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    It's going to take a decade to learn this track without the race line. May as well use a 2 seater with a copilot. What a brutal track.
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    T300 wheel. ps4 and ps4 pro uk , racing rig , League owner, leagues f1 16 ,17 ,18 and 19, pcars 1 and 2 , dirt rally 1 and 2.0 . Assetto corsa , sometimes iracing PC, topic f1 2019 ps4 uk , t300, Since patch 1.06 the ffb has lost or has been muted dumbed down by 30% plus , I had pre release and early release and ffb was brilliant , it was just as good as Pcars 2, so that means f1 2019 was the first proper f1 sim, a huge success and many praised you including me of what a brilliant sim game, well done codemasters, wheel vs pad was equal , from day one, since patch 1.06 pad advantage by almost 2 seconds, ffb is now so bad since patch 1.06 that it's killing the game , you've turned a brilliant f1 sim into a arcade , asssists , the more you raced without assists the mor the game rewarded you and faster lap times, Now since patch 1.06 assists with or without there's no gain , Before patch 1.06 you could feel all the ffb of the track and the tyre limits and correct the car, after patch 1.06 ,you can't feel the tyre limits or feel the subtle track bumps , with all the complaint and feedback you've asked for why cant you simply roll back to prev patch 1.05 for now , lastly I paid top money for legends edition £65 and feel kinda cheated, harsh words but it's a honest anwser, please codemasters rollback patch ,we've had multiple blue screens that get automatic sent to Sony ps4 , 1.06 has been out 2 weeks , is it fair too say that if nothing is done can I have a full refund as game is now faulty . also reports of league members getting another error message saying kicked for cheating on ps4 , and final thing , dry tyres now feels like driving on ice, yes you fixed very light ffb in the rain , we all support you and your staff codemasters so please can you support your very loyal fan base of supporters who don't get a free game and race hundreds of hours in leagues, REVERT BACK PLEASE To PATCH 1.05 THATS A VERY SIMPLE SOLUTION OR FIXED POOR FFB, many thanks Mark.
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    Was going to say something but then realised it's another blah blah assists boring post....nevermind! Move on. Nothing to see here folks....including y'all at Codies! Ignore this post!
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    Instead of worrying about other people, ask yourself if the quality of your posts benefit anything to the forum. Constant complaining about the same things. You have to ask yourself that if your that unhappy just choose another game to play. At the very least don't act all defensive if people grow a little tired at your negativity.
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    lol this kid got nothing better to do on a Saturday night other than to complain about people on a racing game, smh. Get a hobby innit. Muppet.
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    Yeah, Singas is a tough track, no question, ...but give it time and you'll master safely get around it 🤣 BTW, I have never used Racing Line. I guess that without having Racing Line, it forces me learn the track more quickly.
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    There's too much negativity on this forum already BluntRS, why add to it? You live on here it seems, so why not do something good and be a positive role model?
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    Not one part of your post added anything constructive to users in the forum. Try being constructive with any issues you have and perhaps codemasters may give more responses. As a side issue, it's a forum, if you don't want a response that differs to your view then don't post...
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    nah, the AI are defintely quicker on race starts, even Tiametmarduk has said he struggles in one of his videos
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    Thanks for the new liveries, i really liked the Dirtfish ones in previous games and looking forward to driving the Impreza with the Dirtfish one in particular. but STILL no decent livery for the 2000cc Focus? Myself and a few other people have requested that a few times, but every time new liveries get released they're liveries no-one has really asked for, for cars that already have decent liveries. Meanhwile the 2000cc Focus which is paid extra content continues to be neglected. It's not possible to do even just ONE decent fake livery for this car? It has BY FAR the worst liveries out of all the cars in the game. And even if you're on PC you can't mod the liveries for the DLC cars, so it really needs a decent one. If the art team is busy with other stuff why not just run a competition to design a livery for it? Or ask for user submissions. There are a lot of great modders out there who have done great fake liveries for cars for Dirt titles in the past.
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    I am 100% for this suggestion. Camera position differs wildly between cars.
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    Todays forums sadly dont welcome sensible suggestions.
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    Aha oke. For the ones that are interested: SIM Dashboard F1 2019 Extra Info
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    I don't think your aware that none of his post contains any suggestion of any offence being taken?
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    PC man. I have cockpit Racing seat with Fanatec V2 Base, Fanatec Formula Black rim, two 7" usb screen attached on base and one of button box.
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    Well how about ACTUALLY DOING something about it? Forwarding it to the team... Acknowledging there is an issue... actually fixing it...? Safety car never coming out has basically been an issue since 2017 and all that is ever done about it is "merging threads to keep it in one place" Blah blah... Yeah sure... merge it all you want, thats all you have been doing about it for the past two years, fine with me. But what about actually handling the issue, its been described for YEARS and nothing...? Working on it? Fixing it? What about it??
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    So I tried something more "modern" 🙂
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    I'm going to be the odd one and wish for a Saab 96, so the (unfairly unloved) H1 FWD class can get up to four cars.
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    you´re bad on these tracks, thats happen i´m good on mexico and run in same difficulty than another tracks but need reduce in baku and monaco, my fault
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    Funny how Spain only has 1 vote when it’s one of the most played locations in the entire game 😉
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    Hi @xXSephirothXx, we've not had a Featured Race that unlocks this yet, so no one should have this achievement at this point. Thanks!
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    Yes , just for Clarity we are speaking of Cockpit View. Alternatively , we should be able to Save the Specific View , so then we can load the correct view when entering a different Vehicle.
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    When will this feature be added in on consoles? It‘s on PC and should be brought over to consoles! Any infos @Faya?