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    I can't be the only one who finds the graphical effect of headlight illumination to be a bit... underwhelming? Apart from the poor throw distance, the effect of headlights is to sort of drape everything over with a thick, single shade of sickly yellow. Any time the road is still visible, eg dusk, I switch off the headlights as the graphics look so much better. The lights remove detail and make it all look rather last-gen. Hopefully Codies can see fit to improve this aspect, as there has been a steady stream of graphics improvements in other areas...
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    I love the new race highlights feature and I watch these almost after every race. But am I the only one who is experiencing some really weird camera angels? Sometimes it cuts to a camera where the cars have already past and just films an empty track. Codies needs to patch this because it is a really nice touch to career mode.
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    I get the feeling that maybe the R&D system needs a slight revamp. I'm thinking it needs 2 sections for each of the chassis, engine, downforce and reliability departments - 1 which is your base performance which can be upgraded and carried over from season to season as well as being impacted by reg changes as per what it is now. As this is carried over, it can still mix up the starting season performances depending on what you did last season. The 2nd section of each is regarding upgrades to your car for that season only which resets at the start of each season so that you cannot max out your car. With this 2nd part you literally cannot earn enough R&D points in a season to max out all 4 departments and so have to choose wisely to direct resource to a specific department to gain the edge. This section can also be affected by reg changes but where maybe more resource points are needed to buy parts (as the departments reset each season of course). Don't forget also you can choose part way through a season to stop on this current seasons car and direct resource to next year's car starting off the season with more R&D points than normal and purchasing upgrades of the 2nd section in pre-season! The reason why I say this is because you will never find a team where at the end of the season they say that their car cannot be improved. There's always room for improvement and each season is a fresh new design to start over again.
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    maybe its the standard notepad reply. if you ever ask a dev salesman anything you are taught never say never. always seems like theres a possibility then. saying no shuts the door.saying maybe keeps it open.
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    CODEMASTERS please answer! whats the possibility of getting some Classic tracks via PAID dlc? I’m not even kidding if you added tracks as paid DLC it will sell!! I would buy the S#@T out of it. And all you gotta do is polish up some tracks you have already done !! Lol I know it’s not that simple but my point is I’m sure people will buy it if you add them. Ask the fans ! Like US. It’s kind of **** playing as the legends of the sport on 2019 branded tracks.... what tracks would everyone like to see?
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    A) I've got to complain about A.I. stupidity in following cases: 1. During my inlap in qualifying when i leave the racing line and slow down a little bit to let the A.I. pass, the A.I. refuses to pass me and the next one too and so on. In my last qualifying in Austin, the result was: 5 A.I.-drivers slowed down behind me and i don't believe no one was on his (or its) hotlap. 2. Monaco harbor shikane and Baku turn 3 the A.I. likes to divebomb and turn too early into the lefthander, hits the wall and bounces back onto the racing line into the player's car. And yes, i left enough space and other drivers too (Youtube: Tiametmarduk, Dave Gaming). B) Cold/warm tires At the start of the formation lap sometimes the temperature of the tires is 55 degrees Celsius and sometimes it's 85 degrees Celsius. Bug or feature ?
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    Codemasters please tell me you have thought of visual bodywork customisation for the multiplayer car? They really look kinda basic right now. Not up to the standard of the top teams this year. Imagine being able to buy a front wing that’s a bit like a sauber and rear wings with different slots and various bargeboards and sidepods etc... It would make for greater customisation and also works as another avenue for the microtransactions.
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    Well the way I see it is if you play online you get: Empty lobbies Still laughable penalty system Even in lobbies with S safety ratings it is absolutely chaos and wreckage galore at the first corner. This might not be Codemasters' issue but if the penalty system worked and the safety rating was accurate this wouldn't happen. If you play offline career you get: Performance levels outdated AI strategy broken (90% of teams double stack their cars in dry to wet or wet to dry races losing an insane amount of time) Pit release is still not correct R&D is way too fast with the AI being so fast that eventually you'll drop to the bottom even if you only concentrate on performance upgrades Driver transfers is a complete joke...who in their right mind thought that the way it currently is will be realistic and/or up to customer satisfaction. Tyre carcass temps are only for the user player...so in essence it is a handicap. And then furthermore you get: Damage is still a joke. Last night I got hit from behind and my front wing got damaged...how in the hell is that possible. The HUD is still a mess...after how many years SC is not working for a lot of players I'd argue overall F1 CE was a much better rounded off product even though it had its issues. This game is broken. How many features is actually working 100%?
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    As always, one step forward one step back. I just had the pleasure of a qualifying duel against a driver floating in mid air without a car. And to add to the confusion, in all sectors he was ahead of me, but I won the race despite having no brakes and losing about ten seconds in the gravel. This game needs to be transferred to a more competent team of developers because it's not showing any sign of significant improvement.
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    Probably an irrelevant comment but I love this car so much. I knew it was used in rallying, but never expected it to make its way into a rally game. Driving it is so much fun, even if it's so ridiculously slow compared to the other two cars in its class. We need at least one more historic FWD (Saab 96) to make a four car class. I'm glad this game is not all about Subaru or Ford.
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    I love how this picture perfectly survived the forum change and all. I just keep seeing it over and over again when I accidentally go to the first page of this thread.
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    Hi, while you and your misguided superiority complex are busy talking down to people about frames and pings and s***, we’ll be in the corner actually having fun playing the game, OK?
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    This what I have done, I refuse to give them anymore bucks until they improve on certain functionality that had been missing forever.
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    I'm sorry but this game is broken. Regretting my purchase. People lambaste EA for their games but Codies' F1 series is by far the worst game series I've seen in regards to the same glitches carrying onto the next iteration. It baffles me there hasn't been an outcry in regards to AI strategy in wet to dry or dry to wet races. The AI 90% double stacks their drivers...losing an incredible amount of time and handing easy victories to the user. Check Ben's races at USA, Brazil etc. The quali sim times has been a problem for years...SC has been a problem for years and this year it is even non existent for some users. I just can't support this product anymore...it has been almost 3 weeks and they expect us to be excited for the performance update coming soon? Why wasn't this in at launch...the season didn't start in May. The cutscenes story like career mode which only lasts for 3 races in F2 is a complete joke. Why add it if it ends when you get to F1? Why not actually develop a full fledged mode where these cutscenes popup throughout your career. Still only yourself and the guy ahead/behind you in the position box...how many times have people requested they expand that. Why would anyone be connected to the actual F1 season if they raced in a midfield team and not knowing who is getting podium. Or being able to see the shock of Hamilton leading the championship but being outside of the top 10...we can't even create our own stories because we don't know what is happening with the other drivers. Even if you invest all your R&D points into actual upgrades instead of reliability, efficiency etc. you just can't keep up with the AI's pace of development. Eventually you'll slowly go down the pecking order because of this. Did they even test this? Last year almost every single Youtuber complained car development is too fast...what do Codies do? Make it ever faster. Great job. No news/twitter feed. No immersion in regards to the season. The driver transfers were an excellent opportunity for a rumor mill or news feed. Tyre carcass temps still only for user... There is no way in hell they worked on this for 2 years...unless they maybe put the one junior developer on the code for the first year to play around. I mean can they seriously not even add the official time-sheet designs? How long can that possibly take.
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    i found a 'bug' - the 2000cc Ford Focus still doesn't have a proper livery even just a decent fake one would be good.
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    Some RX in action. All photos taken by me ;)
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    Hi guys, a couple of months ago I created a thread with a suggestion for the halo but now I created a more detailed solution and example of what I mean. The Halo is a big problem for any cockpit user and removing the central column is nice but don't look very realistic. An additional option can be added. F1 is a simulator and it`s trying to feel very realistic but the lack of geometry of the equipment make it less authentic. The halo is a part of the modern open wheel single sitters and doesn't disturb the drivers but for the players is a big issue. I was thinking why not introduce 2 sliders one for the size of a mask controlling the area of the transparent part and another one controlling the exact transparency. The eyes naturally make the front of the halo transparent when you drive and a similar effect can be achieved. With the sliders, you can make it transparent let say from 100% to around 10%. The effect can be on the top of the screen and the edges can be more opaque when the mask is resized with the slider. Similar to the image below. With this option, you can still see the sky and surrounding cars and the front of the car but still, have this illusion of the eyes adjusting to the object in front. Here is an example of it. The game makes the car transparent when you drive through objects but this option can be made for the cockpit view making the halo-less of a problem but of a feature.
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    Welcome to The DiRT Roadbook! Hello everyone and welcome to The DiRT Roadbook thread! Ever since 2015 the Roadbook's been your regular roundup of what's been happening in the world of DiRT. In this thread you'll find the latest posts as they go live, and a full list below! Latest Post: http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/12/the-dirt-roadbook-of-the-year-2019/ January – Car List Revealed & Real-Life Rallying February – DiRT Rally 2.0 Released! March – Season 1 Begins April – Sweden Rally Arrives May – Germany Rally and More Cars June – Season 2 Begins July – We’re off to Wales August – VR, DirtFish, Estering and Season 3 September – Game Pass, World Series and F2 Kit Cars October – New cars and a trip to Yas Marina November – Welcome to Finland, South Africa and the Trial Version December – Lydden Hill, 2019 Rallycross Cars and the World Series Heats Up
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    I'm going to say this right off the bat: yeah, this is probably a longshot for a couple reasons. so cons first: first, a lot of people hated it in D4. second, it would be difficult to implement, what with currently twice the number of rally locations as D4, and with Finland and Greece probably on the way. pros: first, if it's done well it would extend the lifetime of the game massively, I think. the main failing in D4 was simply not enough variety in the turns, and apparently that was a limitation of the media, since the game had to fit on a disc. if it comes as post-release content however, that's no longer an issue, aside from it taking up an absolute ton of room. second, in one of the dev diaries prior to release of the game, one person mentioned that the game would have both the procedural generation engine and hand-made stages, so at the very least it was being looked at/worked on.
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    When you want to buy a car to expand your collection, why is it not possible to see what cars you already own? I have already a lot of cars, don't know every car when i want to buy an extra car for my collection, so i have to go to my garage every time to see what car i don't have. Maybe put a sign or a star or something in the shop next to a car you already own. Thank you
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    Continuing what @Tranzitive posted in bug list... GIVE ME THIS LIVERY ALREADY
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    Here me again with bothering you guys with some screens. The screens of the Skoda and the RS200 might be one of my favorites. RX2 Daily at the Riga track RS200 at USA Daily Porsche with Daily at Spain R5 Skoda at another daily in the USA
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    But why? just because drift is not there doesn't mean its dead Racing would at least be there, you could just stick to the other games if you want drifting, but i am disappointed to say that you are too radical on your opinion, saying that grid is dead without drifting and Codemasters have finally fallen. I do not blame you for being upset, but your reaction just makes me sad. you still can enjoy drifting, but don't be jerk about it.
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    i REALLY hope they change the codriver, the codriver sounds have been horrendous so far but it's serviceable at least. nowhere near as realistic as the guys they have had do the codriver calls for the Dirt/Dirt Rally games, but generally in WRC 7 i didn't have that much of a problem with calls being just plain wrong, coming way too late, while you are half-way round a corner already etc. that i have had with DR2.0 (and to some extent DR1). people love to bash the WRC games but Kylotton have been doing a decent job so far and the series has improved every year since they took over. yes WRC7 wasn't as good as DR1 and Dirt 4, but don't forget CM have been making rally games for 20 years or something ridiculous, KT not so much. having two good rally games out there is good, hopefully they will each drive the development of the other which will benefit not only the consumers but also the devs as it will drive them to create a better product. i think this has already happened somewhat already, with CM including longer stage in DR2.0 compared to DR1 (this really stands out when you notice how short most of the stages are in the DR1 locations they've ported to DR2.0 so far) as well as tyre wear, which KT had in WRC7 but which was absent from DR1.