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    You must use a wheel and must also be an amazing driver to go flat out without fear of accidents. The rest of us mortals find it quite challenging in parts.
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    It's okay baby, just let it all out, we're here for you.
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    Fabia Rally and C4 Rally has got 1-1 "real" livery only. 😞 I could make 10 liveries for each, but i can't do that because they are already locked (crypted) So my question is: could you unlock all the DLC cars? 😄 Or at least could you share a .pssg files instead of locked .nefs for modders like Me? It would be a win-win connection! 😉
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    Come on codies...its 2019. Who in their right mind allowed the ridiculous rain graphic to pass development. Its bad enough the headlights dont illuminate far enough in front of the car to push in the dark...then you add a sheet of white lines that looks like they are straight out of a sega genesis game from 1997 makes it impossible. Please for the love of god fix this.
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    You can zoom in with "E" and zoom out with "Q", I believe.
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    go play wrc7, i think that suits better to you
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    This is a link to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/RALLYTechnical I will be sharing all the setups I create on DiRT Rally 2.0. So if you cant be bothered or just don't know how to tune then this channel will eventually be a one stop shop for you. The most up to date setups will be in the SETUPS section of my channel home page. I will be holding polls in the community section of my YouTube channel to choose the next car. You Can find the polls here https://www.youtube.com/c/GTRTechnical/community The plan is to tune every car in the game for every location. This is what i'm calling 'phase 1'. All these setups will be focused around soft tyres in the dry and no stage deg, unless otherwise stated on the right hand side of the video, to put it simply these are more focused on max attack stage times. Once all cars are done i'll start 'phase 2'. Phase is where i will setup every car again for every location with full stage deg, for all tyre and weather combinations these will be much softer on the suspension as the focus will be on drive-ability for the conditions you face during the course of a rally and will be more forgiving when mistakes are made. In hindsight, i know i should of started with what i have planned for phase 2 but my DR2.0 setups campaign was the first time i attempted any thing of this scale and i wasn't sure if it would generate any interest (16,500 people have showed me i'm doing something good so far by subscribing to my YT channel), i've learnt a lot and listened to your feedback so i'll make sure i start off on the right foot if/when DiRT Rally 3 is released. If you like the setups obviously please show your appreciation with a like just so I know I'm still on the right track with the setups. If you want to keep up to date with the latest setups I've done, either subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or follow me on Twitter. Good luck on the stages! Wheel Settings H1 FWD H2 FWD H2 RWD H3 RWD Group B RWD Group B 4WD F2 Kit Cars Group A R2 NR4/R4 R5 4WD up to 2000cc Rally-GT RX Super 1600s RX2 RX Supercars RX Supercars 2019
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    You can also zoom in/out with some keys. Don't recall exactly which ones right now.
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    I wish to create some liveries for Fabia WRC, for C4 WRC and for Manta too 🙂
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    OMG, I have just seen these rain graphics for the first time. Unbelievable bad, awful. Worst I've seen in years in a racing game.
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    I'd rather get DR1 rain graphics. They looked better, as well as the night lighting. The only thing wrong on DR1 nights were when you busted the lights you could still see enough. In DR2 it's a different story, on certain situations even with the lights working you can barely see as much as in DR1 with no lights.
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    Better yet, imagine an eSports season, well structured, with all the events, in which each event would have like 17 stages or something (like one of the endurance tournaments in DR1), hardcore damage on. The DiRT World Championship was nice, but it felt short on the rally side. Everyone was lapping times. I was looking for something more rally-like, that would last at least 6 months so it could be properly done, staged and broadcasted. You could run the R5 one season, the 2000s another (whatever class sees fit). It would be a marvel being able to make a season relying on the Makinen-McRae-Sainz-Burns-Gronholm era.
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    thanks dude, your comment is appreciated. how did I get so good at setups you ask? well, I started playing racing games back in 97 with Gran turismo, picked up Colin mcrae rally in 98 on release, Didn't really start trying to understand the tuning aspect until Forza 2 in 07 and pretty much learnt all I know on the forza franchise and just adapted it to project cars, F1 and Dirt and it seems to be paying off. So literally just years of experience and taking the time to understand what makes the car do what.
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    Just chiming in here to add weight to the argument. AI is frustrating for me too. One point I've noticed that hasn't really been mentioned here is (maybe once before) is the consistency of AI. The same driver shouldn't be winning each stage by 15-20 seconds. This is the case for me on Pro driving a 95 Impreza. S. Bernard wins every stage by literally 15-20 seconds. So the only way I can win a rally is to beat that goose on every stage. When he is 20 seconds faster than all other AI, I can rarely get close to him. Something is not right for that to occur. Surely. I've been very vocal on the crappy FFB (which I still think is below average), but I can somewhat play with poor FFB. With crappy AI times, it makes me not want to play at all.
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    I would buy a complete SKODA DLC for sure!
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    Good morning. I've passed on a link to this thread to the relevant designers to investigate. Thank you
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    Don´t know anything about coding games but tweaking AI times should not be so hard. This is asked since day 1 and nothing happened, at most words "they are looking for it". Maby they are not interested to fix that. There is not lack of data doing that, world records for Master level and so on... Same case seems to be at DiRT twitter, there is much complains (99% about FFB) but not any answers from devs. Game is (still) great, sad that communicating isn´t.
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    Even Jon is quite a bit behind the AI as I found out by chance yesterday, these are times from one stage of New England:
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    LMAO.. "a already bug infested train wreck".... "GET THERE ARSES IN GEAR AND WORK HARDER AND LONGER TO FIX THIS CLUSTER FECK THEY MISSOLD US UNDER FALSE PRETENSES" im sure they are very impressed by this 😂 I really hope developers are watching this over a cup of coffee this morning and laugh at you for at least 5 minutes... There's a few flaws with FFB maybe, but really nothing gamebreaking, all is perfectly playable and this game is a blast to drive.. people are setting 1 world record after another.. how would that be possible with a bug infested train wreck like you say? And what would actually be missold under false pretenses? name it!? You make alot of (false) statements but you dont name 1 of them?!?
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    Dirt Rally 2.0 ... Guys please! enable UDP telemetry in PS4 Consoles! I have a lot of toys waiting for!
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    Graphics and car sounds are great. Cars weight are also good, but the most important thing is driving and that´s boring and easy, no challenge. If you compare the Swedish rally to Dirt Rally 1, now you can drive the flatout without any fear. Dirt Rally 1 Sweden it was challenging and got a good flow. And now, give me a few thumb down 😄
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    pace note are horrible if codemaster no change maybe i comeback in DR 1.0 and D4 and i have better road sensation in DR 1.0 than DR 2.0 now i wait big update hairpin is not left 1 close and i m tired to recalculate the bad notes anytimes why in left 1 turn he said left 3? why ? same on square he said left 2 or left 1 why explain why you add this bad notes ?
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    This is a really boring game nowadays. Don't give me anything, boring arcade ****.
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    I WOULD LIKE A FINISHED GAME COS AT THE MOMENT ITS LIKE HOVERCRAFT RACING ON A STEERING WHEEL AND THAT WAS NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE ON PROMO.short this **** out if you can? if not just tell us.stop with all the dlc **** and fix the basics
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