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    a) I really enjoy the game b) I'll really enjoy Finland and Greece c) See a) and b) Sorry mate, I'm buying the rally content whether you like it or not - apparently there's a fix for the audio bug (which I've never experienced personally) coming soon BTW.
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    Hmmm.......we have a pad racer absolutely dominating our league this year (1 second a lap faster than everyone). But then again pad users have always generally dominated our league. We have guys that own a wheel, but race competitively with a pad instead because it's quicker. Always has been. In fact we have a guy who is a professional race car driver who last season was 1 second a lap faster than all....on the pad. This year he has a wheel and is back with the rest of us. Some sort of definitive proof would be nice on this as it's a pretty big issue. Big enough that leagues may start opting for 'wheel only' or 'pad only' races.
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    Nah, I'm buying it tomorrow or whenever they'll let me.
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    that's not the point, non deluxe players get it before us who paid extra for this service, if anything it should be the other way round, deluxe first followed by non deluxe after. This is another excuse for a continued cockup that is being ignored and brushed under the carpet with excuses. It was not always like this, if i remember we had dlc on time as deluxe owners.
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    I agree, DR 2.0 become a strong platform with most of its bugs fixed. It has GREAT physics, awesome stages, decent graphics and sound. I rather to see new content for DR 2.0 for 2020-21 than having DR 3.0 rushed and having a game with many bugs and reading again all the whining and crying here and on FBook.
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    That’s hard to do, because I really admire the work Christina did 🙂 Speaking of, there was a chat in the Discord last night that somehow ended up with this:
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    Surprise surprise I own the deluxe edition and it’s in the Xbox store and asking me to pay for it!! Didn’t see that one coming!!
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    While I get your point and (in general) agree with you, there are several big differences here in this specific case: 1) The developers actually care about the games quality. They proved with monthly updates that they really wanna fix the most annoying bugs and graphical issues. And they did. Not all is fixed by now, but I see big improvements every month. 2) There are no microtransactions, Pay2Win-mechanics or lootboxes in this game. The DLC/Season Pass pricing for this game is absolutely fair in my point of view. I have no problem with remastered content, because it's remastered, not just copy & pasted. 3) While I agree with the fact, that this game released unpolished (F1 2019, too, btw!) and I'm still pretty angry about that, this doesn't have any influence on buying the DLC for this game, because a) I see improvements and b) I enjoy this game every day. BUT GRID and a possible F1 2020/DiRT Rally 3/DiRT 5 will be watched very closely before release. I may even wait for reviews before I purchase them. If Codemasters releases GRID unpolished, I won't buy it. And the series will be dead for me. Be warned Codies. I stopped buying Need for Speed-games (i know, different publisher/developer) after the horrible Most Wanted (2012). The games after that I don't even looked at. The series is dead for me. No chances buying a new entry. I already decided to buy the season pass for season 3 & 4 at full price on purpose. To support the developers and showing them I like what they are doing.
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    Hi friends, I am kinda also in unbelive,but belive it or not I managed to take top spot in Austria Grand Prix event.I think I could go 2-3 secondes faster.There is allways posibility to do another retry 🙂 Here is whole session.Taked bit longer then hour to do whole event...I am so proud 🙂 Sound is cutting littlebit in the begin.Sorry about that.It will take a bit to go from 360p to 1080p.If you just want to see quali,race 1,2,3 or Leaderboard,there are clips of each on my channel.Enjoy!!!!
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    Simple! Users should NOT buy ANY DLC until the game is fixed! If they can (without guilt) charge us AGAIN for recycled content, we can (and should) withhold our purchase until all bugs etc are fixed! The content will ALWAYS be there, you WONT miss out! The longer you wait, the cheaper it will be! Do not support these disgusting tactics! i will buy the DLC in the sale, or from a key seller UNLESS!... 1) FFB is fixed 2) DASH CAM IS ADDED BACK IN THE GAME! Playing from the back seat or bonnet cam is just EMBARRASSING! 3) Audio Bug is fixed 4) Analog Handbrake is PUT BACK IN THE GAME 5) Career reset option! Please note: By funding this recycled content again, when the game is still broken, you are the reason developers add in micro transactions, season passes, pay to win mechanics etc. They don’t do it for ANY other reason, than money! Stop supporting bad business practices! Buy the DLC IF they fix the game and add back the features they removed for no reason! For those who dont understand, I urge you to watch JimSterlings videos on micro transactions as they are easily digestible for those limited on time, or 21k! This video below is EXACTLY the same for DR2! Stop ruining the gaming industry people, think before you give them any more money!
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    I've no problem with people requesting things that would make the game perfect for them, so long as it's done in a constructive manner 🙂
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    @Striker_703 I did some testing at 110 AI around Spain, heavy rain, short qualifying. The AI did a 1:30.197 Want to know the world record time trial Lap for Spain in the wet? It's a 1:30.511 So yeah, you could set a world record and still be nearly half a second off pole on the highest difficulty, or drive the 15th best lap time a human has ever done on TT this game (out of thousands of laps) and you'd still qualify P6 in a Mercedes, against slower cars. So please stop insisting we are just 'slow' because you beat them a couple of times on 80 AI in multiplayer practice rather than an actual qualifying session.
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    I think we shouldn't discuss if people are good or not in the wet. The whole point for me is: if I can keep up with the AI in the dry at a certain level (in my case 100%), I think I should also be able to do the same in the wet. People can say that maybe we are not good enough in the wet, but having to drop the AI level 10 clicks is not correct IMO. It wasn't like this in previous games. That's the whole point. Adjustments. Cheers
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    In hindsight we know Xtina did not work exclusively on Dirt while PJ is, so it's not really fair to compare. PJ is doing a smashing job though
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    So, just my 2c worth: If we had been told at the outset that within the first year, DR2.0 would feature four new locations, and eight remasters from DR1/D4, I think we would have been pretty happy with that. But the fact that it's under wraps and staggered leads to higher expectations, especially as existing locations get thrashed so we become hungry for new stuff. Agree with the idea that new locations could be charged at a higher rate. I would happily pay $20 for a new location. But it would help if there were more kms and therefore unique stages. From memory RBR had completely unique stages, one of its great features (this could be nostalgia but I think its correct). One of the problems with DR2.0 is finding yourself repeating entire sections back-to-back within a rally. Coupled with a slow stagger of new locations and it leads to fatigue/boredom. And I am adamantly of the view that feature updates are being overlooked. FoV slider, Dashcam, 2nd offline career mode, extra time of day for all stages (morning). These four alone would see an enormous amount of goodwill come from the player base. I hope CM can adjust their priorities.
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    A few things I have to say about locations: - People wouldn't want them to just reuse locations. So they did just that: shipped the game with all 6 locations being new. These locations are available at no extra cost. - Then there are those who like the old locations to return. But they need a makeover as there are new physics, new graphical and gameplay features than need to be integrated. It's not a straight up port. So, there's work involved and they need to charge for it. I was expecting, at least, 4.99€ per location. You get them for 3.49€. That's a win there. If you don't fancy driving those famous stages again, you can just not purchase them, which is great. - Last, but not least, I find it interesting that people want good, real-world rally stages, but they can't be repeated. If necessary, some of these people will buy a new Forza game, every 2 years or so, and expect all tracks like Le Mans, Spa, Nürburgring, all to come back again. That's repeated content you pay for over and over again. But, it's a new game, new graphics and the tracks are updated to a new level, just like the DiRT Rally stages. So, if you have no problem paying for the same racetracks, just improved, over and over again, why do you feel so cheated with the same real-stages (which you can't change otherwise they won't be real stages anymore) being revamped and charged for again?
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    Pretty useless review, I must say...
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    Yeah, this was/is my thought as well. As others have said, the "old" stages have returned with more polish as well, so they haven't just been directly copied in from DR1... ...that said, I am with the OP. I am refusing to buy more DLC until they fix the biggest bug of all: WHY THE HELL ISN'T THE RALLYCROSS RS200 BETTER?!
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    @JesseDeya Yeah, look it's not ideal. Sometimes it feels like there's a base of rally fans, and Codies are 'the only game in town'. So we've forked out how much now, for 4 new tracks and 8 remasters, (plus the best RX ever)? I've lost count of the dollars tbh. But there's another aspect to this: the review-bombing the game received on Steam (and consoles). So perhaps we are subsidising the lower sales which were a consequence? But also, this is more than a 'game'. It's a realisation of a simulation ideal that we tasted with RBR, and DR1.0 was just a work-in-progress for. There is nothing else out there that does the job. It's a first. And I am deadly sure that CM staff work their absolute butts off in their jobs. Hardcore simulation rally is just not a popular, easy sell. I have faith in the market, and do not believe CM are obliged to do anything. But I also believe that if they attend to the features we are pointing out to them, it will help everyone.
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    You use very harsh words and mostly for no reason. There are greedy software companies who make games packed with micro transactions, overpriced DLCs, pay-to-win mechanics. You can easily spend fortunes in World Of Tanks or War Thunder to buy better tanks, plane, battleships - there are vehicles for that game with a price more than a DR 2.0 Season Pass! There is Fallout 76: a game built on a 10+ years old engine - yet still full of game-breaking bugs - packed with the most annoying microtransactions. I agree, there are very bad tendencies in gaming industries, there are many similar games following similar practice like the 2 examples I've mentioned. (And I avoid these kind of games like plague.) But putting Codemasters into this category (greedy, lazy, uncaring b*stards) is very very unfair! No micro-transactions, no pay-to-win, no play-through-once-in-2 hoursand-forget-but-very-expensive DLCs, no game-breaking bugs. They add new contents for one year, for a very fair price and fixing and optimising the game - and in the while they communicate with the players. Where are those disgusting tactics you wrote about? At first, the game is NOT broken. They fixed the FFB, for most players it's good. Dashcam: there is a cockpit cam with adjustable seat (forward and back) and there is a zoomed in view, zoomed into the instrument panel. You're not forced to drive from the back seat. Audio bug: it happens a lot less than a couple of months ago, but well, it's still there. But it's far from being a game-breaking bug. Analouge handbrake: why would you need it to be analogue? Do you want to practice how to start a car on a steep hill? :) For turning you only use it only for a fragment of a second- a quick pull and there you go. For a 2 hour DR 2.0 session I don't think I use my handbrake for more than 3 seconds. Career reset: that's OK, I guess it couldn't be much work to add. Calling DR 2.0 broken for these minor annoyances is not right. Games are becoming more and more complex so it's getting harder to make them to fit everyone's taste. Calling Codies uncaring and greedy is an insult: they fixed many many bugs since release: FFB, dark sections on stages with bad visibility, rain effects, some optimisations here and there, etc. They are present on this message board and replying to our questions, they listen to us. Not every company communicates this much with their customers, even very big studios are completely deaf and mute. I think the developers of Dirt Rally 2.0 worth our support. They've made a great game and they're still working hard to make it even better and keep it fresh with new content. If you want new games made by them - or maybe Season 5 & 6 for DR 2.0 - support them and buy the new Season pass. I'll definitely do.
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    You can't will people to vote your way. I'm voting with my wallet, just a different party to yours. I have absolutely no issue with any of the 5 points you described. Perhaps the audio bug, but that has a 3 second fix (pause game, windows key, click audio icon bottom right, select different output device, reselect original output device, unpause game - for those who didn't know).
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    What are you on about? 1) They've created ~150km of brand new stage for this game and updated ~150km from DR1. 2) Instead of holding the shiniest, new bits back as DLC as many companies do, they've made that the base content so EVERYONE has this. 3) Then the upgraded DR1 venues are available optionally for people who are really into the game. Result; we have nearly 300km of the best modelled stages ever seen in a rally game. 4) They would not be able to produce the same distance in new locations as by upgrading them, so we'd have ended up with far less otherwise. 5) The Swedish stages are the same base model as DR1 but have nothing in common at all with Dirt 3, which has a few KM of really wide roads. Maybe they share the odd snow or tree texture, but that's it. The alternative to what we have would be the base game containing the updated DR1 locations with 2 brand new ones and then 1x new rally location per 'season'. Personally, I'd rather have been playing New Zealand, USA, Australia et al. for the last few months, during which I've forgotten the Greek and Finnish stages anyway.
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    Better to just continue developing DR2.0 imho. Would be awesome to get Season 5 and 6 and beyond. There are still directions they can go with this game.
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    Hello all, I’m still alive by the way. I heard something about a Peugeot maxi and a 206 WRC and Finland and I seem to have had some sort of trouser accident. Can’t wait
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    This is going to sound so selfish, but we will be out of the office at that date celebrating the end of 2019/start of 2020.