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    Another factor is that Dirt Rally came out of nowhere. No one expected a sim oriented rally game from Codies and one day it just dropped out of sky. No hype, no expectations, no whining, people were just in awe what just happened. I love Dirt Rally but I feel it's already a bit of a 'rose tinted glasses' effect going on when looking back at it. That said, the release of DR2 has been anything but smooth and I hope they manage to iron things out in the end. Underneath all the problems this is far superior to Dirt Rally.
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    And here's an even more ridiculous example from Canada. 7 seconds ahead of 2nd place in my heat, and a full 10 seconds behind the overall winner, with an overall difference of 23 seconds from 1st to 20th over 4 laps. I'm not even mad, that's hilarious 😂
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    OK, scratch that, it's broken everywhere. This was in Hell Norway. 2 seconds faster than AI in my heat, 8 seconds slower than 1st place, and a spread of 14 SECONDS in a 4 lap race! Ridiculous
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    DiRT Rally, the original one, was created by the passion of a few members of the team, and it was mainly an experiment on which the higher ups weren't particularly interested at the start. DiRT Rally 2.0 was a game directed and decided by the higher ups and the developers had to sort of live with this. In the end, the public, the players and the reviewers can still tell the difference. DR2.0 is good, but it somehow lacks the soul the original had, and that was what told DR1 apart from all other games
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    It's probably because in order to activate soft lock you have to first calibrate your steering wheel and then turn it on in your steering wheel settings (it's at the bottom of the menu with all the saturation and deadzone options).
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    I know that this is usually an open and closed case... we all complain that crashes aren’t very realistic and feel super weird, then we all agree that sponsors/FOM don’t like to see crumpled up cars, HOWEVER I feel that this is not the discussion we should be having re: crashing. IMO when two cars touch each other, when they hit each other, or when cars collide with objects and walls the physics are very poor but HEAR ME OUT HERE 😀 I completely agree that we are not buying the game for crashes or making a game for idiots to drive backwards around a circuit however a MASSIVE part of Motorsport is surviving the bump and grind - the first lap is a good example - dancing around cars that have just touched - trying to avoid a crash when it happens in front of you, judging the change in speed this creates between different cars as you dive into a turn. I’m not asking for crumpled up cars, or crazy car crash flips, I just really really wish that contact physics were better and more enjoyable. When someone crashes in front of you, you instinctively react to what the real world tells you, or what you see on TV, however in Codie’s F1 games, you don’t ever really know what will happen - it’s all very random, the physics don’t make sense and we’ve all had the situation whereby you end up having to use a flashback due to some super Weird crash bugs. Incidents are Big part of F1 and it should be an exciting spectacle when cars touch in front of you or have an incident however when I play these games I pray for no crashes because they look and feel awful. This in turn impacts the immersion and feel of a race weekend..... And don’t get me started on the safety car!! let me know what you think.
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    I agree with you on pretty much everything, especially the communication. I'm not saying people can't provide criticism but if they do, it needs to be constructive. I've provide criticism but always in a ways that could help the devs understand. Just going on an irrational rant and demanding things the way that person wants now shows their entitled behaviour. Same for those complaining, sometimes worse than that, about the lack of content or something else after they bought the game that was clearly advertised at that time. For the latter the person itself is at fault for buying it willy nilly without doing proper 'research'.
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    This happened. I had a dream tonight, where somehow i was in Codemasters HQ in a room with the DiRT Team. The room looked more like one of my college's classrooms than a studio (well probably because it was a dream and i dont miss college), and I could see about 20 people in there in their desks, and then Ross Gowing and someone else about the same age who you could tell they had a senior role as well in the game. I could see the disappointment and tireness in all of their faces. We talked about the review ********* in Steam, what could be done, what couldn't be done, what was going to be done and when I said "dont even think about doing a DiRT5, because if you do that now you (Codemasters) are shooting your feet and digging your own graves. Take the time and work in DR2.0 to make it right, otherwise people will lose the confidence in you for good", Gowing replied with a face like if he had his hands tied "we dont decide that", and I had the feeling such game was indeed already in the works. While I had a marvel of speaking with him in my deep limbo, i didn't really like seeing the frustration stamped on those faces lol. To some extent, it probably might be true, it's not hard to figure it out. People who have worked hard and see a game having one the worst rocky starts ever. Because let's not forget we are also talking about real people here, regardless if we are paying for a product or not. I'm not trying to excuse anyone with this, but I believe we all can take this game to good port, and so far it's been going in that direction.
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    Cranes Year after year i see lovely looking cranes on track since 2010 with no functinality at all. Are we finally getting it on F1 2019? Many in game features that have been said to be big mountains to climb have been actually implemented over the years. Safety Car, Flag waving marshalls on track, Television style cameras, custom livery, feeder series ect. All of these features have been implemented over the years leaving little details in the game dead without any function. These details are often overlooked or seen as not important... but what should be noted is the valid fact that it could potentially add loads of more immersion in game to the true life deal we see on TV or when we go live to see a race. Debris on track. Year after year we have magical dissapearing debris on track when there is an incident. Please add marshalls with brooms clearing out parts to the side while we go around them in safety car conditions under yellow flag conditions and yellow flag speed. (Idea #1 Ghost the marshalls so people dont hit them on purpose) (Idea #2; If it happens to be a red flag due to serious incident or an incident that will require time to clean up. A cut scene can be played of the marshalls cleaning the track once cars drive back to the pits and wait, a timer can appear on screen caclulating clean time in addition according to the incident's severity with a fast forward option like we already have to speed up sessions in single player for those with limited time or dont want to wait.) Dynamic scripted placed spectators and marshalls Find a way to code spectators and marshalls on track so that for every new race. Specators of all races will show up in different random spots where there is grand stands and other designated areas where pepole are allowed to stand in real life. Same with the marshalls waving flags. And more of them. IN real life there is a lot of marshalls on track with flags in "almost" every corner. Safety Car Starts in Severe rain. Idea#1 Cut scene on a safety car going round track clearing out water like we see on track. Then we cut to the grid much like we already have in cut scenes before a race. And we start doing laps behind the safety car untill weather improves in a set number of laps. Always good to add an option to skip it like we already have with the formation lap. Years later and many agree nothing has topped the 2011 Canadian GP when it comes to wet weather, exitement and entertainment. thanks again! Been crossing my fingers for these features since 2011. Yours trully one lone customer since 09
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    promise me that when dirt rally 3.0 don't appear you're not whining?
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    it's so rewarding compared to the first dr1, in wich it was more a fight versus the wonky physics, rather than the opponents. in dr 2.0 you also have a lot more confidence on how much you can push a car to the limits without crashing also setups are a lot more effective and evry car has the correct physics, specially the rwd cars now behave a lot better than in the first title it really annoys me that this game don't get the right approval
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    Rallycross AI is still ridiculously broken on the new tracks (Canada, UK, Belgium), you can be 5 seconds faster than the AI in your heat but 10 seconds slower than the AI in the other heats over 4 laps, on Masters difficulty Pretty much unplayable
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    There's a "premium tier" which you can ONLY buy with money. Not unlockable in game. I was already 50/50 buying the game. Now, im 95/5 not buying. Source: https://www.gtplanet.net/f1-2019-microtransactions/
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    I miss the Tornado... Maybe it's because of greylancer's offensive post that they removed the jet from the stage? 😉
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    Azores, please. One of, if not THE most beautiful location for a rallye event...
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    Hello, I'd like to make a question. I have bought Dirt 4 but when i am going to install it a message says that i have to : Activate first the primary game. The password I install require the own of another product. What is the primary game i have to buy it so i can play it? Is it colin mcrae rally 2.0? Can someone help plz!
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    Maybe you are trying to install first the DLC and not the game. There should be various installation keys, so maybe try with another one. If it is like the DR2.0 installation, there should be a key on the back of the manual. There should be the Steam code.
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    Unfortunately i think it's the latter. I'm basing myself on the steamdb estimated sales, which besides being inaccurate and presenting an interval between 50K-100K, it's still pretty low. By this time it should be in the 150K-200K imo. The low review score on Steam is surely affecting the sales a lot, it's "Mixed" right now, sitting at 64%. It went up from 62% in the past few days ever since the FFB patch, but it's still sitting behind DiRT4 (65%), which is absurd. Seriously, if you guys are enjoying the game and see any future for it and you haven't dropped a review yet, please do. This is "our" game after all. https://store.steampowered.com/recommended/recommendgame/690790 I wouldn't like to see this game die so quickly.
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    I'm really disappointed the new Germany doesn't have light rain or just a wet road condition, not sure why the only wet weather options they provided are heavy rain. Other than that it feels really nice , definitely more fun with the new handling model than the track had in DR1.
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    (wet) Germany is a masterpiece. I'm in Love! Thank you CM
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    THIS. Why the hell it is not a thing yet. I'm playing Codies F1 since the 2016 edition almost every day and i swear i have never witness an AI first corner or first lap crash. Totally unreal.
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    Why F1 2018? Why not wait for the release of F1 2019?
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    wow reading this is very scary D: it seems like VR users are some kind of junkys that cant live without VR anymore... really guys.... get your **** together best part is the guy that is telling he gets headaches/feels stressed from playing on a monitor xD what a BS xD xD xD