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    PJ Tierney you're a breath of fresh air. No offence to Christina but your input on the forums is much appreciated and welcome. And insightful seeing as you work for CM. Keep it up👍👍
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    PjTierney Can you have a look or ask the dev team to check a bug in monte carlo? I was hopping someone notice, but here i am to point out 🙂 at Gordolon - courte montee there is a turn for right side that if you do near miss to the small wall, it hits something invisible. The location is before the first hard left turn. If you need more,information, let me know
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    It seems like there are people that never get them and there are people that get too many. Should be way more consistent.
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    Ok, so there has been a lot chatting around this subject for a long time, and it's time to make statistics work so everyone can know what we're dealing with here. Season 3 is almost guaranteed, provided there's enough content hinted to fill that season. However, there's absolutely nothing about an hipothetical Season 4, and that's where we come in. Would you buy a Season 4+ and what content would you like see from that season on? Post your suggestions and ideas, as there is A LOT left to add in this game. Here are a few ideas: - Super Special Stages for each rally, like in DiRT3 and previous titles. These are similar to RX circuits and provide a Head 2 Head experience (see here: https://youtu.be/ufNz_YQJ9fg ) - Two more long stages for each rally, to improve variety. That would make a total of 4 long stages per rally. - New rallies, besides the missing DR1 ones. E.g: Portugal, Corsica, San Remo, Kenya, etc - Early 2000s 2000cc car class fulfilled (Peugeot 206 WRC 2001, Citroen Xsara T4 WRC 2001, Ford Focus WRC 2001, Subaru Impreza WRC 2001, Subaru Impreza WRC 1997-2000, etc) - Tarmac physics 2.0. - Tyre features expanded, tweaked wear rates to make Medium and Hard compounds relevant. - Better weather system, with the ability of providing different conditions during a stage like sometimes it happened in D4 (has to be the synced for everyone in multiplayer). - Improved spectator mode / photo mode. - eSports every year, throughout an entire season like in real life. Can't think of anything else right now, so fill this topic with your suggestions. Number 1, 2 and 3 is already a lot of work 😉
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    No, I didn't see any improvements and I doubt it's related with a possible fix. Fixing skill rating requires proper patch, I doubt it's even server side, at least not everything. Rank goes as slowly as it was and takes points away even when you are 4 or 5th. I played 5 placement races, in 3 I was on the podium and in 2 I was on 4 and 5th places. I ended up with 1750 points, which was exactly what I had before the reset. I was racing with so many no-lifes, that it was really hard to go above 4th position. I think it's just a bug or something that the reset occurred. I will play more tomorrow, but ranked online in this game is starting making me sick... It's 2019 and we have online here like if it was 1999, no boundaries, dummy skill rating that's not working right now as it should, destruction derby in each race, and etc. No matter if I start from the first row or last, there will be always a mess. Few years back I would say it's kinda normal in online racing, but after Gran Turismo, I know it's possible to do great experience in online. Going to CM games after that is like going back to the ancient times. They need to step up if they want to have any positions at serious racer games. Right now it's Need For Speed level or even lower, because NFS at least is not trying to be some try hard online racing simulator. I don't want to sound like an ass or something, and if I do than sorry, that's not my intention here, but is it possible that person who came up with "Pure Gold" trophy/achievement could show up in this topic and tell us what was the purpose of such a ridiculous challenge with a broken Skill Rating that takes massive amount of points for even smallest mistake, not even from our fault? I'm playing only online for like a week and I'm seriously not making any progress and even if I do it's being removed by night or by some moron in next race who decided to ram me. It's really kinda depressing to be punished all the time, no matter if you race as hard as you can or placing in top positions.
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    It helps that I’m almost exclusively handling DiRT 🙂 Christina took care of DiRT too but was involved in so many other things that Codemasters are looking to hire another person to take care of all those things.
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    Hes also fairly active on Discord and Steam too. It's a wonderful change! Sad to see no mention of the complete sound cut-outs in the audio fixes yet. They're much less common now, though.
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    Didn’t see that one!! Glad it’s been acknowledged although I don’t really understand their difficulty in reproducing it but either way I’m glad it’s being looked into.
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    Dont always pick the "recommended" tyre choice because that's not always the recommended choice. You should take softs most of the time on gravel stages because you have service area every 2 stages. Take wets in Spain if it's wet, otherwise take softs. Same logic for Monte Carlo, take Winter for snowy stages. You'll see your times getting much better with these tyre choices because you have more grip and can push more. The default setup isn't bad, but if you get to learn some tuning aspects it will also help.
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    i'm bored because I don't have my country flag to select #lazydevs
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    That's not in 1.6 but the team's well aware of it.
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    Most important thing, bugs need to be reproducible. Also, in terms of priority we're looking at ones that happen and get reported frequently. One guy on one night through one stage isn't really enough to prioritise a bugfix, but something breaking on everybody's game is.
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    Are those the definitive patch notes? Asking because I don't see anything about the setup issue in Clubs (setups last only one stage then reset to default).
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    not automatically, only if you activated the #1 Option at the beginning of the game. If you not, you will remain with your casual # like LH in real life...
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    I think we're going round in circles now, so let's drop this topic. I'm well aware that many people want to know our VR plans (it's one of the most common things people ask us about at the moment), and when I can say something to you all, I will. Until then, you'll have to wait 🛌🏻
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    In my very humble opinion, Rally Corsica and more/longer stages at each location are what I crave most!! And of course, more cars!! And if that's not enough, I do miss hill climbs.
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    The odds of me talking about anything after Season 2 are zero right now 😉
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    We won't stop asking until we get an offical statement from CM. It feels like you just promote your partnership to generate better sales figures. Fanatec produces promotional videos about the development of F1 2019 and their Podium Series so that the customer believes that the complete product is fully compatible with the game. We mentioned these concerns during the beta and no CM-employee has ever responded, which is quiet dissappointing for the people which spent their time to find bugs and issues during the beta process. Feel free to comment here (it's btw the most commented topic in the technical assistance forum)
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    Do you use a wheel? If so, with or without force feedback? If you change the setup, dont use minimal aero on you wings, even at tracks like Spielberg i would probably go with 5-4 or something like that. You can also change the tire warming from simulation to normal, it should also really help.
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    Hi team, I have some feedback on the decision to leave DLC nefs encrypted. I’ve tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to keep this to the point. I've made the key points bold to aid in sending feedback upwards. Firstly, I appreciate the open communication from @PJTierney on this. This is much, much better than keeping us in the dark. Thank you team. The main reason you’ve encrypted these files is based on the concern that if left unencrypted, players won’t purchase the DLC but will export the DLC models and replace the model of an available car. Some perspective: The .nefs validation system you’ve built is already checking for .nefs file modification. The impact is, if people were to replace models in an available car, their career saves will be disabled and times will not be submitted online. The community has already shown from the launches of DiRT 4 and DR2.0 that with this degradation in experience, very few people will risk or bother going through the effort of installing custom liveries and models. People would need to go through the effort of installing custom software, extracting the appropriate model files, and replacing these within the nefs of an available car. This process is not trivial. They would then get the visual benefit - but that’s it - and the replaced car model is cannibalised. My strong suggestion is that for the amount of effort involved in the modding process, and for the quality of in-game experience gained - people won’t bother. The few that do are probably going to pirate or never pay for DLC in the first place. And in the meantime your paying, dedicated and engaged community get frustrated and disappointed. What continuing to encrypt DLC cars means for us: Frustration and disappointment. Less engagement with the game. Less motivation to purchase future DLC. Allowing the community to create liveries may seem trivial - but it is a crucial part of helping create an engaged community that will continue to invest time in the game. Will I use the Porsche 911 SC RS? I’ll try it out and move on. But if I could create a livery for it, I would without a doubt spend around 24 hours of my own time creating a custom livery - then be motivated to spend about as much time in game driving it. In DR1 my favourite car was the 2007 Focus in the 2000cc class. I haven’t touched it in DR2 because the liveries are rubbish. I won’t use the 2000cc class at all as part of Clubs because I can't use a livery which immerses me in the experience. It’s a massive missed opportunity. The only thing that is making me try the other available R2 cars at the moment is the fact I can create a livery that helps engage me and my team in the experience of competing with others as part of a community organised championship. Without both of these things I would be sticking to my Fiesta and running daily events until I get bored. Custom liveries keep things fresh and engaging - keeping me in the game longer. I’m much less likely to purchase additional DLC cars with this encryption in place. I’m talking even if the 206 drops - the livery will need to be hella good to make me consider purchasing - cause otherwise I simply won't use it. Without this nefs encryption imma throw you money. If you’re not going to unlock DLC nefs: At the very least please consider enabling the folder method for DLC cars so we can use liveries for models that existed in previous DiRT titles. Better, please consider also making DLC car textures available to the community somehow. This way the few people you're concerned about still can't rip you off, and there’s even more incentive to purchase your DLC because we’ll be creating a wealth of amazing livery content. If you won’t do either of these… You need to invest in better liveries for DLC cars, or in comprehensive livery editing tools. With love and respect, the livery options we have in DR2.0 just aren't good enough. What will these cost you to implement? What is the cost of an increasingly disillusioned community? Thanks team. xoxo
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    You might be fine with it buy Sony may not be and they matter more than you! Deal with it 👍
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    Wowww nice!! Too bad that Thrustmaster doesnt work on the Ps4! But nice!
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