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    In my opinion the updated DR locations have been of a very high quality. I like them better than the base game DR2 locations and also better than the original DR versions. I'd be very happy to pay for Finland and Greece.
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    Wonder if he is still chasing after that girl he was talking about back then lol
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    http://blog.codemasters.com/community/07/the-dirt-roadbook-july-12-2019/ Version 1.6 Recap Lancia Delta S4 Video Wales Rally Screenshots Sony Europe Summer Sale World RX at Sweden Tuning setups by @2Technical
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    Yep! I'd love (and pay!) to drive on a updated Finland track with no more moon gravity or a gravel's hell as Greece, in DR2! I really hope in a future season (even priced) with those 2 stages...
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    Espero les guste !! Soy un jugador de PS4, saludos desde Paraguay 🇵🇾 !
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    Btw, some inspiration for cars to add to the NR4 class, or to reintroduce the "Open" class from DiRT 3: https://www.facebook.com/sportdytko Dytko makes Proto cars, basically it is a bodyshell with Lancer Evo X mechanical parts. So it is a Evo, but with a different body. Though i think a lot of us prefer other cars, but this might be an interestion option, also to avoid WRC licensing. Nissan Micra Fiesta MK8 Suzuki Swift Yaris C3 Lancer Evo 11? Audi A1 They also have more types of bodyshell: Hyundai i20 (old gen), Peugeot 208 (new model), Mitshibishi Mirage, VW Polo, Mazda 2, Fiesta MK7 ... I think all car is possible 🙂 A ready car starts from 50.000 euro. But also very easy to built a RX Supercar
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    I have to agree, why don't we get the trophy once we reach level 1 silver aka bronze 50 a level 50 trophy should be given at level 50, not at level 200 like you make us do now. It takes a massive amount of time to get to level 50 already, why add another 150 levels. How long will this take to get, 200+ hours, a bit unfair now is it.
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    Whilst I think the skill system in need of major improvements, from what I can gather a lot of people here would like that to be resolved in order to best represent how they race. However, a lot of people are trying to increase their rank in order to obtain the trophy/achievement. The best way I can think of to allow people to get this trophy/achievement would be to amend the requirements. Previous versions have been to just obtain a rating. Another suggestion could be to amend the requirements to ask a player to improve their skill rating (Silver 2 -> Silver 3) for example
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    It's a standard livery on the NR4 Impreza 😉 I think the Fiesta R5, Fiesta R2 and some more might have this livery as well.
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    New Roadbook! http://blog.codemasters.com/community/07/the-dirt-roadbook-july-12-2019/
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    Oh Rohan... weird memories. His end of year award shows were truly incredible, used to be the highlight of my forum year!
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    What does the word ''Break'' mean? Instagram: @LB_HOONIGAN Console: Xbox One
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    so he's not saying yes and not saying no. so they might be looking into it? meh would rather have the Hyundai
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    PS4. Like a lot of others gamers having a photo mode would be good.
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    Here me again with bothering you guys with some screens. The screens of the Skoda and the RS200 might be one of my favorites. RX2 Daily at the Riga track RS200 at USA Daily Porsche with Daily at Spain R5 Skoda at another daily in the USA
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    Reductionist argument my dear Skidmore. As I pointed out, the active VR ownership numbers on PC alone far exceed the estimated sales numbers of Dirt Rally 2.0. If Dirt Rally 2.0 was doing Fortnight numbers, sure, the relatively niche VR user base (compared to 250 million Fortnite players) might not seem worth pursuing. Dirt Rally 2.0 on the other hand is NOT doing Fortnite numbers. Thanks George W, but that's not the mission, nor is it accomplished. VR isn't delivered in DR2.0 yet, and it's not even on the acknowledged radar for other CM racing games. Again, baffling. Also, your comment above is completely juxtaposed with your first: How can the VR user base be - on the one hand - too low to care about, yet enough significant enough in the forums here to make Codemasters stand up and listen. No, I said Steam has 700k-800k (extrapolated) active (ie: connected) headsets in monthly Steam hardware polls. That clearly doesn't account for Oculus headsets that might not be connected or configured in Steam. I also said Dirt Rally 2.0 has sold < 200k units on PC so they should probably pay more attention to VR. Codemasters effectively said (in their tweet) that they inked a last minute deal with Oculus to bring VR to DR2... then they went silent for 5 months. Not sure that is the comms strategy I would chose. Except that's not how business development works, and you don't speak for Codemasters so I'm not even sure why you made that comment. Sony has nothing to do with the decision here (and I suspect you know that). Codemasters brought VR to PS4 DR1 with far less headsets on the market and received critical success. I've no idea if it was genuinely profitable, but given it was sold as bespoke DLC I can't see how it wouldn't have been. As far as I can tell, Codemasters subcontracted another developer to work on the VR aspect of DR 2.0. That does NOT mean it's out of their hands, quite the opposite, they literally hold the reigns, they determine delivery timelines and they hold milestone payment authority... unless they can't write contracts properly... which is actually quite possible. None of this takes away from my excitement for VR in DR2.0, but I'm just staggered at the continued own goals CM seem to want to score.
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    In my second season I’ve yet to see a VSC or Sc. Even tried to bring out it on purpose...nothing.
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    Can we just have an official livery for the Focus 2007 at least. It is very disappointing that we did not get this. It makes the difference if you drive the car or not. It's left in the garage for me.
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    @SimVansevenant interested in making Kevin Abbring's VW Polo R5 for upcoming Ypres Rally? 😛
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    Testing out my latest creation and staying true to the legend's driving style! 😄
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    P. Snijers - 24 Hours of Ypres Rally 1988 P. Snijers - Manx Rally 1988 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/p-snijers-24-hours-of-ypres-rally-1988-manx-rally-1988.26990/