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    We all know you meant What The Fulvia anyway.
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    I'd like to see a roadbook outlining Codemasters intentions regarding taking the game forward. Not just the usual 'xx DLC on yy day' but a greater degree of transparancy as to what they're actively looking into to improve upon gameplay and features
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    I just created a gallery with direct comparison screenshots of San Francisco GP in GRID 2019 and Autosport if someone is interested. Full gallery: https://abload.de/gallery.php?key=kLY3TgnZ
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    force feedback is light, needs ramping up
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    Simple problem, my mouse pointer is permanently on the screen. It's not a game breaker, but is chuffing annoying. Any idea how to get it to bugger off? Problem persists whether I use an XBox 360 controller or Logitech wheel.
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    it's autumn now (I live in QC, just a little north of NE). I've seen people here complaining that it's too colourful and it looks totally fake. I agree it looks a little fake, but actually it's because it's not colourful enough. the trees aren't all orange like this. they're all the shades from yellow-green to bright red. it's awesome. I took the picture at the bottom 3.5 hours ago. it still looks better in DR2 than Michigan in Dirt 3 and 4. Michigan also has these crazy autumn colours, but in those games they're just kind of orange-brown [please note this is a very old screenshot I made to complain about the draw distance of ground cover in the game. it has since been improved] [awesome custom NR4 livery: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ben-hunt-rally-new-zealand-2017.25465/ ] edit: well, I've been trying to delete these screenshots from my post for 10 minutes. I guess they are here to stay haha
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    Free doughnuts and tacos? Where can I sign up for that? 😉
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    The "it's a beta" excuse is well known to be used by idiots. I can count on one hand the number of titles that this excuse was actually true. In recent years, companies started plastering "prerelease footage", or more hilariously "prealpha footage" up until a month before release 😂, and the gullible lap it up.
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    We need custom PUBLIC lobbies (just like a private lobby except everyone can join off of a searchable screen). Codies have had these in every GRID and DiRT game in the past as far as I can recall. Without custom public lobbies this game will die quickly. Fix asap!!! Also, add option to have NO AI in online game. And add a label to your lobby so players know what races you are running. This is day one stuff guys. And you know it. Thanks!
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    One single thing! Add custom public lobbies and lobbies list and I can live with whatever comes in the way after... 🤐
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    Let's call this a beta version and move from there :)
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    The Multiplayer menu needs to be modified for players to be able to see the list of created "Private" lobbies ontop of "Quick Match", which is a random playlist.
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    A feature to customize the race length of career mode races! We dont even need to get more rewards, we just want to race a bit longer 🙂
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    Please, race length in career. A 2 minute race is not a race, is a quick fight to get to the top. Please, please. Grid Autosport nailed it
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    the main thing behind the request is a reason why dashcam even exists. it's not another tv cam. It's 'artificial' driver position to help driving a car using monitor. Since it's task is to help, leaving in a view objects which disturb is counter-productive. Arguing about existence of this object irl does'n make any sense in this context. IRL nobody uses this view especially with such fov (which makes this object even bigger) I can understand the request a imo it's valid since such big rpm indicator can really disturb or even blind a driver (ie at night). Another fact is consistency. It's inconsistent with other cars.
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    This was reported the first time a MONTH ago... "no Eye Adaptation" Lots of people kept saying in that thread "it's just a prerelease build", "it will be fixed at release"... well, it seems somebody forgot to take notes for the devs. The fanboys that were defending the game saying all the reported bugs and problems in the Graphics Discussion thread would be fixed for release are nowhere to be seen now. 🤷‍♂️
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    -Make AI in multiplayer optional by having a vote option before every MP championship, its getting old way too fast getting slowed down by AI or just plain getting taken out -Odometer for purchased vehicles -In garage, divide the menu with "purchased" and "available to purchase" -While hovering another player (where you can see their profile), add a stats popup, I mean, whats a MP without stats
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    A few more videos taken. Classic Touring Cars- [Retro Film] 4K Replay Re-editing videos
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    I don't think it's a case of how hard these issues are to fix. It is more a question of priority and motivation. Priority will be given to the 2020 game. Clearly the motivation is to make money and that has been done! Then the 2020 game will suffer the same bugs and issues again, and a few new ones. Microtransactions have now entered the game, so expect to see that concept expanded, it really is sad to times for this series. I can't see myself buying the 19 game and given this titles history, the 20 game either. The only hope I have is that with the new consoles comes a new game engine and a fresh start. I really think it's time the license went to a new company or even better the license goes to two companies and there is a bit of competition...
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    DLC car Deluxe liveries are a rarity, but there was a lot of feedback about the '07 Focus liveries available, so we responded 🙂
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    Agree with smoke, there is a lot missing from multiplayer atm and its a shame there is no tuning but I also see racenet there that does nothing so I'm thinking there is a lot to come via updates soon, sort of a release small and iron out bugs first before expanding the features. shows a lot of promise though!
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    Any news if/when we will be fit to skin the dlc cars? Few I really really want to do☹️ almost finished this too just one event logo I cannot find anywhere... Marty mc cormack/Barney Mitchell r.a.c winners 2017
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    @Wynterdust why are you surprised? This is Classic Codies! The silence now will continue until a possible patch in November and maybe one in December. This is how they’ve always worked. @ChasteWand don’t get sucked in but the discount and save the money. Until Codies are hit in the pocket they will continue this cycle and mediocre support and product.
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