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    In my opinion the updated DR locations have been of a very high quality. I like them better than the base game DR2 locations and also better than the original DR versions. I'd be very happy to pay for Finland and Greece.
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    Codi don't care. Rain lights are more important to fix. 1 of the most important strategies are pitstops. But codi don't care about it. Better they are saying that they are listening and do something about the feedback. They don't care.
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    Speaking of Subarus...
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    Don't agree to a REAR view mirror, but if they were to do a virtual mirror, for me it'd have to be virtual wing mirrors where you see what you'd see looking at the wing mirrors. Anyways, let's not start this again as BluntRS or AScott might start chirping! Haha 😂
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    What about a virtual rear view mirror? I'm unable to play the game in career mode (in cockpit view) without it. I regret buying F1 2018 and I won't buy F1 2019 without a virtual rear mirror.
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    http://blog.codemasters.com/community/07/the-dirt-roadbook-july-12-2019/ Version 1.6 Recap Lancia Delta S4 Video Wales Rally Screenshots Sony Europe Summer Sale World RX at Sweden Tuning setups by @2Technical
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    This bug has been present since 2010, but why is such a huge margin left between cars in the pit lane? Why has it not been addressed? During a 25% race I was 12th before a pit cycle, pitted ahead of four or five cars, but had to wait for every single one to pass my stationary car after the stop was complete! I lost at least 10 seconds to a car I was wheel to wheel with, and by the time everyone had stopped I was 19th! Can't cars just be released when their stop finishes, and temporarily ghosted if there ends up being an overlap?
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    I'm not convinced the F12019 cars are as quick as they should be... anyone else have this feeling??? I didn't have the 2018 game but here are some comparable times: Australia My best TT time F12017 1.22.748 -------- Actual pole time 1.22.188 My best TT time F12019 1.23.671 -------- Actual pole time 1.20.486 Bahrain My best TT time F12017 1.29.262 -------- Actual pole time 1.28.769 My best TT time F12019 1.30.196 -------- Actual pole time 1.27.886 Spain My best TT time F12017 1.19.695 -------- Actual pole time 1.19.141 My best TT time F12019 1.20.927 -------- Actual pole time 1.15.506 Monaco My best TT time F12017 1.12.054 -------- Actual pole time 1.12.178 My best TT time F12019 1.12.287 -------- Actual pole time 1.10.240 So, I'm not the world's fastest sim driver by any means, but I'm pretty respectable, top 1/3 on the leaderboards. Now, allowing for the fact I haven't had the F12019 long, I can probably find 1 sec per lap per track, but I have done thousands of laps on codemasters games over the years so am pretty familiar and I am convinced the F12019 cars are clearly too slow compared to the F12017 cars and present day RL times. The pace of the F12019 car in Spain is ridiculously slow compared to RL. These cars have got another 100hp compared to 2017 and I'm just not feeling that, especially at the top end in 6th 7th and 8th gears they're guttless, like I've lost 100hp. And as for downforce, these cars don't seem to be as quick through fast corners, definitely not as quick through T1/2 or Campsa... which is the opposite to what should be true, since they widened the wings in 2018. Ok they simplified the front wings for this year but telemetry doesn't lie, they ARE quicker in fast corners in RL and as for overall laptime, pole this year was a 15.5... I'm now over 5 seconds off where I used to be 0.5 off. I could give you all my times for every track and the picture is crystal clear. I think these cars need another 10% hp and more high speed downforce compared to RL. Anyone else agree?
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    Will codemasters leave the game in this state for 12 months? Or will they just fix bugs all year. Here is a list of serious complaints so far from what I have read on these forums. Feel free to add more. 1. Online multiplayer. Its dead. Especially 25%. 2. HUD. PC can customize this but consoles can not. 3. Virtual mirror. Most sim racing games have this option. 4. League racing. It is not possible to turn of the AI. 5. League racing. No one races, even though they sign up for a league. 6. Online Multiplayer. There should be no-assists races. 7. Engine sounds. Personally they have grown on me but the Mercedes is admittedly, horrible and inaccurate. 8. Safety car. Works more than last year but not enough. 9. Car speed. A lot thay feel the car often feels lifeless/dull. 10. Highlight reel. This is too short. Also more on board footage. 11. Mid-season driver transfers. This speaks for itself, its not realistic. Its completely unnecessary, also kills immersion. 12. Halo Transparency. I can't see this being changed either. I dont use cockpit though so what do I know. 13. Game crashing. I'm sure this will be fixed. 14. Inviting friends to ranked. Last but not least, this is one of the reasons ranked Is so dead. 15........ Most are complaining about something or other. I want to gather all the main complaints in one thread. If we stand back, they will leave the game the way it is, pretty much. They will still make a profit, as the game looks great from the outside.
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    Lets be clear, Even if the new GRID is going to be a disaster (i am talking about racing itself, and i hope it wont be), chat and spectator mode can save it at the end 🙂 And one more thing, i learned my lesson before, i won't pre-order a game like i did after grid2 and gas, i'll wait for reviews first. I hope it is going to be epic game that will connect us all once again to remember good old days in original GRID.
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    So? That's business, your clients pay for a decent product, if it fails you have the obligation to fix it and deliver a working product. If it costs money, they should have delivered a decent product in the first place. Simple right? Do a good job, save money. as a former business owner i know that it costs money to fix screw ups. But that's the risk of business.
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    I'm not to sure about having a virtual rear view mirror I can see it being used in multiplayer as an aid to brake test people as if we haven't got enough of rammers we'd have blockers aswell not for me on this suggestion.
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    Oh Rohan... weird memories. His end of year award shows were truly incredible, used to be the highlight of my forum year!
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    Michael Schumachers Benetton from 1995 would be awesome with the big Bitburger advert on the side, one of the best looking cars I find still 😎 and the Jordan from 1999 with the Hornet on the nose.
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    That use to happen to me last year this year ive only had 1 bad start in 27 races if your useing full traction that tends to lead to slower starts if are useing full traction try turning it to medium or off for the start I play with medium traction and get good starts every time as long as the clutch is in the sweet spot
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    I'm all for a more hardcore damage model too, but make it optional for league racing. I can understand the 'forgiving' approach as the hardcore racers are a minority but I think downshifting like crazy to get better braking distance should be penalized by damaging the engine and eventually either losing HP or completely send it to the shadow realm in both dailies and TT. The thing with radiators is though, modern rally cars are built in a way to avoid rally ending damage, radiators and intercoolers wouldn't be the first thing to damage if you hit something, so I think RBR approach should only apply to historic rally cars. Would be ace if we could get that differentiation. Currently we can get terminal damage and punctures but it's not enough in my view. Something in between the RBR model and what we have would be really nice.
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    Care to enlighten me on how you came to that conclusion? At no point have I said I don't care. All I've said is that I've not experienced any such issues and pointed out that the OP is wrong about the topic. What he should've said was "Performance on MY PS4 is a joke". I'm just not so hung up on resolution or frame-rates that you seem to be. I don't find any fun in obsessively comparing different platforms, of different specs, just so I can shout about how my system is better at something.
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    Never realized ingame any different behaviour between drivers. Never see something like Verstappen without patience and a huge risky divebomb or Magnussen as a real hard defender. I don't know what they mean with "different driving styles", but for me the AI is completely the same except the car performance. Yes someone is a bit slower or faster in the same car, but different driving styles? They all have the same lines for racing, attacking or defending. Nearly the same strategies. I didn't see any AI driver taking a big risk and change early on Intermediates....
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    Seems lobbies would get a boost if they had one sim lobby. At least 25% length, forced cockpit, no assists, full damage/tire/fuel and no brake line.
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    so he's not saying yes and not saying no. so they might be looking into it? meh would rather have the Hyundai
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    PS4. Like a lot of others gamers having a photo mode would be good.
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    @CODEMASTERTROEP must do something about the RANKED lobbies. SEPARATE THE PLAYERS/DRIVERS THAT RUN ASSIST AND DON'T. I decided to get in a few races before work and every race I was ran off track, pushed through a turn and got penalized or wrecked because a driver/player wanted the position. The level of aggression of the player/drivers that run assist is on a new level. There should be different levels of ranked lobbies. Rookie- full assist, Amateur, Racer, Sim-Pro, Pro and Elite.
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    Can we just have an official livery for the Focus 2007 at least. It is very disappointing that we did not get this. It makes the difference if you drive the car or not. It's left in the garage for me.
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    Yes, there are banks in some places, but there's definitely a lot of places where you can fall of... I've driven in that road... Of course not at those speeds 😁 (tourism trip)...
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    P. Snijers - 24 Hours of Ypres Rally 1988 P. Snijers - Manx Rally 1988 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/p-snijers-24-hours-of-ypres-rally-1988-manx-rally-1988.26990/