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    One solution could be to adopt to Battlefield 4's "Noob Server" type of system, where if you are below a certain rank, you will be put into lobbies with people who are also "nubs" as for they have not yet reached a specific level to unlock the "normal" servers. A revised version of this could be used for F1's ranked lobbies. For example, if you are below rank 10 and or have a low safety rating, you won't be able to get to the "normal" ranked mode, but if you have reached rank 10 and have at least a safety rating of A, you can compete in the "normal" ranked mode. Meaning: "Nub" ranked mode = All assists allowed, 25% race distance, safety car on, dynamic weather, tyre simulation on, oneshot qualifying, manual race starts & pits, warm up lap on, visual assists allowed, all camera angles allowed "Normal" ranked mode = All assists banned, 25% race distance, safety car on, dynamic weather, tyre simulation on, short qualifying, manual race starts & pits, warm up lap on, visual assists allowed, all camera angles allowed "Hardcore" ranked mode = All assists banned, 50% or 100% race distance, safety car on, dynamic weather, tyre simulation on, long qualifying, manual race starts & pits, warm up lap on, visual assists banned, forced cockpit camera angle Rank 0 - 9 and or safety rating < A = "Nub" ranked mode Rank 10 - 50 and or safety rating at least at A = "Normal" ranked mode We could even add another optional tier into this, which will be reserved for those that have reached rank 25+, "Hardcore" ranked mode. Rank 25 - 50 and or safety rating > A = "Hardcore" ranked mode To make all things fair, this is how the experience points and or ingame cash bonus could be distributed for all three ranked modes (X=experience points, $=ingame cash), (0% = standard XP + $ progression and no bonus, x% = value of bonus added on top of the standard progression): "Nub" ranked mode = 0% X / $ "Normal" ranked mode = 100% X / $ "Hardcore" ranked mode = 500% X / $ Brake Assist = 0% X / $ ABS = 0% X / $ No ABS = 100% X / $ Full TC = 0% X / $ Medium TC = 10% X / $ No TC = 100% X / $ Auto Gears = 0% X / $ Manual Suggested Gears = 50% X / $ Manual Gears = 100% X / $ Full Racing Line = 0% X / $ Corners Only Racing Line = 0% X / $ No Racing Line = 250% X / $ Auto ERS = 0% X / $ Manual ERS = 50% X / $ Camera Angle (Far, Near, Frontwing, Nose, TCam, TCam Offset) = 0% X / $ Cockpit Cam = 250% X / $ HUD on = 0% X / $ HUD off = 250% X / $ For these type of multipliers to work correctly, the XP needed to rank up from one level to another should be set high, so that progression is very slow, unless you drive with absolutely no assists of course, no visual assists, cockpit cam and in "Hardcore" ranked mode, which will give you some massive boosts to faster ranking up and getting more cash than normal. Also the prices of each individual customization item needs to be at least 8 times higher than it is right now, to make the sysem work more consistent and in alignment with the bonus multipliers. As for penalties, the cleaner you drive the higher your safety rating XP + $ bonus will be, the dirtier you are the more XP + $ will be taken away from you and you will be deranked and in the worst case scenarios even get a limited ban for a specific period of time to help clean up the lobbies. Also, imo, XP + $ should only be gained in ranked mode, whereas safety rating should be awarded in all MP modes except of private lobbies were this won't affect the players, but in private lobbies this will be granted at the expense of not being able to rank up or get any ingame cash as well as not getting any statistics for private races. Stats should be given everywhere, except of private lobbies This is just one of many theoretical solutions that we could be using to improve MP overall, what are your suggestions? What would you want to see the most in MP for a more balanced and fair experience?
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    I just signed up to chime in and support the other good people in here. The ranking system is one word ridiculous. I started the day at 1751 points, then got crashed into a few times and dropped literally hundreds of points. As said many times above, the system is waaaaaay too punishing especially given the fact that in virtually every race surviving the first corner is just luck of the draw. Give more points for good results and deduct less for bad results/dnf's. Alternatively, please change the trophy requirements to just achieve a ranking like last year (I mean it's only a bronze anyway, come on!) or even make it require just silver tier 2/3 if you must.
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    Ranked lobbies is what it's supposed to be right? Rank for SKILL and safety. the discussion of assist drivers beeing sometimes stupid faster and show off with their so called gold "skill" status is welknown and the scream for split lobbies is therefore higher then even, especially now that with the new update assist drivers have it even more easy with the back of the car getting more stable and thus TC medium has less megative impact but still helps when going off track or well how 85% of them race. So non assist drivers already have to rely on their acquired skill to be somewhere fast and maybe even win. now something has caught my attention, WHY IS TYRE TEMPS SET TO ONLY SURFACE AND NOT SURFACE AND CARCASS!? one of the area's where NA drivers can make a difference is also taken away from them/us. what is the use of a "skill" status and ranked lobby which is supposed to be the lobby where actual skill, driving style and clean racing SHOULD count more then medium TC, ABS, surface temps and whatever. It's so bad, people just use assists in any way possible as an exploit in stead of where they are made for. Ranked lobbies should not be for drivers that need assists, or help with tyres or whatever. And all you do is make the ONE lobby that should have and is supposed to be one of the most challenging COMPETITIVE parts where actual skill is measured against each other and where people can get awarded for that skill, the most easy thing for people who exploit assists and tyre temps. there is absolutely no incentive or motivation whatsoever for Non Assist racers to race in ranked because the parts where they can make a difference and where you should be awarded for, SKILL, is all beeing slapped in their/our faces.
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    Oh, well he IS wearing a Monster race suit, so the Mr. The Block American Dudebro must've sweat in it and transferred his consciousness to Pat. If you look carefully you can also see the exact moment Mr. The Block takes over Pats mind and says "Ribbit ribbit, feeling froggy!" and just throws the car off to make it crash.
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    Personally, the less RX the better, but I suspect we'll be looking at 2 to 4 new RX venues. Few points about cars: - So far, cars have always arrived in pairs from the same class (2x Group B RX or 2x 2000s Rally, for example). And matching the 'type' of location (RX cars with RX venues). So I'm assuming the Mini will be accompanied by something else new. - The omission of the Hyundai R5 makes me think the i20 is unlikely. It feels like Hyundai and Seat both have cars that would have been easy to include in the base game but haven't been, so I suspect there have been 'difficulties' with these two licensing departments. Hopefully they're resolved, but we'll see. - If we can expect 6 new locations over 2 'seasons', then I suspect 4 of those will be RX personally. Much as I wish for it, I just don't see a 'new' rally location being created for DR2. If that is the case, surely that is completing the 2018 track roster and then adding the two new 2019 venues. And I don't see them adding the venues without the equivalent 2019 cars. - Personally, I'd rate the DS3 RX as more likely than the privateer Polos (and the Seat and Hyundai, as mentioned above); licensing a slightly different variant of the Polo feels unlikely, especially when VW have an approved 'works' car in game.
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    Well done, Codies. The AI are ridiculous in the wet now. Before the patch, I was faster than the AI in the wet on the same difficulty as I use in the dry - same as all previous games, but now I need to lower the AI difficulty by 10 just to not be last in the race, after being P10 in qualifying. The AI pace increase in the wet was supposed to be like 1%, not 20%. It's further from being fixed now than it was pre-patch. One step forward, 5 steps back with your patches. Not even surprised. This tweet sums it up
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    It's not a solution to alter the difficulty level every session according to weather. What if the conditions change during a race or qualy? AI level should be balanced on wet and dry. We'll never get to a point where everyone is happy, because every player has diffrent skill on wet track, but the difficulty should be more or less balanced. Now the balance was lost and we believe it requires some fine tuning.
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    Again a video about the track editor from Milestone (MXGP 2019). Still think this will be a great functionallity for the Rallycross part for in the future 🙂
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    Vincent Verstraete - Renties Ypres Rally 2019 Requested by C. Dewickere, co-driver and personal friend. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/v-verstraete-renties-ypres-rally-2019.27814/
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    @SturmDesTodes I have merged your thread with another discussing this issue. I have passed this on to the team to investigate. Thanks!
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    @SturmDesTodes it would be the easiest way to make a level cap like you said for each category. I think this would cater all parties. If you want to reach gold status you have to use „hardcore“ mode. Otherwise you can‘t get higher and the game should have a leaderboard for each category. It would be totally fine for me. The only thing i am a different meaning is, if you say hardcore mode and you claim e.g. proximity arrows as an assist, you have to use 100% races not less. Otherwise it‘s not hardcore. For me that‘s the way harder part to be concentrated and fast for 100% of the race.
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    @SturmDesTodes Really well thought out, and written Kudos Personally would like to see above but be able to choose what rank lobby, starting at the bottom ( which is the same for everyone ) your still racing with people, ultimately your trying to avoid, and some not all, like to play lets ruin everyone's race, so it could be difficult depending on what time of day you race, to ever leave the rank, ( Never done rank due to no restrictions, so ultimately dont know whats it likes, but impression I get is not good based on reviews ) Option for lobbys, all assistance, medium assistance, no assistance, that way depending how you play, your with like minded people from the start, Ultimately I would like ranked scraped, licence with all perks in ( what is unranked / Leagues ) host can choose to turn licence on or off ( like Project Cars, which has force cockpit option, and I happily race online, F1 2019 public lobby never see one, HINT Codemasters your forcing players offline ), and set lobby up how they want ( once all assits / visual aids are added ), personally never liked dynamic weather, I like to set it to how the actual race was.
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    This Bromance with Hamilton is disgusting, it has to be said,
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    When I finish a stage of a weekly or monthly online event, there are couple of things I want to know: How well am I doing overall (e.g. am I in the top third? top 10%?) How well did I do in that stage (e.g. did I move up or down in the standings? by how much?) Currently it's hard to get precise answers to those questions. I know my current numeric ranking, and I can get a rough idea of how I'm doing overall by looking at the indicator on the scroll bar. But to know precisely whether or not I'm in the top 10% requires me to know how many players are on the list, and it takes a long time to scroll all the way down to the bottom. In DR1 I could jump to top and then press "up" to immediately wrap around to the bottom to see how many ranking entries there were, but in DR2 the leaderboards don't wrap around. To tell how well I did in the last stage, I have to remember my previous numeric ranking and then see how it changes from one stage to the next. But just because my ranking number went down doesn't necessarily mean I passed a bunch of other players; maybe a lot of players ahead of me just haven't completed the last stage yet. Here are a few simple features that would make stage-end leaderboards nicer for multi-stage online events: Make the leaderboards wrap around, so I can select "go to top" and press "up" to quickly see how many entries there are. Make separate tabs for just-this-stage standings and event-so-far standings, just like we have for career mode events. Add numeric indicators (e.g. in upward- or downward-pointing red or green triangles) to tell us how much our rankings have changed since the previous stage. For maximum usefulness, this number should only report the number of players we've passed or were passed by; it should not consider those players who have completed the previous stage but not yet completed the current one.
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    Welcome to my world Been trying to campaign for the last years, with little to no support, one size lobby doesnt fit all, Assits / view / visual aids ( I know many dont agree ) all give a unfair advantage to some degree.
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    There's another livery coming tomorrow and it's not a Skoda Fabia R5! It's not even an R5! 😄
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    I actually just red did this race in F1 2018 just to see the differences. Same car, same track, same AI difficulty, same strategy. Lap 11 https://imgur.com/a/0B4zQoU Lap 21 https://imgur.com/a/8Ke8tvC Results https://imgur.com/a/3GEc4s5 As you can see: No trains, nobody got screwed over by strategy no nothing. I was as quick as Leclerc the whole race and had a great battle for 29 laps. Then in the end Grosjean caught us on softs while we caught Vandoorne at the same time. Side by side through corners, mostly fair. Sure the AI in 2018 doesn´t block as good as in 2019 buit if you race them fair then it´s much more fun than in 2019 right now. And if some might think now "Well go back to 2018 then if you enjoy it more" I will. Definelty after Melbourne and Bahrain in 2019 in comparison to Bahrain in 2018 which I just did. It´s just hardly annoying that I paid another 26€ (imagine paying 50 or even 70€ for this) just so I keep playing a game that I already have because it´s (on track) a more enjoyable experience than the new game that was "2 years under development" it´s a shame.
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    For Dirt Rally 1, if you logged in to your racenet account on dirtgame.com, you could view leaderboards for each stage as a histogram, with a marker for your own best time. We need to have histograms like this in-game for all online leaderboards in DR2! If we had this feature, then when I do an online daily challenge, instead of just learning that I'm in 843rd place and 56.033 seconds behind first, I could view a glorious histogram and get a good overview of how my time fits in relative to everyone else. It could be added as another tab on the leaderboard screen: Maybe the game would display the ordinary leaderboard view at first, and then we could press L/R shoulder buttons and switch to a histogram view of the leaderboard data. CodeMasters should add this feature to all their racing games!
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    so gents, I switched it on finally now after you explained me this Delta stuff, and it came out directly in my first race after activation 😄 so I must be lucky with this 😉 it worked properly
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    Thanks for the help stevie ! I often check driver update but never did for firmware. In the end it was simply a error from the game has the game thought my wheel setup was for a ts-ps + a ts-pc with an advanced button congif for the f1 wheel so the game told me it was lacking something (I only have one ts-pc lol). I create a new profile starting for the keyboard one and it worked :) Thanks again time for me to play !!
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    Cars need to be even faster than what we got with the 1.05 patch. At the moment both the AI and the players are not able to fully reach the ridiculous cornering speeds at certain tracks or specific notorious highspeed corners and therefore are slower all the way up to over a second, Spain for example is currently a problematic track for this purpose. Spain GP pole laptimes (Real life, Time Trial, AI) 1:15:4 real life pole time. 1:16:7 currently the fastest Time Trial entry on PS4 (18.07.2019) 1:16:9 the median pole laptime of the AI around Spain (did 100 runs in Grand Prix Mode at 110 AI to get the numbers and calculate the "median") Btw, what i found quite striking about most of the setups used by the fastest Time Trial drivers, they usually tend to use minimal aero to maximize straightline topspeed at the expense of cornering ability, whereas irl the topspeeds are low but cornering speed is out of this world. CM need to rebalance this by making us go for cornering speed over topspeed, as it should be if compared to real life performances.
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    Hi All, I've merged two threads on the same subject. Also, the dev team have reviewed this issue and think that this should unlock at silver level 1. We will let you know when this change is likely to make it into a patch. Thanks.
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    Heads up: Wales may not be immediately available on the Clubs site as it needs to be added manually post-release. I've also been told that some of the bugs with the current Clubs site may be getting fixed soon; once i know more I'll share deets 🙂
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    @Faya asked to post this thing, so I'm doing it. This time I've got 3 points for placing 4th in a 12 player lobby. So generous, almost fall off from my chair 🤣