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    I'm pretty sure this was the guy that wanted to bomb the offices because he had a wait a few hours for the DLC. I don't think there's much point in discussing anything with him unless it's what colour crayon tastes the best.
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    don't really care for clubs but everything seems to be a 'huge undertaking' clubs - huge undertaking fixing the AI - huge undertaking FFB - huge undertaking designing a decent livery for the Ford Focus - huge undertaking god help us once all the bugs introduced as a result of this come out.
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    @cmMikeRobson @CMMcBabe @CM Adrian Paul Smith how it is possible that on some stages in argentina i set better times in night/dry conditions then in day/dry conditions???? i explain you why: the camera shaking is so strong that i ca'tn focus my eyes on the road on daytime, i've made a poll about that, with 90% of people giving me right that shaking is too ecxessive. never heard anything more about that question from you........
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    I was there man ,loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i have 80% of the cars owned+upgraded, don't have any interest in the others i have all the crew maxed out and have a credit of 5.500.000 i think rewards are reasonable like they are now
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    DLC cars should be buyable, not given. I dont really agree with the politics behind this, although I understand why they've been doing it. Guess it's avoid crybabies from crying some more, but what belongs to career mode should stay in career mode. Cars are always available in Freeplay.
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    Uh,,, how have you not noticed this this game is avaible on different platforms, and F1 2018 on Xbox One doesnt work with a mic, Kinect only.
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    There is no indication of a direct change in bug fixing efforts. I think one can draw almost an infinite number of conclusions from Christina leaving, so without more details it's best to take it at face value (an employee left). They are hiring a new community person.
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    I didn't like Germany in the first DR, but now i'm enjoying every km of it. I struggle so bad on slow corners, but I think i'm doing just fine on fast sections.
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    Time to update my review to negative...
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    I have never noticed before, but that helicopter has too many blades.
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    I'm ok with with microtransactions for skins only. You don't have to do microtransactions to enjoy the basic racing. By earning extra money with it, Codies may hire extra programmers to further improve upcoming F1 titles. I don't think I'll go for those paid skins but still I benefit from it. So a few guys may really stick to not buying the game because of skin microtransactions but that tiny loss will be compensated big time by microtransactions. Codies would be silly not to make this move.
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    I saw a deer crossing the road yesterday in a Germany stage. Unfortunately I wasn't recording 😞
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    The track is actually a troop exercise area and you can see it in DR because there is a tornado wreck to see but unfortunately in DR2 no longer takes this track atmosphere. Honestly, when I look at the comparison video I do not think Germany DR2 looks better than DR of the colors and overall I like the original track from DR better The TV helicopter is missing too
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    Well I just went ahead and bought the wheel, over £500 lol, probably sell my T500rs wheel and F1 rim once its here.
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    I made a comparison video, it's clear how well improved this stage
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    Do I do it, do I get this wheel? Man I want it so bad https://www.fanatec.com/eu-en/racing-wheels/csl-elite-f1-set-officially-licensed-for-ps4-eu.html
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    Crash physics are as important as handling physics. If you know what racing is you should also know that hitting a wall at different speed and at different angles, results in a wide range of damages, from little punctures, to suspension damages or broken wheels. I'm shure you'll agree with me on this: a game that implements these variables changes the way you drive and makes you a bit more conscious about your driving style and the risks you can take (next time you will overtake someone, you'll consider the risk factor much more than you do now). Today it is not like that, it's all or nothing. There's nothing in the middle, either you have a terminal crash or you just bounce back, you rarely get a puncture from a contact. These little things make difference between arcade games and simulation / simcade games. I think a licensed F1 game deserves better race experience with improved damage physics, I'm sick to see cars bouncing into each other or into the wall without consequences (or small front wing damages) with SIMULATION damages on and I'm not talking about demolition-derby kind of damages, I just want a bit more of variables when collisions happen. IT CHANGES THE WAY YOU RACE and to me it's very very important, at least you should be a little afraid when driving an F1 car even if it's a videogame and it's race number 1000, these feelings keep the game alive!
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    Well, I'm heading down to Wembley tomorrow for the play off final. It'll be my first time in London too! Really can't wait and I have my alarm set for 3:45! At least this time I'll be spamming my Instagram stories rather than me looking at people spamming their's!
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    How would that be any different from crashing out in the game as it is currently, or from blowing up the engine in career when it's worn and you dont replace it? The race 'just ends' already in those scenarios without spectating.
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    I think you are in wrong place to set this list , go to Slightly Mad studios forum better lol! I would like to see all these features in GRID but as Aaron Dix says the most are not gonna happen
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    No it's not. A virtual mirror(s) is the next best thing. Don't know what button map you're running, but the one I'm running just plain doesn't allow for mapping look left/right... and tbh, doing that in the middle of close quarters racing is just asking for trouble.