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    Sure is baffling how the same guys who made Dirt and F1 gave us something so underdeveloped online features wise. Previous installments single player was lacking so that was kinda fixed. But the multiplayer, which was good as it had always been, was neglected. Focus of this series has to be put back to player interaction, not artificial. It did not have to be give one, take one.
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    The sporting committee acknowledges the protest and has started investigation. I would like to Kick Steam Name "Sander Moks", but don't know the corresponding forum username yet... He displays a complete disregard for the one car rule and has been using several different vehicles. @RFSander @virginijus.m (Steam name) @virgism Last and only Warning. You started with the Impreza '01. You have to take the Impreza '01 back in USA and for the rest of the season, otherwise this will result in disqualification. @snakegt40 (Steam name) @Tunasnake Last and only Warning. You started with the C4. You have to take the C4 back in USA and for the rest of the season, otherwise this will result in disqualification. @PJTierney Feature request: Somehow being able to see which Racenet-Name (Chapionships and Website) belongs to which Platform-Name (Leaderboards and Stage Results) and vice versa. Currently there is no way of correlating one to the other, especially if it isn't obvious by naming itself. EDIT: Figured out the names by aligning the points from the Championship standing with the actual stage result positions EDIT2: USA went meh overall. Too many mistakes and no proper rythm... After Poland now this... Seems my Subarus Fast-Setup needs a lot more refinement.
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    This is a link to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/GTRTechnical I will be sharing all the setups I create on DiRT Rally 2.0. So if you cant be bothered or just don't know how to tune then this channel will eventually be a one stop shop for you. The most up to date setups will be in the SETUPS section of my channel home page. I will be holding polls in the community section of my YouTube channel to choose the next car. Monday - Sunday WEEK 1 you will pick the class, Monday - Sunday WEEK 2 you will pick the car, so be sure to get your votes in. You Can find the polls here https://www.youtube.com/c/GTRTechnical/community The plan is to tune every car in the game for every location, so if the car you want isn't in my channel it will be by the time I'm done. If you like the setups obviously please show your appreciation with a like just so I know I'm still on the right track with the setups. If you want to keep up to date with the latest setups I've done, either subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or follow me on Twitter. Good luck on the stages! RX SETUPS
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    Hello there! I'm writing here, because there is probably few people among us who likes to complete games on 100% (I'm one of them too). The trophy/achievement "Around the Globe" states that we have to accumulate number of kilomteres equal to our globe. Some user stated, that after almost 40h of playing, progress in achievements says it's only 6% ?! Is that really true? If yes, than this trophy requries enormous amount of grind. I can understand a little bit of grind after completing everything else, but this is just another level... I dunno, but this trophy/achievement will requrie hundrends of hours to finish. What's up with that Codies? Isn't this a little bit too much? I like the game very much, but I don't want to spend racing around an oval for 200 or 300 hours (if not more). DriveClub had perfect trophies, after finishing all events it requried a little bit of grinding, but not too much. And after dlc hit the store, almost everything was completed during finishing them. Can somebody please explain what's the purpose of this trophy and why in gods name it requries so much grinding from us? Is it possible to lower the requriements?
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    Homologated in 1998, the Volkswagen Golf Kitcar evolved over the course of several years, and won its class convincingly at the hands of several high level competitors. The 4 cylinder 270bhp engine produced upwards of 250nm of torque, making this car a handful for less experienced drivers.
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    Hi boss, just an idea for the thread, everytime i write a suggestion or i read something interesting from Others i have the vibe like is all wasted time ("Obviously no guarantees that the suggestions will turn into in-game additions"). To make things more interesting and also reward our contribution, you should update the OP post with a list of all suggestion are actually taken into development, with updates on the status. This way we know what is going on with future patch and fixes. example: First patch hotfix work in progress contents, estimated release date .. .. .. : - possibility to have public custom lobby in multiplayer - on off switch for ai multiplayer - built in text chat - etc - etc
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    i wish that the weekly challengers coming back and it would be awesome the leaderboards are crossed with all platforms but thats a bonus request, weekly challengers first
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    ^^ I wish the car setup menu had all the options Grid Autosprt has... 2019 has no differential, downforce, suspensions option for front and rear so tbh we can´t really change the cars balance/ turn in/out behavior in 2019 with so much missing and only be able to have it stiffer or softer overall and the steps in between min/max are also very limited with 2 compared to 10 in Grid AS...
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    I see communication is still a strong point with codemasters. Its interesting checking in every month or two to see how little they interact with the community once the games released.
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    I was enjoying Dirt Rally 2.0 a lot until I got upset of listenning that emotionless and monochordic co-driver. It would be expected from frachise with a long list of sucessfull rally games to go the extra lenght to give the player a taste of real rallying. The co-driver in Dirt 2.0 sounds like he's speaking from inside a recording studio, the pacenotes are not fluid, and also very simple (the most harcore rally fans will understand this point). The co-driver doesn't react to crashes, continuing to give the pacenotes like a robot, not even does he warns you something as basic as you going the wrong way. I think Codemasters should consider this issue as it takes off a lot of the "rally feel" from the game, wich is a rally simulator. Take the example from former Dirt Games, specially Dirt 3, wich had a very realistic co-driver, albeit with some flaws naturally. Also the option of having a female co-driver would make sense to return, acounting a growing number of female gamers and also some men would enjoy that.
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    A story. CM spent all that money on Alonso when in all honesty they already had good characters they could've built on, even just through their presence in the past games. Remember how simple TOCA Race Driver 2's progression system was? It was still bearable because the player character's charge in the Shark Team Challenge motivated you to keep going, even when the game got weird. You'd straight up feel the same sort of weirdness everyone around your character felt when doing all those weird races mandated by the Challenge, only to have that weirdness replaced with hype upon getting the chance to eliminate one of the best contenders by forcing them into a 1v1 in conditions they were deeply uncomfortable with (ice!). You rarely ever needed to win, you just needed to survive, which usually meant staying within touching distance of Cesar and Stellan, solidifying them as actual threats, something you rarely get with anyone in the new GRID until you get to the world series. Cesar turning out to be a good guy? Stellan literally threatening to kill you in the final showdown for the F1 seat? Cheesy, yet memorable, and memorability is something that the new game sorely lacks. We don't even have to limit ourselves. The original TOCA Race Driver game gave you a lot more options, options that were nicely intertwined with the story of our favorite old McKane. From losing your father to seeing your brother be injured by the same guy, to finally having to take him down in the LMGTS championship despite his Viper having a 100kph advantage over your measly Supra, you're compelled to follow his cheesy story all the way through, and it's not like the gameplay is in any way hurt by the addition of these story elements. Something like this might be niche and not really in demand, but would it, in any way, have cost the development team any more than bringing Alonso in did? People obviously know Alonso, but you already know what GRID fans know, remember and love: Ravenwest. There would've been plenty of room to add something substantial pertaining to them in this game. To give a few examples: Autosport and its aftermath: Who won the final championship in the end? Did Leo Garnier leave of his own volition or was he kicked? Harrison Carter being confirmed as the player character in Autosport would've gone a long way towards explaining why he suddenly became Ravenwest's #2 driver following McKane's apparent retirement from racing. Nathan McKane and Rick Scott: Autosport comes painfully close to overtly confirming that the two of them are the protagonists of TOCA Race Driver 1 and 2 respectively. "Getting out in front and vigorously defending his lead"? Suspiciously similar to the biggest exploit in the first game: the player always getting a much better start than the AI, and the AI always struggling to overtake if you just constantly blocked their path. That game's protagonist just so happens to be Ryan McKane, and justifying a name retcon wouldn't be difficult. The same goes for Rick Scott, who is both an open-wheel champion (in line with the single season of F1 you can do with the Shark Team after beating the final boss) and a drift expert (in line with both the weird challenges from 2 and the Shibuya boss fight in the old GRID), things that are also hinted at in his Autosport description. In fact, the Shark Team is actually present as one of the teams in the old GRID. Why not build on their characters a bit more by confirming their involvement in the past games and featuring them in cutscenes? We even know what Nathan is supposed to look like, courtesy of Ryan. Other characters: Sergio Alvarez, the demonic world record beating AI from Dirt 4, is present in this game... and he's terrible. Why? Even just a simple description of his past achievements would've sufficed. And don't get me started on the characters from GRID 2 that didn't make the cut, like Bruno Silva, despite others having miniboss, boss or even (undeserved) final boss status. I get the feeling that I would be far from the only one who would've been interested in something like this. Perhaps even as a prequel to the original GRID, explaining the creation of Ravenwest and how Nathan McKane and Rick Scott came to be partners. If nothing else, it would've been a lot better than what we ended up getting.
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    Hi I'm playing with trustmaster t300 wheel and find the cockpit view really far and not convenient for wheel use I tried to play with "field of view" to minimise but i don't get so much of it How can i make to cockpit view more narrow to me? Many thanks
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    Let a guy disagree what he wants to disagree with. Using his opinion against him is not an OK argument.
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    Lol wait until the 3rd or 4th season after you have most upgrades. He will be 3 or 4 seconds ahead of you PER LAP!! I kid you not...
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    in real life.. teams use FP1 to dial the basic setup in.. the 1st R&D is (probably still is) sight laps ..where you make sure you are hitting the right apexes (apexses? apexi?) at roughly the correct speeds. 2nd one is (I believe) the tyre wear test.. make sure you are not slipping and sliding a lot or over spinning them (its to make sure you aren't overheating them). 3rd one is ERS test .. they know all this from sims anyway so nfi why they would do this... its really so u can practice dropping it to 1 or 0 on the end of straights and get the most out of charging. 4th is fuel test..(or maybe its 3rd and ers is 4th) more practice short shifting (or using 1 gear higher than normal for a corner) and coasting 50m before you would normally break for a corner. again the teams already know most of this info from sims. in game to get the most out of things ....do r&d one, tweak setup ... have another run on same tyres. happy move to do 2 3 and 4. Do them all on the same set of tyres (set for that program). (select it in the little menu that appears when you choose to do a R&D thing. saves you wasting tyres. FP2 in real life is when they do a "qual run sim" or "low fuel run". to make sure the setup works at lower fuels. FP3 in real life is a combo of race pace run ....where they run heavy fuel and they don't use DRS in the drs zones... and just general warming up for the incoming qualify. they don't use DRS in race pace runs because...they generally don't get to spend a lot of the race using DRS. do with that knowledge what you will. the real life counterparts will do (most of) the qual and race pace programs on both (or all 3) sets of tyres..
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    I must say, the way the ERS and FUEL are in the game does work for me. I have the Thrustmaster F1 add on wheel and i use the rotary dials to change the ERS/FUEL mode on the fly. I think when playing F1 with friends (F1 2018 that is), this can be very unpredictable who will win, pure base on who can manage the ERS/FUEL best. For me personality, it should not change. But that is my opinion.
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    They didn't fail. The FFB is closer to real life than it was in DR1 IMO and based on the discussions above probably also according to SME's. There is some % of players complaining about it, but as Apple would say, "a small percentage of users". It's just not so easy to say with FFB that someone failed without providing some actual data (anything concrete) or expert opinion to back it up. Edit: I think what you can claim is that the decision to make more realistic FFB rather than traditional FFB with extra assists and exaggerated effects is not something you like as a gamer.
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    Dieter Depping drove this, famous German rally driver. And now he's a test and development driver for VW Motorsport
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    Hi Chris, I am a huge codies racing fan. I've played all GRIDs and DiRTs ever. The multiplayer and the car physics have always been the most important features for me. Codies know how to make this happen. Except for GRID 2019 so far. We are all hopeful this is fixed asap and that GRID 2019 does well! I can speak for 99% of players: 1. Eliminate ai from quickmatch 2. Add custom public lobby system like we had in prior GRIDs and/or the most recent DiRT games. Add a feature for the host to "label" their lobby so incoming players will know what the lobby is about (ie: touring cars, no assists).
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    Please make race distance adjustable as in Autosport!!!!!
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    Absolutely love the game (im on PC btw), I just have one main gripe and its with the replays. Codemasters have always done really good tv style replays like in the Dirt series. I dont play F1 but ive seen some videos and they look great. The tv style camera replay in GRID is pretty poor. It swaps between about 4 or 5 views and the main tv style replay lasts about 2 seconds for each clip and for some reason the sound goes really low as well so its not great to say the least. I know its not exactly game breaking, but when you have a great race or do a brilliant lap time, its great to sit back and watch yourself on a tv style camera replay hitting those apexes and flying round the track. I know its unlikely this will change, as I have had issues with this on other games and its very low down the priority list or it just cant be changed as its too big a change. Its just for such an awesome racing game like this you would have thought it would have ahd a great tv styel camera replay to take in all those wonderful graphics..... Oh and the Multiplayer. I know thats 2 things but its been said a 1000 times so I wont repeat it but pls improve the mutiplayer and add some sort of rankign system. That would defintely give an incentive to play this online over other games which I assume is what you as a developer want. heres hoping ...
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    I would love to see the Peugeot 207 S2000, Citroën C2 R2 and DS3 WRC.
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    @obo Thanks for doing a detailed analysis of the every-2-seconds stutter caused by input device polling, and you're an absolute star for providing others with a solution. I usually prefer to avoid using anything that modifies or hooks into games, for fear of triggering some form of anti-cheat or similar, and to avoid the risk of malware... that's just me being as cautious as I would be with any other code, so please don't be offended! In any case, I'm sure we'd all rather this was fixed properly... @PJTierney Is there any news regarding CM integrating this input-device-polling fix natively (into at least DR2.0 & D4 hopefully?), so we don't have to rely on 3rd party hacks/workarounds or unplugging/disabling random USB devices? It looks like @obo has narrowed down the cause quite specifically for the devs, along with suggesting a better method of registering to receive a callback when input devices change, rather than continuously polling all devices every 2 seconds. Or perhaps a quicker/interim solution might be to disable the polling during any on-road action, but leave it active in the menus? Thanks! https://github.com/simonowen/dirtfix/#cause
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    With that in mind, in hopes that it helps, I've aggregated a list of cars I'd like to see appear in DR2.0 that were already in older EGO-engine DiRT Games. Group B (RWD): [DiRT1] Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Group B (4WD): [DiRTR] Audi Sport quattro S1 Group A: [DiRT3] Toyota Celica GT-Four Up to 2000cc: [DiRT1] Citroën Xsara [DiRT3] Fiat Grande Punto S2000 [DiRT3] Peugeot 207 S2000 [DiRT1] Peugeot 307 [DiRT3] Subaru Impreza (2007) R4/NR4: [DiRTR] Subaru Impreza WRX STI N13 (2011) R5: [DiRT4] Hyundai R5 Up to 1600cc: [DiRTR] Ford Focus RS (2011) [DiRTR] Hyundai i20 (2014) [DiRTR] Mini Countryman Rally (2011) [DiRTR] Volkswagen Polo R (2013) R-GT: [DiRT3] BMW Z4 M [DiRT1] Lotus Exige [DiRT2] Nissan 350z RX Classic: [DiRTR] Mini Cooper S RX Super1600: [DiRT1] Citroën C2 S1600 [DiRTR] Peugeot 207 S1600 [DiRT1] Suzuki Swift S1600 RX Supercars: [DiRT4] DS Automobiles DS3