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    That's some 200IQ there mate How about you stop complaining and find a new game to play, leaving these forums free for people who actually like the game to chat about it 👍
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    Am I the only one or has the AI wet weather pace gone off the charts badly? Suddenly in v1.05 I am 1 to 3 full seconds slower than my team mate in the wet even though I am driving decent laps without any mistakes. Absolutely unplayable and can not enjoy playing in the wet at all, makes no sense even. Why did they even upgrade their wet pace as it was pretty ok before v1.05 in my opinion already...Please if anyone else has the same issue, reply to this.
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    I thought you were bored with the game and weren't playing anymore because sliding the car was too hard for you? you made a whole thread about it lol it was full of videos of rally cars that had been modified to drift on tarmac https://giphy.com/gifs/gordonramsay-fox-annoyed-9VrsRNeA0SHcEeos1h
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    Don't forget that TC also lets them go ful throttle over curbs and anywhere off track and they (almost) never spin. Without TC that's an absolute no go. same goes for when you get hit sideways without TC, almost always guaranteed spin, whereas TC you don't. it's TOO forgiving
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    Oh God, now there's going to be boring arguments for 3 pages. Skip.
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    Some people just don't get it do they? Mind you for a new player coming to the game from watching TV and turning all the game assists off you can't really blame them can you? Until Codemasters starts treating chea.. sorry t-cam as the major visual assist it is then that annoying flying camera will stay in wide usage. Most people don't even know that the cockpit camera is in fact the normal view a driver gets. It should be the default IMO and there should be trophies for using it. That's the only way I can see it being adopted. By rewarding people for using it. I do my small part by following any streamer I see using no assists and cockpit view. Won't even watch other streams let alone follow.
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    I have said and proven with images and video (cfr. link below) that it is possible to slide the RWD cars around on soft tyres using the basic setup, normal steering wheel settings and soft lock steering and still he claims it's impossible. Honestly mate, just accept the fact that you personally can't drive those cars sideways for some reason and that it's not the game's fault. STOP complaining and start practising.
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    You will spend more time creating one single Stage than playing the game itself. Maybe it is nice feature for Motocross but rallying is much more complicated and for me it is way more difficult to create an enjoyable special stage with crests, bumps, jumps, holes, junctions, bridges etc. Useless feature for me. In my opinion there is quite a lot of content in DR 2.0 already. And I hope we will still get some more 🙂
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    Ranked lobbies is what it's supposed to be right? Rank for SKILL and safety. the discussion of assist drivers beeing sometimes stupid faster and show off with their so called gold "skill" status is welknown and the scream for split lobbies is therefore higher then even, especially now that with the new update assist drivers have it even more easy with the back of the car getting more stable and thus TC medium has less megative impact but still helps when going off track or well how 85% of them race. So non assist drivers already have to rely on their acquired skill to be somewhere fast and maybe even win. now something has caught my attention, WHY IS TYRE TEMPS SET TO ONLY SURFACE AND NOT SURFACE AND CARCASS!? one of the area's where NA drivers can make a difference is also taken away from them/us. what is the use of a "skill" status and ranked lobby which is supposed to be the lobby where actual skill, driving style and clean racing SHOULD count more then medium TC, ABS, surface temps and whatever. It's so bad, people just use assists in any way possible as an exploit in stead of where they are made for. Ranked lobbies should not be for drivers that need assists, or help with tyres or whatever. And all you do is make the ONE lobby that should have and is supposed to be one of the most challenging COMPETITIVE parts where actual skill is measured against each other and where people can get awarded for that skill, the most easy thing for people who exploit assists and tyre temps. there is absolutely no incentive or motivation whatsoever for Non Assist racers to race in ranked because the parts where they can make a difference and where you should be awarded for, SKILL, is all beeing slapped in their/our faces.
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    I've been playing F1 games for over 10+ years (with Logitech Wheels about 8+ years). I always play Career Mode at 100% everything (practice, qualy & race)…. and I admit that I'm the TV Pod, Medium TC, and ABS assisted guy. However, after reading these comments, I think that it's finally time for me to (seriously) try, ...and persevere with, ...Cockpit View, No TC, and No ABS. I'm now looking forward to my new challenge of Cockpit Viewing, No Assisted, Career Mode racing. Thank you Guys 🙂 PS: I'll be upgrading to a Fanatec wheel/pedal setup soon 👍
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    True. They need a Sim lobby or option. It's F1, not Mario Kart
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    Codies should stop this contract negotiation every 4 races bs. Contract negotiations should happen only at the end of the season. And since contract negotiations for other drivers are happening at the same time as ours, it would be much better if they happened at the end of the season because that way driver transfers would've been more realistic and you wouldn't see the championship leader suddenly going to a slower team mid season.
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    Forget about the cars. Add some life to the career mode. It’s bare bones, lifeless with no sense of progress of achievement. You make the finals and it’s copy paste from the last races. Not limited to rx since rally is the same.
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    Amen to that, taking nothing away form the OP lap but for myself the following lap gave me some sweat on lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IAogIbzjos&feature=youtu.be
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    People will always driver with what makes them faster on racing games, however in saying that, there is a small portion of people (which i include myself) who have no care for being the fastest but want the most realistic and demanding experience. We all know that cockpit cam raises the difficulty from a driving perspective. Even more so in grand prix mode, where the tire, break and engine temps come into play and also the tire wear + track conditions, traffic etc. I would really like to see CM add a time trial option that has, damage, tyre wear and overall sim elements applied. No disrespect to anybody, but putting up YT vids Stating "NO ASSITS" but then sitting in a camping chair on the air intake takes the "NO ASSITS" aspect away period.
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    lol Yep Nice time and setup, but can't really say "No Assists" and not use cockpit.
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    I've been a member of this forum for a few weeks now. I've read through a lot of threads and conversations, great conversations. There's two bases here. The casual driver/player and the hard core driver/player. It's clear the hard core drivers/players feel that they're not being heard in some areas.
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    Well at least it took about 8 hours of being back on this forum before finding a post like this. Slowly thinning out.
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    Was just gonna say, Mini confirmed 😄
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    Only people that dont think cockpit is a assit are the ones that dont race in cockpit. and reality is they'll do anything to keep thier advantage by any means necessary, When it comes to a recognised assit ( TC, ABS ) , and they think theirs a advantage, OOOH STAND BACK BIG ISSUE, TOYS ARE FLYING. Facts are facts thier videos online of F1 2019, same driver, same track, tv pod was nearly 5secs quicker than cockpit, facts you cant Beep with that. BIGGEST ASSIST IN THE GAME,
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    I love the fact that Pat was on the throttle all the way into the hay! It's a rallycross car and it has endured far worse on the track! They had the rear clam fixed that evening and the car was running again the next day. It's still going strong now... ...Pat and Liam always put on a good show!
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    Good morning everybody. Please consider in the future patch to introduce the way to remove or put a "final veto" to the driver transfer. I really hate them because they makle absolutely unrealistic the seasons! Hamilton, who lead the campionship, cannot suddendly leave mercedes and go in Renault!!!!! Is not possible to have 6/8 transfer every season, expecially in the middle! Please do something ASAP. I understand these transfers are an important news in this title, but please consider who want to play a more "realistic" career. What do you think about? Please Codemaster consider this! Tx
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    About TC... check out this video, he's not using ABS, but look at how he uses (exploits) TC to the max. If NA players go full throttle the way he is going, we'd be spinning off like crazy. The way he drives, and still able to attack corners and curbstones this aggresive, THAT is Exploiting TC to the fullest. And as a NA racer you can't figure out at first why such a guy is so stupid fast even over curbs, which would bite you in the ass HARD when you attack them as this guy does. And he keeps taking speed with him througout the corners, not TC slowing him down. Guess what? 2 gold "skill" thingies. Like ALMOST every other gold "skill" player. PS: the name in the menu right is not HIS name, at the end I switch names so you can see I'm not naming amd shaming.
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    I bought DR2 but nowadays I don't really have time to play... But here is my Dirt Rally pic which I made last month :P I just have 65 horsepower, and everything is stock factory **** (expect my steering wheel and my rims) but I learned so much from Dirt games, now I don't give a **** so my Lada 2105 just dirty all the time!
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