changed for new set which is another bug
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    Doesn't make sense to me how to protects against cheaters. I can restart the career but the garage has new cars with upgrades, and credits to do any repair needed. It's like starting Far Cry again from the beginning but you're forced to start with all the guns.
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    Hi all, We've said on numerous channels we're looking into the FFB concerns raised by the community. However, please be mindful that FFB is very nuanced and any changes will affect all surfaces, cars and peripherals. As much, our investigation needs to be detailed and thorough - any rash changes are unlikely to improve anything! Please limit your concerns to one topic, too - I can appreciate your concerns, but spamming the forums won't help us work any quicker. Thanks, Christina