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    Told you August was going to be a big month 😉 Announcement Blog Post
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    http://www.codemasters.com/dirt-rally-2-0-seasons-3-4-launching-from-august-2019/ @Pieman99, might I recommend this? 😉 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Decorations-Nonpareils-Halloween-Cupcake-Toppers/dp/B07HP3NSLF/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=edible+hat&qid=1565617320&s=grocery&sr=1-10
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    We have the livery, we just don't have screenshots approved by everyone yet. Once we have the all-clear they'll be shared.
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    I believe it's the 1999 (the one on the left).
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    That may come sooner than you think 😉
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    These are 2019-spec cars with new bodywork and liveries.
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    "And Codemasters is especially happy to announce that Season 3 & 4 will also see New Features" Week 1: FoV slider for Consoles Week 2: Dashcam!! Week 3: New time of day for all stages: Morning! Week 4: Brand New Separate Fully-Off-Line Career Mode! Week 5: New for selected stages: Fog! Week 6: Brand new unique stages for all rallies! Week 7: We finally fix the audio-cut out bug!!! Week 8: Keep dreaming folks!!
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    This is going to sound so selfish, but we will be out of the office at that date celebrating the end of 2019/start of 2020.
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    Happy to see Greece and Finland, but yeah... not one new rally location? 😞
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    Hi all, I've merged a couple of threads together as they were about the same thing. I will go and ask the team and I'll update you when I have more information. Thanks!
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    DR2.0 Online Rallycross at Abu Dhabi 😛
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    glad that Greece in particular and also Finland are coming with the updated graphics and physics/handling. but not entirely sure how i feel tbh. they're essentially selling everyone DR1 twice. and after Season 3, only 3/12 or 25% of the locations (Argentina, New Zealand, and Poland) will be new. the fact that the picture of the '01 Subaru doesn't have it in its official livery doesn't bode well either. Looks like we won't get an official livery for that car. which is pretty disappointing especially after how things went with the '07 Focus and its livery. the RX content looks great though.
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    I wonder if we will have to wait until after Estering for season 3 news? Or can we expect something early this week?
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    Yes these are the two separate cars run by STARD in 2019. 😃
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    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! 😄 The famous Lydden Hill returns and two new tracks with Killarney and Abu Dhabi. Than we get new and updated cars if I understand well for the 2019 content: - Renault Clio RS RX - NEW!!!! - Renault Megane RS RX - maybe some updated specs, like i mentioned earlier this topic - Ford Fiesta Rallycross (MK8) - this is the OMSE version, maybe updated with cooling in the back - Ford Fiesta Rallycross (STARD) - NEW!!!! I guess this is the M-Sport / STARD MK7 version which was raced earlier this season by Pal Try and Jani Paasonen. - Ford Fiesta RXS Evo 5 - NEW!!!! This is the STARD MK8 Fiesta I guess - Peugeot 208 WRX - i don't really know if there is difference between the 2019 spec and the version already in the game - Audi S1 EKS RX Quattro - Ofcourse already in game. Don't know if they do updates, or maybe the older spec used by JC Racetekic (Larsson, Ide, Ekstrom, ...) - SEAT Ibiza RX - NEW!!!!! It looks like 4 complete new cars. ------------ So CotA will not be in the game as the only 2018, but the choice is quite normal to choose for Killarney as it in in both 2018 and 2019. Although it is still a suprise, because that is a complete new scratch made track, while they could have (the well demanded) Spa RX track, which is also already in the F1 games. One another MAJOR suprise. NO MINI. Really a big suprise, as XITE is heavily involved with with Codemasters (promotion, GRiD). And maybe not that big of a suprise after all. NO HYUNDAI. I guess the licensing is really difficult for it. Also don't forget Hyundai is heavily involved in WRC and e-sports of that. So I would not suprise there are politics into play here.
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    So nice. The only thing is I wish Finland would come sooner. BTW, @PJTierney since you've added sunshine to Wales, does that mean we can drive Greece in the wet?
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    Whether Tc full, medium or off. Whether setup or not. It doesn't matter if different steering wheel settings are tested. It always remains the same result. Compared to pad drivers we have wheel drivers disadvantages. 1-1.5 seconds slower with wheel. It cannot be corrected and is very unfair from CM to not correct such things. Egal ob Tc voll, mittel oder aus. Egal ob setup oder nicht. Egal ob diverse Lenkradeinstellungen getestet werden. Es bleibt immer das selbe Ergebniss. Gegenüber Pad fahrer haben wir Wheel fahrer nachteile. 1-1.5 Sekunden langsamer mit Wheel. Es lässt sich nicht korrigieren und ist sehr unfair von CM sowas nicht zu korrigieren.
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    Its almost now impossible to do 600 cars. That Focus in GT2 is super low detailed. No interior, no damage model, etc. Probably a small part of a car in current games (f.e. logo of the car or the roofscoop, or steering wheel) is more detailed and takes more time than to develop that Focus in GT2 all together.
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    Casi seguro. Próxima semana sabremos algo.
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    I think it's made more frustrating by the fact that other games get around it yeah, even copying the basic colour scheme without the alcohol or tobacco sponsorships, like this for example: The Porsche SC RS was step in the right direction but then you've got cars like the 2007 Focus where the liveries are frankly abysmal...
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    The one thing you could do is to block them before first corner by going left and right.That is what Im doing and it works fine.After first corner is no more danger unless you make mistake.If you make mistake,just retry the race before it ends…..