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    maybe its the standard notepad reply. if you ever ask a dev salesman anything you are taught never say never. always seems like theres a possibility then. saying no shuts the door.saying maybe keeps it open.
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    i found a 'bug' - the 2000cc Ford Focus still doesn't have a proper livery even just a decent fake one would be good.
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    Some RX in action. All photos taken by me ;)
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    Hi guys, a couple of months ago I created a thread with a suggestion for the halo but now I created a more detailed solution and example of what I mean. The Halo is a big problem for any cockpit user and removing the central column is nice but don't look very realistic. An additional option can be added. F1 is a simulator and it`s trying to feel very realistic but the lack of geometry of the equipment make it less authentic. The halo is a part of the modern open wheel single sitters and doesn't disturb the drivers but for the players is a big issue. I was thinking why not introduce 2 sliders one for the size of a mask controlling the area of the transparent part and another one controlling the exact transparency. The eyes naturally make the front of the halo transparent when you drive and a similar effect can be achieved. With the sliders, you can make it transparent let say from 100% to around 10%. The effect can be on the top of the screen and the edges can be more opaque when the mask is resized with the slider. Similar to the image below. With this option, you can still see the sky and surrounding cars and the front of the car but still, have this illusion of the eyes adjusting to the object in front. Here is an example of it. The game makes the car transparent when you drive through objects but this option can be made for the cockpit view making the halo-less of a problem but of a feature.
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    Welcome to The DiRT Roadbook! Hello everyone and welcome to The DiRT Roadbook thread! Ever since 2015 the Roadbook's been your regular roundup of what's been happening in the world of DiRT. In this thread you'll find the latest posts as they go live, and a full list below! Latest Post: http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/12/the-dirt-roadbook-of-the-year-2019/ January – Car List Revealed & Real-Life Rallying February – DiRT Rally 2.0 Released! March – Season 1 Begins April – Sweden Rally Arrives May – Germany Rally and More Cars June – Season 2 Begins July – We’re off to Wales August – VR, DirtFish, Estering and Season 3 September – Game Pass, World Series and F2 Kit Cars October – New cars and a trip to Yas Marina November – Welcome to Finland, South Africa and the Trial Version December – Lydden Hill, 2019 Rallycross Cars and the World Series Heats Up
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    PS4. Like a lot of others gamers having a photo mode would be good.
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    Continuing what @Tranzitive posted in bug list... GIVE ME THIS LIVERY ALREADY
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    Here me again with bothering you guys with some screens. The screens of the Skoda and the RS200 might be one of my favorites. RX2 Daily at the Riga track RS200 at USA Daily Porsche with Daily at Spain R5 Skoda at another daily in the USA
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    Platform: X-Box One S (with latest firmware and game version 1.6) Location: My Team -> Garage -> Peugeot 205 T16 Rallycross -> Engine Upgrades Issue: Engine-mapping #5 and #6 are reversed in order and don't work. The symbols are in correct order showing "IIIII" and then IIIIII", but the info boxes are reversed + on #5 it shows a full power bar like it should be only on #6. If I click on one of the last two, I get the standard "not working sound effect". Research says 0% and the circles are complete empty, despite had them filled at first (at the same time simultaneously), but in the moment both were complete, they showed 0% again with empty circles. No chance to update these at the moment. Ford RS200 Evolution from the same category seems to be working properly. Not introduced with update 1.6, that issue was there since release of the DLC. Everything in the german version of the game, in case that is important.
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    A couple of shots from the Group B RWD daily today. Love this 037 and Germany. At the time I finished the stage I was 4th Xbox time and 20th cross platform with a 6:17.613 despite a spin at the right handed after the chicanes. Taken on Xbox One X.
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    Custom camera + a bit of ReShade for DOF
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    Moi j'aimerais voir une ultime spéciale (exemple au Monté Carlo - Pra d'Alart + Vallée descendante réunies en une spéciale idem de l'autre côté) et sa pour tout les rallyes
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    McRock.. Roccon-m on steam 😉 Colin the best.
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    I'm an old grid1 player. Years ago in this forum i said that grid1 can be considered as the 'halo' of racing games. Did you ever saw Jaime Griesemer interview speaking about halo ? that 30sec of fun he talk about is the heart of the succes, the fun and heart of the game. They can replicate the success, cause they not change what people are used to have fun with. So Codies can ''reboot'' the game, and maybe reboot the old fun also. I'll not be vague. I know exactly what is the fun made of, specially regarding the online side, the most important side and what keeps player join the game after years: 1- A lot of people likes tuning, and a lot of people like fair comparison (stock car without tuning) of time lap and driving-only performance. If you want to bring tuning into the game you should set the options online for tuned lobby and stock lobby. 2- Leaderboards, the challenge is about that. Leaderboards listed online only for stock car racing. Lobby with tuned car must be not ranked or must have a completely separate leaderboard section. 3- TEXT CHAT ingame and into lobby. Simple as that. Without text chat the game is mute. (you can't rely on steam chat !! ) 4- SPECTATOR MODE FROM LOBBY WAITING. (and text chat also inside spectator mode, as the old grid). Why that points ? Old grid was funny online cause you can wait to join race by text chat and spectate and talk and see what happen into the lobby. A game without text chat is mute, without spectator mode if you want to join the lobby where your friends are already racing you have to stare the lobby wall for minutes. This break the game and the fun. So you can bring all the news you want into the reboot, is also important to keep things that made grid1 a bafta winne, a funny game and the most populated racer online after years. (the server shut down kill it, otherwise people would still be there). Thanks. Jo
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    @gk9147 I think the WRC 8 stuff belongs here. Regarding the 100+ stages, it looks like Kylotonn has borrowed a move from Codemasters' playbook by stitching stages together. Argentina has two stages which are reversed to make four in total. Then they stitch those two forward stages together and also reverse it to get two long stages. So "six" stages in total. That is unacceptable. I hate that in the DiRT Rallies and I'm sad to see another dev doing it. There is hope that it won't be like that throughout the game, however. Chile has four stages which are reversed, to make eight stages. No stage stitching in Chile. However the Chile stages look to all be 8km or less.
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    MC looks very pretty. physics from chase cams look quite arcadey compared to DR2.0. I'm not saying that as a criticism - I've mostly played arcade racing games so I'd be down to check this out maybe if it reviews well - it's just what it looks like to me. also for the framerate connoisseurs (I'm not one of them, promise lol) ... I think he mentions it's locked at 30fps
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    i REALLY hope they change the codriver, the codriver sounds have been horrendous so far but it's serviceable at least. nowhere near as realistic as the guys they have had do the codriver calls for the Dirt/Dirt Rally games, but generally in WRC 7 i didn't have that much of a problem with calls being just plain wrong, coming way too late, while you are half-way round a corner already etc. that i have had with DR2.0 (and to some extent DR1). people love to bash the WRC games but Kylotton have been doing a decent job so far and the series has improved every year since they took over. yes WRC7 wasn't as good as DR1 and Dirt 4, but don't forget CM have been making rally games for 20 years or something ridiculous, KT not so much. having two good rally games out there is good, hopefully they will each drive the development of the other which will benefit not only the consumers but also the devs as it will drive them to create a better product. i think this has already happened somewhat already, with CM including longer stage in DR2.0 compared to DR1 (this really stands out when you notice how short most of the stages are in the DR1 locations they've ported to DR2.0 so far) as well as tyre wear, which KT had in WRC7 but which was absent from DR1.
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    Looks more realistic id say colourwise. The pacenotes are hilarious though straight out of one of the World Wars. Loving the brutalness of the sounds the crackles n pops in the Germany vid. The WRC drivers vid i turned off straight away after the ******** we heard from Jon Armstrong pre and after release...paid shills. I know alot of people here want WRC8 to fail but a great WRC8 will make future Dirt games better.
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    Yes i agree with you the kit car catégorie but must worked than DR1 please 🙌🙌🙌
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    To me it would be nice to have more track per countries. having different stages to change athmospheres. That would be nice. And I wish to drive : - Kit Cars (Megane, 306, Xsara, Clio, Saxo, 106) - Subaru 22B WRC - Toyota Celica (grA) and Corolla (wrc) Please, take a look at the Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo's car list... there were some good stuff !
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