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    Version: 1.04 Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox and PC Mode: Ranked Online (5 laps and 25% distance) Whenever I'm playing online ranked mode, I'm getting way too low amount of skill points when I win. I know it depends on amount of players in lobby, but for example, in 10 player lobby, when I finish 4, I'm getting like 10 points max. And what's worse, it doesn't matter if I drive 5 laps or 25% distance. But now the worst part. If you place somewhere in the back, game takes way too much points from you. Once I was driving on 1sf position and I've got error... I lost about 300 skill points. This is ridiculous and not even my fault. TL:DR: We lose way too much skill points for stuff like being rammed, destroyed or even from game errors and we are earning way too low. Stuff like this shouldn't even happen... Going for the achievement Pure Gold itself is pain in the ass. At least give us ability to improve skill rating in unranked matches while playing with our friends. Sorry to say this, but the game is once again broken in online mode at the start. Year after year the same thing happens over and over again. I think, like the rest of us, that it's time to do something with this finally. We came up with few solutions (with forums help of course) that can help us and dev team to decide what to do with this problem: - Significantly increase rewarding points and lower the negative ones. We are being punished way too hard right now. Points are also really slowing down when around 1800 points. We are winning like couple of points (if we are lucky) and losing tons of them (when not lucky). - Positive points for more places than just above 50%. Sometimes we even get negative points for placing much higher than half of the grid and we're still getting negative points. It's really depressing to when you're being punished for your hard work. - Completely remove negative points for being destroyed, disconnections and game errors. It's not our fault, so we shouldn't be punished for such an accidents. No points won't hurt anybody and we can at least play and have fun without being worried that someone will ram us to the wall. - Give us ability to increase Skill Rating in Unranked races. We can play with friends and that way increase skill and than be matched with other players that know how to race. I'm mean, for real, nobody would mind that, right? - Lower requirements for the "Pure Gold" trophy/achievement. It's kinda linked to above points but it doesn't hurt to mention it. Right now it's really very unfair achievement. - I know this is not related strictly to the skill rating system, but please improve penalty system. It needs drastic updates, because right now there literally no penalty system at all. People can do whatever they want and there's no punishment. PS. Please, if you really want this problem to be fixed, spread the word and share link to this topic whenever you need. The more people will give their voice the more chances it will be fixed.
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    Or future seasons rally locations 😅
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    As above, just adding my voice to those who have lost the online championship. My friend was about to buy the game so we could do this, I'm glad I researched it first and stopped him doing so, since this is the only mode he is interested in. There's too much forced emphasis on eSports and trying to make people play the game the way you want it to be played, rather than just letting people come home from work and do another race in their online championship over the course of a few evenings a week, picking up where you left off before. Please either re-add the feature or simply allow more customisation in private 'leagues' so that we can have realistic car performance (VITAL for online championship) and other adjustments such as random grid order (great fun in previous games!!) etc.
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    Ok, this is a strange bug I presume was created when Codies try to improve the night races but there is a side effect, any light source is on now on any track permanently during the day. In 2018 some of the tracks like Monaco have the same issue in day time since was tweaked for night races and the lights are on permanently, but it's less noticeable because they are far weaker and don't have the new glow during nights like in 2019.
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    Hello, I am writing to you codemaster, To ask you if there is the possibility to put back the creation of a championship in multiplayer as on F1 2018. I know there is the possibility to create one with the league mode, but it is very limited, like the single-seater in equal performance, and the difficulty in AI with 100% maximum. It is important to know that all leagues do not use equal performance, but some uses the performance of single-seater in realistic, to bring it closer to reality. Many people make championships in cooperation, between friends, against the AI, but being limited in equal performance, and having a 100% Maximum AI difficulty and not being able to create a real championship gash all . Please, try to set up the means to have the performances of the cars in realistic, and to increase the difficulty IA in creation of league. Thanks you.
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    @gk9147 if you are looking for this, you're in the wrong sport. You did post some videos of historic rally cars sliding so you are also hoping to be able to do what I did in my video. Unfortunately you haven't reached that level of skill yet. It is possible as you can see so just keep practising and you'll get there eventually. And please don't assume that some of us are using unrealistic methods to be able to do things like this in the game because we don't. I've been driving racing and rally sims more or less competitively for over a decade and a half now and I still try to improve my skills as of today. It takes a lot of time and effort.
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    @Faya can you please answer to this important thread?
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    Something that would be beneficial and enjoyable to the wider playerbase would be a new hint towards Peugeot 206
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    @Faya Exactly this. the ability to save between sessions and restart sessions was why online championship was so popular as you could restart if something went wrong or continue at another time. Cant believe this is missing along with ability to change time of day and weather for each session. Online championship needs added back or they need to add all these features to leagues
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    I used a mod to remove the p!ss filter. Autosport has the best car physics. Driving the Lacetti in the first grid was like being on rails, taking corners in the same way lap after lap. In Autosport the car is more dynamic and every lap is different, hitting the fastest lines through corners is much much harder.
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    I am not sure if you are just playing with words, anyway I was comparing F1 2019's `highlights` feature with Grand Prix 2 TV camera / broadcast during replay, which was triggered by pressing `insert` if I remember correctly.
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    2 more long stages per existing rally would be so good
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    Yeah, Silverstone is definitely more fun to drive then it is to watch, so perhaps CotA might be the same.
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    Version: 1.04 Mode: Online Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, PC Hello there everyone. I want to report, that Level 50 trophy/achievement is massively glitched. As we know, we have 4 ranks in online level, which are: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each of them have 50 levels so we have about 200 levels in the end. Problem is, that game doesn't have 50 level while going from rank to rank, so for example when you're going from bronze to silver, there isn't level 50, it's going straight from 49 to 1 of next rank. The only level 50 is on platinum rank, which is about 200 normal levels. We've got trophy for 10 level and 25 level that are working fine. But when it comes to level 50, it's really 200. Don't you think that it's a little bit too much of a grind? I'm pretty sure that missing 50 levels between ranks is just a misunderstanding. We're getting the badge, so fix could be easy to do, just give trophy/achievement to whoever got this badge already. PS. If you agree with what you read here, please upvote next to the thread title and speak up for more recognition.
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    Whilst Incan see the point being made to include COTA to "complete" the season. I 110% disagree about even starting to include it. It's a horrendous track that was an instant fail the moment they started trying to race on it. I'd much rather they didn't do anything re that atrocity but if they wanted to add another track, my vote is for the shock success that was this year's Spa RX. It's a million times more interesting visually, technically and should be fun to drive than the boring plains of cota.
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    If anyone still hasn't found ones they like and/or is fighting clipping, you can turn the FFB to what you like (40 for me on Fanatec CSW 2.5) and everything else to 0. I stumbled across this after playing Assetto Corsa again and remembered they said if you have a relatively strong wheel, you don't need all the other FFB enhancements. It works well in F1 and you feel all the curbs, road etc, but everything feels more balanced. Keep your on wheel FFB at 100, which is usually recommended so you then just adjust in game.
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    I'd love to see at least all overtakes in the highlights, because I am actually pretty diapointed as highlights mostly doesn't show very interesting action or at least I know there were much more interesting moments and they are not included. It is just "some moments" from the race, in most cases it it shows the begining of something good and the final great moment like my ala Lando overtake in Bahrain in 4th turn is cut out ... It feel so empty and sad to watch the replay of driving out of turn fast and getting closer to car in front and when the best should come .... a cut ... and nothing ... When I remember the Grand Prix 2, during replay it featured a "TV cam", it was showing the most interesting action what was just happening. Like real TV. If somebody was overtaking or trying to overtake, it was on the screen. If some car crashed or had a technical problem, it was on the screen. etc. ... In 1996 the game already known what is important to see and was able to detect it, so I belive in 2019 the game should also be able to detect what is probably a moment worthy of remembering and should the moment include in highlight reel.
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    When we can get more choices for weather conditions? Like at Sweden there´s only cloudy and heavy snow at day time. Why not clear (sunshine) or light snowing? Is there somekind of limit what choices you can add or what´s the reason? Club chatroom would be nice where share what you experienced while race
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    I wouldn't be suprised that in a possible season 3 and 4 a 2019 WRX DLC will come out. F.e. in season 3 - Mini and i20 as cars (including their 2018 liveries) - CotA and SA RX tracks F.e. in season 4 - Skoda, SEAT and Clio as cars - 2019 WRX livery pack - Abu Dhabi and Spa RX tracks Also still hoping for ARX cars, which maybe could be part of the seasons as well. And also hoping (again 😛) for the "older" Supercars, like the DS3, Polo, Focus, ... Deegan, Piquet, deJong, Ward, ...
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    I think the best solution would be to remove skill points only for DNF, DSQ and quitting (I mean mostly rage quit, not by game error or disconnection as those are two different things). Than we get most points for higher positions, max for 1st and minimum or 0 for last, but no negative points. It takes all the fun from online play, especially when you're being rammed and you get like -40 points, because it's impossible to take back your position in 5 laps race. PS. If you agree with our statements about skill rating, please upvote next to the topic title, for more recognition.
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    Yes. But we want F1 2019 cars with realistic performance (aka Pierre Gasly, Lance Stroll and Williams to be about 4 lightyears off the pace.) We literally have every other feature apart from realistic car performance and it's infuriating.
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    Yet again another day i get blue error screen on PS4 mid race and lose 400+ points nice going Codemasters how should this even be possible knowing a console can crash or internet can cut out and you lose points from something like that is insane @Faya
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    you been had mate.unfortunately you will have to purchase again,that's how they get you.
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    hahahahaha, no. these are straight arcade games. I like arcade games very much, but the handling model of the WRC games isn't even great for an arcade game, in my experience.
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    Although it won't look anything like that on the consoles. And it'll be running at 30fps.