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    your fault, he going by inside line and your don´t remains in outside and try back to inside line even when he have half car in the same space
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    Impression I get from this forum is F1 2019 was the worst launch, early access wilst people where playing a week before, due to shops realising it early, overall enjoyable but game worst ratio of issues in awhile, 2020 I dont see the point in buying personally, F1 2019 has the halo, F2, leagues etc, what can be added thats worth it in 2020, Codemasters try to please everybody, but please nobody, With big reg changes in F1 we need a F1 game that caters for all. not just the majority of assisted users.
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    You are joking right? You know you cut him up and he was entitled to the space. I don’t think you deserved a penalty as you lost out but if you had managed to hit the AI off then I think you would have had a penalty
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    I want say that the game is now finally playable. The handling is much much better (F1 cars actually have grip now the way you see them absolutely annihilating corners like they do irl) and the overall game is much more stable. The AI is also better in that they don't punt you every corner like they're driving go-karts. Al around much better experience!
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    You won't see the 1-1.5 second improvement at Austria, since it's such a short track and I don't think a 61 second lap there is even possible. Try at Bahrain, Spain, Australia... basically every other track will see the times drop.
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    F1 2018 I did 4 seasons without the safety car. Now in F1 2019 one season behind and no SC. Thats over 100 races without the damn safety car!!!! 👇😠 It's starting to get really frustrating and sometimes now i even take out cars deliberately just to get safety car out, but no. No , no no and no sc! So i would like to know is this issue finally sorted with this patch (1.05) or how many races/seasons i have to do more to get the safety car? If you have watched Tiametmarduk's career mode you can see that he has the same problem @Faya I really like the game but this is annoying
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    Please CODIES, reintroduce Championship Mode for online competitions. We used it in 2018 and was amazing, because when there were any problems in starting grid after qualifying we could restart race manteining and freezing the situation after Q. Same tyres, same strategies. And in 2min we re-invite all the drivers in the lobby. PLEASE. @Faya
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    You see now this I would put down as a racing incident not the AI being too aggressive. They clearly went for the outside on the racing line where you were not. It was then your movement across to the racing line in the braking zone which caused the 1st contact. The AI was even trying to slow when you spun (you can hear the engine) but unfortunately they hit you again. The only thing they could have done is try to steer left to try and go around you otherwise the only option is to literally stop. Unfortunately for that video, I disagree that it was aggressive AI.
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    Maybe, but you are going to the inside for a defending line and the AI has seen a chance on the outside. Than directly before braking you try to switch back to the outside, but AI was already there. I don't think AI is way too agressive here.
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    Purely for a laugh guys. Try get your girlfriend doing time trials . Its hilarious 😂
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    The AI difficulty per track. It must be one of the most daunting tasks a race game developer has to do because after 10 years the player still has to alter the difficulty between tracks and sessions. Please make us save the difficulty per track so when the next season starts we don't have to fiddle around anymore with the difficulty slider. Ideally there should be one AI difficulty slider in general and a separate slider per track to increase or decrease the difficulty of AI on track so when you improve overall and increase the general slider the difficulty on the different tracks goes up as well but without having to adjust the sometime steep difficulty difference between some tracks
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    why would you pay for it twice instead of waiting for the problem to be fixed like every other time?!
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    About 130m imo Edit: and we know they brake much later this year because of the insane amount of grip so 100m is not that strange tbh
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    Still not quite as fast as it should be in my opinion, but an improvement nonetheless.
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    Man, the car feel amazing, so much more grip. I liked it a lot. And the IA keeps agressive, I runned a lot of situations here using flashbacks, forcing the undertake and they play really hard yet. The only way to make them back up fighting is when they calculates that the car will be out of track.
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    Still not even close to a decent collision system (I'm not saying it must be hyper realistic, just decent). Too inconsistent and visually not accurate 😞
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    This is the one I really wish was represented more in games. I know why it's not but man it just looks way cooler.
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    But they do brake at the 100m board in Monza in real life so why shouldn’t that be the case in the game? In fact they still brake later at T1 than we can in the game so if anything we should be able to brake even later. Another example Copse is an easy flat out corner but in the game it’s still very hard to do unless you’re in one of the best cars
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    Sadly if this is true, we have ourselves to blame - by we I mean those who complained the AI were too aggressive. This even happened in the beta but there were also people, I included, who said we had to be careful what we wish for as it'll make the game too easy like before. The AI in beta, and sounds like at launch, were great IMO. It's people who like to divebomb to overtake who get hit by the AI then moan they're too aggressive. You just need to learn that F1 cars are delicate in collisions and so be smart with your overtakes sheeeesh! Anyways, I'm hoping this actually isn't the case and this comment is an overreaction!
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    Geesh I hope not that would be the laziest ai coding ever! Ai skill is supposed to be how fast they can take corners, not with extra power but more skill. Even ai on 0 should still be the same speed as you on straights.
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    Loving it. Wales in heavy rain is just beautiful! The new rain effects look wonderful.
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    Can we not all agree that the best skill point system for online ranked races would be to base it on real life and not the size of lobbies as i won yesterday in a 6 man lobby i got 1 point yes 1 point next race i finish 5th i lost 30 points that would take me 30 wins in that lobby to regain those lost points, This system doesn't work at all and penalize those in smaller lobbies quite heavy lets get it so it's a set format regardless of lobby size so just like real life:- 1st - 25 Points 2nd - 18 Points 3rd - 15 Points 4th - 12 Points 5th - 10 Points 6th - 8 Points 7th - 6 Points 8th - 4 Points 9th - 2 Points 10th - 1 Point Also you could add an extra point for fastest lap now if you really wanted you could make - points for lower than 10th and make it backwards so 11th - -1 Point, 12th - -2 Points and so on this just seems like it should be something so simple to change i love racing online for the most part but this skill system is just so unfair due to rammers, game crashes, loss of connection etc.