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    No, the cars do have downforce, but definitely not enough. Here's a example at Spain to showcase that. Standard Setup i use to take Turn 9 flatout (flatout for around 8 out of 10 times as long as i drive in the perfect line) at around a median speed of 263kmh - 258kmh (which is still a bit slower than real life in the Mercedes which was around 266kmh). Front Wing: 11 Rear Wing: 11 Diff. On: 50% Diff. Off: 60% Front Camber: -2.8 Rear Camber: -2 Front Toe: 0.05 Rear Toe: 0.2 Front Suspension: 7 Rear Suspension: 5 Front ARB: 9 Rear ARB: 11 Front Ride Height: 3 Rear Ride Height: 5 Brake Pressure: 92% Brake Bias: 56% Front Tyre: 21psi Rear Tyre: 19.5psi Now i will list down the difference in median speed around Turn 9 with different aero wing setups than 11/11 (reminder, real life Turn 9 was 266kmh and easily flatout with no exaggerated over- or understeer): 10/10 = 262kmh - 258kmh (can take the corner flatout but not at a consistent rate anymore, only 5 out of 10 times) 9/9 = 260kmh - 256kmh (can take the corner flatout but not at a consistent rate anymore, only 3 out of 10 times) 8/8 = 253kmh - 248kmh (this is the point where i can't take the corner flatout anymore, need to lift to get around the corner) 7/7 = 251kmh - 244kmh (have to lift off the throttle around Turn9) 6/6 = 248kmh -242kmh (have to lift off the throttle around Turn9) 5/5 = 244kmh - 239kmh (have to lift off the throttle around Turn9) 4/4 = 243kmh -237kmh (have to lift off the throttle around Turn9) 3/3 = 240kmh - 234kmh (have to lift off the throttle around Turn9) 2/2 = 238kmh / 233kmh (have to lift off the throttle around Turn9) 1/1 = 236kmh / 231kmh (have to lift off the throttle around Turn9) Topspeed right before Turn 1 braking point is the grey tarmac at the left side right before the 50m board (reminder, topseed at the braking point of Turn 1 in real life was 319kmh) & topspeed at the start finish line (reminder, topspeed at the start finish line in real life was 292kmh): 11/11 = 312kmh at the braking point / 285kmh at the start finish line 10/10 = 315kmh at the braking point / 288kmh at the start finish line 9/9 = 319kmh at the braking point / 290kmh at the start finish line 8/8 = 322kmh at the braking point / 292kmh at the start finish line 7/7 = 325kmh at the braking point / 294kmh at the start finish line 6/6 = 328kmh at the braking point / 296kmh at the start finish line 5/5 = 330kmh at the braking point / 296kmh at the start finish line 4/4 = 332kmh at the braking point / 297kmh at the start finish line 3/3 = 334kmh at the braking point / 298kmh at the start finish line 2/2 = 335kmh at the braking point / 298kmh at the start finish line 1/1 = 337kmh at the braking point / 298kmh at the start finish line Conclusion: Codemasters only need to... ...increase downforce by at least 20%, meaning the current downforce performance at 11/11 should be available at 7/7 or 8/8 or at least 9/9 wings whilst making 11/11 even stronger for downforce itself... ...decrease drag by at least 5%, meaning that the acceleration should be made faster whilst keeping topspeed low. Imo downforce is properly simulated, but out of synchronisation to where it should be (i suspect around 20% less powerful at the moment), but camber and toe certainly are not doing what they are supposed to, as you said it's either grip or speed with the suspension geometry. If CM actually managed to create a similar in depth car setup menu and physics as in proper simulators, all this issue with setting up the car would be less frustating, and casuals could get a interactive tutorial mode and proper preset car setups that are realistically build upon each individual tracks characteristics to choose from, many creative solutions are available to balance this small issue out. Either way, the lack of downforce would still be an issue regardless. Maybe CM don't want to speak up on this subject because of R&D progression in career mode and because most people don't care whether or not the cars are 100% accurately performing in the game compared to real life? Guess i'll just finish up the mod my pals and i were working on over the past 2 weeks and boot up GP4, F1 Challenge 99-02, F1 2012, Assetto Corsa, iRacing and rFactor, those games either already perfectly mimic real life performance and or can easily be modded to adjust. Really sad to see that Codemasters refuse to fix the game themselves, even though it does not take a lot of effort to do so for this particular issue of car performance. 2019 season cars are in the officially licenced 2019 F1 game, but the car performance is off, GG Codemasters, well played.
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    Yes, 100%. It'd be a win - win situation for all. Do you still remember? Codemasters did come up with the story that they did not anticipate the cars to be that fast and believed the performance to be 1,5 seconds slower than 2018. Imo, it was a poor excuse because at the time of release of the game the 2019 season was already running and we were able to see multiple GP weekends that proved how insanely fast the 2019 cars actually turned out to be. No idea what CM were thinking.
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    @SturmDesTodes that was a very well written and explained post! Nailed the tuning issues right on the head. How hard can it BE to add 20% more downforce?! I mean nobody will complain. Us simmers will love it and casuals will love being able to go round corners faster too! I remember the first lap I did in the beta round China I was stunned at not being able to go flat out during THAT corner....!
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    @RedDevilKT Any update on your topic feedback of 15th of July 2019? It's almost 3 months now. Thanks in advance.
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    The antilag is unreal on them too
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    Jokes aside, the cars have too much understeer, even after the 1.05 patch got released the cars are still too slow compared to real life performances. 2019 cars are way faster than 2018, but unfortunately this is not the case in the game. Imo, the ingame cars of F1 2019 have... ...too much drag. We need to crank the aero up pretty high, which is a necessity to get close to the real life highspeed cornering speeds, but in contrary the cars do not get to topspeed as fast as irl which makes all the time gained in the corners getting lost on the straights. To specify, take France as an example, right before the start finish line Hamilton reached 8th gear at a speed of around 300kmh, whilst taking the long right hander corner of Turn 11 i believe at Sector 3 at around 205 kmh, if i try to get close to that ridiculous cornering speed by adjusting wings to a higher configuration (i use 11 / 9 wing at France to get close to the crazy real life cornering speeds) i only reach 8th gear and 300kmh on the start finish straight at the green Rolex clock which is located at the end of the pitlane. Unrealistic. ...too much understeer. At tracks that are supposed to have medium to low aero settings, the cars tend to have too much understeer to turn in and are also too prone to midcorner understeer in low speeds as well, whereas irl the cars are driving on rails during these type of corners. This unfortunately forces us to either use unrealistic suspension and roll bar settings or maximizing aero to get some better grip. Unrealistic. ...not enough highspeed grip. This is connected to all above. How can we fix this? Basically the cars themselves need to get at least another 1 - 1,5 seconds faster to what they are capable of doing right now, by... ...increasing high and medium cornering speed grip, for medium and higher aero settings and therefore reducing understeer. ...reducing drag for higher aero settings and thus making acceleration become faster. ...making the current aero grip levels of 11 / 11 wings available for 6 / 6 wings or 7 / 7 wings instead, so that the cornering speeds we currently are able to take at 11 / 11 wings should become valid at medium wing setups, increasing overall grip and cornering speeds. Also, please for Gods sake, fix the car setups already. At the moment people use completely unrealistic setups, using low aero configurations most of the time to maximize topspeed and acceleration as going for high aero makes little sense right now due to the insane amount of drag, these people also use some pretty shady suspension / anti roll bar settings that in reality would destroy the tyres pretty fast. Meanwhile in real life, topspeeds are slow, drag is minimal, acceleration is ultra fast, and cornering speeds are crazy high. Car setups could be fixed by... ...making too soft suspensions increase understeer, whereas a stiffer setup should do the opposite. ...making too stiff anti roll bars increase understeer, whereas a softer setup should do the opposite. ...making positive camber increase understeer, whereas a negative configuration should do the opposite. ...making Toe in increase understeer and help stability on the straights at the expense of cornering, whereas as Toe out configuration should do the opposite. ...making medium to higher aero settings more viable to use instead of going for low setups. All in all Codemasters have lots to do to fix this game, the cars performances and car setups are important and need to be fixed ASAP, currently the game is nowhere near to a perfect "official" representation of the sports. Seriously, do something. Hope it will get fixed before the end of this season.
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    Sorry to be bringing this up again but I've still not seen any clarification one way or the other whether this is getting looked at. Can we please get an update on some drivers performances who aren't performing at a realistic level. There needs to be some changes done to several drivers, most notably Ricciardo, Perez, Weber and Gasly, who are all either massively underperforming or far too fast. With driver transfers, it's pretty important to get this right in my opinion. Put Hamilton and Ricciardo in the same team at the moment and Ricciardo is consistently a second slower than Hamilton which is not even close to realistic. Then we get Perez and Gasly who are as fast as Vettel etc. No need to even talk about how mad Weber is. In my view, this is how each driver should perform relative to each other. - Hamilton should be the benchmark and then go from there. - Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo and Leclerc should all be close to Hamilton. - Bottas, Raikkonen, Sainz, Hulkenberg, Perez should be about even I'd say just slightly off the lead group (+0.150 on average or something). Butler and Weber could also be in this tier, maybe the tier above after season 3 or something. - Norris, Russell, Kvyat, Albon, Magnussen should be just a little bit behind the above group. - Grosjean, Gasly, Giovinazzi, Stroll and Kubica should then be towards the slowest. Is there any chance of this happening. Seems like a relatively simple fix of changing some stats. @RedDevilKT Compared to some problems this might seem relatively minor, but it should be a simple fix and currently it affects the entirety of single player making it a bit less authentic than it could be.
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    Strangely ironic that seems acceptable for people to comment on 'amazing' visuals even though it's pre-retail and cannot be compared against the (unseen) retail copy, yet not so acceptable to comment on 'poor' visuals because it's pre-retail and shouldn't be compared against the (unseen) retail copy. ...and don't forget to mention the super-superior puddles of PCars 1 + 2 as well as adding NASCAR Heat 4 to the list of potential racing games to drift back to 🙂
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    You can't be serious about #2. Doing something in a production environment is not the same as you changing configs in a camera tool with practically no QA. You have no idea just how badly your adjustments may have been chopped up by the QA department. But anyway, yeah it sucks that some stuff is locked down, I definitely agree on that point. Does it mean the game is bad or worthless, certainly not! On your last comment: if you don't want to pay for it, don't play it. If you play it, you should pay it.
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    Nice display Another thing useful is having a way to compare each practice & race best times in wheel.. it's hard trying to remember wat you do each time because it's not keep any way.
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    Looks like we're "missing" Corsica.
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    Friendly Reminder, This thread about the latest gameplay videos, not graphics. Leave your thoughts on graphics for the Grid Graphics Discussion thread.
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    agreed. it was weird starting this game and seeing the puddles doing nothing at all. I think it's because they're generated by an algorithm or something rather than placed in each spot specifically. in this game there are puddles everywhere when it's raining, whereas standing water in older games had to be placed in specific spots manually, so its usage was much more limited. this does mean however that you get puddles in super weird places sometimes, especially in Germany. check the screenshots i took below. they just show that the puddles aren't placed there by someone who knows how water works (ie, a human). so making physics effects and sound effects for all of them is probably really hard. it's a case where they went for visual impressiveness over reality a little. you win some, you lose some, I guess. these two puddles (right of car on first photo, left in second photo) are on hills. that should not happen. [ livery from http://mesasartworks.hu/downloads/dirt-rally2/264-mirage-r5-wrc-05-tribute ] on the other hand, this dip I am about to go through should have a massive puddle in it, because water should drain there from all directions (the fields on both sides, as well as the road in both directions. but it doesn't.
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    They also have refused to change the car performance to give us more downforce as well after the 1.05 patch dropped, at the moment the cars are way too slow in demanding corners and it is a immersion breaker for anyone that tries to get the maximum out of the cars. These issues should be fairly easy to fix as even amateurs can create mods that give us real life performances in less than a week for PC and CM are professionals who have been in the industry for over 30 years, which makes this ordeal even more disappointing. Maybe they believe that both "driver performance" as well as "car performance" is a "non issue" because of driver transfers and r&d? If that is the case, then CM are either... ...lacking time (not enough time to fix everything, and a perfect game would be bad for next years title, so they just leave it as it is)... ...lacking vision (uptight mentality of gamedesign that ends up in total disaster, usually a dictatorship of leading figures that are quite stubborn and don't care about criticism)... ...lacking talent (maybe the devs are overwhelmed by the issues and simply can't fix them and the rumour is true that mostly inexperienced interns are working at CM)... ...are lazy (too much work, parties and coffee breaks are more enjoyable)... ...and or simply don't care (they got our money already, so why bother?). Whatever CM are currently doing, it is frustrating to witness.
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    In DiRT 4 you could just throw with the Supercars and you wouldn't loose time. In DiRT Rally 2.0 you really need to drive a lot more tight and clean to go faster. But it is really difficult to get the physics right as sometimes on gravel sideways is faster, and other time more tight is faster on gravel. and I think the developers went for a compromise. Overall the griplevels are still to high (and brakes to strong) in DR2.0, but it has been great step forward compared to the previous games.
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    In previous topic "v1.8 report bug" I had reported several bugs, which concerned incorrect reports with Italian co-driver, an existing one since version 1.0.. in current version 1.9 have not been corrected, will be corrected in 1.10? Try to understand that reporting same bug 6 or 7 consecutive times, and never seeing it fixed, becomes quite frustrating.. and I no longer want to report the same bug yet, and again, and again..
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    Loved the Manx International rally video, brought back memories of my many miles round the island - the roads there are superb, and notice the F2 cars they were running, that'd be an amazing location to have in DR 2.0, the rain and fog really changes up the roads there on a daily basis, lots of fun (not?) clearing your visor as you climb through the mountain section (my miles there were on motorcycle)
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    Exactly! It's because in real life teams don't choose their tire allocations days before the race they have to do it about 6 weeks before if I remember correctly. It would be kind of cool if this was implemented in the game but in a simplified format where say before every 5 races you had the next 5 races come up on screen and had the option of choosing manually or leaving to automatic. The better your learn the tracks the easier this would be season to season. Doing it before every race would just slow the game and fun factor down a lot but doing a batch of 5 circuits in a row would be cool I believe. Cmon CM out this or something similar in 2020 please!
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    Lancer Evo IX is one particularly cool car that has been absent from rally games for a while. R4 class could maybe use one more car
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    My tarmac Candidates would be either MANX Or San Marino/ Rally legend
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    Wasted because I could have spent that time upgrading a different car that is actually usable. Shouldn't even need a patch for something so basic in the first place. The car has been out for weeks and we just got at 10Gb patch that didn't fix it. So excuse me if I'm not all giddy about a promised patch a month from now. lol CM does so many things right. Between this and F1, I wonder who the hell prioritizes things there, though. "Sir, the car is on fire!" "Well let's go ahead and make sure the satellite radio is ok."
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    From what I understand, there is a bug in My team. The M2 has a turbo, in contrary to the other cars in the GT class. The problem is that the turbo is not available to fix. So when your turbo is damaged, it is not available to the crew for fixing nor replacing the part when it is broken or worn out. I don’t know if Codemasters are aware of the problem, though.
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    I track when does the problem occur guys here is the original thread short answer. The problem may be is patch 1.15 that removes the SC after a flashback, unfortunately, maybe broke the sc in 2018 and 2019. Tested in Monaco but this works everywhere, Monaco is easy to test so what are the results. In turn 1 if you block the rest of the cars in a crash the safety car always is deployed in 2016 and almost every time in 2018 2019. May be CM made the same test and think the SC works but no. After corner 1 when the AI moves not even a lap but you can test it in 2018 2019 the SC disappeared after big crash or blocking of the track. In 2016 several laps later its deployed so it's working as intended in this game. I think this issue is introduced in some of the patches for 2018 and it's a legacy bug for 2019 so the retroactive patch is needed for 2018 aswell or even 2017. Fixing this bug is paramount in 2019. Please, Codemasters fix this Huge issue. I track when it happens, check your code. This is the reason the SC is not properly deployed in the carrier mode or outside because is disabled after turn 1 for some reason.
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    You are welcome. I take that approach as well even though sometimes a little mistake slips through the net but overall they are all completely finished when I release them. There's a form of comradery amongst fellow livery designers that's nice to see. I follow several others as well to see what they are up to and help new modders out if they have questions. I had a few weeks of holiday this summer which was the time I released quite a few liveries but now that work is in full swing again, and there are some high-level clubs I race in and need to practise for, time is very limited at the moment. Like @mesa said, keep up the good work everyone! 😄