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    Good morning everybody. Please consider in the future patch to introduce the way to remove or put a "final veto" to the driver transfer. I really hate them because they makle absolutely unrealistic the seasons! Hamilton, who lead the campionship, cannot suddendly leave mercedes and go in Renault!!!!! Is not possible to have 6/8 transfer every season, expecially in the middle! Please do something ASAP. I understand these transfers are an important news in this title, but please consider who want to play a more "realistic" career. What do you think about? Please Codemaster consider this! Tx
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    People know me for being hard on Codemasters because of not improving in areas which we customers have been begging for, for example new features or HUD options but this time I want to show that I also applaud them for the good things they have done so far. I‘m always trying to be constructive in my criticism because I want to help make the game the best it can be. So this time I just want to share the good things I have experienced. I just finished my first Grand Prix weekend (because I waited for patch 1.05 to drop) before starting my career and here are the things I‘d like to mention in a positive manner: the whole race was fun and I was fighting with lots of other drivers throughout the race. Race pace was good for the most part for all drivers and nothing strange happened. The handling really has improved since 1.04 and it is almost perfect now IMO. Good job for changing that, Codemasters. I had three cars retiring (Magnussen, Sainz and Vettel) due to mechanical failures which is nice to see because in F1 2018 I thought there were too few DNF‘s occuring. 2-5 car retirements have to happen on each race weekend since this seems to be the norm. I even had the safety car come out after Sainz retired (without using the flashback workaround) which was fun and nothing too strange happened. Some cars benefitted from the safety car as they directly went to the pit lane to change their tyres. Other drivers became victims which shook up the order but this is how it is in real life, too. Good job Codemasters for that. I hope it wasn‘t just a „once in a lifetime“ lucky moment for me. The highlight reel at the end was really a pleasure. It mostly showed my most important moments including the race start and some fights with Verstappen, Leclerc and Magnussen. I really enjoyed it and it was 2:10 minutes long (I‘m doing 100% races) and it ended with me driving to the side of the finishing straight to celebrate with my team. That was a nice touch (I really drove to the right side where the wall of the pit lane is when approaching the chequered flag and they included it in the highlight reel. Good job, Codemasters. I hope the highlight replays stay that long and entertaining throughout my career. Performance on PS4 Pro was good for the whole race (no stuttering or crazy framerate drops). AI fighted each other and attacked in good fashion (no crazy moves or non-overtaking/car trains because of slower cars in front) Crowd was clapping their hands and applauding me when I overtook Verstappen (nice little feature, adds to atmosphere) So overall a real good and fun experience! However there are still the things I want improved in the game to make it even more fun and better overall: Make HUD customizable for us (display the whole grid with constant gaps and driver name abbreviations) give us the option to disable midseason driver transfers (it‘s an immersion killer for me if for example Verstappen leaves Red Bull to join McLaren or Hamilton leaving Mercedes to go to Red Bull). It can happen after a season, I‘m fine with that, but please not midseason Scale back the rain chance. It‘s raining too often and it should at a maximum happen in 3-4 of 21 races. Development of other teams‘ cars in one single season is too overpowered. Implement spectator mode HUD in race replays Team sponsor templates on career helmet would be nice, especially with drivers changing teams. That‘s it. Just wanted to share that and hopefully the dev team is working on improving the game for us on a consistent basis. 👍
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    Mid Season transfers are totally killed my carreer mode. I hope they will delete that with 1.06 patch. Driver transfers are okey in the game, but Mid Season transfers are totally unrealistic.
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    After playing F1 2019 for a few weeks, like everyone, I’ve come up with a few features I’d like to see in future F1 games. These aren’t complaints, I actually like F1 2019, it’s just some positive feedback and a few new ideas for, who knows, maybe 2020? A full F2 championship in career mode that actually impacts your F1 career options. No more fictional drivers, please. Option to disable mid-season transfers. For me it takes away from the realism and adds nothing in return. No more multiplayer car, maybe it’s just me, but I like to see and race with the actual real world F1 cars... and drivers. Visor Cam (check out Project Cars’ helmet cam). Look for F1 visor cam on Youtube, it looks spectacular. Looks like fun. Dirt Rally-style F1 team management: Mechanics, R&D, agent, pit crew, etc. Instead of doing the same practice sessions over and over again (year after year) for research points. Get rid of the reporter, let your accomplishments and behaviour on track (and team management) decide your stats and rep. Updated post race animations. Historical tracks and keep the 2019 tracks that don’t make onto the 2020 calender. Use it for multiplayer, time trials, invitationals. Please, no more fictional drivers and their scripted drama. I just read about the Nemesis system in the new Grid game, it sounds promising and I think it would be a great way to get a natural random rivalry going in the F1 career too. (With real world F1 drivers please) No more microtransactions, cosmetics or other. Seriously Codemasters, don’t go all EA on us now. I’m all for extra dlc or a season pass for more content, but not those dirty microtransactions. Please substitute the stuffy old first person paddock/workstation enviorment for a sleek new no nonsense menu system. Tyre punctures, from collisions or on track debris. More spectacular and realistic crashes and damage. There’s like one crash animation in the game. We’ll be oke, we have halo’s now. Select real world drivers helmet designs for your driver. Truck Racing Championships.. just kidding, please don’t 😀 Ofcourse this is just my opinion; and even with all these things mentioned above, like I said, I still enjoy playing F1 2019. I like the car handeling, leagues, F2, the cars, weather and tracks all look great and it’s just fun to play 👍 ___ TL;DR: focus on a more realistic and fun on track experience, less tedious off track fluff and drama.
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    Has anyone else noticed a lack of racing incidents in comparison to last year's game? I drive 100% races with 89 AI and the only ever incidents listed on this year's game are retirements due to failures and maybe one or two collisions between AI (usually when Vettel/Hamilton are lapping a Williams). In last year's game I ran the same set up (100% and 89 AI) and there was a page full of racing incidents - Collisions, penalties, engine failures - literally about 20-30 of them a race and as I say on this year's there are only approximately 3 per race. I feel like this has an impact on the lack of safety car discussed in other threads.
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    If Greece comes then I hope Finland does as well: with the improvement in airborne physics now, Finland should be a MUCH better experience.
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    It'll become like Fifa, new menus every year, no worthwhile gameplay changes.
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    I play F1 since the 2016 title and I have NEVER witnessed a terminal racing incident between AI cars. N E V E R. It's nonsense, plus I have never seen incidents during race start which is a thing that happens lots of times, no safety car in the first lap or yellow flags. It is totally unrealistic and it really kills immersion. Such a shame.
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    I think Codies did a great job, not only with Wales, all the locations are very well done in my view. Loving the crazy camber and elevation changes.
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    Well spotted. It's a video game, that people of all ages and abilities play for fun.
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    More content...for the original Dirt Rally.
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    Don't understand why Codemasters can't just create a filter - or create a separate leaderboards - the software obviously recognizes whether you are using assists - and given that wouldn't be difficult to add non-cockpit view as an assist.
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    @PJTierney Not entirely game-related but, any chance we can get some videos from Jon's performance in Down Rally? Want to see that DR2.0 colored Mini in the hands of our game's rally consultant smashing the competition ;D It's a double proud win. As for Clubs, the single-vehicle selection for leagues was available in DR1 Leagues. It would be great to have that back to pair some cars that are in different classes, although competed together (Lancer Evo VI and early 2000s for example), even if a "multi-class" does not come..
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    Here ya go bud, i managed a 1:12.2. I dont bother with the fastest time trial times and juts like to enjoy it. Hope it helps you out, any ? let me know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UczcyxMzOds
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    I would like to see such damage model in future 'DiRT' games. 🤣
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    Career mode is ruined. I'm in season 3 and all the upgrades have been bought. What's left to do now with six other season left to go? Cars develop way to fast. I shouldn't be like that. Codemasters, you MUST change the progression pace, is ruining the game. Midfield teams are becoming the best teams in half a season. Mercedes is now the worst team on the grid and I didn't even get to the halfway point in season 3. Also, the AI teammate level is insane. Butler is my teammate at McLaren, and he usually is 1s faster in qualys then me. I used to play at 100 AI level, now I'm down to 80 and still getting beat up by my teammate and other AI's. All Codemasters does is focus on multiplayer events, f1 esports series, etc...they should focus on making the game work correctly. EVERY DAMN YEAR is the same. Game released with tons of bugs, career mode bugged, etc. And I still can't believe Codemasters let the option for switching teams every 4 races also on this game. It's completely unrealistic. The driver transfers are also a joke.
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    Shock. Another bug from a previous game coming back to the light 🤦
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    Oh God, now there's going to be boring arguments for 3 pages. Skip.
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    It could happen if players stuck togher, obviously wont happen, Licence deal with F1 is irrelevant, if players voted with thier money, Codemasters would get the message theyd listen to, loss of money due to drop in sales.
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    Ideas for F1 2020: don't release next year's version. Get 90% of staff working to fix 2019 and all legacy bugs from previous games, with the other 10% working in the 2020 car designs/sounds to just release the cars in an add on to 2019. Once 2019 is in a pristine condition, then focus on 2021. Do a full game beta not just a chop of it so all modes and features can be properly tested and go from there. Oh and don't release another version without that years performances again just to be out earlier, what a rubbish decision that was!
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    If we had Codemasters‘ weather system in real life the whole world would be flooded in like 2 days...
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    I don't understand your point really. The game has never been a simulation so F1 2017 wasn't accurate anyway. so comparing lap times between different games which have never being realistic isn't really a good idea.
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    Steam - PC - @okanakkgul on Twitter. BMW - E30 on Spain.
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    That Stage was too taugh. But it felt fast.
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    It's like this since Friday. Everything else works.