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    Ok, let's forget DR1 and the comparison with DR2.0... What i wanted to express is my understanding for those that, after paying a full price for a final released game, felt disappointed by the game having so much bugs (some of them game breaking), and so, rightfully, expressed their opinions in their reviews. I don't think it's acceptable and that we (we, as paying customers) should be condescending with CM just because they released a unique and potentially great game. Unfortunately, these practices are not CM exclusive, nowadays (with generalized internet connection and the possibilite of future patches), most of the times we buy a new game, it is usually far from finished...
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    Another factor is that Dirt Rally came out of nowhere. No one expected a sim oriented rally game from Codies and one day it just dropped out of sky. No hype, no expectations, no whining, people were just in awe what just happened. I love Dirt Rally but I feel it's already a bit of a 'rose tinted glasses' effect going on when looking back at it. That said, the release of DR2 has been anything but smooth and I hope they manage to iron things out in the end. Underneath all the problems this is far superior to Dirt Rally.
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    DiRT Rally, the original one, was created by the passion of a few members of the team, and it was mainly an experiment on which the higher ups weren't particularly interested at the start. DiRT Rally 2.0 was a game directed and decided by the higher ups and the developers had to sort of live with this. In the end, the public, the players and the reviewers can still tell the difference. DR2.0 is good, but it somehow lacks the soul the original had, and that was what told DR1 apart from all other games
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    Going to keep this short and simple... If ANY and I literally mean ANY content in the game (And I mean cosmetics and cosmetics ONLY (Anything else is by far worse... not better)) is not earnable (Or reasonably earnable), but is able to be bought... I will whole heartedly scrap this game from my list of ONLY this game! I have quit playing all other games due to this exact issue, this is the only game that has never had it (Besides F1 2016 with their R&D cr@p)... I am more than willing to quit on this game to if this affects ANYTHING about the game! I may sound like I am overreacting, but cosmetics coming into games has only ever become a serious issue... even if it started off fine.
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    Yeah I am interested and would love to join this! My PSN is cyclinglemons :)
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    Not to mention that, even for my poor man standards, the dlc's are pretty cheap... Having said this, i understand the criticism, DR2.0 was shamefully rushed out, with about the same content but less features than DR in it's current state, and alot of game breaking bugs which are still to be resolved (fortunatly, i haven't had nothing serious, as i have never experienced the audio bug, the FFB was good enough for me, albeit far from perfect, never had problems loging in racenet, etc). Saying that DR2.0 customers are just whining about a game not being bug free in it's final release version is, in my opinion, like saying that it is ok if i buy a brand new Ferrari with a broken engine just because it is a... Ferrari... Paying customers are in their own right to criticize something that is obviously as bugged as DR2.0 is, if this criticism is honest and made in a positive way. It's up to CM to try and bring the game back on track, resolving the main issues with the help of us, those that love this game and don't wan't it to be dropped to soon, with still so much potential in it...
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    I agree with you on pretty much everything, especially the communication. I'm not saying people can't provide criticism but if they do, it needs to be constructive. I've provide criticism but always in a ways that could help the devs understand. Just going on an irrational rant and demanding things the way that person wants now shows their entitled behaviour. Same for those complaining, sometimes worse than that, about the lack of content or something else after they bought the game that was clearly advertised at that time. For the latter the person itself is at fault for buying it willy nilly without doing proper 'research'.
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    Fair play to him, i have always sucked at Art.. You've either got it, or you ain't! Also, it's another 4 day bank holiday weekend for me But i'm doing a 10k run tomorrow, so i shouldn't be having too many beers tonight haha
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    This happened. I had a dream tonight, where somehow i was in Codemasters HQ in a room with the DiRT Team. The room looked more like one of my college's classrooms than a studio (well probably because it was a dream and i dont miss college), and I could see about 20 people in there in their desks, and then Ross Gowing and someone else about the same age who you could tell they had a senior role as well in the game. I could see the disappointment and tireness in all of their faces. We talked about the review ********* in Steam, what could be done, what couldn't be done, what was going to be done and when I said "dont even think about doing a DiRT5, because if you do that now you (Codemasters) are shooting your feet and digging your own graves. Take the time and work in DR2.0 to make it right, otherwise people will lose the confidence in you for good", Gowing replied with a face like if he had his hands tied "we dont decide that", and I had the feeling such game was indeed already in the works. While I had a marvel of speaking with him in my deep limbo, i didn't really like seeing the frustration stamped on those faces lol. To some extent, it probably might be true, it's not hard to figure it out. People who have worked hard and see a game having one the worst rocky starts ever. Because let's not forget we are also talking about real people here, regardless if we are paying for a product or not. I'm not trying to excuse anyone with this, but I believe we all can take this game to good port, and so far it's been going in that direction.
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    Codemasters has failed to be able to identify and remove multiple different major issues that were present in sequentually released games from F1 2016 up until F1 2018. This relates to singleplayer, as well as multiplayer but specially the latter of the two. As far back as F1 2016 online gaming tests had concluded that using 'custom' helmets and racenumbers in online lobbies had a detrimental effect on connectivity between players and would regularly cause for teleportation issues, better known as "lag spikes". Through the years Codemasters has put a emphasis on this function and in the latest iteration of Formula 1, being F1 2018, the sole option is to drive with your customised profile brought over from your "Career mode" in Singleplayer in online gameplay. F1 2018 has proven to be one of the worst versions in regards to bugs and issues during online multiplayer sessions. The point I stated here above has been adressed on more than one occasion and Codemasters has basically ignored this issue and failed to improve on the issue that has been presented to them. Therefore, with customisable options being presented as a "microtransaction" in F1 2019's version of the game, I better hope this problem has been fixed but with history showing Codemasters has let us down on a lot of repeating issues appearing in annually released versions of the game, I remain very pessimistic to say the least. Not only has Codemasters declared that F1 2019 has been in development for 2 years, probably meaning that former existing issues will reappear. Now, if gameplay/physics will have remained much the same as in F1 2018 and F1 2017 this means that Codemasters has put 2 years in developing F1 2019 to be more profitable and not to be a better product, giving priority to incorporate a microtransaction system in their game over improving gameplay or customer experience. In my eyes this would be a disgrace and I would point out to my fellow gamers to be very critical about forthcoming media presentations in the near future about this game since it's widely known that most promoters in the forms of streamers can't be critical since it will damage their revenue as well. We can't simply allow Codemasters to get away with their failures and shortcomings on a repeated basis and be asked to pay for additional content that in the past has resulted in being detrimental to an online gaming experience when used. Sincerely yours,
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    promise me that when dirt rally 3.0 don't appear you're not whining?
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    it's so rewarding compared to the first dr1, in wich it was more a fight versus the wonky physics, rather than the opponents. in dr 2.0 you also have a lot more confidence on how much you can push a car to the limits without crashing also setups are a lot more effective and evry car has the correct physics, specially the rwd cars now behave a lot better than in the first title it really annoys me that this game don't get the right approval
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    Dirt Rally 2.0 is much more in every way than the original. Dirt Rally could not even air the wheels of this Dirt Rally 2.0.
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    There's a "premium tier" which you can ONLY buy with money. Not unlockable in game. I was already 50/50 buying the game. Now, im 95/5 not buying. Source: https://www.gtplanet.net/f1-2019-microtransactions/
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    Unfortunately i think it's the latter. I'm basing myself on the steamdb estimated sales, which besides being inaccurate and presenting an interval between 50K-100K, it's still pretty low. By this time it should be in the 150K-200K imo. The low review score on Steam is surely affecting the sales a lot, it's "Mixed" right now, sitting at 64%. It went up from 62% in the past few days ever since the FFB patch, but it's still sitting behind DiRT4 (65%), which is absurd. Seriously, if you guys are enjoying the game and see any future for it and you haven't dropped a review yet, please do. This is "our" game after all. https://store.steampowered.com/recommended/recommendgame/690790 I wouldn't like to see this game die so quickly.
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    Corners like that don't scare Phil Mills. He's a boss. Paul Coleman didn't have the same amount of experience as Phil so the "be brave" was meant for Paul himself. 😂
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    Would love to see Knockhill and Oulton Park added.
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    THIS. Why the hell it is not a thing yet. I'm playing Codies F1 since the 2016 edition almost every day and i swear i have never witness an AI first corner or first lap crash. Totally unreal.
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    I agree with a lot here especially manual pit stops and being able to drive the cool-down lap after race. I also want to add a few wishes: - More contact between AI, at least on first lap, I can guarantee that in most races at least one driver gets damage to floor or front wing in the first lap, and it would be nice to see small carbon fiber parts flying and punctures. - More information on the steering wheel for us that use noe information on the screen and needs to relay on the information on the steering wheel. - And out of everything this is the most important to me, and something I don't understand Codemasters have done anything with. That is car handling in the form of oversteer. The oversteer in the game is as realistic as oversteer in Mario Cart. In most cases when a f1 car looses rear grip it completely looses rear grip. With how things are now you can drift around a complete lap of the track. Pay attention to how real f1 cars handle, if the rear tires a to low temperature or you are to heavy on the throttle the car spins around 180° degrees at least with no chance what so ever to correct it. The keyword here is snap-oversteer. For me this is a deal breaker, and with this handling you can go a long way away from the arcade feeling the game has now. At least give us who want the game to be as realistic as possible to turn this on as an option. And one more thing, how come I can hear the people in the grandstand in cockpit view in an F1 car going full revs? Maybe if everyone in the grandstand was using a fog horn it would be realistic to hear them. Thank you.
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    for me (ps4 T300) the soft lock works fine (I have the right degree of rotation for each car), but the wheel on screen doesn't match. So it's just visually broken.
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    Why F1 2018? Why not wait for the release of F1 2019?
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    Two things about the (lack of)communication. - This is not Early Access. You can't compare this release to DR. - Codemasters went on the stock market since Dirt Rally. This legally limits what they can communicate.
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    You think like that probably because you don't understand the idea of interior camera. And what about those who play with steering wheel? Then the best way to play is to use this camera. Besides, using the interior you see your road more clearly.