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    That's why summer sales are great, for those who dont feel like or can't spend that amount of money on a game. Plus remember you can play DLC content without even owning it, via custom lobby if the host has that content. So technically, the DLC is "free" to demo. Of course if you want to get into the big action instead of custom lobbies, you'll have to purchase the content you want and they're giving you the choice to pick it one by one, or as a bundle. So if you don't really care about the current WRC cars but you do love the rallies, you can just purchase the rallies. I understand your concern about hundreds of $s in DLC, like Europa Universalis IV. But to be honest, I'd like that to happen as it meant the game was getting continuous support unlike previous titles. I find that better than just letting the game die and immediately work on a sequel. It leads to the same way, as you'll spend the money buying the sequel. Imho this one is good enough to build on for a while.
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    Ordered that seat, Amazon sent me a dog cage, I am raging! This is from Amazon and not a random seller on Amazon. Spent 45 mins with customer service and they were useless, that's me being polite as this is a PG site lol.
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    Sounds like you've had a ruff day. 😛
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    Is it just me or is the R&D system way too fast this year? I mean a maxed out Alfa Romeo at the end of season two (5 seconds faster compared to beginning of season one)?! Why should I play the other eight seasons? 2018 was also that fast... but the R&D system from 2017 was perfect... they should add an option where you can choose between "quick", "regular" and "realistic" for the R&D system. Besides all the great improvements they made for carreer mode.. this really annoys me.
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    In 2018 there were suggestions to implement a difficulty option for R&D. For me that would be the best way. Everybody who wants it could take the harder difficulty and would gain less points. Standard is the default option and the guys who wants it a bit quicker could choose easy. Also what i have suggested last year, from my point of view every R&D option should have a positive and a possible negative effect. This would make the R&D much more interesting. For example a drag reduction upgrade could have a negative effect on tyre wear or an engine upgrade could lower the reliability.
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    Well done mate, that's fantastic! On a similar note, I also got my degree last week in Graphic Design! 😛
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    Yeah I saw that on Ben's video. Seems pretty crazy how far a team can advance a car in 1 season without reg changes let alone those 2 seasons that were simmed. And for the P1 time of the top car to be 5 seconds quicker from the 1st season to the 3rd? That's just outright ridiculousness! The Merc is close-ish to being maxed out and so you're saying that all their performance updates allows their car to be 5 seconds faster? Crazy! This system needs revisiting and adjusted so that R&D development is more realistic throughout a season and that car performance from start to max is not that massive a change! Basically the limit of any maxed out car should be only 1.5-2secs faster than the fastest car of the 1st race of season 1 (i.e. the Merc). Being able to max out your car needs to be slowed more as well (reduce number of R&D points earned across a weekend and the R&D rate of AI). I understand this is why the reg changes have been introduced but if it's a few seasons for this to come in, R&D for me seems too fast as it stands for this to make an impact to your R&D. All my opinion of course but it just doesn't seem to make too much sense to me atm.
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    I really like these settings, they bring out a lot more detail in the FFB. I only dialed back the track and kerb effects a bit, thought they were a bit much compared to the feedback strength in corners. Might still up the wheel damper a click or 2 to give a little bit more weight in the slower corners.
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    And for me the biggest complain is that you only can have equal cars in a league. You can choose F1 2019 cars if you set the league to private but you can't choose realistic car performance. Codemasters PLEASE change this!
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    Like a dog cage bears any resemblance to a racing chair 😛
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    Car models from previous games were absolutely used for testing when they built DR2, I drove test tracks that were previous assets a year before release, they don't exist in game and you would not have wanted them to in the state we used them in. Codies would revisit a model to upgrade it for DR2, if it existed in D4 they would likely load it in and work on it, it doesn't mean the handling was setup, or audio was there or even things lining up properly. We did see the 2002 in the well known picture, and if you wanted to call that complete and ready, sure, go for it. Wonder why we didn't get that car first but instead got another version? I know some of the devs are only allocated work at the time leading up to release, urgaffel only started work on Wales not too long ago. They're busy doing other things until then and there is always a lag from when things are finished to when they're released. They were working flat out on the release content\version until cut off time for release in February, once that arguably more important stuff is done, they can move onto further content as required.
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    Sorry, that's not how this works. I see your points, but it sounds like you're complaining that there is extra content available. I'm wondering if it's because you think this content was ready before release. You shouldn't assume things you don't know the answer to and then run with them, making wild assumptions based upon a previous assumption being true. I can categorically tell you that none of this DLC was finished\ready before the game went to press (remember the game takes about a month to go through release acceptance with sony\microsoft.
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    I have the Deluxe Edition (and I assume many others so as well), so the DLC doesn't really affect me, or at least I paid for it upfront. But if this game gets Season 3 and even 4, the amount of DLC available alongside the game will leave a poor taste in new player's mouth. While the game is on sale, the price of the DLC is nearly equal to the price of the base game, which is ridiculous. When in Season 2, the price of Season 1 content should be permanently 50% off. When we go into Season 3, same should happen to Season 2 and Season 1 content should become free. This way, DiRT Rally 2.0 becomes a better and better package with time for first-time buyers and the price of the paid DLCs remains the same at all times. It also shows a commitment to further support the game with more updates and more seasons. Lets be honest, most of this content was already finished before the release and is waiting to be put behind a paywall. A ton of negative reviews on Steam mention the DLCs and, given that it's the only thing potential buyers can actually check and see (by looking at the amount and price), it works as an immediate deterrent.
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    If you develop things yourself, don't just tell, show . Then we can start taking the words of a master dev more seriously.
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    http://blog.codemasters.com/community/06/the-dirt-roadbook-june-28-2019/ Porsche 911 & Lancia 037 Coming Next Week New Deluxe Liveries Recording the Lancia 037 Steam Summer Sale VR is still coming 😉 A word on Console Graphics Codies Racing Line F1 2019 Launch
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    For anyone using the G29, I asked David Greco for some tips for setting the Force Feedback and he got back to me. Here’s what he said... “I use default FFB but 50% strength on the Logitech. Also, I use throttle linearity around 20% and 360 to 400 degrees rotation, depending on track. If it is too sensitive, use 400, otherwise 360 is a 1 to 1 ratio with the ingame wheel.” Hope this helps.
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    I took all damping away as the wheel was too heavy. My FFB settings are as follows (might tweak a touch, but it feels good) t300 ps4 pro. Let me know what you think. With those settings I get good info and an immersive experience.
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    On a slightly lighter note, I've gotten my degree classification today and I'll be graduating with a 1st class Mechanical Engineering degree next month 🙂
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    Sorry, but that's exactly how it works. Game projects work on schedules and roadmaps, I would be extremely surprised if content for Season 4 wasn't being worked on as we speak, if it's planned at all. Regardless, you are clinging to a minor argument. Whether this content was made prior to game's release or not is irrelevant, what matters is the optics of a game filled with minor DLC. You can't feel it if you're enjoying D+, but it looks absolutely repulsive on a storefront. It's not impossible. Free DLC is not an invention we haven't stumbled upon yet as a species, it's here and it works. I understand Codies want to make a buck from new content, so I don't have a problem with that - I simply don't want this game to look like a Train/Truck simulator at some point, with hundreds of $s in DLC.