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    Am I the only one that misses the Audi S1 from DiRT Rally? The E2 that we currently have is really cool and all, but the older one has a lot more wins and a bit of US Rally history.
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    They can re-use the model from DR1 and launch it as DLC after Season 4. Content doesn't need to come out at such fast pace after that. I'd love to see the livery market flow, with the official liveries so the licensing would pay itself.
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    My first try. At the moment not happy with the camerapositions for photo's.
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    Lugaw Nazar said in Steam (here) : i have the same issue before, turns out it was my rivatuner causing the problem. i just set drt.exe application detection to none. And yeah, the game just works like before
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    ***** that's expensive! If Alonso returns in the next couple of seasons i'm 100% going to a GP.
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    PC Steam some fun with Lancia in New Zealand
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    Lol you already post it? Ehm...yeah!!how dare I am! This is unacceptable! And yes you are right forgive me: [insert “not a real rally driver”and random behavior/social skills insults here”]
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    Also, it seems Codies managed to source a 206 WRC for sound recording. So I can't wait to see how it looks and how it sounds in-game. I bet it's going to be awesome. HYPE ACTIVATED
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    I'm in 6 clubs, one of them inactive since I joined it weeks ago ( @bigburt82 why?) and it's pretty tough to do all those events + community challenges + AI challenges + career + time trial. I would even join more clubs, if there are some active interesting ones there. Not looked for a while, if there are new ones. But 32? Lulz. I don't even have a own one 😄
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    As a Rift owner who waited for VR (my wheel setup is on the other side of the room from my monitor) it's still pretty disappointing. The Steam version sounds like a bad buy due to the lack of Oculus SDK support, and the lack of transparency for Rift owners who bought the Steam version is disheartening. On the other side, the Oculus store version is currently twice as expensive, has DLC coming 'in the future' (which hopefully means on 8/27 they will drop the 'Super Deluxe' version) and will have a fraction of the player base for rallycross multiplayer (which constitutes most of Season 4 content), not to mention the Oculus store's generally poor track record of support. The Oculus funding obviously prevents you from commenting publicly on this or officially supporting it, but it would be really cool if a future update of the Steam version was compiled to support dragging and dropping the Oculus SDK .dll 🙂
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    This is incredibly disappointing news, and a spit in the face to everyone who supports Codemasters and the Dirt Rally series. If the Oculus API isn't going to be supported in the Steam version, the right thing to do would be to provide folks who purchased the game with an Oculus Key. Knowind Codies' history, I doubt that will happen. Shame it's too late for me to refund the game - the only reason a lot of people bought it was the promise of VR support.
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    Thank you! This is exactly what I needed. Last two days was extremely frustrating for me while trying out different settings for VR (Samsung Odyssey +). Keep up a good work.
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    Is DiRT Rally 2.0 the same on Steam and Oculus? The Oculus release is a separate version of the game and is not included with purchase of the Steam version. The Oculus version provides native support to Oculus devices through the Oculus SDK. Will the Steam version eventually provide native support through the Oculus SDK? Maybe with a update? I guess we should know that at least, is it planned?
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    Is there any news/progress on analog handbrakes? Whether it's being considered or prioritised...? Besides the requests in this thread, there seem to be plenty of other threads, but I've seen no official statement anywhere yet. Or at the very least, for those of us with an analog axis mapped to this binary input, please can we have some way of configuring a basic deadzone? Otherwise the in-game handbrake keeps engaging for fractions of a second due to vibrations or movement of the wheel/cockpit/whatever the input device might be attached to, which will obviously affect the control & pace of the car. DR2.0's input-mapping & multi-device handling are so much improved over the original DR & other CM games, but the handbrake seems to be the one thing that I think I'll still need to use a 3rd-party tool for.
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    Yeah a Pacenote Editor (really a recce mode even) would be an amazing improvement to the Dirt Rally series. The user made Dirty Pacenote app can work, but it's a LOT of work to import the samples/calls you need and then to mark out every stage and corner. if it was in the game, you could edit the pre made notes and make 2-5 corrections for a stage instead of redoing the whole thing (if you wanted).
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    Can you add tire slip FFB please
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    Just a little something I made. God, I love these games
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    How are you getting on with the input configuration options in-game? Various : it's ok for some devices, or part of device, and difficult for other : on my steering wheel / pedals (Thrusmaster TX and TH8A), it's ok for pedals calibrations, and I have some ridiculous angle during my Steering wheel calibration (over 10000 ° or rotation... Yes, ten thousand) Are they easy to find, easy to understand? Find : yes, understand : no. Is it easy to understand in-game what each of the settings mean and do? Yes. Is there anything in this regard you think the team could do better in the future? Add some handbrake calibration. And more tips on each option. How are you finding the in-game tools and configuration options? Not bad, not good. Various. How do you feel about how the game handles external configuration files? What are your thoughts on how the game handles multiple input devices, and switching between them? It's ok, it's perfectly detected and works fine. My main problem with inputs configuration is that I don't understand why the handbrake is not more detailed. We are in a rally game and actually, the handbrake fells like digital. In other simulation, my handbrake is well detected and progressive. Under windows, my handbrake is seen as an analogic input, and I have the axe and see the progression when I use my handbrake. In DiRT 2.0, my handbrake is detected, the axe is indicated, but the feeling is digital, like it use 10% of the axe, and it seems to act as an ON / OFF input.. Your feedback is always valued and in this particular scenario it will help the team not only with the future of DiRT Rally 2.0 but also in the development and implementation of other titles that are being planned for the future, like GRID. I'm not sure I'll buy another codemasters game when I see how DiRT 2.0 was released... Cars' physics is ok, but FFB is absent for some steering wheels. Handbrake is not correctly managed... And, for console players (I'm PC player) who bought the Deluxe edition, every new DLC seems to be available only few days after release due to bug (like they didn't buy it)... And the same problem appears at each DLC...
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    Analog handbrake please!!!! Also I have a Dimsim handbrake pro and a Dimsim sequential shifter 2 separate devices and when I change the shifter to shifter it changes the handbrake to shifter or vice versa I can not define which type of item they are in the settings
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    1. "Sequential or H-Pattern +/- Clutch" option is a priority. 2. "Assists" - Have an option to select "Authentic" assists that correspond to the real-world counterpart. 3. Make analog handbrakes available under "input reporting" and give us deadzone, saturation, etc adjustments just like pedals. 4. Brief descriptions of options from within the GUI. 5. Let us choose not only a default steering device, but also a default menu navigation device, so that keyboard keys can show up instead of buttons.