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    No problem! On the OSD queries: I just spoke to the team and as of right now, you can totally switch off the OSD if you wish. They've also given me a list of OSD modules you can *currently* enable and disable to your heart's content. The modules are: Mini-Map, Prompts, Online Driver Tags, Dial, Timing, Progress, Notifications, Messages, Rear View Mirror, Proximity Again, it's not final, but the list of OSD areas you can tweak will be very close to this, if not spot on, come launch day. Hope this helps 🙂
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    Given that the car it's a MR maybe it would be better to use the R5 208
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    Nice nice ! Lets do it.I can just post here a day before i go up onFriday.
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    Ohio represent! I may be a few hours north of you both, but I've been trying to find some buddies who'd be willing to go down and see it this year because it seems like a great time!
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    I was there man ,loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    P. Snijers - 24 Hours of Ypres Rally 1988 P. Snijers - Manx Rally 1988 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/p-snijers-24-hours-of-ypres-rally-1988-manx-rally-1988.26990/
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    Well you're right. Wembley the place is an utter dump and wasn't any better than some of the rougher parts of Sunderland! I enjoyed the experience but cried when they scored the winner and I don't think I'll ever watch this match back again. I guess we'll just have to go and win the league next season! I don't drink alcohol but the prices were ridiculous! £5 for a slice of pizza and nearly £3 for a bottle of water! At the SoL You get two pies, two pints and two packets of crisps for a tenner! The atmosphere was amazing though, it's the loudest football match I've ever been to and I got a few selfies on Wembley Way with all the crowd behind me. I'll remember the pre-match mood more fondly than the post-match mood...
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    I'm ok with with microtransactions for skins only. You don't have to do microtransactions to enjoy the basic racing. By earning extra money with it, Codies may hire extra programmers to further improve upcoming F1 titles. I don't think I'll go for those paid skins but still I benefit from it. So a few guys may really stick to not buying the game because of skin microtransactions but that tiny loss will be compensated big time by microtransactions. Codies would be silly not to make this move.
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    Well I just went ahead and bought the wheel, over £500 lol, probably sell my T500rs wheel and F1 rim once its here.
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    Do I do it, do I get this wheel? Man I want it so bad https://www.fanatec.com/eu-en/racing-wheels/csl-elite-f1-set-officially-licensed-for-ps4-eu.html
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    Well, I'm heading down to Wembley tomorrow for the play off final. It'll be my first time in London too! Really can't wait and I have my alarm set for 3:45! At least this time I'll be spamming my Instagram stories rather than me looking at people spamming their's!
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