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    I was enjoying Dirt Rally 2.0 a lot until I got upset of listenning that emotionless and monochordic co-driver. It would be expected from frachise with a long list of sucessfull rally games to go the extra lenght to give the player a taste of real rallying. The co-driver in Dirt 2.0 sounds like he's speaking from inside a recording studio, the pacenotes are not fluid, and also very simple (the most harcore rally fans will understand this point). The co-driver doesn't react to crashes, continuing to give the pacenotes like a robot, not even does he warns you something as basic as you going the wrong way. I think Codemasters should consider this issue as it takes off a lot of the "rally feel" from the game, wich is a rally simulator. Take the example from former Dirt Games, specially Dirt 3, wich had a very realistic co-driver, albeit with some flaws naturally. Also the option of having a female co-driver would make sense to return, acounting a growing number of female gamers and also some men would enjoy that.
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    I'm a first time poster, long time reader, and Dirt Rally 2.0 is my most played game for the year – I absolutely love it 😃 I’ve been thinking about what I want from the next game and I reckon Codemasters should focus on more unique kilometres per location and increased stage length. I would love: Next gen game engine that can support stages 30+ kms long 3 times as many unique kms per location (roughly 60 kms each) A single game that is expanded over 3-4 years (the seasons for DR 2.0 have kept me coming back all year) The biggest issue I have with the DR games (and Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo / WRC 8) is the lack of stages per location, there’s far too much repetition to feel like a real rally event. Ideally Dirt Rally 3 should include all 290 odd kms that are already in DR 2.0 and add another 40 kms per location. DR 3 should include all the current locations from DR 2.0 and add 2 new locations to give us 14 total events (Kenya and France are my picks). So let's talk stages. I love that the current stages are based in reality, and using Rally-Maps.com for inspiration, here’s some ideas for DR 3... *Note - I didn't identify the real world locations, kudos to the Dirt sleuths here, here and here. Stages highlighted in red include DR2.0 locations. Dirt Rally 3 - Launch Content Monte Carlo - 60.5 kms La Bolléne Vésubie - Moulinet Clumanc - Lambruisse Sospel - Breil Sur Roya Sweden - 59.37 kms Vargåsen Torsby Fredriskberg Argentina - 60.2 kms Copina - El Cóndor Amboy - Yacanto Tanti - Mataderos Wales - 60.96 kms Hafren Sweet Lamb Maesnant Clocaenog Main Brenig USA - 61.52 kms North Fork Pass & Beaver Creek Trail Dayton Cougar - Windy Total Launch kms: 302.55 Dirt Rally 3 - Phase 2 Content (12/18 months after Launch) New Zealand - 60.19 kms Whaanga Coast Mititai Burnside - Wech Access Germany - 60 kms Panzerplatte Long (cut down to DR2.0 section - 23 kms) Mittelmosel Sauertal Poland - 59.78 kms Stare Juchy Baranowo Orzysz Kruklanki Finland - 58.16 Ouninpohja Horkka Oittila France - 59.73 kms Valinco Désert des Agriates Calvi Total Phase 2 kms: 297.86 Dirt Rally 3 - Phase 3 Content (12/18 months after Phase 2) Greece - 60.61 kms Ghymno (actual DR2.0 stages are 19 odd kms) Pissia Loutraki Spain - 59.09 kms La Figuera Bot Guiamets Porrera Duesaigües Australia - 60.8 kms Welshs Creek Newry Wedding Bells Kenya - 80.12 kms Soysambu Malewa Loldia Kedong Total Phase 3 kms: 260.62 Overall Total kms: 861.03 So... that's plenty from me 🤣 what's on your wish list for Dirt Rally 3?
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    Seasons over, Final standing: Congrats n thanks to everyone participating! @Janneman60 pick the next car class, @SkyRex I will chose the next Season Calendar @baunau You can pick the first stages conditions
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    Also, 3 great races here from tonight's league racing 🙂
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    if codemasters add new dlc the name of this dlc is "season 1 year 2 pass" because in ps4 the name dlc pack for1,2,3, 4 season is" year 1 season pass" i hope the year 2 season pass come in Dr 2.0
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    Everybody jump! 😮 Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp
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    Modern rallying is nothing like it was in the 80’s, those were insane times! Maybe you should take the time to go and watch a rally live and see what all the fuss is about.
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    In fairness, it's not actually that dangerous. Is there a chance? Yes, but there's a chance of an accident every time I take a plane ride or cross the road. But it's like saying "why go watch cricket, you may get hit by a ball?". Before any rally comes through, you have at least 6 safety vehicles that come through the stage, moving people from anywhere they consider to be dangerous. One of those, at WRC events, is Michele Mouton who has a reputation of being VERY stringent. You'll notice how the positions I mentioned (trees and cliffs) are at altitude, I wouldn't ever stand on the outside of a corner and wouldn't be allowed to either. They will also cancel stages if spectators are deemed to be in an unacceptably dangerous position.
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    Moi ça fait plusieurs jours déjà que je n'y joue plus du tout , a cause de l'absence du Feedback
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    Hey Codies! I'm pleased to let you know that I am very much loving the new GRID! However, like so many others, I feel the game is lacking features despite its core racing package being superb. A few additions I feel would be excellent for the game are below: A car washing/livery refreshing feature. The "battle-scarred" look cars get after being raced is cool and all, but seeing your car enter a race covered in scratches and dirt gets old very, very quickly. No professional racing organization would allow a car to be entered looking as filthy as our cars in-game get after only a few races. There was a feature very much like this in the original GRID from 2008 for washing your cars in "Grid World" mode. Why not add it back? I seriously miss seeing my cars looking fresh on the starting grid! Race length adjustment for career mode, please! I've seen several other people asking for this in this topic. Really, we want to enjoy this game's sublime core racing package for more than a few laps at a time. Being able to rotate the camera around the car while watching replays. Destruction Derby mode in single player (it's a GRID staple!). Optional practice sessions before races that are at least 10 minutes long, as seen in GRID Autosport. Practicing a course alone in time attack through free play is nice, but having that practice option available from the pre-race menu (alongside tuning and hot lap qualifying) would mean so much, especially since we cannot see exactly what course configurations we'll be driving on before we enter a championship despite the fact that we could see all the information we needed about each race of a championship in GRID Autosport's pre-season contract offers. Extension of qualifying to two or three laps. Having only one chance to nail a lap without being able to control your speed when starting a flying lap is... quite frustrating. 😕 This would be a big thing to implement, but a sponsorship system like that seen in 2008's GRID, with reasonable objectives similar to those seen in GRID Autosport, would do so much to enrich the core gameplay experience. Being able to earn money quickly would be a big help for being able to purchase the more expensive cars in any case. At the very least, it would be nice to simply choose what sponsors we'd like to see on our cars, and pick different sponsors for each location on the car like in previous GRID games. Being able to choose white or black as the primary color for sponsor stickers would be wonderful; I hate not being able to see my sponsor stickers well when using a customized white livery. An options menu in the pre-race menu alongside hot lap qualifying and tuning, so we can adjust controls, difficulty, etc. before tacking a race. The option to temporarily quit an event from the pre-race menu (to resume it later, not to simply leave the event entirely of course). Thank you very much in advance for reading this, and for creating this game as well. It's already a blast to play and has so much potential, so please do add to it!
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    Daily/weekly challenge like in Dirt Rally 2.0 —> everyday a track, car class and 3 laps alone or in time attack mode. And global leaderboards. Please, this is competition. I remember one of the Fernando Alonso promotional videos where he stated, talking about the awesomeness of the game, that “[...] as long as there’s competition...” Global leaderboards for global competition.
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    PC/Steam i7 6700K / 1070 Deluxe G25/CSPv3 Pedals + Oculus Rift Tried 206 and Focus 2007 at Pant Mawr Reverse. It feels like something is slowing me artificially down. I mean it feels like I'm not fully on gas even though I have my foot to the floor. These cars can't be dying on uphill with 2nd gear, right? I should be hitting the limiter, not slowing down. I have every aid off and controllers are working right. These problems seem to be on the same spots every time. On other parts of the course cars accelerate normally.
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    Daily challenge and few test. Platform: steam Medium spec. PC
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    Beautiful shots with a magnificent car ❤️ Steam/PC
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    In Lejno, Poland, about halfway through the stage there is a left 1 after a crest. A tight, unseen (because of the crest) corner after a top speed section, the co-driver calls the left 1 far too late. I have the pacenotes set to very early, but with this one I'd need to start braking the moment he says 1, or before. Have crashed here several times because of the faulty pacenote. PC Steam, super deluxe edition. 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10. G920 steering wheel and shifter
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    VR feedback feels completly irrelevant. So many complaint about colorbanding and usb problem, and not a sound from codemaster. I bouth this game the day VR came out and are still waiting for a version i can play whitout turing off everytime there is nigth or rain. AND STILL NO AUDIO ATT ALL ON OCULUS STORE! And why is ther still a double picture on the monitor when i play in vr?
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    I think Codemasters is stressed as much as us. They are working on it, but stressing it over and over again doesn't add help either. You do not need to keep silent, but be aware that posts that attack the developers, forms an argument or contains infighting, wont be responded to by any of the Codemasters developers, and will run a risk of the user getting a posting Restriction.
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    Leaderboards are awefull to navigate, and at the end of the events it does not update properly. Needs mprovement as I love to navigate in the leaderboards.
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    just sell my copy to seconde hand its taking to much time. i take my 20 euro loss. for me, its the last time i did buy an first day release codemasters title. i did not with f1 2019. and not with dirt rally 2.0 . because of the previos problems with early release bugs. unfortunaly i was stupid enough to think. they got it this time right. also im a liltle suspicious because the early acces youtubers couldnt of didnt want test the game with a wheel on console??
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    Version 1.10 October 30, 2019 Content: New Location: Jämsä, Finland - Available November 5 (Season 3) New Location: Killarney International Raceway, South Africa - Available November 19 (Season 4) New Location: Lydden Hill, UK - Available December 3 (Season 4) New Liveries: Season 3, Stage 3 - Available November 5 (Season 3) New Liveries: Season 4, Stage 1 - Available December 3 (Season 4) VR: Optimised overall SteamVR performance, to match that of Oculus SDK. Reassigned Oculus SDK preset graphics settings, to use VR config file (same file used by SteamVR in previous versions). Microsoft Store PC version: Added ability to change game language. Achievements: New Achievement: Finnesse - Roll your car and continue in Finland. New Achievement: Flying Finn - Get airborne 100 times in Finland. New Achievement: Greece Lightning - Win an Event in Greece by over a minute with Hardcore Damage enabled. New Achievement: Have a Break - Buy a Kitcar. Past & Present: Resolved issue where Achievement would not unlock when a player retires from the final Event. Locations: Ribadelles, Spain: Adjusted sunset time on loading screen. Ribadelles, Spain: Corrected specific pace note in Italian language. Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi: Adjusted various Track Reset lines (note: Leaderboards will be reset for this Location during update rollout). Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi: Resolved issue where black boxes were appearing behind cars at Dusk. Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi: Made numerous minor improvements and bug fixes. Estering, Germany: Added spotter callout reminder for final lap, if the player has not yet taken their Joker. Powys, Wales: Resolved issue where dust-based visual effects were not appearing when player rejoined track. Cars: BMW M2 Competition: Added ability to repair Turbo components in My Team. Peugeot 206 Rally: Added exhaust flame visual effects. Audio: Volkswagen Golf Kitcar: Updated exhaust audio. Added ability to disable post-Stage comments at Finish Line. Resolved issue where audio was missing from internal camera views in Time Trial. Resolved issue where podium crowd audio was too quiet after winning Rallycross Finals. Broadcast Mode: Added ability to use Trackside cameras. Added ability to select a specific player to spectate and follow through multiple Stages/Races. Made numerous minor improvements and bug fixes. Clubs: Added UI indicator to show if a Championship has enabled Hardcore Damage setting. Added UI indicator to show if a Championship has enabled Force Cockpit Camera setting. Added UI indicator to show if a Championship has enabled Allow Assists setting. Hardware: Ensured that Handbrake Deadzone and Handbrake Saturation settings work correctly across all game modes. Added input reporting slider for when players are configuring handbrake settings. My Team: Corrected UI display of Staff members in My Team after a player resets their RaceNet data. Miscellaneous: Made several minor bug-fixes throughout title. Made several minor stability improvements throughout title. Version 1.11 is in development and is expected to release around December 9-14.
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    Wow great you got to the top by one lap boosting ovals when everyone stopped playing it.
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    Can confirm, I have the same issue. Would love to see a fix because I also had this on Dirt Rally 1. I don't have this issue with SteamVR!
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    @obo Thanks for doing a detailed analysis of the every-2-seconds stutter caused by input device polling, and you're an absolute star for providing others with a solution. I usually prefer to avoid using anything that modifies or hooks into games, for fear of triggering some form of anti-cheat or similar, and to avoid the risk of malware... that's just me being as cautious as I would be with any other code, so please don't be offended! In any case, I'm sure we'd all rather this was fixed properly... @PJTierney Is there any news regarding CM integrating this input-device-polling fix natively (into at least DR2.0 & D4 hopefully?), so we don't have to rely on 3rd party hacks/workarounds or unplugging/disabling random USB devices? It looks like @obo has narrowed down the cause quite specifically for the devs, along with suggesting a better method of registering to receive a callback when input devices change, rather than continuously polling all devices every 2 seconds. Or perhaps a quicker/interim solution might be to disable the polling during any on-road action, but leave it active in the menus? Thanks! https://github.com/simonowen/dirtfix/#cause
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    This is Peugeot 208 RX. Mirror is there on the right... So in the cockipit view with no steering wheel and no adjustable FOV you have virtual mirror, but in the cockpit view that has them you don't. I'm assuming that is because in the latter you are supposed to use in-car rear-view mirror? There is two pretty big flaws there: 1) some cars do not have rear view mirror, like crosskart or Fiesta RX2 2) with a narrow FOV you can't see the in-car mirror. So I'm asking an option to have rear view mirror on even in cockpit view. Just add a third option there. Obviously it should only appear in rallycross cars since it has no use in rally, and perhaps even only when you race against other cars (i.e. off in practice, free roam, events where you race against the clock) Also the look back feature in cockpit view is basically completely useless, you can't really see much of what is going on behind your car, with some cars you can't see anything at all. How about adding an option to have the look back feature where you don't see any of your car? Whereas with the bumper cam you can have this: Third, I would like to have HUD elements to have a "rallycross only" option. For example I prefer to keep timers on in rallycross but keep them off in rally. Because in rally you concentrate on your own driving while in rallycross there are opponents there at the same time. Also rallycross spotter is imo too quiet compared to rally co-driver, if you can't match the volume levels for some reason then you could add separate settings for rally and rallycross.