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    Mid Season transfers are totally killed my carreer mode. I hope they will delete that with 1.06 patch. Driver transfers are okey in the game, but Mid Season transfers are totally unrealistic.
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    After playing F1 2019 for a few weeks, like everyone, I’ve come up with a few features I’d like to see in future F1 games. These aren’t complaints, I actually like F1 2019, it’s just some positive feedback and a few new ideas for, who knows, maybe 2020? A full F2 championship in career mode that actually impacts your F1 career options. No more fictional drivers, please. Option to disable mid-season transfers. For me it takes away from the realism and adds nothing in return. No more multiplayer car, maybe it’s just me, but I like to see and race with the actual real world F1 cars... and drivers. Visor Cam (check out Project Cars’ helmet cam). Look for F1 visor cam on Youtube, it looks spectacular. Looks like fun. Dirt Rally-style F1 team management: Mechanics, R&D, agent, pit crew, etc. Instead of doing the same practice sessions over and over again (year after year) for research points. Get rid of the reporter, let your accomplishments and behaviour on track (and team management) decide your stats and rep. Updated post race animations. Historical tracks and keep the 2019 tracks that don’t make onto the 2020 calender. Use it for multiplayer, time trials, invitationals. Please, no more fictional drivers and their scripted drama. I just read about the Nemesis system in the new Grid game, it sounds promising and I think it would be a great way to get a natural random rivalry going in the F1 career too. (With real world F1 drivers please) No more microtransactions, cosmetics or other. Seriously Codemasters, don’t go all EA on us now. I’m all for extra dlc or a season pass for more content, but not those dirty microtransactions. Please substitute the stuffy old first person paddock/workstation enviorment for a sleek new no nonsense menu system. Tyre punctures, from collisions or on track debris. More spectacular and realistic crashes and damage. There’s like one crash animation in the game. We’ll be oke, we have halo’s now. Select real world drivers helmet designs for your driver. Truck Racing Championships.. just kidding, please don’t 😀 Ofcourse this is just my opinion; and even with all these things mentioned above, like I said, I still enjoy playing F1 2019. I like the car handeling, leagues, F2, the cars, weather and tracks all look great and it’s just fun to play 👍 ___ TL;DR: focus on a more realistic and fun on track experience, less tedious off track fluff and drama.
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    @PJTierney Not entirely game-related but, any chance we can get some videos from Jon's performance in Down Rally? Want to see that DR2.0 colored Mini in the hands of our game's rally consultant smashing the competition ;D It's a double proud win. As for Clubs, the single-vehicle selection for leagues was available in DR1 Leagues. It would be great to have that back to pair some cars that are in different classes, although competed together (Lancer Evo VI and early 2000s for example), even if a "multi-class" does not come..
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    I would like to see such damage model in future 'DiRT' games. 🤣
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    Oh God, now there's going to be boring arguments for 3 pages. Skip.
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    It could happen if players stuck togher, obviously wont happen, Licence deal with F1 is irrelevant, if players voted with thier money, Codemasters would get the message theyd listen to, loss of money due to drop in sales.
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    Ideas for F1 2020: don't release next year's version. Get 90% of staff working to fix 2019 and all legacy bugs from previous games, with the other 10% working in the 2020 car designs/sounds to just release the cars in an add on to 2019. Once 2019 is in a pristine condition, then focus on 2021. Do a full game beta not just a chop of it so all modes and features can be properly tested and go from there. Oh and don't release another version without that years performances again just to be out earlier, what a rubbish decision that was!
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    Mechanics walking in T-shirts in winter. It seems that temperatures are high there. 😆
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    woah I never noticed that black and yellow Bedoret Fabia R5! thanks for including rim and plate choices! I know some people prefer the real ones but I like the DR2 ones Edit: its also now my fav R5 livery. and there's a lot of good ones
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    Congrats to Jon and Noel for winning the "Down rally".
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    Great news! I have officially launched my own design page called SRD - Sim's Racing Design! Feel free to take a look around! https://www.facebook.com/SimsRacingDesign/
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    That Stage was too taugh. But it felt fast.
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    I hope its Ford Focus 2007, he neeeeeeds Livery so bad. even fake one..
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    Saw that @PJTierney posted a screen from me and that some more console shots are being posted now. Thanks 🙂 Some shots from me (PS4 Pro) from last week.
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    This whole conversation is abit boring now, I think you should go and play a game that you actually enjoy....... Dirt 2.0 is far from a perfect game and does have a fair few bugs in it but i am still enjoying playing it and infairness to Codemasters they are trying to fix the problems when they appear the best they can. This thread has gone off topic, it’s meant to be about dirt gossip not dirt complaining!
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    I would really consider to let people choose their preferred cam view despite having 3 more voices for enforcing it. I voted for yes I believe, but changed my mind and can't change it anymore. That would maybe keep more people away than expected and it doesn't really matter for performance, right? Personally I use the cockpit view, so it doesn't effect me anyway.
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    PC Skoda Fabia WRC '05 (NO alterations) Ford Escort RS Cosworth (custom livery)
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    Id like to see the drivers get a progressive skill rating for career mode, similar to other annual sports sims like FIFA, MLB the Show and NBA 2K, where AI skill is bases on a few variables (like outright speed, consistency, wet weather skill etc). Combined with a ‘potential’ grade base on age and potential this could give a more dynamic grid.
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    I sign this, sometimes you see an empty track for 5-10 seconds