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    ERS is unrealistic right now and a pain in the ass if you want to be competitive and automatic is completely useless ; using random ERS. This is how automatic ERS should work like in real life. You have pre determined point where you can choose between none to hotlap and Overtake is a separated button that you activate yourself like in real life. In this game you will have the map of the track in your setup where you can choose which ERS you want to use at different location on the track. During the race you only have to use Overtake when needed but you need to make sure your setup you made is able to charge enought ERS to be able use Overtake so you have a lot of customization possible.
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    I get tired of seeing that people with assists continue to have an advantage in this game, even reaching 2 seconds per lap. The most scandalous is that having the assistance activated can lower the aerodynamics to 1 while people without assistance can not. I think it's good that everyone has fun but that a rookie without effort and carrying activated aids is faster than a pro driver without assists is crazy, it is frustrating to be so advantageous to people who use assists in relation to people who does not use them Codemasters will lose many buyers with the change of console since the vast majority of pilots who do not use assistants will prefer to spend their money in a PC and a simulation game than in a console and an arcade game. A greeting.
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    That's not a bug. The car they used to model the in-game car has it that way. It has been stated long ago.
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    I love the new feature of not having to switch between manual and sequential but this just illustrates to me how bad the internal testing is, I mean it wouldn’t take much time at all just to run through all the cars and make sure they are working as intended before releasing the update, instead we have too many cars with the wrong gearbox settings and now we will have to wait months for them all to be fixed!!
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    I agree. It's nice to be able to change settings, but its not as slick as it could be. Its especially fiddly on Monaco! I could be wrong, but IRL I think that the cars system can be set to target either a set SoC or SoC delta over a lap. It would be good if we could get that sort of system, where we can modify settings 1, 2, and 3. Say for example we could set 1 to be charge up 10%, 2 to be +/- 0% and 3 deplete by 20% per lap. Overtake would be on a button and hotlap would only be available in Quali with party mode. Its obviously very complex to implement but would be incredible. Right now, it just seems to be choosing the level of power that the hybrid delivers when you are on throttle, as if setting 1 is 100hp, 2 is 200hp and so on.
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    Hi David, We should all be thankful that you've even taken the time to participate in this discussion, let alone the forums. The wheel FFB / handling in F1 2019 is the best the series has seen, for sure. That said, I'm unfortunately in the "don't like it" camp- it's not because I think it's "unrealistic" with regards to how the cars are modeled, as I have no idea what a real F1 (or F2) car feels like. Rather, I feel "disconnected" from the car and the track in ways that I don't with competing FFB and physics models (AC, ACC, AMS, etc.). There are also some weird lateral slides that we simply don't see in real F1 that are quite common in the CM F1 2019 model. And as others have pointed out, actual F1 drivers (who also sim race) seem to share these general complaints. It's really difficult to put into words where the disconnect is coming from. On my TS-PC F1 2019's FFB seems as detailed as ever, but when I drive any of Assetto Corsa's open-wheel cars I feel significantly more "in control" of the machine itself, even if grip levels are low. It could be a limitation of the engine you're working with, so if that's the case I hope to see more development thrown at that problem, whether it be the physics engine or something else that's preventing this "connected" feeling to the car that we get in other sims. I know there are different products for different markets, but it's my absolute *dream* to have a CM F1 game with the physics+FFB of an AMS/AC. I probably wouldn't play much else if that game existed. I sincerely hope you guys will dedicate more resources and focus to this area in the future.
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    I will say my honest opinion. There is no simulator/game for normal consumers like us out there that is really close to the real thing. It just doesn't exist. What exist is a vast choice of different software that will satisfy, each of these, a group of people, but not all of them. I have had real drivers coming to me saying that what we do is the best out there, and others saying what we do is not quite there yet. Same kind of outcome when we talk about other games/sims like rFactor2, iRacing, Assetto Corsa and so on. Do you want the ultimate experience? Save money and buy a kart. A proper kart that can push 2+ lateral G's. Use games and simulators to keep practicing your skills. I am glad that many people like my work on the handling, I am very happy that some of the fastest guys in Simracing prefer my handling to that of other sims. I am also aware and accept that others don't like it, and some, luckily not the majority, hate it. I would really like to make everyone happy, but is simply not possible.
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    Version: 1.04 Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox and PC Mode: Ranked Online (5 laps and 25% distance) Whenever I'm playing online ranked mode, I'm getting way too low amount of skill points when I win. I know it depends on amount of players in lobby, but for example, in 10 player lobby, when I finish 4, I'm getting like 10 points max. And what's worse, it doesn't matter if I drive 5 laps or 25% distance. But now the worst part. If you place somewhere in the back, game takes way too much points from you. Once I was driving on 1sf position and I've got error... I lost about 300 skill points. This is ridiculous and not even my fault. TL:DR: We lose way too much skill points for stuff like being rammed, destroyed or even from game errors and we are earning way too low. Stuff like this shouldn't even happen... Going for the achievement Pure Gold itself is pain in the ass. At least give us ability to improve skill rating in unranked matches while playing with our friends. Sorry to say this, but the game is once again broken in online mode at the start. Year after year the same thing happens over and over again. I think, like the rest of us, that it's time to do something with this finally. We came up with few solutions (with forums help of course) that can help us and dev team to decide what to do with this problem: - Significantly increase rewarding points and lower the negative ones. We are being punished way too hard right now. Points are also really slowing down when around 1800 points. We are winning like couple of points (if we are lucky) and losing tons of them (when not lucky). - Positive points for more places than just above 50%. Sometimes we even get negative points for placing much higher than half of the grid and we're still getting negative points. It's really depressing to when you're being punished for your hard work. - Completely remove negative points for being destroyed, disconnections and game errors. It's not our fault, so we shouldn't be punished for such an accidents. No points won't hurt anybody and we can at least play and have fun without being worried that someone will ram us to the wall. - Give us ability to increase Skill Rating in Unranked races. We can play with friends and that way increase skill and than be matched with other players that know how to race. I'm mean, for real, nobody would mind that, right? - Lower requirements for the "Pure Gold" trophy/achievement. It's kinda linked to above points but it doesn't hurt to mention it. Right now it's really very unfair achievement. - I know this is not related strictly to the skill rating system, but please improve penalty system. It needs drastic updates, because right now there literally no penalty system at all. People can do whatever they want and there's no punishment. PS. Please, if you really want this problem to be fixed, spread the word and share link to this topic whenever you need. The more people will give their voice the more chances it will be fixed.
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    Will codemasters leave the game in this state for 12 months? Or will they just fix bugs all year. Here is a list of serious complaints so far from what I have read on these forums. Feel free to add more. 1. Online multiplayer. Its dead. Especially 25%. 2. HUD. PC can customize this but consoles can not. 3. Virtual mirror. Most sim racing games have this option. 4. League racing. It is not possible to turn of the AI. 5. League racing. No one races, even though they sign up for a league. 6. Online Multiplayer. There should be no-assists races. 7. Engine sounds. Personally they have grown on me but the Mercedes is admittedly, horrible and inaccurate. 8. Safety car. Works more than last year but not enough. 9. Car speed. A lot thay feel the car often feels lifeless/dull. 10. Highlight reel. This is too short. Also more on board footage. 11. Mid-season driver transfers. This speaks for itself, its not realistic. Its completely unnecessary, also kills immersion. 12. Halo Transparency. I can't see this being changed either. I dont use cockpit though so what do I know. 13. Game crashing. I'm sure this will be fixed. 14. Inviting friends to ranked. Last but not least, this is one of the reasons ranked Is so dead. 15........ Most are complaining about something or other. I want to gather all the main complaints in one thread. If we stand back, they will leave the game the way it is, pretty much. They will still make a profit, as the game looks great from the outside.
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    I have found that switching the name tags off above cars in online matches makes it easier to see corners and the track when following cars as there is less clutter on screen but I have also found the game performance increases, less noticeable problems with occasional frame rate issues or lag issues I would now not race with them on again. The option to switch them off can be found in Settings>on screen display>driver tags I would recommend doing this for players on the Xbox and Xbox One X at least
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    They should at least provide an option to disable the midseason transfers
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    I agree. All name tags off, even for offline
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    Pain in the ass to go from none to hotlap or hotlap to none you have to spamm the button brainless and loss focus on your driving this is frustrating when you have to change ERS on every corner cause most of time just kepting medium just doesnt work and run out of ERS cause your car doenst have upgrade in ERS and when you do 50%-100% race is quite a pain to manage ERS for over a hour. I don't think codemaster play their game multiple hours to see how ERS is bad for the game, Is just multi tasking and losing the main goal of the game wich is racing.
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    Test to see what % you need, then make a note of your AI% per circuit that suits you, then when your at that circuit youll have the correct AI, its a pain I know, but it is what it is.
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    hi, (xbox deluxe) topic :ETHICS'N'Stages (nearly as restarts...) now it is possible to check stage in daily', then back to main menu before starting the race, then practice as much as u can till u beat w-records, then back on the "daily" stage... personnaly i think this possibility is not in the rally spirit i remember before when u selected a daily, you had to finish it before exit, or u would be noted as abandon time. to my understanding, memory-by-heart' driving is for circuit with 5 curves, no copilot, you can have a 78 rounds, pls buy F1.... but rally's spirit is improvising along 15km, 300turns, and adapting to the copilot's guidance. i have no time to practice 1h every stage, i hate to learn by heart a 12km stage, i don't want to seek the little tricks that allow bluffing reality, and, i still wish a chance to perform a good position on the results. I don't agree to be down the list because some will just have the time to repeat like a GP, i think this is another kind of game
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    Or future seasons rally locations 😅
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    As above, just adding my voice to those who have lost the online championship. My friend was about to buy the game so we could do this, I'm glad I researched it first and stopped him doing so, since this is the only mode he is interested in. There's too much forced emphasis on eSports and trying to make people play the game the way you want it to be played, rather than just letting people come home from work and do another race in their online championship over the course of a few evenings a week, picking up where you left off before. Please either re-add the feature or simply allow more customisation in private 'leagues' so that we can have realistic car performance (VITAL for online championship) and other adjustments such as random grid order (great fun in previous games!!) etc.
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    I would just love more rallystages. Rx is not my thing really. Especially the daily ones on a empty track is the worst of both worlds.
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    haha that's pretty amusing. probably because it's a slang word for your pee-pee that's used as an insult. anyway regarding the ERS - yeah i'd like to see the automatic setting being better as it would be more realistic. but you can't actually fault CM for doing the ERS the current way, as it was a hugely-requested feature in the past when it was just purely automatic. people on the forums used to scream about "why can't we choose ERS deployment like the drivers do!" and now that they added it people are screaming the opposite. i think the best thing would probably be a middle-ground - allow people to set it manually but improve the way the automatic setting works, the latter of which is a bit bad at the moment.
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    seems like anything that causes them to need to use their head and adapt to situations that happens they call a bug.
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    That's why there's a button in real life which is called "OVERTAKE" it is available for a amount of time in every race, and when pushed it sets engine to max and ers to overtake. Release it and you go to your setting that's active. i've seen this in a documentaire from mervedes. Irl drivers actually don't even touch ERS settings. they have a turn **** with several engine settings which are all preset with engine output and ers output. Edit: why the word **** is censured? Cm seems to keep amazing me
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    I honestly don't even know how to respond to the level of idiocy that you just spewed.
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    Three words: Lando Norris' Livestream...
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    Something that would be beneficial and enjoyable to the wider playerbase would be a new hint towards Peugeot 206
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    I sincerely hope ERS does not change from what it is. It doesn't match real life correct, but the way it has been done puts the control to the user and adds a further element of strategy and skill to the game that just having an overtake button would not really do IMO. This is 1 of the non-realistic features that I feel Codies have done right.