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    That's why I think these things should always be an option. I remember how Grand Prix 2 in the 90's had an option for random mechanical problems for the player. While Codemasters won't do it because "not everyone likes that" 🙄
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    cool patch with a lot of fix. Serious stuff will be when happen this: - added ... - add - introduced - add - feature added - add - added - new - new - etc etc and last but not least - new trees high details pack
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    It's a start, but looking forward to seeing some important changes that we've been requesting.
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    Hey all 🙂 Quick update on the status of the next patch: it's currently going through tests internally ahead of submission, and I'm putting together the official patch notes with the team as we speak. From super-minor stuff to plenty of community-reported topics, the team have managed to create a huge number of tweaks and improvements for the patch, so I'll deliver the notes as soon as they're 100% confirmed. Thanks 🙂
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    A story. CM spent all that money on Alonso when in all honesty they already had good characters they could've built on, even just through their presence in the past games. Remember how simple TOCA Race Driver 2's progression system was? It was still bearable because the player character's charge in the Shark Team Challenge motivated you to keep going, even when the game got weird. You'd straight up feel the same sort of weirdness everyone around your character felt when doing all those weird races mandated by the Challenge, only to have that weirdness replaced with hype upon getting the chance to eliminate one of the best contenders by forcing them into a 1v1 in conditions they were deeply uncomfortable with (ice!). You rarely ever needed to win, you just needed to survive, which usually meant staying within touching distance of Cesar and Stellan, solidifying them as actual threats, something you rarely get with anyone in the new GRID until you get to the world series. Cesar turning out to be a good guy? Stellan literally threatening to kill you in the final showdown for the F1 seat? Cheesy, yet memorable, and memorability is something that the new game sorely lacks. We don't even have to limit ourselves. The original TOCA Race Driver game gave you a lot more options, options that were nicely intertwined with the story of our favorite old McKane. From losing your father to seeing your brother be injured by the same guy, to finally having to take him down in the LMGTS championship despite his Viper having a 100kph advantage over your measly Supra, you're compelled to follow his cheesy story all the way through, and it's not like the gameplay is in any way hurt by the addition of these story elements. Something like this might be niche and not really in demand, but would it, in any way, have cost the development team any more than bringing Alonso in did? People obviously know Alonso, but you already know what GRID fans know, remember and love: Ravenwest. There would've been plenty of room to add something substantial pertaining to them in this game. To give a few examples: Autosport and its aftermath: Who won the final championship in the end? Did Leo Garnier leave of his own volition or was he kicked? Harrison Carter being confirmed as the player character in Autosport would've gone a long way towards explaining why he suddenly became Ravenwest's #2 driver following McKane's apparent retirement from racing. Nathan McKane and Rick Scott: Autosport comes painfully close to overtly confirming that the two of them are the protagonists of TOCA Race Driver 1 and 2 respectively. "Getting out in front and vigorously defending his lead"? Suspiciously similar to the biggest exploit in the first game: the player always getting a much better start than the AI, and the AI always struggling to overtake if you just constantly blocked their path. That game's protagonist just so happens to be Ryan McKane, and justifying a name retcon wouldn't be difficult. The same goes for Rick Scott, who is both an open-wheel champion (in line with the single season of F1 you can do with the Shark Team after beating the final boss) and a drift expert (in line with both the weird challenges from 2 and the Shibuya boss fight in the old GRID), things that are also hinted at in his Autosport description. In fact, the Shark Team is actually present as one of the teams in the old GRID. Why not build on their characters a bit more by confirming their involvement in the past games and featuring them in cutscenes? We even know what Nathan is supposed to look like, courtesy of Ryan. Other characters: Sergio Alvarez, the demonic world record beating AI from Dirt 4, is present in this game... and he's terrible. Why? Even just a simple description of his past achievements would've sufficed. And don't get me started on the characters from GRID 2 that didn't make the cut, like Bruno Silva, despite others having miniboss, boss or even (undeserved) final boss status. I get the feeling that I would be far from the only one who would've been interested in something like this. Perhaps even as a prequel to the original GRID, explaining the creation of Ravenwest and how Nathan McKane and Rick Scott came to be partners. If nothing else, it would've been a lot better than what we ended up getting.
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    Nice work but custom lobbies should be in next patch!
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    Besides previous posters who have good points - patch is promising, but I want to add something from me: 1. Please let player to use flashback when its car got terminal damage in singleplayer - it is the area when flashbacks also should do their job, like in first RD:GRID. 2. Make terminal damage easier to obtain - it's really hard to crash yourself, so it doesn't add spiciness to rivalry, especially mp. 3. Public lobbies ;)
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    As the title asks, I noticed every pre race cut scene the cars look trashed. Just the paint work and livery though. Is this intentional or a glitch? I personally really don't like it as it ruins the aesthetic appeal for me, Its the whole car covered in big scratches etc. I knows it an arcade racer but I still like to race cleanly and admire the cars, The already trashed look is really off putting. Anyone else bothered by this or just lil old me? 🙂
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    With the Mexican GP upon us with teams focusing on car setups loaded with down force, the question is: Does this game simulate the thin air environment that is Mexico city or are all air uniform in composition throughout all tracks?
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    I'm a first time poster, long time reader, and Dirt Rally 2.0 is my most played game for the year – I absolutely love it 😃 I’ve been thinking about what I want from the next game and I reckon Codemasters should focus on more unique kilometres per location and increased stage length. I would love: Next gen game engine that can support stages 30+ kms long 3 times as many unique kms per location (roughly 60 kms each) A single game that is expanded over 3-4 years (the seasons for DR 2.0 have kept me coming back all year) The biggest issue I have with the DR games (and Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo / WRC 8) is the lack of stages per location, there’s far too much repetition to feel like a real rally event. Ideally Dirt Rally 3 should include all 290 odd kms that are already in DR 2.0 and add another 40 kms per location. DR 3 should include all the current locations from DR 2.0 and add 2 new locations to give us 14 total events (Kenya and France are my picks). So let's talk stages. I love that the current stages are based in reality, and using Rally-Maps.com for inspiration, here’s some ideas for DR 3... *Note - I didn't identify the real world locations, kudos to the Dirt sleuths here, here and here. Stages highlighted in red include DR2.0 locations. Dirt Rally 3 - Launch Content Monte Carlo - 60.5 kms La Bolléne Vésubie - Moulinet Clumanc - Lambruisse Sospel - Breil Sur Roya Sweden - 59.37 kms Vargåsen Torsby Fredriskberg Argentina - 60.2 kms Copina - El Cóndor Amboy - Yacanto Tanti - Mataderos Wales - 60.96 kms Hafren Sweet Lamb Maesnant Clocaenog Main Brenig USA - 61.52 kms North Fork Pass & Beaver Creek Trail Dayton Cougar - Windy Total Launch kms: 302.55 Dirt Rally 3 - Phase 2 Content (12/18 months after Launch) New Zealand - 60.19 kms Whaanga Coast Mititai Burnside - Wech Access Germany - 60 kms Panzerplatte Long (cut down to DR2.0 section - 23 kms) Mittelmosel Sauertal Poland - 59.78 kms Stare Juchy Baranowo Orzysz Kruklanki Finland - 58.16 Ouninpohja Horkka Oittila France - 59.73 kms Valinco Désert des Agriates Calvi Total Phase 2 kms: 297.86 Dirt Rally 3 - Phase 3 Content (12/18 months after Phase 2) Greece - 60.61 kms Ghymno (actual DR2.0 stages are 19 odd kms) Pissia Loutraki Spain - 59.09 kms La Figuera Bot Guiamets Porrera Duesaigües Australia - 60.8 kms Welshs Creek Newry Wedding Bells Kenya - 80.12 kms Soysambu Malewa Loldia Kedong Total Phase 3 kms: 260.62 Overall Total kms: 861.03 So... that's plenty from me 🤣 what's on your wish list for Dirt Rally 3?
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    sorry this was google translate, my english is even worse than I drive (better up now?)
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    Getting more players into multiplayer races is great, but I think the community has been loud an clear they don't want the AI in the races. I've also noticed the AI being more aggressive and a lot more rubberbanding to players in multiplayer than in single player. Rubbing is racing, but AI demolishing you in a corner dive bombing you when not even a rival while the AI in front of you brakes way too early can really ruin the multiplayer when you are trying to race other players more than the AI.
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    Thanks to all the team but..... public lobbies needed urgent
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    Ummm... ok, probably not what we were expecting, but it is a start. Hope the visual improvements make for it. Thanks for this, guys. But please keep working on the game!
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    I appreciate that your team have worked hard to bring the patch out but I was hoping the AI would be removed from quickmatch completely. I do hope AI are removed asap and that the MP experience is vastly improved. Something similar to the MP on Autosport would tempt me to pick the game back up again.
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    Patch notes incoming this afternoon, ahead of the patch's expected release early next week. Watch this space!
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    Probably because it's not locked down and if they say "we are trying to find a solution for.." it will quickly evolve to "Codemasters promised" within the community.
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    The same trashed look i get on all my cars....This aint as intended as some people say. I really hope they fix this soon. It's pretty annoying. Would be great if someone from Codemasters could at least let us know they are aware of it or looking into the issue. 😩
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    Some of these cars costs hundreds of thousands of credits... and they can't slap a fresh coat of paint and stickers on it before the race? How embarrassing.
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    Yeh I dont like this, fine if it looks battered after a race , but not before , you wanna see the car you "paid" for in all its glory, not chipped and scratched to hell
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    There are a variety of liveries to chose from in GRID(2019), unlike in the older GRIDs there's no standard way to "remove" a livery or just have your car painted a single colour. I found only one livery so far, Heritage 15, which has a uniform surface material on all the colours (metallic/shiny). Most of the other liveries have stripes or patterns with matte surface or other surfaces (pearlescent(?)). Has anybody played around with this? I accidentally added the image twice, I have no idea how to get rid of the duplicate attachment, apologies to anyone scrolling through.
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    Like the game initially, but the fact that i haven't played it in more than a week says enough. There are 2 big changes essential for me to get back into grid 2019 - Adjustable (longer) races in the career mode - Better cockpit view/dash view support with a larger adjustability for both views. I have what you can call an "ultimate rig" with SFX100 4DOF motion, active seatbelt tensioner and a GS-5 G-force seat with a Samsung 49" ultra wide. Playing Grid can be quite intense and a lot of fun, but the short races makes playing the career kind of boring and repetitive after a couple of laps. So now i've put the game aside hoping for a fix.
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    If their lead designer is someone who thinks teams can fix any internal and external damage yet somehow can't clean up the bodywork after a championship, then he's out of his mind and doesn't deserve his job. "Jeff, I've got a replacement for that door that Nathan McKane smashed." "No, Robert, that's too clean. Drag that door through some mud and grass and then come back to me."
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    Multiplayer needs a serious re-design. Would much prefer quick lobbies of chosen car class and private lobbies. A similar format to GAS would be great personally. And what is with the AI in multilayer? Options not to have lobbies by class, and AI in online make me wonder just how little faith codies had in this game to have any sort of decent player base, but I can't help but think it's going to die out unless these issues are fixed. I remember GAS, the NWR guys, the crazy Scottish bloke, Flukey and his Mrs, team rivalries that made we want to get on everyday on put points on the board. Good old days!