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    It's nobody's fault but Codemasters' if they chose to bring the release date forward without ironing out the bugs that have been present for years.
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    I actually won that copy @JZStudios Just another way I'm better than you.
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    This morning I tried Greece. Fell of the cliff in the first left hander. Oh the memories of DR1. Looks and plays amazing. Ps4 and season pas 2 owner here.
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    @ PJTierney ¿Planea verificar el desgaste de los neumáticos? Participo en clubes y nunca se justifica ir con neumáticos que no sean neumáticos blandos, duran mucho. Los medios y los duros no están justificados. ¿Lo revisan o está terminado y evalúan así? @CMMcBabe @ matthewhorsman @MrJamieLowes
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    Can we get a proper day/overcast? (Wales especially) I think Codies have really gone overboard with the brightness in current weather conditions. There isn't enough threatening conditions that aren't raining, can we get the heavy rain conditions without the rain? Skies look good, but we don't need the sun bleering through ALL the time, even when supposedly overcast. Most locations have Sunny. Cloudy (but still sunny) and rainy. Overcast is missing. Poland has proper overcast, the game looks good when it's not so bright and saturated but so few stages have a decent overcast setting.
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    Pretty sure I'm still the one with the most downvotes per posts, so I got that going for me. In fact, at least 4 people didn't like the fact that I don't love the new BMW. And now that I just looked at it, you can no longer go through and see what posts have been flagged by others like you could on the old forum. You can see all your recent notifications, but that won't even take you to the comment. Cool. I like literally nothing about the new forum, but at least they fixed the loading times.
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    wouldnt be surprised if the f2 thing is the last thing we get. CM behavior is a shame.
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    I'm fed up with this ... I'm changing to the competition (REAL RACING 3) actually they shouldn't be 'competition' because it's not pretending to F1 ... it's just a racing game with FAIR racing and not a BS game that doesn't even want to follow the rules that he real racing series needs to follow. the Update 8 changes nothing only makes it worse: - I have only 80% of the car performance in grid & sprint duels AGAIN ! - the tracks are messed up AGAIN ! (i.e. Sochi - first DRS zone starts at the detection point NOT the activation point) - my setup doesn't perform the same way anymore as use to AGAIN ! - I can't take the corners at the same speed anymore and I worked soooo hard to get the performance parts which are not seem to just have been downgraded. - since update 8 I have experienced a lag in steering and throttle response compared to before ... and even my road car is more responsive ... this is a sport where split seconds count - non of the actual issues have been addressed in the last three updates ... (i.e. the unfair disadvantage for players who actually want to play the real F1 and use the cockpit camera only to find themselves driving within the opponents car and have to guess the braking point and turning in point because it's all blurred) THIS GAME IS A DISGRACE FOR FORMULA 1 FANS & CODEMASTER HAS LOST THE EDGE THEY HAD IN THE 2016 GAME - THIS IS JUST ONE OF THOSE DEMOLITION DERBYS WITH AN F1 PAINT! If I want some F1 racing I will play the F1 2016 game. good bye !!! PS: I've been playing REAL RACING 3 and I'm having a lot of fun ... even on some of the F1 tracks 😉 ... and I can choose which parts to develop ... and whilst racing is hard IT IS FAIR ... I'm not connected in any form to real racing apart from wanting a racing game to be fun.
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    Maybe this is only applicable to my setup but I doubt it. I've been playing Dirt Rally with the default steering linearity settings of 0 for the past two years! I use a G25, thought DR was ok but just not very realistic handling. Today I was experimenting and thought I'd try setting steering linearity to -10. I had to then increase the sensitivity by reducing steering saturation as the steering range had then became too large... but once that was done the game has suddenly come alive!  Codies seem to have made a mistake in the steering linearity section by setting default as 0 and having -10 to +10 on the slider making people will naturally assume that -10 is non linear yet (in my case at least) it is now perfectly linear. I now have far, far better precision, steering resolution, better FFB and the cars now handle exactly as they should. Slides are easily caught, held and you can showboat for fun now. It feels almost like a real rally sim now and the 205 T16 has gone from being a total animal that was difficult to drive to being the most fun car in the game. Cant believe it! Try it, give some feedback and if it also works for you.. spread the word! Enjoy!  :D
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    Greece + R5s and RGTs = Perfection Loved this venue as the first place I learned to enjoy the 70s RWDs in DR1 and great to have it with all the DR2 upgrades in. Thanks for sticking at this game, it's finally turning into something much greater than the sum of its parts.
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    Same here. On xbonex purchased season 3/4 last night just hopped on and game doesn't recognize. $40au may not be much money to some buy I personally can't afford to throw money away 😟
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    Every tune for F1 19 cars is fundamentally the same outside of downforce. Yet, you're saying AC open wheelers are fake while praising F1 19. Maybe you're playing on a controller and not a decent rig. If so, the confusion is understandable.
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    Probably. Happens in real life too. Also, when I do look at whoever downvotes me, 90% of the time it's someone with only a few posts. Haha, there's a podcast called "Please Stop Talking" where the guys just get drunk and tell stories. One of them is French-Canadian and every story just ends up being how terrible he or the other French Canadians are as human beings. Edit* Holy ****, I've been here for a long time. I forgot that back in 2016 I was the first to vote for getting @tbtstt a free PS4 copy of Dirt Rally, since he was drooling all over us PC guys during the EA. You're still welcome Steve. They sent out an extra free copy just for you. And wow, Chu-chu was around too. Guess he's just not very active.
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    Greece has a day overcast variant, nice.... Still think the heavy rain condition without the rain would be cool. Dry/wet surface https://imgur.com/a/ErLxd8a
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    And I prove my point by chukonoku disliking my post. Nice. Reminds me when I worked at a restaurant and there was like 5 Chris's and 2 of them had the same last name. "You know where Chris is?" "Which one?" "The Waiter." "...which one?"
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    PC - Edited (colours/contrast) Greece is looking mighty fine.
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    I have just competed in Greece as this location came out today. When it comes to this, colours during sunset are quite the same as always. This is where I started my rally adventure with 'DiRT Rally'. It was 3 years ago and I still remember that it was exactly this stage. Then I drove with my favourite, red Mini Cooper S. What a sentiment. In case of DR2.0, Greece at night is not so dark like it is in DR1 when there was so dark at night, that when you broke your headlights, you actually didn't see completely anything. I am interested in how dark will be Finland at night. And whether there will be stars by the way. Do you remember this feature in 'DiRT Rally'? 😉
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    the point is that if you are good enough to get out of the qualifiers by being in the top 3% (or whatever), the setup does not matter. you should not worrying about getting your lowest possible time, you are just making sure you are faster than everyone who is slow. if you are almost that good, then practice with the stock setups. then if you are good enough to make the semis you can use your own setups. and who cares about assists? the assists slow you down a little and the people who use them (like me) will be slower anyways and never qualify. it's the qualifiers. 90% of the people who take part are going to do it for fun and not worry too much. if you're in that top ~10% or so, then cool. if not, chill out.
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    Get a license for the Abarth 124 R-GT as well whilst you're at it For reals though, the Rally GT class could really turn into something special in this game
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    and when will fog make a return? Some really strange omissions from this game that were already in dirt rally and dirt 4. Dashcam sure took its time too...
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    There is not a whole lot for sale in the sport of F1 in reality, so why forzarize this game to begin with micro transactions?! The removal of team cars from multiplayer was a great way in excising content from the game to meet an earlier delivery date, but it also gave Codemasters the lattitude to be creative with car liveries and racing outfit satorial flair, given. But to charge someone 10% of what the game costs for such a combination is to me a bit excessive. Why can't we just use hard earned competition points for the purchase of said items?!!!