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    Hi, is very important from Group B Rallycross. Please put in game. Thanks.
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    It takes forever! That's another huge disadvantage for no assist players in Ranked. Half (most?) use the race line and that is a big thing when the race could literally be any track. Learning all the tracks is one thing, but being able to be competitive at the drop of a hat against people that can rip it right off the bat with the race/brake line is absolute ****.lol
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    People have suggested lots of ways to unlock livery modding without giving acces to the whole files, take a look at what pCARS did, they even gave players the layers for skinning. I want to believe a company such as Codemasters can do it. PS: This is in no way a meaning of being offensive towards the team nor anything like that.
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    Hello there! I'm writing here, because there is probably few people among us who likes to complete games on 100% (I'm one of them too). The trophy/achievement "Around the Globe" states that we have to accumulate number of kilomteres equal to our globe. Some user stated, that after almost 40h of playing, progress in achievements says it's only 6% ?! Is that really true? If yes, than this trophy requries enormous amount of grind. I can understand a little bit of grind after completing everything else, but this is just another level... I dunno, but this trophy/achievement will requrie hundrends of hours to finish. What's up with that Codies? Isn't this a little bit too much? I like the game very much, but I don't want to spend racing around an oval for 200 or 300 hours (if not more). DriveClub had perfect trophies, after finishing all events it requried a little bit of grinding, but not too much. And after dlc hit the store, almost everything was completed during finishing them. Can somebody please explain what's the purpose of this trophy and why in gods name it requries so much grinding from us? Is it possible to lower the requriements?
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    I was enjoying Dirt Rally 2.0 a lot until I got upset of listenning that emotionless and monochordic co-driver. It would be expected from frachise with a long list of sucessfull rally games to go the extra lenght to give the player a taste of real rallying. The co-driver in Dirt 2.0 sounds like he's speaking from inside a recording studio, the pacenotes are not fluid, and also very simple (the most harcore rally fans will understand this point). The co-driver doesn't react to crashes, continuing to give the pacenotes like a robot, not even does he warns you something as basic as you going the wrong way. I think Codemasters should consider this issue as it takes off a lot of the "rally feel" from the game, wich is a rally simulator. Take the example from former Dirt Games, specially Dirt 3, wich had a very realistic co-driver, albeit with some flaws naturally. Also the option of having a female co-driver would make sense to return, acounting a growing number of female gamers and also some men would enjoy that.
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    i hope we see this car in dirt rally and look at this list https://www.ewrc-results.com/cars/legends/
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    Also, 3 great races here from tonight's league racing 🙂
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    if codemasters add new dlc the name of this dlc is "season 1 year 2 pass" because in ps4 the name dlc pack for1,2,3, 4 season is" year 1 season pass" i hope the year 2 season pass come in Dr 2.0
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    Yes this DX hack has fixed the Dirt Rally 2.0 stutter for me on PC with a G29 plugged in. I've had this stutter drive me mad in Dirt Rally 1 and Dirt 4 before this, I see the fix says it will fix those games too! Unbelievable!! Surely there are people at Codemasters who have been made aware about this guys diagnosis and fix. I am simply ASTOUNDED they've not implemented their own fix in the development and support of 3 triple-A games, what on earth is going on there? Not one single developer there willing to go back and fix it (yes, for all 3 games)? Totally shocked, I thought they seemed like one of the better developers out there, but this stinks of amateurism or a serious issue in their core programming team.
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    Everybody jump! 😮 Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp
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    Modern rallying is nothing like it was in the 80’s, those were insane times! Maybe you should take the time to go and watch a rally live and see what all the fuss is about.
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    Yes that was implemented about 3 updates ago. I used to get caught there often 😂
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    cool patch with a lot of fix. Serious stuff will be when happen this: - added ... - add - introduced - add - feature added - add - added - new - new - etc etc and last but not least - new trees high details pack
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    Thanks to all the team but..... public lobbies needed urgent
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    Absolutely agree with this and unfortunately they have failed. One could argue they have failed in multiple editions of the game. It is a real shame game developers get away with such shoddy products, and with the advent of patches the situation has only worsened! Not to mention the scam that micro-transactions have become. I find it insulting that codemasters have gone down this route to enhance profit. If you want to make more money, produce a better product! I think consumer rights need to be strengthened in regard to video games. There are blatant differences between what is advertised and what is actually delivered, even after support ceases. In the meantime all we can do is vote our wallets and refuse to purchase from developers with poor records in this regard. I will never buy an EA game new again and codemasters are soon to be on that list. At the very least there needs to be another developer taking on the license, preferably two so that the competition drives quality.
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    Anybody know how to upload video to YouTube from grid 2 on ps3
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    VR feedback feels completly irrelevant. So many complaint about colorbanding and usb problem, and not a sound from codemaster. I bouth this game the day VR came out and are still waiting for a version i can play whitout turing off everytime there is nigth or rain. AND STILL NO AUDIO ATT ALL ON OCULUS STORE! And why is ther still a double picture on the monitor when i play in vr?
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    I think Codemasters is stressed as much as us. They are working on it, but stressing it over and over again doesn't add help either. You do not need to keep silent, but be aware that posts that attack the developers, forms an argument or contains infighting, wont be responded to by any of the Codemasters developers, and will run a risk of the user getting a posting Restriction.
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    That Mobil1 BRC one is best one, sadly it looks like we will not get it 😞
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    just sell my copy to seconde hand its taking to much time. i take my 20 euro loss. for me, its the last time i did buy an first day release codemasters title. i did not with f1 2019. and not with dirt rally 2.0 . because of the previos problems with early release bugs. unfortunaly i was stupid enough to think. they got it this time right. also im a liltle suspicious because the early acces youtubers couldnt of didnt want test the game with a wheel on console??
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    But when they cant make SONY livery , why they not unlock this car for livery modding ??? unlocking of modding means this cars will get more liveries
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    Not just nostalgia i liked this skin, atleast they should put golf skin from CMR05 😄 when i had cmr04 i liked the car but i dont liked that livery
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    H1 is not great. Kind of fun from time to time, but towards the bottom. H2 RWD could use more. NR4 needs more, but I'm not sure how many actually existed in the first place. And absolutely R-GT rallycross versions.lol
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    They didn't fail. The FFB is closer to real life than it was in DR1 IMO and based on the discussions above probably also according to SME's. There is some % of players complaining about it, but as Apple would say, "a small percentage of users". It's just not so easy to say with FFB that someone failed without providing some actual data (anything concrete) or expert opinion to back it up. Edit: I think what you can claim is that the decision to make more realistic FFB rather than traditional FFB with extra assists and exaggerated effects is not something you like as a gamer.
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    One way I look at is that I have a pretty high end PC and I still can't run this game at maxed out settings. What improvements to DR3 would even be possible without a major jump in computing power. I would love a game with the soft-body dynamics of BeamNG, the terrain deformation of Spintires, the model fidelity of DR2, the car count of an early GT game but I would also like run it without melting my computer or spending Train Simulator $ on it. I will go ahead and vote for more DLC (even if it never gets released on Oculus*) *I got impatient and bought the game again on Steam,