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    I think they're all hidden to help prevent people grinding out Time Trials before doing their "real run" in the Daily. That's my guess as to the reasoning behind it anyway.
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    I think this is necessary for Weekly and Monthly, because those take a while. Dailies don't need it, it's just a 3-10 min race personally, knowing the conditions won't affect whether I want to do it... I'm going to be making love to the ditches and guardrails either way
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    Some of us just grow weary of relentless negativity.
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    Okay, so lets go one by one: How do you know they are NOT addressing it. Their statements are actually of substance. You are assuming they are basically lying. You can't call them out on that until you see the results or PROOF correct? Can you imagine, if they came out several times and said what they did about looking into it, and then doing nothing. THAT would be extreme negative publicity. I doubt they are planning on that. It's the same argument as you have with religious people: "how do you explain this perfect creation, or whatever..." you have to compare the proof that you have, to the proof that you THINK might exist 😉 You have one thing going for your argument and one thing only, that some previous title(s) of CM were not updated/fixed. That is IT. Yep, months! I say this because I actually worked in a sim dev environment for nearly over a decade and understand that you can't scale core dev people working on a single tech that much, that they are often experts on other things and need to leave some time for that, and that FFB is not a simple 0/1 thing to solve. It's not a trivial problem, each vehicle has different PS, you have many inputs, many different controllers, and everyone wants different things from FFB. So it has nothing to do with S.S. 101. I've just been in the thick of things to understand both the dynamics and the complexity of technology. And no, I am not paid by CM and am only a mild fanboy 😉 (hey they are the only ones making a serious push for a realistic rally game, you have to show some respect!)
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    I like the way it is now, that's all unpredictable. I don't like to drive in rain at night but I know that the other drivers will also have to cope with the same difficulties. And, a good result on a difficult stage is mire rewarding. Another thing is that driving in hard conditions is a good practice. I admit that with an option to preview the conditions I wouldnt enter some challenges. But I dont quit one just because I dont like a particular stage. Buckle up, visors down and go for it!
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    Of course, people are so stupid... They have a fantastic subtle ffb and they prefer to complain here instead of playing... Nope, the ffb is not complete, and people complaining about it are right
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    He/she either knows a lot, or knows nothing. I think it's actually Ross (Gowling) in disguise and using the forum to troll us.
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    The HDR lighting in the game is absolutely stunning! Doing a race in the morning at Spain earlier which was "cloudy" My jaw was hitting the floor at times with how brilliant it looked from being in dark storm clouds into the bright sunrise of oranges and reds and then back into the darkness again of those dark dark clouds it truly was a wonderful sight. Then i had the sunset in New Zealand with the sea to the right handside another jaw dropping sight. So custom championships i am just going round all the stages changing all the weather systems to see them all in the glorious states. The game has took alot of stick for being blurry but now i am used to the blurriness maybe it was a good design choice to choose this lighting system of image quality. Maybe im used to the blurriness now it's not affecting me as much but if it means one or the other i choose this lighting system everytime (it does need added into the cockpit though as it's pitch black in here all the time) Now if Codies can fix the luminance of the HDR picture this could look much much better and it looks like i was way wrong about HDR being an after thought. C'mon Codies give us proper HDR settings to elevate the graphics to the next level! 👍
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    Yeah, I don't really get what people are complaining about with cartoon colours and stuff.... this is gorgeous
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    I was originally going to make this post with a whole bunch of Dirt 4 screenshots, showing how you could have pretty much any possible time of day and combine it with any possible weather condition. it made longer events really great, with the light changing gradually from one stage to the next. it was also cool to see it overcast one stage, then light showers the next, then heavy rain, then sunny but with wet roads still, then like fog or whatever it was really, really good. And in DR2.0, there only seemed to be 4 times of day: Daylight, Sunset, Dusk and Night, with 1-4 weather options for each. But I had only played the community events (I haven't even started career mode because I'm waiting for more DLC locations to come out. I like variety.) anyways, I entered the first historic championship, and what did I find in Spain, but more times of day (also note there are two "Daytimes" in a row, and one has showers, which is a weather effect we cannot select) that I did not know existed in the game. why the hell aren't these available for custom or community/AI events? (can't speak on career)
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    Screw it, it was doing my head in constantly looking at a 2070rtx, because I couldn't get it out my head. So I've bought the one I linked. My 980 does struggle in some VR games, so it was needed really. Plus my 240hz monitor is freesync, but is compatible with Gsync but only with these GPU's, so that's another bonus. In most games I'll get double the framerate compared to my GPU, so 60fps would be 120fps. This gen is overpriced, but there was no other choice as AMD are rubbish. Anyway, it arrives tomorrow which is cool. Probably sell my 980 on Ebay or something. Now I dont want to play any demanding games like Metro Exodus until I get this GPU tomorrow.
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    Fully agree with you on this point, a wide open testing space would be really useful!
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    Bought the game yesterday. So far, from my little time in it, i think DR2.0 has great potential but is somewhat disapointing. I'm on PS4 PRO and i can confirm that it's really dificult to see the road in some stages, when there is to much dark and brownish colors, to the point it makes me somewhat dizzy. I really prefer the DR1.0 color palette. I don't think the FFB is broken, but is instead, the result of poor choice of implementation, where there is little to no feedback from the surface (but, at least in my system, provides enough information from the car wheels). It's very odd to feel no rumbling or vibration for an entire stage, until you drive through the grills in the road, when the wheel starts shaking. The physics are, however, such a great improvement over the original DR (which i still love and find great), especially the tarmac (although far from perfect). One can compare the Monte Carlo stage in both iterations of DR and see how much better it is... It's just sublime in 2.0, in particular the tarmac/ice/snow transition. Summing up, i do miss some of the original DR features and do think the game was, unfortunatly, rushed out, but think it has great future perspectives IF codemasters decide to back it up in the near future, providing extra content (especially PSVR, which i really miss and made 1.0 probably the most addictive game i've ever played), squashing all the bugs and improving those details which detracts from the overall game quality.
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    add more info about cars like center of mass, top speed, type of suspension... the stuff that helps you make tunning right
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    Platform: Steam (PC) / West-Europe Gamertag: Räwie Nationality: Luxembourgish rules: Yes. Season 7: NoAssists: middle TC
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    I've posted this in the technical assistance sub forum, but apparently there is no setting to fix this. I love this game, but there is one thing that needs to be fixed. The grass looks awfully cartoony when wet, it doesn’t look like this irl. It looks even worse at night in the rain.
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    Yes, it says that those forces are intended for gamepads with rumble motors, not wheels. Edit:
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    This is fixed for the next update! As we've mentioned elsewhere, this is something we're looking into currently. We know there's been a lot of feedback about FFB, and it's with our handling team for investigation. Other things we're currently working on: - The grip issue off the start line - Game 'blurriness' - Fixing audio cut outs (something we thought we'd fixed but then saw re-occur, so we're really sorry that's been the case) - Game crash issues - Windscreen wiper duplication - Other misc fixes And of course, our RaceNet team are working on Clubs and competitive multiplayer.
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    How can anyone like it how it is the now? Its non existent unless you go over a cattle grid
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    You are 100% right there are players out there that could get a top 10 time with a default setup, I'm one of them and I know a good few of them to boot. I should point out I never said its a guaranteed top 10 time, just capable of a top 10 time. obviously I cant magic talent into a player but I can make a car more stable to help them enjoy the game more which is the sole purpose of me doing this. Mentioning that my setup are capable of a top 10 time is purely to stand out against the rest as otherwise its just another setup for people to skim over. I'm not trying to mislead as my setups are capable of a top 10 time if the player knows how to get through the stages. If they cant they will really enjoy the next series of videos once I've finished tuning the cars.
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    DR1 didn't even have FFB when it was released. All it gave the drivers was resistance in the wheel - which was fixed in a later patch. I can imagine the same thing will happen to this title. DR2 kicks DR1's butt in every single aspect anyway. You need to take off your rosetinted glasses.
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    This! Now, I am not against some additional image stabilization (increasing the slider range to the right) as a kind of assist, but I think overall it's not terrible. You're mostly just in a rally car in argentina. (except you don't have the g forces to help your brain/body)
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    -allow RAW input for controllers, right now there is some steering assist going on that can not be turned off = the faster you go the slower the steering wheel (in game) reacts and steering locks also getting reduced. +sensitivity set to 100 is still slow, let me have it as fast as for steering wheels, which means instant. -allow to switch cars in between events in championship, make the car available for daylies etc. when it is not in event -I can not use lower tier RX cars anymore since I reached masters RX, it only allows supercars so all the other cars are kinda useless now and I cant upgrade em anywhere -When you overwrite car setup the name gets replaced with the default text - it should keep the saved name -tunning ideas: add real units for dampers so we can do the math allow finer adjustments for everything (except final gear ratio, that is already too fine) maybe allow bigger adjustments (4example it is impossible to make soft suspension on H1 class) show the values for parts that cant be adjusted (4example rear suspension stiffness on Cooper Mini etc.)
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    You can create a new steam account and put it in the family profile. Just be aware DLC doesnt get counted in family profiles on steam from memory? So if you bought the DLC maybe continue to push codies for a solution. I wish they didnt make that stuff reliant on racenet. Dirt Rally had the right execution of it imho.