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    A single event in a daily shouldn't cause more than a few thousand credits worth of damage - maybe up to like 10,000cr or something if you really messed up your run. If you are doing more damage than that during a single stage you are the problem not the costs of repairs. Drive it like, I don't know, you own it and have to maintain the thing in a competitive and challenging career mode. This **** isn't NFS, or Forza or DR1 where you drive some free car in a daily that you borrowed. You have to own it, you have to be responsible for the results of your driving, and your bank account needs to fund your driving. If it can't, either your bank account or your driving needs to change...
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    Time to update my review to negative...
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    Leaderboard issue in the Rewards screen. Which still lacks info so luckily I have a video to look back at. Daily Challenge 31/05/19 R2 - Zienki | Łęczna County - Poland Leader did the stage in minus -12:46.708!
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    Honestly thinking of getting a 206 WRC model and then photoshopping it onto a DR 2.0 screenshot, just so this thread can go back to what it should be!
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    Unfortunately gaming in today's world has to think more about casual gamers and so a lot of the big sim things are dumbed down or left out. I understand why but at times it is annoying.
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    Isn’t that a wasp?
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    @ShodanCat I had a look at the windscreen/windshield droplets with low rain and it has been improved. It's too late to get it into the Latvia patch (we have to submit each patch to Sony/MS well in advance) but I'll try and get it into the one after Latvia somehow.
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    Sorry for the long ramble, but wanted to put it down - if a mod wants to move it, please do so. In the last few days, something very strange has gone on. This community, which always pulls together, has been pulling in very different directions, and I can't get my head around why. Apologies for the long post, but just wanted to put some thoughts down here and stop interrupting the chat that most users actually come here for; the gossip! In the last 24 hours, I've posted on Discord, the forum, Reddit, Steam forums and probably GTPlanet about DR2 (also on a Pro Cycling forum, but that's neither here nor there...) - I don't think I'm any one 'type' of user. But reading posts here and on Discord, it feels like there's a split that there's no reason to be. This isn't the first time I've seen this; the Total War community has a similar thing; a community manager or dev replies to a post on Reddit or Twitter or YouTube and suddenly the other 'branches' are upset that they're not the first to know. Instead of the reaction 'great, more gossip, let's discuss' the first reaction is more and more 'why wasn't my platform first?'. But come on. At the end of the day, aren't we here for the same reason? We either like or, in a minority of cases, want to like Dirt Rally 2.0. We're here because we want information about a game that we (myself definitely included) care about more than we probably should do. And, crucially, we're here for gossip; about what comes next, what closely guarded secret doors we can prise open and sneak a peek through. Surely that's the information and discussion a lot of us are here for? In which case, what should it matter if that info is shared on Reddit, the forum, Steam, Discord, Twitter, Instagram or carrier pigeon? Or my personal favourite of this community, third-hand stories from someone who works at a team that runs a rally car where some mysterious employee turned up one day to record some engine revving noises? The point is that it gets relayed back and shared around - because we're a 'community'. Why does it matter where it was first? I don't have Instagram, but I don't begrudge Jon for dropping blurry shots and cryptic hints about Opel Mantas or Welsh stages in replies to someone with a username 'blockisgod43'. At the end of the day, there's some gossip to speculate about and discuss here. Or wherever. I hold my hands up, I've posted disparaging things about 'Reddit users' as a rule of thumb, but in the end I stopped that and joined the conversation there. People complaining about FFB when they had announced it was going to be patched - well instead of me complaining about that user, I let them know. I've replied to threads there, on Steam, on YouTube, on Twitter with information they may not have been aware of. If anyone gets banned or muted on any platform, it's probably not without reason. Each has its moderators, and those moderators probably know their platform. There role isn't to allow everything, it's to facilitate conversation. And each platform has its rules and ways to be used. What would happen if I opened 200 threads here with the same topic (just ask my Korean friend...)? Recent days have seen misuse of Discord for its primary function and then people taking sides about it. But if that's the case, maybe the forum is a better place to discuss a topic in that level of depth? If you dislike or like an aspect of the game, pick the appropriate medium. If you want to discuss in real time, look to Discord - if you want to record a video about your grievance, share it on YouTube - if you have a short message, drop a line on Twitter - if the devs want to run a Q&A, why wouldn't they look to Reddit? Instead of being cursed by so many channels, shouldn't we consider ourselves blessed? Good luck to the next community manager - they're inheriting so many channels they'll probably lose count on day one. But hey, isn't that where the 'community' comes in? Let's discuss it everywhere. After all, at the end of the day, don't we just want to enjoy Dirt Rally with the rest of our community? I'm not sure why I felt compelled to write the above, but I just looked up and saw this book in front of me...
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    Here's another comparison screenshots - rainy weather by now. You can see clear that you can't see anything in DR 2.0. Also you can see how interior 3D model and textures improved as well Dirt Rally Dirt Rally 2.0 Dirt Rally Dirt Rally 2.0
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    Sometimes things start to wear on my car but I will wait until it really needs to be done before repairing/replacing. If you fix everything every time it picks up a small amount of damage then you will be creditless very quickly!
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    To level the playing field between multi - millionaire day one players and noobies (actually, just as a general idea of adding some incentive for restraint just like real rallies) there should be a limit on parts in Weeklies and Monthlies. Limited sets of brake rotors, body panels, dampers, shocks, radiators, etc... This way even people with twenty million saved up will have to be careful on track. And add Hardcore damage to the community events.
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    I'm pretty sure this was the guy that wanted to bomb the offices because he had a wait a few hours for the DLC. I don't think there's much point in discussing anything with him unless it's what colour crayon tastes the best.
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    i have 80% of the cars owned+upgraded, don't have any interest in the others i have all the crew maxed out and have a credit of 5.500.000 i think rewards are reasonable like they are now
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    DLC cars should be buyable, not given. I dont really agree with the politics behind this, although I understand why they've been doing it. Guess it's avoid crybabies from crying some more, but what belongs to career mode should stay in career mode. Cars are always available in Freeplay.
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    Nah, I'm swimming in credits as it is. Wish there was more to spend it on. You just had an unlucky cumulation of operational costs (as happens irl all the time and not just in rally). I also would like if DLC cars had to be bought ingame rather than given.
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    I have never noticed before, but that helicopter has too many blades.
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    In My Team, if you are in the Service Area and put new tyres on the car and then go back to the main menu (or quit from within a rally and go back in to restart the stage), when you next go back into My Team mode to continue that rally the tyres show as worn again, and if you attempt to put a new set of tyres on it costs you an extra set. So if you’re in Masters you end up running out of tyres by about the halfway point of the rally. it’s impossible to win on Masters anyway without having to use worn tyres, hence why so many restarts to even get close. This bug arrived in patch 1.4. .
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    f1 2019 is the same game as f1 2018. only the formula 2 is really new. the rest are unimportant details! it is a disappointment for 2 years of development! i cant understand that!
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    Dear Codemaster, how difficult can it be to repair the windshield wiper bug? They still wiped randomly, and at the same time fps drops.
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    Fanatec Porsche RSR wheel is now showing the rev lights in reverse (right to left) since 1.4 update. Meaning from highest blue rev light at Low RPM to lowest red rev light at High RPM. It was fine in 1.3.
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    Well the FFB patch has seemed to have fixed the leaderboard so that’s good, thumbs up to CM for sorting that quickly, and I’m not sure if it’s just me but it feels a bit smoother too, handling wise, but @ChristinaMc now it’s time to focus on the bigger issues like heavy rain graphics, visibility issues in rain/night, headlights, and most importantly the AI, difficulty in career is in serious need of adjustment, and also the AI needs to be adjusted in terms of track conditions, like if it’s heavy rain or night, or both the AI doesn’t drop a second to compensate, they post the same times as if it was a sunny day with max visibility and grip, nor do tyres seem to affect their times, if between service areas I need hard tyres they all seem to have softs and none of the front runners ever make a mistake, if we’re not finishing (in lower difficulties) first they always are, and a personal one for me (and many others) please set the wipers default to OFF when we start every stage with manual wipers, having to hold the button to turn them off is so very frustrating, I know this isn’t the first you’ve heard of it either this has been a request since Dirt Rally 1, even your loyal fans are starting to get upset with waiting for these bigger issues now, thanks 🙏 Just editing as I’ve noticed the leaderboards are in fact still buggy, they worked fine on a daily but a weekly I’m in is showing the same issues brought forward with 1.07, shame, was trying to think positively
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    Just to add a frustrating point, I’ve been playing games for 21 long years and it’s for sure had ups and downs over the years, but over the last few years it’s been the worst the industry has ever seen and I’m absolutely sick to death of almost every game I buy being either a broken buggy mess, or an unfinished or unpolished game that takes 6 months to be what it should have been when sold to the public
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    at the end a modder will fix the game just like he did on assetto ...
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    Sweden has many Co Pilots Bugs !!! My Co Pilot Says at the end of the stage its stop,its stop,its stops ever and ever again !!!! Sweden is the Only Rally i have Co Pilot Bugs on all other Rallys its Fine So far, I have only been able to spot co pilots bugs in daily and weekly events
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    What some of us are asking for is a preference, not a bug fix. I’ve never had a bug or glitch with wipers in any DiRT game. What I want is full manual control. As with all of the latest DiRT games (DR, 4, 2.0) stages start with the wipers set to intermittent swipe no matter if the user settings are on ‘full manual’. Don’t want to have to turn the wipers off each and every dry stage. Am I the only one that can’t stand the periodic swipe when it’s not needed??