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    How do you expect they fix your wishes list if they can't even copy pasta real life engine sound when they are working with F1 itselft. 2 years to create this game and the base of the game is not even working. Codemaster is ball ****.
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    Hey team! Before I chuck all the Career mode goodies into this post, I wanted to say thank you for all your comments, questions and excitement around GRID on the Forums. I've been here, there and everywhere recently working on projects, like our trip to meet Fernando Alonso in Oviedo, but I'm hoping to be more active on the Forums this week. ANYWAY, as announced on the Codies Blog, here are all the key details for Career mode in the brand new GRID. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this 👍 Career mode is your chance to experience each discipline, car and circuit in GRID, in an immersive format that takes you from entry-level motorsport to the pinnacle of racing: the GRID World Series. A grand total of 104 events are waiting for you in Career mode on launch, spread across six disciplines: Touring, Stock, Tuner, GT, FA Racing, and Invitational. Those first five disciplines take you on a similar journey: 13 different events to complete, varying in event length and car class, all leading to a final Showdown event (more on those in a moment). Invitational features 26 events, with a huge variety of exotic and extraordinary cars, also leading to a Showdown event. Each event includes an objective you must complete to unlock more events in that discipline, and the objective won’t always be to win the race. Whilst more rewards are on offer for consistent race wins, sometimes you’ll only need to finish in a target position to progress further. Showdowns are the high-stakes concluding events to each discipline. Each Showdown is a two-on-two race, pitting you and your teammate against the top team from each discipline, so use your racing prowess and tactical skill to win these challenging events. You’ll need to win four of the six Showdown events to progress to the final chapter of Career mode. That means you don’t have to complete every discipline if you don’t want to. You can focus on the disciplines you’re enjoying the most and lean on them throughout the Career. Winning four Showdowns will allow you to progress to the GRID World Series – the final stage in Career mode that combines the very best of each discipline for a star-studded racing series like no other. This is where the infamous Ravenwest Motorsport will be waiting for you, so expect any victory to be hard-earned. Before you hit the track, it’s time to create your own racing team. Choose the name and livery of your team; feel free to change these at any point, but this will be the team that you and your teammate represent throughout Career. To progress in Career mode, you’ll need cars – and you’ll have in-game currency from the start to purchase some eligible cars for the opening events. As you progress, you’ll earn more currency, giving you the chance to purchase more cars and enter more events. Alongside you will be your teammate, who you can hire and fire at any point in Career mode. Any teammate you choose to race alongside will have a different personality you’ll have to keep in mind. Some teammates will be fast but uncooperative; others will be less competitive but more willing to help you; and all kinds of characters in between. Pick the perfect teammate and manage their personality to give you the best chance of success. Career mode is built around GRID’s focus on accessibility and choice, meaning you can adjust how you experience the Career to fit your style of play. Want to experience the whole mode quickly and smash through it? Keep the difficulty low, hit the objectives and advance to the GRID World Series at a rapid pace. Want the Career to be a serious test of your driving skills? Crank the difficulty up, lower the car assists, and try to win every race to get those extra rewards. And the best bit? It’s only the beginning. Career mode is a big part of our post-launch content for GRID, with a long-term plan to keep adding events and experiences. Career mode is set to almost DOUBLE in size through new content after launch, so buckle up for a vast, varied and thrilling Career like no other. GRID – launching October 11, with Ultimate Edition owners playing from October 8. Pre-order now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
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    @Faya where are you? Follow the list of things that i have begging for a long time, plus, issues for the new game. 1- Random failure for players on career mode. 2- Contract negotiation just one time per season 3- No mid-season driver transfer. 4- balance of AI performance quali/Race ( @Faya, can you tell to developers. On the race, the AI is 3 levels more faster. I tested all tracks.) 5- AI Straight line pace overpowered 6- AI rain performance 7- 1.4 AI agressive back Please!! Could you just answer what of this topics you are looking for?? Thank you!
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    8- Add team sponsors to our helmets ffs. The default colors of some helmets are nice, but they still look empty without sponsors. Or at least give us a helmet editor so we can customize our helmet freely like in GT Sport. 9- Reduce the R&D pace of both the AI and the player. By mid of season 2 every team can have fully upgraded cars unless a rule change happens. 10- Make AI drivers change their helmets, at least when they go to their old teams. In my career for example Vettel moved back to Red Bull mid season but he still wears the Ferrari helmet. You can make him wear his older Red Bull helmets from 2009-2014 instead of wearing a Ferrari helmet. 11- Although that's not as important, add long hair to the female drivers instead of having them bald or with very short hair. 12- Update the dialogue. In one of the pre Free Practice cutscenes Anthony Davidson still mentions something about bolting on a set of Ultrasofts. 13- When my teammate is massively underperforming, both Ant and Crofty praise him before a race and say things like "The team is definitely getting their money's worth" even though my teammate qualified 10 places behind me 6 races in a row and started mostly P15-P16.
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    When the FFB update got released, the notes said that they were still working on further refinement. I agree that FFB was better, at least compared to the almost non-existent thing that we got on release, but still not up to par to DR1. Was just watching this video from Gamer's Muscle and seems that he has the same opinion: So, is this it for FFB in DR2? Or can we expect further improvements?
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    In order to get better aquatinted with the feel of the multiplayer car, I went to time trial to do some rivals and was disappointed to find I could only pick official team cars. It's a bit lame when you look at the leader board and all you see is Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes. So feature request please to have option to use multiplayer car category in time trial, and possibly even a dedicated leaderboard?
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    There are a few things that could help. Virtual mirrors being the most obvious one. It's very frustrating to drive in cockpit cam, because once you set up a good FOV the mirrors are no longer visible. Please, PLEASE add virtual mirrors! Mirrors don't remove torpedoes, just makes it easier to dodge them. One solution to the torpedo problem would be to ghost the car of the faster driver. So, for example, if driver X is 2 seconds a lap quicker than driver Y, then the car of driver X would be ghosted for driver Y.
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    Back in the day of the original xbox I played online. The behaviour seen in the video was a rarity then. I stopped because things were bad on the 360, and because of the terrible internet connection I now have (live middle of nowhere, ping near 100ms). I thankfully can't play online. I am shocked, how can this be fun? Most of the behaviour in the video looks like intentional crashing. Bloody mindedness just to screw others over. A sad reflection of the society we live in. I really had no idea online was so bad. Sucks to be a fair racer online! Banhammer is perhaps the only way forward but personally I can't see resources being put in to it. I'm with you BluntRS, why bother with online at all, put the effort into offline.
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    Yes, manual ERS is crucial if you want to be able to attack and defend properly. Are you on pad or wheel? Either way, I recommend unbinding the camera and replay/flashback buttons in the controller settings. Both functions are available from the pause menu anyway, so that's two buttons that are much better used for setting the ERS up/down shortcuts. Avoids having to navigate the MFD menu all the time while driving!
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    Other racing games like PC2 and GT Sport have the rating system and it makes the game much more immersive in my opinion. You have much more motivation to not disconnect or ram other people when you know you're going to go down in the rankings. Sure, you don't get to physically race other people in rally, but you can still be ranked in terms of your rallying skills based on your pace, number of terminal crashes, DNF's, repair costs, restarts etc. I think it would be pretty cool.
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    I've also read that this year your engine temp is a lot more important than previous years. As in you can't run in Rich for too long as you engine will overheat and you'll start losing power. Similarly, you can't run in Lean for too long as your engine will go cold. When it's cold you can't recover as much energy for ERS. I've found this year it's harder to manage ERS. You seem to regen it much slower than last year. So I end up using lower modes more often now. However you can also pressure someone into using too much ERS while you save it sitting in their wake.....then cruise past the as they take 3 laps to recover. On tracks that use harder compounds/longer tracks, I'll use Lean for the initial jump off the line at the start. Then up to Standard and Rich.
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    They definitely need to fix the OP AI on the straights. There is no point in me racing higher that 105 as I get chewed up on every single straight.
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    Pro Tour is what you're asking for. It existed in DiRT4 and it failed because noone played, thanks to the variable car classes and senseless rally schemes. Best way is to join a league or see what eSports is going to offer.
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    This is really what is killing the multiplayer lobbies.... and not just in this game but in all the racing game lobbies. It's sad as I used to love to go in with friends but now i avoid them like the plague unless i know who i am racing with. It's no fun anymore when you put the time in - practice, qualifying - for it to all be ended by someone who doesn't care but to cause carnage in turn 1 (of any circuit that is)
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    Pretty sure PJ already explained once that they have the ability to essentially "freeze" the game in a snapshot. From there they can fully pan/zoom/move the camera around the engine and adjust all lighting/weather values on the fly while the game is in that "snapshot" frame. So they just have to find a decent setup for car positions, then spent most of their time getting the camera angle and photography aspects correct.
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    I don't but our art team have tricks up their sleeves 😉 Also, you don't need to convince me of the power of UGC and photo mode, I played Forza for a decade 😛
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    Why stop at seasons? ...firstly, CM have a beautiful engine in graphics and physics. Why don't take the SCS Truck simulators route and build upon the current game to...let's say: "infinity"? The tarmac handling is bogged down by the AI modeling, or they would be negatively affected by a change in that area, hence is not about the engine itself. There are work around like developing an exclusive AI for tarmac or an all new AI with money from future "expansions", whatever these guys at CM find fit. (I am no programmer or dev) Let's be honest. No one really wants a DiRT Rally 3/3.0. There is no FIA requiring a new game every year like F1 20XX titles, so why don't enrich the current DR2.0 instead? Make expansions and I will happily buy it, day zero. It will mean, design refinement on overall game, possible meaningful upgrades and most importantly retention of content, which was lackluster at release but enriched with the subsequent seasons. If there are no licenses expiring, which is a major pain in the #ss for everyone. I'd say: go for it.
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    this is how you drive the Porsche 911😍😍😍
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    Look what happened while rallying in Łęczna Country.
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    What is an Opel doing with the Mitsubishi livery? 😄 Please, only bring DR3 if it's going to be a big step up from this one, with the current locations included at launch. For the new game i'd expecting 1 or 2 new longs for each existing rally, otherwise if you just keep milking it's gonna be bad. Milk this one first until it dries out. Technology takes time to research and develop, so take DR2 to earn some time.
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    been saying this for a long while. its not just for ingame. social media side is where this will shine and bring many people to the game. the better we can take pics the better we can show the game. its worth making the effort to bring this to the game. people modded it already on pc like i said they would in a short period of time. so a professional studio who makes the game really should have this in.
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    The problematic thing with the racing line is that, after initially getting comfortable with the track, it actively holds you back from really learning the track. It gives you an indication of where you should be on the track, but the key to learning the track is finding braking and turn-in spots. This usually means you have to find markers on the side of the track, which you won’t find while staring at the colored line in front of you.