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    What's with this awful fog effect? The actual game looks nothing like those promotional "screenshots".
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    Hi CM Another question I know you going to ignore like many others. The game has a few options like: Manual and suggested gears Rev counter that shows break & gas pedal level on screen. But when I turn these features on I don't see them in cockpit view! Is this another bug or have you decided that real cockpit view drivers don't need this information because no one can drive the poor cockpit view you gave us? Will this bug be fix in the next patch or do we wait for another year... If I am not wrong I asked this back in 2014 when I decided to stop playing a game I am not enjoying. My love off F1 the real sport is why I buy your game not the game itself. I know like the other questions and problems I taken pictures of you won't respond to this problem.. Let's see if you prove me wrong.
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    The latest patch had some changes to the replay system to improve broadcast mode, adding trackside cameras as a viewing option. This included some changes to the trackside camera triggering code, which, unfortunately, has broken the switching to vehicle cameras in the 'Mixed' channel in Replay. We are aware of the issue and there is a fix in place which we hope will be in the next patch.
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    Would be nice for some feedback from someone at codemasters on their thoughts on this!
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    Hi If you not noticed wheel player are have lots off problems and we have stated many times that pad user have it easier than wheel user. You moving from pad to a wheel is a prime example that pad is easier to use and has better feedback than a wheel. I can't say how good your wheel is I have a T300 setup. 1st thing try keep everything default with view and wheel settings. We have found this give you best feedback if you change it the car feels like ****. Next what assist do you use? If you use none like me you have to take time with gas and break just like in real life... you cannot floor it. Since you been playing so long you should know all your braking points etc. Just be easy on the gas. If You feel the wheel is light try increase damper & remove under steer effect. What is funny to me I tried pad for a few weeks & hated it The wheel was my best move and I may be slow but I use no assist & cockpit view & in some races I not that far behind people with full assist and been playing this game over 4 years. I started this Year. Take u time you will get back To your normally
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    Well if you have stressed its a "key request" from the community, I cannot for the life of me understand why its not been jumped on immediately. Is the team aware of just how much it puts people off from playing the game? I personally have 10 friends who would have bought this game if it was as good or better than GAS. But they have not due to what they have read and heard about the game from the ones of us who do have it. The game looks good, and it plays good. But you simply cannot race people online as the AI are wrecking people from the start. If they were not there then the humans in the lobby can get some competition going. Just like Fernando said in the video on your own youtube channel, when a game has competition it comes alive. Does the team not realise that the AI are preventing people from getting that competitive fix that feeds their gaming addiction. If we dont get that "hit" the only choice is to move on. The longer you guys take in realising that and coming to a decision, the more players will move to other games in a search for that game that makes them want to turn the console on. My friends list is full of people playing racing games, but its only ever me playing Grid, and thats not for very long as it gets boring quickly. This is such a shame. NFS shouldn't even get a look in, but sadly you guys have produced a seriously sub standard game, compared to your previous games. That im prepared to go there. I just want to have fun playing with cars online with my friends. I dont care if its SIM, SIMCADE or full ARCADE it just has to be fun. Like the advert says, "If the fun stops, stop!"
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    Please don't fix it. 😄 Worst camera view is opposite to the co-driver. Looks absolute weird when we see his animated mouth when he doesn't say anything. 🙂 Also I prefer more track view cameras and less drones. Greece and Finland DLC has got more drone view than it should. PS.: You should better to add options to DR 2.0 menu where the user could select which camera view should be used for 'Mixed' replays. Front Left wing On / Off Front Right wing On / Off Co-driver On/Off Interior middle camera On/Off Hood camera On/Off etc.
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    So now Lando Norris (Thank you, my man) has spoken publicly about the bad state the game is in, is it finally gonna get fixed? I'm not even talking about the total lack of FFB. here. Nor about the weird (understeery) handling, and the fact that tires seem to get hotter as they deteriorate. Those are all design choices, allbeit weird ones. I'm mainly talking about the crashes that make starting a league race really hard. The desyncs too. it's abysmal. sometimes 2 people are desynced with eathother. Sometimes 1 person is desynced with everyone and starts driving away on the grid with everyone waiting. And after waiting 25 minutes to start because it is THAT hard to have 20 people not crash for the duration of the lobby timer, to have to do it all again because someone in the lobby turned out to be desynced. I don't know why you got the license extended because at this point this game is the laughing stock of esports. There's countless other issues with the game. the driving in general. pitcrews fitting whatever the hell tires they want. and not repairing your broken wing to boot. (yes should be always replace even if 100% green. auto should be replace if 1% damaged. no should be never replace) spectators not having the penalties on screen at a glance. cars falling through the road. inconsistent safety cars. (make it a choice then. but we have to have the option to have someone retires on track = safety car... very close to a crane/exit = vsc.. it's not rocket science) inconsistent ghosting. But the sad part is. at it's core it's still a fun game. Those things get fixed? it's a great game. But the stability/connection issues are really really bad and are killing the competitive scene right now. Make it really hard to commentate/stream races, and make this potentially great game "litteraly unplayable" The fact that these issues have been with us since launch (crashes. screenfreezes) and since last game but grown worse (desyncs) And you have not aknowledged them, nor did anything about it to save the online scene from dying is beyond my comprehension. If you want this esports thing to happen you're gonna need people who actually play the game (and the esport guys themselves to be able to race without lobby issues) it is of PARAMOUNT importance that this gets fixed asap and every day you go about doing nothing about it you are giving yourselves a very bad and ignorant reputation, in addition to killing a game you appear to want to remain a thing for the forseeable future. Also fix league mode. make us able to use reserves. we can't use it as is. Or is this really a, "we got the license.. money's in the pocket.. let's just deliver sub-mediocre stuff and cash in <3" kinda situation? I really hope it isn't codemasters. Please prove it to us by fixing your broken game.
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    Screenshots look great though. That's probably all FOM and Liberty see. Can't imagine them taking time out from cashing checks at the bank to actually playing the game!
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    The start of our 100% race last Sunday was unbelievably bad. Ghosts and false starts everywhere with drive through penalties to follow. What erks me most of all is the insanely dumb decision to not have an option to force cockpit camera. Dirt Rally understands this fundamental function, but not this crew. They couldn't give two ****s about the sim crowd. But by God, we have new purchasable skins. Lando is right. Raikkonen was right.
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    Hopefully the bizarre fog and and lack of weather options is addressed in a patch. Overall Finland is kind of a downgrade from DR1 as it is, although in some ways it has improved The preview images are fanciful to put it mildly vs. how it actually looks like:
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    New FFB settings for T300/T150: 100 30 100 60 25 Off 360° Imo, i can't get a better feel on F1 2019 with my two wheels than this. Borrowed a Fanatec wheel from my mate, was quite a bit better than the Thrustmaster wheel on FFB. My personal conclusion: Other simulators have much more detailed FFB, if compared to F1 2019. Codemasters can and should improve upon that.
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    I would think that going from game pad to wheel will be a huge transitional difference. Where once you used your fingers and forearm muscles to control the cars, you now do so via your arms and feet. You certainly can't expect a magical transition, as what is called "mental proprioception" has to get adjusted to the new speed inputs from your arms and feet. My advise is to find a comfortable setting, not a magical setting, and give it time, possibly a week to a month to see your speed transiton to d-pad normal. Then after you've become expert with the wheel, try your skills at the d-pad and see the difference. And all this from a guy who have never played with a wheel - LOL - but still try it.
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    because you're no longer looking through a piece of glass at an angle?
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    Hey all, Latest word from the GRID team is that tests for this hotfix are ongoing, and an estimated launch time for this is early next week. Always subject to change, as we want to conduct all the necessary checks to ensure the hotfix is successful, but that's all the news I have right now. Thanks 🙂
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    Codmasters don't care enough to fix an issue that's existed for more than two years as what is an obvious FU to consumers.
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    Actually, his last WRC event was in a Xsara in 2006... Codies, can we have a Xsara? Pretty please? 😘
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    M2 is my favorite car in the game. MK2 Escort is still my favorite rally car, but in this game the M2 just fits for me like a glove. I know how to drive it and i'm quite fast with it.
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    there are more options than 1) whining like you and 2) being patient and saying nothing. constructive criticism is something I do a lot here. when Seasons 3 and 4 were announced I posted at least once talking about how the price was too high for the amount of content (especially rally content, which people play much more than RX) we were getting over these 6 months. I also have made a lot of posts in the suggestion box, some of which have been implemented into the game. Matty's post was alluding to the hypocrisy and childishness of topics such as this. he was being critical of them. he was not being childish himself. so yeah. if you behave like a child, you will be treated like one. you started this thread with a post talking about there not being a sale for something that had been out for less than 2 months, and saying you're going to quit the game. you then responded to me with a post that was 100% sarcasm. just because you do not say a thing is sarcastic does not make it not sarcastic. if you really do not know what the word means and how it applies to your post, PM me. I can explain it to you.
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    I have a website create for play one championship with dirt rally 2.0, I need to be able to select all cars in a single club
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