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    Caught this in my Recommended feed last night, enjoy 🙂
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    Andrew Coley came to CM to record his voice for the 2019 World RX mode. I still dream to have Andrew Coley's commentaries during the replay but it is a huge work to do so I can still dream. But, if Stéphane Prévost is here too, it is for : - correct pace note - OR new rallies. I am ok with new rallies.
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    They have been working on it for 2 years! I can do this in 2 seconds! CTRL-C and CTRL V.
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    I feel next year/years game have got to have classic tracks let me know what you think. please codemasters make this happen!!
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    Dear Codemasters This F1 2019 is a Copy and Paste Work from F1 2018 What is New Visual Effects Car Handling Useless F2 Career “Story Mode“ Hud What is Old Reporter always the same Questions and look 1:1 same in F1 2018 (why not more Reporters?) Pre Race Sequenze (Animations from the Drivers and Teams) 1:1 F1 2018 After Race Sequenze 1:1 F1 2018 Grid Sequenze 1:1 F1 2018 Working Space (Laptop) 1:1 F1 2018 commentator 1:1 say the same (When you play a Female Driver the Commentator call it a male Driver in German translation) E-Mails Jeff etc exactly the same textes and voicemails Manager 1:1 the same boring Woman (why i cant select other Manager?) You Guys take F1 2018 make a little bit and sell this Game as a F1 2019 Game have your Dev Team no Ideas for more Innovation ? When the Costumer buy a Game the want a new Game and not the Same Game from last year. The PC Players can use Mods but the XBox, Ps4 Players can do nothing to bring some new Stuff in this Game. Why you bring examble no Helmets with Logos or a Helmet Editor for the Players the Standard and Premium Helmets have not a Good look no Number on Helmet and no Logos the same with the Clothes. instead of the workplace you can make a Driver Camp where the Gamers can run arround brings more Flair in the Game, the same with the Garage brings 1000x more Flair in the Game when i can move my Charakter in the Garage make settings on Display watch my Stats on Screen when iam ready i sit in my car and prepare for Race or Training etc. New Parts i dont see on my F1 car, F2 full Career where i can rise up in Forumla 1 etc etc More damage on car Rear Wing and Underbody when you drive aggresiv over a sausage kerb There is so many you can do to bring more Atmosphere in this Game and so many Ideas from the Community here. I love the F1 Game but i dont want every Year the same Game.
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    i hope its true that we will get more tracks and i dont care too much about which country it is as long as the stages are made out of gravel! 😛
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    Agreed. I get that you should allow anyone to play how they like, especially Youtubers as the presentation is much more important there than playing with realistic settings. Heck, they can put ABS and TC on full blast for all I care, as long as it's entertaining. But the official eSports series with the best drivers around (not denying that at all) playing with T-cam looks amateurish at best. When I was doing FSR in rF1/2 - always locked to cockpit cam only, with only minimal seat adjustments allowed - it was always amusing when new teammates joined from AOR or whatever Codies league, and they kept whining for weeks on end about not being able to get used to cockpit cam. Eventually, as they got used to the more simulation-orientated approach of the league, it started to make sense to them - they got that it was supposed to mimic real life as closely as possible, including the view. I get that AOR etc. can run whatever cameras they want as it's a private league. But the pro's should be forced to run everything as close to reality as they are able to. But perhaps it's again the case of the ol' spaghetti code not allowing it to be coded in easily.
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    @CMHarrySemple will probably be able to clarify more, but he was telling me recently that we have a system in place that selects weather conditions based on the annual probabilities of real-world locations, by looking up real-world data. This was exclusive to My Team initially, but in version 1.9 was also used for the "Random Event/Championship" setup process in Freeplay. It rains a lot in Wales 😉
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    Might fire up DR1 again to check if, with the help of moon gravity, I can fly high enough to see the curvature of the Earth. Seems like the most scientifical thing to do
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    The meaning of the word Bumpers. These are bumpers for a car.
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    Maybe Vive has better contrast and it makes it easier to see? Exaggerating I am not. This is a good example from previous page: Looks pretty bad. The worst fog is exactly where your eyes should be when you are driving fast and planning your driving line and braking points ahead. It doesn't make seeing impossible, but it is very distracting and makes me feel like there is something wrong with my eyesight. The Finnish stages are very fast in nature and this makes the fog feel a lot more intrusive than it would on other slower stages, when you are driving faster you need to be looking further ahead. Judging the shape and size of crests and jumps in distance is very important for effective driving.
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    Here is a crazy thought in an official F1 game.. an option to lock exterior cameras. Every other half way serious racer has it and CM has it in Dirt 2.0. An official open wheel racer? "Let's encourage everyone to sit on top of the car so they can buy more paints to look at while they're driving." "Brilliant. Promote this man." As much as I love Halloween, if I see anyone in a lobby with a $3 Halloween paintjob before core things get addressed, they're getting punted. Same camber and toe on every single track dominating the leaderboards? Not a single laser scanned track? They phoned in tuning, FFB, and tracks, and gave the finger to sim racers all while aggressively promoting wheels and pedals.
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    So you said and then you proceeded to make a comparison with an entirely different kind of screenshot. Here is a comparison from the exact same spot
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    The fog effect only appears at some distance. Close to your car it looks ok, but at distance it starts to look terrible because of the fog. That you are able to give one close-range screenshot where it's not visible proves absolutely nothing. Promotional shots are crystal clear even at long distances Whereas in the real game the fog becomes very visible some distance from your car. None of the CM screenshots show a tiniest bit of the fog, what a coincidence. Yeah, you totally can't blame them for disabling the fog for their beautiful pictures which look nothing like the actual product
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    Awful game. AI take you out at every opportunity. But the biggest problem is that know one plays the crappy game. Go into the lobbies your be lucky if you see 2 Human players. Yep codemasters have got there money so dont expect anything to change. This is about making money not giving us a good game remember that. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say 'I will NEVER buy another codemasters game. (every other comment gets removed because these people are cowards) Thats not going to make people play your **** game? lol
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    Hey Codies, I think I speak for the whole player base when I say we really want an improvement in helmets for F1 2019. Personally, I feel the designs are actually okay and offer great variety, but can we please have the implication of sponsors of our team onto the helmet? It shocks me how our own driver number doesn't even appear on our helmets? I find it hard to believe that it will be hard add these to the helmets? Can you please comment on this matter and just let us know what to expect for F1 2019 in terms of helmets? It would be much appreciated
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    I think the reason for the various reactions have to do with the fact that you’re a stepping one further than the actual employee in trying to moderate, or guide if you will, the forum. I would kind of understand your reasoning if there were several hundreds of threads and thousands of post every day and just one employee. But as it is for now, I don’t think is wrong to assume that Chris is reading every post in every thread rather quickly. Trust Chris, I would say buddy. Also that you categorized this thread as a "I want my money back now!" created some reaction considering that, yes that might be the conclusion of some writers, but most of the post are filled with legitimate issues or suggestions of what should be fixed or included in the game. I think it’s better to just report that specific post than it is to discredit the whole thread. Lastly, buddy, to avoid future misunderstandings, I would suggest making the jokes about being the community leader before the phrase "Seriously though" and not after. I’ve played a few times with almost a fully human lobby and no AI in private lobbies and I must say, I find it enjoyable. The problem is that it requires time consuming preparations for that to happened. Is not just the AI that keeping people out of the playlist. I think it is also because people want to race in a car, they prefer around tracks they know. I can imagine some people just having an hour a day to play where the key is quality over quantity. You don’t really get that in a quick match playlist. Public custom lobbies would solve the issues. With that being said, I think the biggest concern I’m having aren’t that we won’t get notified about requested updates that will be made, it’s rather that we don’t get notified about the requested updates that will not. If there in fact were a decision that they will not add a public lobby list to this game, would they inform the community?
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    Thought we already knew this? the big gossip question would be: Is this for a season 5 or for a next game? Although if all the same copilots are used its likely to be for DR2. Maybe even for that last location spot in season 4 in february?... hmm Im still tending to suspect Mexico. Although many others would be welcome as well
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    They build one engine ie Game for a Console Lifetime , and then each year just spice up the look a bit and throw in a few new extras. Thats why most of the remaining Bugs, has been brought across 4 Generations of the Game, as they are using the same Engine.
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    For those of you who are keen on the 206 WRC and have a bit of space in your garage... https://www.artandrevs.com/car.php?id=584
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    It's only assumption. PJ already proved several times that some reports were never checked. There is no serious workflow of processing reported issues. IN result almost any report is left without feedback. In addition, in case of problems with fundamental functionality, CM not only haven't delivered a fix, but stopped to respond at all. I don't know situation with WRC, maybe it has less major issues so they don't need to communicate interactively. But IMO CM doesn't treat us like serious customers. I admit, it's way better comparing to SMS, at least in an attitude during communication. But since the forum is rather community one more than support one, I cannot feel it to be CM provided service.
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    Listen, I don't mean this as an insult. Just some minor observation. You tend to downplay some "issues" people are having with this game. Like me and Bogani said that at least some RWD cars doesn't handle in Sweden as they should, because of poor lateral grip of those studded tires. We both had 1st hand experience about studded rally tires on snow and ice and we both have actual racing experience also. Still you told us how it works and that the game is fine, because it doesn't bother you. Same thing is happening here IMO. And I really don't mean no harm with this or as an insult. I hope you take it more as a friendly "reminder" or something, that not everyone agrees some of the choises devs have made with this game. I have to agree with Hoksu, as we both live in Finland and we know that this mist/fog is just stupid. I don't mind it that much, but it doesn't mean that I like it.
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    You keep making one assertion after another, assertion gets proven wrong, you don't about care that and keep making more assertions that contradict your previous assertions. What am I over-dramatizing? I am claiming the promotional images look nothing like the real game. You have made counter-arguments to that which I have disproven, you have challenged me to make a comparison from the same spot which I did. You just admitted that the promo pics look better, more colorful and clearer. I am also claiming Finland has an awful looking and unrealistic fog in dry daytime, with lots of photographic evidence. If the foggy pics are totally acceptable then why didn't Codemasters release the foggy pics? Riddle me that. This is kind of getting off-track, the main problem is that Finland should never look like that, the fake promo images showing what it should look like are just adding insult to injury. I keep bringing this up because you keep challenging me and making assertions that have no basis on reality. And also because there is no meaningful response from CM.
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    Just a slight layer?? Look at that screenshot genius, it's hardly slight when it makes the treeline a blurry grey mess. Yes, you don't understand the argument and yet you try to be clever with an incredibly idiotic attempt of a counter-argument. I live in Finland. You really are not qualified to lecture me about what my country looks like in real life.
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    We still got Thanksgiving and the 'holiday' season coming up so expect some exciting and fun new paid liveries!!