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    Thank you for applying for the F1 2019 Beta! The arguing in this thread is not useful to anyone, so please use the 'messages' function to finish any arguments in this thread. FAQ for the Applicants: Can I join the beta? The applications have been closed since 10th of April. Sorry. How many testers will get accepted? This has not been specified I believe. In 2017 it was 300 per platform. When will we hear who got in? Codemasters (probably Faya) will inform us when the emails have all been sent. What to do when the emails are being sent? First of all don't panic. Check your junk/trash mail inbox if you don't see anything on your normal inbox. Make sure the inbox has been refreshed. For example with outlook/live emails, you can log on to the website version just in case. If you don't see any emails, you may've not been accepted. Bad luck. Follow this thread for any official announcements though (for example if there are issues) I got in! Great! Now wait until Codies tell us what to do, if they didn't do that the moment you were accepted. Can I post videos/images and/or talk to my friends about the beta? Before doing anything, please read through the whole contract you accepted when you sent an application. If you have any questions, please direct them to one of the Codemasters employees. Please make sure you're talking to a Codemasters employee before sending that question though, as I've gotten some Beta messages in the past. I have a question that has no answer here Send it to me by the private messages (see my profile and find the send message button which should be on the right of my name) or by tagging me in this thread by typing @UP100
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    Menu: In the UI you get showing your rewards for the dailies, the last two leaderboards are swapped from what it says before you click to see leaderboards In the UI that shows all dailies/weeklies/monthlies it doesn't say what the conditions are prompting me often to pick the wrong car for the job Replays: Can't use gamepad to forward the replay while my steering wheel is turned ever so slightly to the right, cant reverse replay while racing wheel is slightly to the left Any rally stage: Sometimes the sound mix of the codriver changes channel and it sounds weird At the start of an event, before the first stage, a small cutscene plays with an ugly bloom post-processing filter that halves your fps Before the end of the countdown at the beginning of the stage, you cannot turn on/off your wipers/headlights unlike DiRT Rally During any rally stage, the wipers will turn on every now and then even when you have the 'automatic wipers' option off in the settings Any Sweden rally stage: Co-Driver sound mix is different to the rest of the game (much louder) Rally stage Australia - Chandlers Creek: Missing cattlegrid sound on first cattlegrid (pic) with Opel Adam BMW M1 Procar Even the most forward position is very far back Rallycross: Very long wait from clicking Start until the actual start of the countdown Holding handbrake doesn't start the countdown unlike in rally Between clicking Start and the start of the countdown you cannot shift gears
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    The WRC story is sadder, because we'll never see any more 2000cc sedans, it's all about them ugly hatchbacks now. While in DR2 we can still play with them 🙂 I want to see Subaru return to the WRC, but at the same time I don't, because they'll have to use a hatchback and it'll just look like a Toyota. I wish they could just use the ARA one, because although fat, it looks great and it's running strong (Oliver Solberg just won the Olympus rally) PS: Nice to see Denis Giraudet as his co-pilot.
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    Waimarama Point Reverse in New Zealand easily. 16km of awesome. Flowing cambered corners and fast 5 and 6 corners.
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    New England is definitely underrated, stages don't flow as well as New Zealand but I do enjoy those hairpins!
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    Yo! His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on his sweater already: Mom's spaghetti He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready To go full-on, but he keeps on forgetting What they wrote down, the copilot starts to shout He opens the gas, but the turns won't slow down He's rolling, how? Everybody's joking now The clock's run out, rear's flat, over—blaow! Crash back to reality, ope there's moon gravity, ope There goes radiator, it's holed, he's so mad but he won't Give up that easy, no, he won't have it, he knows His whole car's off the road, the rear door is all gone There's nothing left that's not broke, it's all f****d up, he knows When he goes back to the mobile service, that's when it's Back to the crew again yo, this whole rollcage Better be repaired in a moment and hope it resists
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    AI challenges are basically events where you can race AI times (difficulty seems to be set around 50/100) and get credit rewards as soon as you finish the event/championship based on how you do against them. the reward tiers are set times, and I'm pretty sure they are the same for everyone. this is different from Community Events where your times is compared to everyone who completes it (the global leaderboard), and your credit rewards are calculated based on how you do against them. also, in AI events you get the cash immediately, whereas in community events you get it when the timer runs out on the day/week/month sooo to answer your question, the global leaderboard exists in AI events too but isn't used for anything other than bragging rights (I guess)
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    The one doing the crying here seems to be you, over something that actually didn't even take place. I even remeber the Steam thread about this physics change patch. The very few who claims this thing even occured was an undewhelming minority. Someone told someone "Hey, they changed the physics! Can you feel it?" Placebo is a powerful thing.
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    I like to do New Zealand with a wet surface. Great to watch replays of throwing the Manta or Escort with opposite lock.
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    The imaginary physics change patch you mean?
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    I read a user review of a game on xbox store and this person was complaining that the game was too difficult and as a result was denying him access to levels that he'd paid for and should be allowed to play!.. Damn, if this is the way it works then Williams, Namco, Taito and all those other bygone companies owe me a shed load of 10p pieces. Modern day gamers aren't driven by incentives.....
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    Same here. XB1X with 4K HDR. It’s horrible in the shaded areas. The headlights (when they work depending on the car), don’t do jack. Three patches in and lighting has been addressed, yet this remains a persistent issue. Nothing is shocking me anymore, it’s just ‘we’re working on it’, and BTW, buy this content in the meantime. The lack of FFB updates is really burning my arse. How far away are we...weeks, months? Is it being rolled out to people to test? If so, how long will that take and then I assume additional tweaks will be needed after feedback is compiled and reviewed/decided upon etc. Must be a complete rewrite, in which case - good. That said, please give us something to chew on in the meantime...be transparent with your community, and they will reciprocate in kind by supporting content purchases and promoting positive ‘word of mouth’ to help the game pick up the audience it’s either already turned away, or those who have been reluctant to buy the game based on all the poor social media murmurings. Come on Codemasters, in no other context or business environment would this lack of customer support be tolerated or sustained, those who support you deserve better. They’re only words, so give us some, appease our need to feel as though you care, small gestures = strong loyalties.
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    I wish to create some liveries for Fabia WRC, for C4 WRC and for Manta too 🙂
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    On a personal note, IMO H3 is the most fun category of car to drive in Dirt 2.0
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    I'm getting old, literally just googled 'thicc'
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    Damage mode is better than before but we need realistic hardcore damage mode.
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    Come on codies...its 2019. Who in their right mind allowed the ridiculous rain graphic to pass development. Its bad enough the headlights dont illuminate far enough in front of the car to push in the dark...then you add a sheet of white lines that looks like they are straight out of a sega genesis game from 1997 makes it impossible. Please for the love of god fix this.
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    Here's hoping it pops now. like yourself this is not the first time I should've gotten it. 🤞
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    What's going on is that the ffb isn't broken, is it? The problem is that some people are not able to, or don't want to, accept the missing canned gravel texture effect. The force feedback itself is actually better in every way than it was in DR1, especially in terms of communicating weight transfer, which was completely missing in the first dirt rally. Now, I'm sure that the fake, canned gravel texture effect was removed from the DR2 by design. It's not a case of some guy's finger slipping and deleting all the code that creates the canned texture effect just before the game went gold. My guess is that they have made their decision are not willing to go back on it. However, if you guys want that effect so badly I'd suggest opening another thread requesting it, instead of insinuating that the ffb is broken and is in dire need of fixing. That sort of thing is unlikely to go down well with the devs, nor is it likely to give you guys any credibility as ffb connoseurs. There it is. I've opened a codemasters account just to say all that.
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    And no, I'm not going to stop giving Dgeesy **** in not so subtle hints for claiming that.
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    Also New Zealand but I prefer the twisty, beach part. The feeling of going from one cambered corner to another, in quick succession, and the massive ammounts of grip the profile of these corners provides, can be euphoric sometimes.
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    the stage i use the most is hancock hill sprint in new england. i use it to fine tune all cars for gravel. i find new england very beautiful and truly underrated
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    It's okay baby, just let it all out, we're here for you.
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    I can’t find the game available for pre order in the US. What the heck is up with this.
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    Right now the focus is on bug fixes and building our functionality - especially in the area of Clubs (which is almost ready for testing) and online MP (we're introducing human only MP lobbies)! But if we have any movements on refining tarmac, our community will be first to know. 🙂